Part 14

"The copy of the Genesis Apocryphon discovered at Qumran dates back to the second century B.C.... When discovered in 1947, it had been much mutilated from the ravages of time and humidity....

When scholars finally made public its content, the document confirmed that celestial beings from the skies had landed on planet Earth. More than that, it told how these beings had mated with Earth-women and had begat giants" (I.D.E. Thomas, The Omega Conspiracy).

Even a casual perusal of the information we have surveyed over the various parts of this series should be enough to convince most people that something credible and possibly of religious and historical value has occurred since the dawn of time. Many, including a number of secular researchers, believe this activity--often referred to in this series as UFO Phenomenon--is, in many cases, identical to Biblical demonology. Millions of people also see the UFOs of modern times combined with alien abduction activity and emerging sciences such as cloning and transgenics as forecasting a coming hybrid (ET?) world leader, which some Christians fear could be the False Christ.

Others disagree with this assessment and believe the UFO manifestations are, by and large, equivalent to religious mythology that possibly points to a return of "creator beings" who visited earth in the remote past, improved hominid DNA, and accelerated human evolution.

George King says information was "telepathically relayed" to him from a super intelligence concerning this coming global leader. In his book The Day the Gods Came, he writes,

"There will shortly come Another among you. He will stand tall among men with a shining countenance. This One will be attired in a single garment of the type now known to you.... His magic will be greater than any upon Earth--greater than the combined materialistic might of all the armies. And they who heed not his words shall be removed from the Earth.... there will be no mystery about the birth of the next world Avatar as there was about the birth of Krishna, Buddha, Jesus and others.

This majestic Being will come among men dressed in the one piece suit usually worn by the Intelligences from other Planets.... He will have great powers which, by Karmic Law, He will be allowed to use in order to demonstrate to all men beyond all doubt, the Authority empowering Him to carry out His great Mission on Earth.... The power of this Being will be greater than mankind has ever seen before.... as to be almost terrible, for... 'They who heed not His words, shall be removed from the Earth.'"

King's beliefs--that a coming world Avatar is scheduled to appear--is echoed by millions of people around the world who likewise look for a coming alien savior. 

Whitley Strieber foresaw the credible appearance of ET as the dawn of a new religion:

"It is a social issue of the utmost importance, because it has all the potential of a truly powerful idea to enter unconscious mythology and there to generate beliefs so broad in their scope and deep in their impact that they emerge with religious implications for the surrounding culture. The only thing now needed to make the UFO myth a new religion of remarkable scope and force is a single undeniable sighting."

Official Disclosure could pave the way for a new religion according to Jacques Vallee..

"I think the stage is set for the appearance of new faiths, centered on the UFO belief. To a greater degree than all the phenomena modern science is confronting, the UFO can inspire awe, the sense of the smallness of man, and an idea of the possibility of contact with the cosmic.

The religions we have briefly surveyed began with the miraculous experiences of one person, but today there are thousands for whom belief in other-worldly contact is based on intimate conviction, drawn from what they regard as personal contact with UFOs and their occupants."

Yet Vallee senses malevolence in this "salvation from above." In his book Messengers of Deception he says,

"I believe there is a machinery of mass manipulation behind the UFO phenomenon. It aims at social and political goals by diverting attention from some human problems and by providing a potential release for tensions caused by others. The contacteÚs are a part of that machinery. They are helping to create a new form of belief: an expectation of actual contact among large parts of the public. In turn this expectation makes millions of people hope for the imminent realization of that age-old dream: salvation from above, surrender to the greater power of some wise navigators of the cosmos."

The effect of ET disclosure on Christians has been seen as an issue for more than 40 years among those in government with access to UFO information. The issue raised by the sudden appearance of unknown flying craft and occupants of unknown superior intellect could shake the foundations of religious paradigms and irreversibly alter the Biblical worldview. 

UFO researcher Richard Boylan says of this:

"One of the predictions is that there will be a very large rift in human society as a result of ET contact becoming publicly known... The Aviary [a super-secret group of government and military officials according to Boylan] are quite concerned that fundamentalist Christians will experience spiritual, if not ontological, shock at the revelation of ET visitation.... the theological and religious social implications may be the most serious ones resulting from open extraterrestrial contact...."

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