Part 9

"...unto them were committed the oracles of God" (Rom. 3:1-2).

When the apostle Paul wrote to the church at Rome concerning the oracles (logion, "divine utterances") which God gave to the Hebrews, he was referring to the revelations of the Old Testament Law and Prophets. In the Bible, the word "oracle" means supernatural utterance. It can also refer to devices used in the production of divine utterances. Thus the Bible is an oracle, as was the Urim and Thummim (sacred devices) of the Old Testament. When men or women speak as true prophets of God, they likewise are considered oracles "of God" (1 Pet. 4:11).

Synchronous to Paulís time, pagans held similar beliefs concerning their sacred texts and devices. Ancient Oracles of Egypt, Greece, and Rome were the most famous in antiquity and provided a portal to the invisible world of gods through Oracles at Delphos, Delos, Ammon, Dodona, The Roman Augurs, The Sibylline Books and others.

Oracles of one form or another have existed throughout time and around the world for one simple reason: they ostensibly prove the existence of other-dimensional intelligence and provide methods for conversing with and/or inviting through mystical doorways the voices, messages and presence of other-dimensional beings. While people of all faith have embraced oracular phenomena including those outside Jewish/Christian circles, the Bible, Talmud, and associated texts have been widely received as divinely oracular by various religious sects where verses can be interpreted as supporting desired ideas of "God", reincarnation, spirit communing, extraterrestrials and the afterlife.

Yet in the quest for other-dimensional contact, non-Judeo/Christians reach beyond the "confines" of the Bible into the veiled world of esoteric rituals, utterances, visualization, channeling and other methodology.

On this subject, I once gave a lecture about oracles and the "death of the Olympian gods." I boldly proclaimed that Christianity had swept the globe, and that, as far as I knew, not a living person remained on earth that bowed in reverence to Apollo or consulted at his sacred shrines. The speech was received with rousing applause by the audience, and I sold some tapes. The only problem was, I was wrong. Apolloís Oracle at Delphi, the most famous oracle of antiquity, is in ruins. But the worship of the Olympian god, and the order of his pythian priestesses are actively involved in modern paganism.

The fact is, itís unclear if the worship of Apollo or the consulting of his oracles ever ceased. There is some evidence that generational witches may have continued the worship of Apollo and the secrets of pythian divination for centuries. Whether or not thatís true, the admirers of Apollo number in the tens of thousands today. This is primarily because Apollo is an oracle god, and his seekers gain "divine audience." Unlike other underworld spirits, Apollo audibly communicates (at times with amazing accuracy in antiquity) through the vocal chords of the pythoness to his followers. This characteristic originally caused, and apparently continues to cause, tremendous cult popularity for Apollo.

The Greek historian, Herodotus (considered the father of history), recorded an interesting Apollonian event. Croesus, the king of Lydia, expressed doubt regarding the accuracy of Apolloís Oracle at Delphi. To test the oracle, Croesus sent messengers to inquire of the pythian prophetess as to what he, the king, was doing on a certain day. The priestess surprised the kingís messengers by visualizing the question, and formulating the answer, before they arrived. A portion of the historianís account says:

...the moment that the Lydians (the messengers of Croesus) entered the sanctuary, and before they put their questions, the Pythoness thus answered them in hexameter verse:

"...Lo! on my sense there striketh the smell of a shell covered tortoise, Boiling now on a fire, with the flesh of a lamb, in a cauldron. Brass is the vessel below, and brass the cover above it."

These words the Lydians wrote down at the mouth of the Pythoness as she prophesied, and then set off on their return to Sardis....[when] Croesus undid the rolls....[he] instantly made an act of adoration...declaring that the Delphic was the only really oracular shrine....For on the departure of his messengers he had set himself to think what was most impossible for any one to conceive of his doing, and then, waiting till the day agreed on came, he acted as he had determined. He took a tortoise and a lamb, and cutting them in pieces with his own hands, boiled them together in a brazen cauldron, covered over with a lid which was also of brass (Herodotus, book 1: 47).

The deity Apollo established substantial reverence through such interaction and apparently continues to do so. On the Internet there are numerous Web sites today dedicated to the modern worship of Apollo, where the methods and sacred locations of current pythian oracular activity are taught.

Besides pythian, ancient oracles revived by participants of various movements currently include interpreting the flame of candles, the organs of animals, the behavior of water, and the whisping of wind through the leaves of trees.

Tree oracles, such as the necromantic oak tree of Zeus at Dodona, were among the most popular oracles of the ancient world. This was due in part to the belief that the root of the tree extended into the lower world and thus the tree was connected to the underworld dead. Some claim 2 Samuel 5:24 is a scriptural account of King David consulting with tree oracles, and they point out that Jehovah instructed David to "smite the host of the Philistines" after he heard "the sound of a going in the tops of the mulberry trees."


Oracles As Dimensional Gateways

Yet another and more important reason why animate objects such as trees, animals and similar organic structures are important aspects of oracle-portals is that "vital energy" associated with three-dimensional life forms may be required as construct material for achieving incarnation by other-dimensional beings. If the "Creator" alone possesses the power to speak [Hayah "let there be"] raw atomic or nuclear energy into molecular form, created living energy after the fact may be manipulated by "gods" in order to construct three-dimensional expressions. Dr. I.D.E. Thomas says,

"This would explain why animals have been killed, mutilated and stolen by UFOs."

John Keel offers similar discourse in The Invisible College:

In order to materialize and take definite form, these entities seem to require a source of energy; a fire or a living thing--plant, a tree, a human medium (or contacteť). Our sciences have not reached a point where they can offer us any kind of working hypothesis for this process. But we can speculate that these beings need living energy which they can reconstruct into physical form.

Perhaps that is why dogs and animals tend to vanish in flap areas. Perhaps the living cells of those animals are somehow used by the ultraterrestrials to create forms which we can see and sense with our limited [three-dimensional] perceptions.

Do animal mutilations occur in areas where UFOs have been spotted, because "the gods" or ET need "vital energy" derived from living tissue to transverse portals with three-dimensional membranes?

One of the early influences in my life, Dr. Kurt Koch, wrote in his book Christian Counseling and Occultism that teleplastic morphogenesis occurs in six degrees:

The first stage is the emission and separation of veil-like, gauze-like, slimy substances of rubbery elasticity from the body cavities of the medium...

The second stage is the formation of body parts such as outline, arms, legs, head, etc....

The third stage is the solidification into complete shadowy forms, which appear as phantoms near the medium... In these three stages we have purely visual materialization phenomena. In the next three stages we move on to active and passive manifestations of energy by the phenomenon.

The fourth stage shows a combination of materialization phenomena with telekineses. The medium is in a position to display energy at a distance by means of an unknown remote power [emphasis added]...

The fifth stage of the materialization is the penetration of matter...

The sixth stage of materialization... is... metamorphosis into animal shapes.

As far back as 1629, in the Tractatus Theologicus, Adam Tanner interpreted the same activity as the morphogenesis of demons:

They often form for themselves bodies from impure air or vapors and exaltations or clouds mixed with air. To the air water is added, earth, mud, sulphur, resin, wood. Sometimes too there are added bones from the corpses of animals or condemned men, at times too from the semen of beasts and men and such like manner.


"Angelic Beings" Using Created Matter To Embody Themselves?

  As if on queue, angels perceived as both fallen and unfallen have become one of the most popular oracular-entities of modern spiritualists. Dozens of New Age books over the last decade describe methods of communicating with and/or manifesting spirits through the "assistance" of angels. Some such titles are self explanatory. Ask Your Angels: A Practical Guide to Working with the Messengers of Heaven to Empower and Enrich Your Life, and, The Angels Within Us: A Spiritual Guide to the Twenty-two Angels that Govern Our Lives.


In one publication we discover the interesting identity of one of these beings as the author describes his encounter with his angel-oracle:

The Swirling fog began to dissipate, and I could see the flicker of a light aheadóa darting, pulsating glow resembling a fire-fly. I paused for a moment to observe, and the tiny flare expanded in size and appeared as a small full moon touching the earth. As I moved closer to the radiance, it suddenly changed into a vertical beam, a pillar of transparent light.

"Are you the angel I am seeking?" I asked.

The soft yet powerful feminine voice replied, "I am the Angel of Creative Wisdom."

"Do you have a name?"

"Some have called me Isis," she said, and with those words the pillar of light slowly materialized to reveal the face and form of a beautiful woman wearing a flowing white robe trimmed in gold [emphasis added].

It appears that at least some of the beings that came through ancient stargates and dimensional portals continue to do so. In this case, "Isis" is identified as a New Age "angel". 

While such angel-oracles are undoubtedly popular among New Age devotees, the most curious form of oracular activity recently reinvigorated is the psychomanteum, a simple yet eerie ancient method for opening dimensional portals.

A chair, placed in front of a large mirror in a dark room, serves as the oracle. Once positioned on the chair, the occupant stares into the mirror and waits for contact with ET or the ghosts of the dearly departed. In ancient times, the psychomanteumís mirror-system for communicating with "spirits" was employed by primitive Greeks in gloomy underground caverns called "halls of visions". Standing in front of a shining metal surface or caldron, grieving ancients saw and spoke with familiar apparitions.

The Sumerians, Egyptians, and Romans employed similar oracles of polished crystal, brass mirrors, and pools of water. Some believe the Apostle Paul was referring to a mirror-oracle when he said,

"For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known" (1 Cor. 13:12). 

Psychomanteums today are used to facilitate contact with ETs, deities, and deceased relatives or family members. Various versions of psychomanteums are even encouraged by some psychiatrists as a method for dealing with grief.

Sometimes under special (nefarious?) conditions, the mirror-contact phenomenon spontaneously occurs. As a teenager, my wife was involved in a horrific accident that killed her dad and sister.

Following the accident, her 11-year-old sister "materialized" in the bedroom mirror on two occasions. Since the house she lived in was formerly occupied by an unusual band of gypsies, my wife believed this fact contributed to the spontaneous psychomanteum activity.

In his book, Reunions, Raymond Moody promotes the use of psychomanteums as oracles.

He documented the experiences of more than three hundred users of the device, and points out that 50% claimed to have been contacted by entities or deceased relatives and friends during the first try.

People interviewed by Mr. Moody included physicians, teachers, housewives, business owners, and law enforcement officials.

One such witness, an accountant that grieved over his departed mother a year after her death, testified of his experience with the psychomanteum:

Neo takes the red pill and his eyes are opened. He is placed on a chair and sees through the mirror of illusion into the real world. The metaphor resembles a psychomanteum oracle.

There is no doubt that the person I saw in the mirror was my mother! I donít know where she came from but I am convinced that what I saw was the real person. She was looking out at me from the mirror.... I could tell she was in her late 70s, about the same age as.... when she died. However, she looked happier and healthier than she had at the end of her life. Her lips didnít move, but she spoke to me and I clearly heard what she had to say. She said, "Iím fine," and smiled.... I stayed as relaxed as I could and just looked at her.... Then I decided to talk to her. I said, "Itís good to see you again."

"Itís good to see you too," she replied. That was it. She simply disappeared.

A physician was unexpectedly contacted by a nephew while seated in a psychomanteum:

I suddenly had a very strong sense of the presence of my nephew, who had committed suicide....I heard his voice very clearly. He greeted me and brought me a very simple message. He said, "Let my mother know that I am fine and that I love her very much." This experience was profound. I know he was there with me.

Although the Bible warns of communicating with familiar spirits, consulting mediums, or otherwise offering invitations to other-dimensional entities, the revival of ancient oracles and the experiences drawn from them are especially seductive curiosities to followers of modern ufology and spiritualism.

Communications with deities, ETs, the dead, channeling, trancing, near-death experiences, and other forms of mediumship, harmonize a coveted and reassuring theme, "You are not alone in the universe," or "Iím fine now," "All is well," "Iím waiting for you."

Jacques Vallee offers tantalizing clues to the identity of those behind the veil:

"...should we hypothesize that an advanced race somewhere in the universe in some time in the future has been showing us three-dimensional space operas for the last 2000 years, in an attempt to guide our civilization? If so, do they deserve congratulations?... Are we dealing instead with a parallel universe, another dimension, where there are human races living, and where we may go at our expense, never to return to the present?

Are these races only semi-human, so that in order to maintain contact with us, they need cross-breeding with men and woman of our planet? Is this the origin of the many tales and legends where genetics play a great role:... the fairy tales involving human midwives and changelings, the sexual overtones of the flying saucer reports, the Biblical stories of intermarriage between the Lordís angels and terrestrial women, whose offspring were giants? From that mysterious universe are higher beings projecting objects that can materialize and dematerialize at will?

Materializing and dematerializing of super-intelligent beings whether they be angels or ETs is not difficult to accept. The Bible, as well as other ancient records, speak openly of Satan appearing as an angel of light, and of good angels being hosted as "angels unaware". We also are willing to believe that malevolent beings could produce UFOs for their own nefarious reasons. The theology of transmogrification, whereby spirits take form, indicates ability by demons to manipulate energy and matter.

The German word "poltergeist" was given to unexplained spirit noises and activity. Yet how could spirits cause audible vibrations unless they have ability to make physical contact with tangible materials? This being theologically acceptable, maybe Vallee is right about historical "demons" producing phenomena known as Unidentified Flying Objects--the manifested manipulating of vital energy.

Whatever the case, In the next part of this series we will look at the near future and of beings prophesied to return through stargates at the end of time. How this is, and will be, interpreted by religious and secular ufologists is of utmost importance.

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