by Dr. Michael Salla
June 29, 2023
from Exopolitics Website


Michael Tellinger has written four books, the most popular of which was 'Slave Species of the Gods' (2012), in which he wrote about the role of the Anunnaki in genetically creating homo sapiens and other hominoid species for use as slave labor in mining operations.


He believes that the chief Anunnaki scientist, Enki, imprinted early humans with the genetic potential to outgrow their slave origin to evolve into long lived and wise beings, equal to their god creators.

Tellinger has investigated ancient mines and stone ruins in Southern Africa which confirm the Anunnaki presence as described in Zecharia Sitchin's interpretations of Sumerian cuneiform texts.


Tellinger explains how different types of stones and their geometric formation, in places such as Adam's calendar, can be used for developing advanced technologies, superior in key ways to modern technology.


He finally discusses 'Ubuntu' and his one small town initiative as a solution to problems caused by global banking and increasing centralization of global societies.