Part 11

Ironically I am writing Part-11 of this series during the 11th month of 2005. In other words, 11.11. I have at times felt a strange sense of destiny during the inspirational moments of Stargates, Ancient Rituals, And Those Invited Through The Portal, as though an invisible hand were guiding my commentary.

Yet for some reason I had not noticed before now that the timing of my pace corresponds to the most important day of the Mayan calendar (as a Christian, I refer to the synchronicity of Mayan prophecy and complex knowledge of astronomy as noteworthy to this study), the end-date of December 21, 2012 at exactly 11:11--when the Winter Solstice and the Galactic Equinox occurs and the Solar System aligns with the center of the Galaxy.

This event happens only every 25,000 years and this time it marks the end of the great Mayan Calendar and the moment when Mayan prophecy says Quatzacoatl will return through a stargate in a winged (flying) craft. December 2012 is also seven years from this December, a few weeks from now, in case pre-tribulation "rapture" believers are interested.

Over the first ten parts of this series we discussed at length the historical and universal as well as esoteric and theological premise of dimensional beings ("deities") of super intelligence who throughout time have been depicted as guarding and sometimes passing through "gateways" of heaven, earth, great rivers and sea. The phenomenon occurred/occurs on both a galactic and personal level. The myths surrounding the curiosity are both primeval and contemporary--from Sumerian deity descriptions to modern UFOnauts--and everything in between. The truly universal, redundant mythos surrounding these events provide the closest thing to empirical evidence for what one might call "documentation of a genuine historical and possibly supernatural event."

The manifestations began before the Tower of Babel (the gate of the gods) when almost instantly, populations around the world went from being hunter/gatherers to forming advanced civilizations mastering complicated mathematics, astronomy, science, and engineering techniques capable of building observatories and pyramids with astounding similarity and astronomical qualities (which continue to astonish us today).

Among the most well-developed societies, sacred records of the "starting" phenomena were kept by cargo cults and "holy men" who concerned themselves with "what" and "who" was seen, felt, and, according to Zechariah Sitchin, served. These 'record-keepers' also predicted a future time when the portals would reopen and the creator "gods" would return.

The question of whether beings of unknown origin truly interact with humans and at times somehow incarnate themselves through dimensional openings into three-dimensional (or four-dimensional if you add "time") reality is supported by archaeological, historical and religious records, though not always standard anthropological or creation-models. Modern researchers are nevertheless increasingly convinced that something unexplainable did and perhaps still is happening in this regard. Vatican publications (as I predicted would happen on various radio programs and at RNU over recent months) have recently released a series of publications dealing with the possibility of Extraterrestrial or multi-dimensional intelligence, hinting that a greater-than-not possibility of ET contact now exists. 1

At the 8th International Bioastronomy Conference in Reykjavik, Iceland last year, more than 300 researchers and scientists discussed extraterrestrial intelligence with a similar conviction that possibility of authentic contact with those who come through portals is now greater than ever.

"It sounds almost metaphysical, but something is happening which we could not even have imagined..." said Simon Conway Morris, Professor for Evolutionary Paleobiology at Cambridge University, summing up the nature of expectation following the week-long Bioastronomy Conference. 

Ulrich Dopatka who attended the conference for the Ancient Astronaut Society agreed, sensing among the scientists, astronomers, biologists, physicists, geneticists, biochemists and paleontologists that,

"...a certain unrest or expectant tension... ran through the proceedings almost like a red thread, as if one were shortly before THE discovery.... indications now speak in favor of a million, if not billion-fold expansion of evolutionary preconditions for ETIs [Extraterrestrial Intelligences] and, therefore, for a large number of existing, technological civilizations in our galaxy."

Some believe there is no need to wait. "They" already are here and have been for some time. What "they" are up to is truly mysterious according to men like Missler and Eastman who note in their critical work, Alien Encounters:

"The material we've examined to this point is indeed bizarre and in some cases unbelievable. And yet, we have seen that there is compelling evidence to believe that we have been visited, some would say 'invaded,' by aerially adept, shape-shifting, interdimensional beings. The origin and agenda of these beings is a topic of great dispute. 

Among researchers there are those who believe that the occupants of UFOs are benevolent, highly  advanced beings who are here to share their knowledge and genetic material with mankind for the purpose of advancing our evolution. Others believe their behavior and message betray a sinister agenda. Some, like Jacques Vallee, believe that we may be on the threshold of a gigantic cosmic deception perpetrated by interdimensional beings whose purpose and agenda for mankind are unknown."

Others, like Stuart Goldman, think the motive and activity of these beings are not so unknown. Writing to John Weldon in a manuscript-letter which he called, "They're Here!", Goldman said:

"...the unpleasant fact is, 50,000 people can not be lying. Something is here--probing people, inspecting them, and planting thoughts in their minds, manipulating their bodies--treating them, in a sense, like so many cattle.

Is it all simply a gigantic cosmic joke, or is there a more sinister plot at hand?

Are we seeing the formation of a new and highly destructive cult, one whose view posits the elimination (the New Agers call it 'spiritual cleansing') of people who are 'unfit' to exist in the coming New World?

Are there really demonic entities hovering about, searching for likely candidates whose brains and minds they can invade, filling them full of fairy tales and lies--fattening them for the kill?

The answer is not easily forthcoming. But whichever scenario you may choose, the ominous statement of John Keel must--for all but the most hardened skeptics--ring in our ears. 'The earth is not inhabited,' says Keel. 'It's infested.'"

If indeed the earth is 'infested' by beings whose purposes can only now be guessed at, one thing seems increasingly clear; the dualistic worldview which Dr. John Mack discussed--the idea that the spiritual realm and material realm are separate parts of the same reality--may at last be known... and sooner than many people are prepared for or can conceive.

Parallels between "angels", "demons", and ET phenomena have been recognized by experts of different fields for some time. More and more question the mechanized "nuts-and-bolts" approach to defining UFO phenomena in favor of, for want of a better term, "spiritual conceptualization" of ET.

According to Dr. John Mack (Abduction),

"The alien beings that appear to come to us from the sky in strange spacecraft present a particularly confusing challenge.... For they seem to partake of properties belonging to both the spirit and material worlds, bridging, as if effortlessly, the division between these realms which have become increasingly sacred and unbreachable since science and religion went their separate ways in the 17th century.

On the one hand these beings seem able to be seen by the abductees, who feel their bodies moved and find small lesions inflicted upon them. On the other hand the beings seem to come, like intermediaries from God or the devil, from a nonembodied source.... My own impression is that we may be witnessing... an awkward joining of two species, engineered by an intelligence we are unable to fathom...."

In his book, Witnessed, Budd Hopkins agreed:

"Everything I have learned in 20 years of research into the UFO abduction phenomenon leads me to conclude that the aliens' central purpose is not to teach us about taking better care of the environment; instead, all of the evidence points to their being here to carry out a  complex breeding experiment in which they seem to be working to create a hybrid species, a mix of human and alien characteristics."

My wife and I fictionalized a worse-case scenario about this in our book, The Ahriman Gate:

Tapping his finger against his palm as if to emphasize the next point, Jones stressed, "And as far as how UFOs would be used to deceive us, this comes down to an argument of origins."

"Meaning what?"

"The ageless question—where did we come from? If people believe UFOnauts are advanced extraterrestrials scurrying about in spaceships, and that these same creatures visited the Earth in ancient days and tinkered with hominid DNA, that disturbs the Judeo-Christian doctrine concerning the age of the Earth and biblical creation. Satan would love people to believe we are nothing more than an alien zoology program. Of course," he said, rolling his eyes, "there’s always Indy’s Theory of UFOlogy."

"Indy’s Theory? As in your own personal theory?"

"Mine and a few others."

Sheri smiled. "Tell us about this mysterious theory."

"I thought you’d never ask. According to the Bible, the End Times will be accompanied by fearful sights and great signs from heaven. The book of Second Thessalonians even says that, when the Antichrist is revealed, he will be accompanied by ‘lying wonders.’ Maybe these verses are talking about UFOs being used to introduce the Man of Sin. Wouldn’t the world react to the sudden arrival of an intergalactic wise man with awe and wonder? The prophecies of Daniel seem to support this possibility."

"You’re telling me the prophet Daniel talked about a Last Days invasion of UFOs?" Joe said, sounding incredulous.

"No, no. But he said the Antichrist will be a worshiper of Baal, and Baal was the lord of the sky. As Baalbamoth he was the lord of the aerial regions. As Baalzebub he was the lord of those that ‘fly’ or that flit about in the atmosphere. In the New Testament, Satan himself is referred to as the prince of the powers of the air. Therefore Scriptures lead me to believe that the aerial phenomena you and I interpret as UFO activity could be part of a Last Days delusion—something to trick humanity into accepting the appearance of Antichrist."

Joe took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. UFOs could introduce the Antichrist, huh? He stared at the image. "So when it comes to these Anunnaki, you believe we’re talking about fallen angels?"

"In a nutshell, yes."

"And somehow this relates to our little image here."

"In ways I don’t understand. To be honest, I’m amazed to see Sumerian written on it. If it’s not a fake, I would…"

"I already told you it’s real," Joe said, defensive of his father’s claims.

Jones picked the image up and turned it over in his hand. "Don’t be offended, Joe. I’m just a professor. We’re paid to be cautious, even skeptical. So listen. I have a friend who runs an independent laboratory. He does all kinds of subcontract work for the state and federal government, mostly crime lab stuff, but also a little radiocarbon and metallurgy testing. If you’d let me borrow this thing for a couple days, I could have him run a series of tests on it to determine its age and material makeup. We could even do a photo analysis and database search to see if any comparable artifacts have been discovered or described in the past. This is the best way I know to provide an authoritative answer. With your permission, I’d like to take it to him right away."

And later in our story...

Corsivino frowned. "We found our dream disintegrating. No matter how we tried, we couldn’t replicate the Nibiruan Key’s effect on the Enigma nor obtain the vortex described by the Dropa discs. To make matters worse, the project took an unexpected turn when advanced human DNA labeling was discovered in the Dropa. It illustrated genetic manipulation done by the Anunnaki thousands of years before, including specific formulas for improving the human species."

Maybe Dr. Jones knew what he was talking about after all, Joe thought.

"The formulas called for introducing animal, and, in at least one case, alien DNA into human genome. Experts at the Pentagon quickly determined humanity had been the subject of unknown mutation experiments. They convened a black operations panel and concluded that regardless of what else the Dropa texts represented, the discovery provided a unique opportunity for human enhancement studies."

"So this is where you got involved, I take it," Dave said.

"Following the panel’s above-top-secret report, genetic engineers like myself were given unprecedented resources, and the genome sciences were born."

"Sickening," Joe slipped.

Corsivino looked into his deep green eyes. "I understand. Not everybody was enthusiastic about our research back then, either. There were project scientists—those of religious persuasion—that came to believe the spacecraft and its contents were a remnant of forbidden technology, something cast down from heaven, perhaps a leftover of Lucifer’s rebellion against God."

"Did they express these views?" Joe knew in the military that you usually keep your mouth shut, even when you disagree.

"A Jesuit named Malachi Malina did. He openly cautioned about dark forces he thought were trying to initiate Armageddon again, to unleash the Antichrist."

"What do you mean, trying again?"

"You know, another Hitler or Antiochus Epiphanes, except this time a very high-tech one. The Jesuit based his conclusions about the Nibiruan Key and its devilish connection on similarities between ancient history involving the Nibiruans, or Anunnaki, and the genetic experiments growing out of our research."

This was really starting to sound like Jones now.

"He showed us where the Anunnaki offered weapons technology to Israel’s enemies in exchange for women. The antediluvian females became hosts to genetic experiments, resulting in a breed of giants called Nephilim."

"Like Goliath," Dave said.

"According to Malina, yes. Goliath was one of an army of giants, created to destroy God’s people and to take over the world. God thwarted the original plan by eliminating the ancient Nephilim."

"And that was that." Dave said.

"I wish it were that simple. Malina believed history was repeating itself—that the disc recovered from Sedona was a Trojan horse—something to trick world governments into joining forces with Satan in preparation of Armageddon. Malina even speculated that the alien bodies we had recovered were demonic concoctions." …

"Sounds like something a friend told me recently," Joe said to Corsivino.

"What’s that?"

"Dr. Jones, a friend of the family, he believes aliens and demons are one and the same."

"Father Malina was convinced of it, and he claimed it was illustrated in history books from civilizations around the world."

"History books? You mean mythology, don’t you?" Dave corrected.

"Both. I remember Malina discussing the Greek Titans, how their legend began with so-called gods mating with earth women. He compared that story to Genesis where the Sons of God took women for wives and their offspring became mighty men of old. He also showed us how the word Titan equals 666 in Greek and means ‘gray, whitish, or chalky gray,’ fitting the skin coloration of the bodies recovered at Sedona. He certainly felt we were opening the gates to an ancient perdition by tinkering with this alien technology."

"So…he’s the one that convinced you to quit?" Joe asked, referring to Malina.

"What started me thinking we scientists had been duped was a meeting between Major General William H. Layton, the secretary of defense, and Montero’s top genetic researchers."

Joe recognized the Major General’s name. He had heard him speak while he was stationed in Hawaii. He was definitely a command presence, not somebody to second-guess.

"He told us that Special Agent Apol Leon—a military expert of some kind—would be in charge of genetic research in our department from there on out. We were becoming an All Black operation. No information concerning our undertaking was to be divulged to any military or government departments outside our own. This was now a top-level national security issue. Of course we voiced our allegiance and reaffirmed our oaths, but the ethics of our work certainly changed after Apol Leon, and Hell, came to Montero."

It suddenly dawned on Joe that Corsivino was talking about the man on his answering machine at home. He froze and listened carefully.

"Mr. Leon was on special assignment from Wright-Patterson Airforce Base where the alien bodies were kept. After formal introduction of him, General Layton disclosed top secret information related to an advanced race of humanoids, which supposedly visited Earth some ten thousand years ago."

"What proof did they offer of that allegation?" Dave said smartly.

"What proof did they need to offer? We had the alien bodies and their ship."

Dave opened his hands, palms up. "I mean that Earth was visited ten thousand years ago?"

"According to General Layton, the aliens left evidence of their visit everywhere—the pyramids, Nazca Lines, even an ancient city on Mars where excavations were underway by joint U.S.-Soviet stealth expeditions. We were told in no uncertain terms that these aliens were our creators. Homo sapiens was the product of their genetic handiwork on apes."

Joe stared across the room at Dave’s computers again. He was familiar with many U.S. political and military figures. This was astounding information and probably confirmed Dave’s worst conspiracy fears. He returned his sights to Corsivino and said, "General Layton actually said that?"

"Not only that. We were told of a second, more aggressive breed of creature called Anakim. The aliens made them to rule over the newly created people. Each Anakim had the strength of ten men. They were ruthless, but outnumbered by the humans. Eventually they were killed by hordes of men after the aliens, who were also known as ‘flying geniuses,’ departed for outer space. According to General Layton, the death of the Anakim was recorded in the mythos of every ancient culture, including the Bible, where the Hebrews called them Nephilim."

"But why would a Major General get involved with all this mythology?"

"A newly deciphered portion of the Dropa had caught his attention. It provided the genetic formula for recreating the Anakim-Nephilim. Needless to say, the military was profoundly interested in it. This represented the ultimate soldier, a perfect killing machine, and Apol Leon was at Montero to introduce our researchers to the technology we would use to manufacture them—the cutting-edge science of transgenics."

Joe realized he was clenching his fists again. His head was tilted down, his eyes fixed on Corsivino. He needed to calm down, think about his plan, glean as much information as he could from this man before making his move. He bit his lip and said, "So, Apol Leon came to teach you about transgenics, huh, the technology you would use to re-create the Nephilim. What does that actually mean?"

"Simply stated, transgenics is the science of altering the genetic structure of one species by introducing the DNA of a different species into its genome. Under Apol’s watchful eye, transgenics at Montero developed in the form of male human embryos having their molecular biology altered through inserting animal and alien DNA into their genome."

"Just where does one get alien DNA? I assume you don’t run to the corner market for it."

Corsivino grinned. "From the specimens we recovered at Sedona. Those strands produced the most fascinating and horrific results."

Dave shook his head. "I hate to think what that means."

"Mutated embryos aggressive inside their mother’s wombs, highly intelligent, brutish creatures after birth, babies with phenomenal growth rates, an unequivocal thirst to rule, conquer, and dominate."

"You must have been so proud," Joe smirked again. Remember! Diplomacy!

"Actually, we were flabbergasted. At six months of age the real problems developed. The chimera—or Nephilim as Apol insisted we call them—became uncontrollable. Due to their size and physical strength, special cages had to be designed to hold them. A few months after that we found it necessary to implant control chips directly into their brains."

"Evidently those chips were not foolproof at supervising your babies."

"What? Why do you say that?"

"Because at least one of them escaped," Joe said. He took a moment to fill Corsivino and Dave in on the recovery near Montero. He described the appearance of the carcass, the arm that was now in Dr. Jones’s possession, and the wire inside the beast’s head. He speculated that Jones was having the specimen tested at Nathan Reel’s laboratory.

Corsivino’s reaction was one of astonishment. "That’s what he had in the blanket at the hillside? This arm?"


"Well, when and if that arm’s DNA is analyzed, a fifth and sixth nucleotide will be discovered. It’s unlike anything ever seen in animal or human DNA before. It could really open a can of worms."

Good. "And the wire in the giant’s head? That was one of your control devices?"

"It’s called AngelStar. It too was a product of reverse engineering, actually designed for human implantation. The aggressive nature of the Nephilim forced us to interface the neural chip with the beast’s brains, in order to control them. From what I remember it caused the creatures to become lethargic when set at one hundred sixteen megahertz."

Dave, sounding like his contemptible old self again, said, "But did it satisfy naysayers?"

"What do you mean, naysayers?"

"The scientists that were uncomfortable with the project…the Malina guy and the others who thought this might be an Antichrist thing. Were they willing to go along with the research once they saw the ape-men could be controlled?"

Corsivino looked confused by the question and said, "The fact that we learned to control the beasts was a separate issue to Malina and his colleagues. Questions about the ethics of our research grew regardless, even among the nonreligious types. Eventually, I found myself among them."

Joe raised an eyebrow. "I thought you said you were a project leader?"

"I was, but you must understand, Joe, even though I knew I was breaking my own values, there was something alluring about our work. It was as if a beautiful Siren stood somewhere in the distance, bidding us to come to her. It drew us back day after day with promises of discovery and immortality. Indeed, we believed our work would immortalize us in more ways than one."

"But you were finally convinced otherwise?"

"It all came to a head one day during a casual conversation with Malachi Malina. He’d been removed from the research program at Montero a week before. The official reasoning was ambiguous, but we all knew Malachi was terminated as a result of his challenging the ethics of Montero’s research. In the days following his departure, Malachi contacted several team members, including myself. He couldn’t speak publicly, so he chose to address his former co-workers privately, to challenge our moral apathy. In my case, he specifically wondered why as a professing Christian I was not concerned with my role at Montero, why I couldn’t see it as an affront to the divine order."

Joe was incredulous. "You’re a Christian?"

"Is that so hard to believe?"

"With the work you were involved in? Yes, as a matter of fact."

"Then you and Father Malina would have agreed. He came right out and asked me. ‘Andrew,’ he said, ‘the Bible tells us that God commands humans, animals, and plants to reproduce after their own kind. If God requires species integrity, how do you reconcile what you are doing? Your research at Montero not only violates Scripture, but could open a Pandora’s box to a molecular biological nightmare.’"

"He was right," Joe said, not that he understood the science.

"I know, in many ways, I see that now. By introducing animal and alien DNA into human genome, we were breaching the species barrier and producing unclassified mutations beyond imagination."

Joe couldn’t help himself. Even though he wanted to play this guy, he scoffed, "Yet you remained. I sure hope the pay was good."

"Actually, I left the program not long after Malina did."

"I remember that," Dave said, raising his finger. "It was big news."

Joe was more interested in what motivated him. "Was it a conflict of conscience, or were you just protecting your butt somehow?"

"I’d say a mixture of both, although my conscience drives me these days, believe it or not."

"That’s not an answer."

"Okay, in particular, the problem for me was this: The molecular biologists at Montero classified the functions of the alien genes supplied by Apol Leon. Yet none of them knew how the gene’s coding would react from the alien species to human.

There were strong possibilities that interspecies differences would measurably effect the gene’s protein interactions, thus modifying the human hereditary traits in the mutations. That represented a potential catastrophe beyond measure."

Joe hoped he would rephrase the comment so he could understand the important point.

As if reading his mind, Corsivino said, "Let me put it a different way. Since interbreeding between humans and Nephilim was now theoretically possible, it was reasonable to believe the  would get out of the bottle someday. When that happened, alien and animal characteristics would be introduced to our own species, altering the human genetic code and eventually eliminating humanity as we know it. Malachi Malina believed this was not only possible, but also perhaps the whole idea. That was something I could not be part of."

Joe was contemplative, then finally said, "Sounds like a Dr. Jones theory."


"Something the professor told me about God having to destroy the human race during Noah’s flood because giants had interbred with humans. According to Jones, by the time Noah and his children came along, they were the only ones left with DNA not corrupted by intermarriage with Nephilim and their offspring. In order to preserve the human species, God had to eliminate everybody but Noah and his family."

"Jones is a smart man," Corsivino said. "What would you say if I told you a similar plan is unfolding as we speak, right beneath the world’s nose?"

"I’d hope you were kidding. A plan to annihilate mankind by interbreeding humans with Nephilim? Why would anybody want to do that?"

"They are deceived. The government and military are deceived. They believe their research is leading to a super army that will police a New World Order—a better world system. Those of us in Operation Gadfly think differently. We believe Montero’s work is part of a larger scheme to force Armageddon and to enslave mankind."

Dave raised his hand again. "Operation Gadfly?"

"It’s a consortium of scientists dedicated to the destruction of Montero, its research and researchers, and similar factories around the world."

"You mean there’s more than one factory!?"

"Oh yes. Nine others in the Alliance of Nations. Ten in total."

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