February 02, 2016

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Far from civilization, and high within the Andes, an outcropping of ancient petrified sandstone was shaped by the hands of a forgotten civilization.


The technology they possessed exceeds the current understand of quantum principles:

The Stargate of Aramu Muru.

The outcropping was made ornate by including the features of a woman lying on her back as she gazes silently towards the sky.


Beneath her, a shallow entryway, an odd keyhole, was placed whose secrets have been known to the Aymara shaman for thousands of years. Now, as we approach 2012, and the end of an era, those secrets have been given.


The mysterious portal has opened once again to those gifted enough, brave enough, to pass through.


But who or what, waits on the other side?





The giant stone sculpture of Aramu Muru, stays north of Chucuito, Peru.


A huge mysterious door-like structure (Puerta de Hayu Marca) has been discovered in the Hayu Marca mountain region of Southern Peru. Hayu Marca is 35 kilometers from the city of Puno







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