by Jason Ross
February 06, 2024
from EIR Website

Italian tractors in Rome.

Credit: wantedinrome X page



The world is undergoing transformation and experiencing tensions and upheavals at a level unparalleled in many generations.


The world of the past is never returning.


There will be no return to a comfortable (or not so comfortable) time of yesteryear.

Whether the future path of world humanity is a path to hell or to reason, is for us to decide...!

Consider the enormous turmoil within the EU:

We see it in the continuing and growing protests against the anti-growth, anti-human "green" policies that are devastating farming and ranching.


We see it in Hungary's ongoing refusal to admit Sweden to NATO.


We see it in the divergence of approaches, statements, and sentiments regarding the destruction of Gaza and its residents by the State of Israel:

When French Foreign Minister Stéphane Séjourné visited Israel, he denounced "settler violence" and calls to commit war crimes, and insisted that "Under no circumstances can there be forced displacement of Palestinians, neither out of Gaza nor out of the West Bank."

Within the United States, there is a profound difference between the views of the Beltway establishment and those of most normal Americans.


They see, in the economy, not Biden's brilliant economic recovery, but rapid price inflation in food, rent, and other necessities.


While Anglophile "leaders" consider it a high priority to "support" Ukraine (by cynically using its people and territory to harm Russia), this is of declining importance to real people.


The lockstep support for Netanyahu's abominable policy toward Gaza found in the highest levels of Washington is not mirrored locally.


Many cities and counties have adopted resolutions calling for a ceasefire, with the Windy City, Chicago, being the largest so far.


Even staff members working in the belly of the beast in Washington are disgusted by the callous disregard for human life evidenced in the crushing of the Palestinians.

American political commentator and news host Tucker Carlson is in Moscow, where he has just conducted an interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin, an interview which, he announced, will be made available, in full and uncut, to viewers wishing to form their own, informed views, including about the conflict in Ukraine that has dragged on for nearly two years.

And at the United Nations, China's Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Ambassador Zhang Jun, did not mince his words:

"It must be pointed out that underneath the rising tensions in the Middle East over the past few months, the fundamental reason is the failure to implement a ceasefire in Gaza," he said.


"All parties should heed the strong call and the overwhelming consensus of the international community and support the Security Council in taking strong actions to promote an immediate ceasefire."

He made a demand of the United States:

"We call the country concerned [i.e., the U.S.] to demonstrate political will and determination, take more practical actions to safeguard regional peace and stability, make less selfish geopolitical calculations, and play the constructive role that is expected of it."

Most people in Gaza are displaced from their homes, which may no longer even exist. Most everyone there knows someone who has been killed or injured by Israeli military action.


Crowded into a shrinking area around Rafah, the people are sitting ducks, as a new, massive Israeli operation to clear a "buffer zone" along the border with Egypt seems to be imminent.

Meanwhile, the U.S. and U.K. claim they don't want to expand the fighting, as they collaborate on strikes against Yemen, Iraq, and Syria, and as Israel engages in military action that crosses its border with Lebanon.


How much longer will the world tolerate claims of "self-defense" when the people being defended are an occupying force?

The situation is unbearable!

The old political order falls apart; the old centers of power cannot hold.

What future will be created for the world?


A plunge into hell, or a new paradigm of peace and development, a paradigm that puts away childish things?

The choice lies in the deeds we undertake.


Build growing action around the three actions called for here in this statement...