by Will Hart

New Dawn No. 83 (March-April 2004)

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Will Hart is a journalist, photographer, and filmmaker who has been investigating ancient mysteries and evidence of extraterrestrial intervention on Earth since 1969. His articles have been published in Wild West, Sierra Heritage, Nature Photographer, Atlantis Rising, Nexus and New Dawn.


His first book The Genesis Race: Our Extraterrestrial DNA and the True Origins of the Species is the outcome of three decades of research. Will has made three films and is interested in corresponding with production people who would like to produce a documentary series based upon this work. His web site is located at




We have experienced an increasing number of large-scale natural disasters since 1950.


This includes earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes and floods. While people are waiting for an explosive 2012 event to announce Armageddon, the signs these are indeed the ‘End Times’ appear to have already occurred.

According to the ancient Maya solar priests, the end of this age – the 5th Sun – would be precipitated by an era of increasing earthquakes. Seven of the ten biggest tremors of last century happened after 1950. In fact, there has been a sharp increase in the number of large-scale earthquakes and volcanic eruptions since 1960.

The frequency in occurrence of earthquakes analyzed from data accumulated since 1900 shows there were 120 strong (6-6.9) tremors, 18 major (7-7.9) and 1 great quake (8-8.9) on average annually. A chart for the number of earthquakes worldwide from the last decade is more revealing of recent tremor activity. In 1994 there were 161 strong, 13 major and 2 great earthquakes. The next year there were 185 strong, 22 major and 3 great earthquakes. In 2000 we find 153 strong, 16 major and 4 great earthquakes.

The data makes it very clear that the latter half of the century diverged greatly from the first half in terms of Earth changes. From 1900 to 1960 there were few major volcanic eruptions. Over the past 43 years dormant volcanoes around the globe have become active again. The 1990s saw swarms of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions around the globe. At the same time weather patterns became more erratic and severe storms more potent.

My research into the Maya 5th Sun prediction, over the past 3 decades, has turned up some very interesting connections:

1) the 2012 forecast is tied to the sunspot cycle and

2) the 2004-2012 Transit(s) of Venus.

The solar priests appear to have been aware of short and long-term solar output cycles. I am convinced the Five Suns or ages the Maya Long Count calendar kept track of were linked to the 26,000-year equinoctial precession, which is connected to the patterns of alternating ice ages and warming interglacial periods.

The Long Count calendar, which marks the passage of a ‘Sun’ cycle, about 5,150 years, began for this age in 3013 BCE. This calendar cycle simply counts the number of days in a ‘Solar’ age. When that number has elapsed the age comes to an end. The previous, 4th Sun, was said to have ended in a deluge, and this 5th Sun is predicted to culminate in earthquakes and impacts from cosmic objects in 2012.

Now, here is where things get very interesting and even disturbing. When I realized the Transit of Venus occurred in June of 2004 and then again in December of 2012 I knew I had to go back and examine past transit cycles. Venus Transits are much like lunar eclipses only the planet passes between the Earth and Sun. It is a fairly rare celestial phenomenon and they occur, in pairs separated by 8 years, in alternating cycles every 105 and 120 years. My first surprise came when I went back and discovered a Venus Transit took place in 1518-1526.

It was during this transit that Cortez invaded and conquered Mexico. The Aztec priests predicted this period would be fraught with danger and this is why Montezuma failed to meet the challenge the Conquistadors posed.

During this 8-year period many paranormal events occurred in Mexico. Strangely enough, “shields” appeared in the skies booming out dire warnings to the citizens of the Aztec Empire. Several temples were set afire by curious beams of light flashing down from the heavens. And the people also told the Spanish chronicler, Bernardino de Sahagun, that a “Pillar of Fire” had been seen hovering on the horizon for an entire year.

Perhaps even more chilling, a decade before these events took place unexplained events accompanied a lunar eclipse. Just after the lunar eclipse occurred, Mt. Popocatepetl erupted. The volcano, which can be seen from the Valley of Mexico, had been dormant for many years so the eruption made the people apprehensive. In 1991, a similar sequence of events took place. As the residents of Mexico City lined the streets to watch a full lunar eclipse, a UFO appeared over the city at 1 pm.

Mount Popocatepetl and nearby Mount Colima began erupting shortly thereafter and they have remained active ever since. UFO sightings have become common throughout Mexico over the past decade. In fact, so numerous that local bishops petitioned the Vatican asking how they should handle the increasing inquiries about UFOs from their parishioners. The Vatican told them to simply accept the reports at face value.

I examined the next Venus Transit, which took place in 1631-39. I found that sunspots stopped appearing for 70 years immediately following this cycle. The radical drop in solar output caused the ‘little ice age’ from 1640 to 1710. Then I pulled up solar data and found that solar output has been on the increase for almost 300 years. Sunspots went from zero in the late 1600s to above 200 in 1960, which appears to have been the peak.

This is when the real meaning of the 2012 prediction dawned on me. The ancient priests were alerting us to a change in solar output. I then turned to the 11-year sunspot cycle and found connections between rising solar maximums and increasing natural disasters, wars, economic cycles and so on. It became apparent that natural disasters and human activity were clearly tied to the sunspot peaks and troughs. You can look at the recent sunspot peaks in 1990-91 and double peak in 2000-02 to see the connections to earthquakes, volcanoes and wars.

We are in a solar minimum phase right now, which would normally last until the end of the decade. The next solar maximum is predicted for 2012. Now, this certainly puts a sharp edge on the end of the 5th Sun prediction. It would appear the ancient solar priests were aware of this double conjunction, the sunspot peak and the second leg of the Venus Transit both occurring in the same year.

Looking at a graph of sunspot activity over the past 300 years what jumped out was the fact 1960 was the peak. Sunspot peaks have actually been declining in each succeeding 11-year cycle since then, from over 200 down to about the 150 range.


Oddly enough, the last two peaks have been mirror images of each other. There was a dramatic increase in earthquakes and volcanic eruptions from 1990-92 and again in 2000-02. In terms of the human sphere we witnessed attacks on the World Trade Centre and Bush I & II go to war against Iraq.

The wild cards in this next cycle are the Transits of Venus. We have never gone through a Venus Transit since the advent of our ‘electromagnetic’ civilization. The last transit was in 1882 and Mt. Krakotoa erupted in that year.

My theory on the transit is that it disrupts the normal flow of energy, the solar wind and other energies the Sun transmits to the Earth. We already know solar flare-ups disrupt radio-telecommunications and even power transmission. If my take on the ancient perception of Venus is correct, we are in for some nasty surprises in the coming eight-year cycle.

Normally, the solar minimum period from now until 2010 would be a fairly calm time with few natural disasters and little social unrest. However, the transit may change that scenario. We can surely count on the years from 2010-2012 being intense and chaotic. We have been very lucky so far because none of the huge earthquakes have hit major cities. If the 9.2 quake that hammered Alaska last year had struck Los Angeles, the American economy would have gone in the tank and taken the global system with it.

We forget how interconnected we are today. My own forecast for this period includes a radical increase in paranormal events, UFO sightings and even miracles. The world is going to be transformed and that process is already underway.

The unity of all life in the cosmos and the fact the Universe is teeming with intelligent beings on many worlds will be an undeniable reality by 2012.


We will know the truth of the ancient mysteries and also experience the reality of being spirits in a material world.