by Amaterasu Solar
April 05, 2023
from AmaterasuSolar Website








A look at the pitfalls of money use,

and societies that had none,

and why...



So Many believe that societies all have used some form of money - whether trade/barter, shells, beads, sticks notched and split, metals, paper, or electronic bits.


But in fact, where societies arose in abundance - where everything They needed was there for the taking - no money arose.


Because money, at the foundation, is used as proof of energy input into a community/system in times when all hands were needed to get necessary things done so as to survive, in times of scarcity, and no "skaters" were welcome.

If You wanted something, You needed something to offer in return - goods or services...

"I raised these pigs and would love some of Your butter. Can We arrange a swap?"


"I raised these pigs and I'm very proud of My work. I would be honored if You had one."

But in the places of abundance - virtually all being "island paradises" - no need to prove One's energy input existed.

You did not prove that You added energy.


You proved that You cared for Others.


In big ways and small...




So, rather than People seeking ways to plug Their energy in, being chained and controllable (e.g., "No jab, no job..."), They did things for the social currencies They received.

The thanks, love, appreciation, admiration, reputation, respect, lauds, fame, adoration, bragging rights, and other such positive social currencies.

Their caring was nurtured and was valued, unlike the effects of money on a society, where One's value was measured merely in what One had to sell.

They learned to express Their Humanity...


They learned not to do things that would earn Them negative social currencies - disgust, ridicule, avoidance, bad reputation, and so on.

Rather than psychopaths, who will be promoted to power, to the top, to controlling positions (as We have today) in all money systems,

They had the caring Ones taking care of things.


They had no poverty.


They enjoyed being creative, cooperating with One anOther, and were overall very happy People.




Sadly, in the early 1900's, the "western world" swooped in, usurped the land, and forced the accounting for energy (money) onto Them.


The societies fell apart...

Today, though We have an abundance available (or did before the psychopaths began Their ghastly "great" reset), We still account for Our energy added - and it is slaves who must account for Their energy in abundance - because the psychopaths in control (by virtue of money) maintain the energy accounting so as to retain control.



80% of "jobs" do nothing, overall, but move wealth upwards to the psychopaths in control, and would not be jobs We would see if (when?) the SHTF (for Ones not familiar, that's an acronym for "shit hits the fan," meaning the world as We know it falls apart catastrophically).


Which is to say, survival does not depend on these "jobs."

And most of these "jobs" are ones that Few love to do.

They are not what One thinks of when One ponders what One might want to be when One grows up.


Cashiers, sales, tax collecting, accounting, advertising, marketing, casinos, bill collections, insurance, Wall Street, and banking are the greatest number of these jobs.

Yes, the psychopaths in control maintain a plantation of slaves moving wealth to Them.

And They hide the tech that would make accounting for Our energy added pointless...

Free energy technologies do exist, and I personally know of one, tucked into black projects in 1959.





The psychopaths in control have poo-pooed the idea in public - but of course They will.

They don't want You to know You can be free of the chains They bind You with, the chains called "money"...!

100% of the cost of everything is energy - the resources sit here freely, but it takes energy to put them into useful configuration.


Add free energy tech and, as the cost of energy is removed, things will become cheaper and cheaper until one day everything is free, with the People who love to do the needed work - food production, infrastructure, education, and such - will do the work, and if We do not have enough of Us who love to do a needed job, We will solve the problem by adding robots.

And there surely are plenty of People who would love to gain reputation by creating a robot that solves a problem!

Without money We can co-create a free and happy society, a society of Ethical sovereigns, with the caring Ones taking care of things, where problems are solved Ethically rather than giving Some "authority" over Others, passing legalates and then enFORCING them on Others who do not have "authority."

Where We all may live richly, as We should, on Our planet.

Where We can be creative, cooperative, upholding the Betterment Ethic - the goal of making things better for Those around You in ways, big and small.

From a smile to cheer anOther up, to inventing a solution to a major problem.


We will be happy, free, comfortable, able to fulfill Our potential, follow Our bliss, make Our dreams come true - without worrying about how to afford it.



An island paradise on Our planet - a planet paradise!

So to answer the question,

Money, do We need it?

I can say most assuredly, No...!



My father taught Me never to believe anything.


He told Me to place probabilities and adjust them as new data come along, asking the question, "Does that explain what I see?," when evaluating data; He was an aerospace engineer, and worked with T Townsend Brown (see My featured vid on YouToilet).


From a very early age I was concerned that the way I was told things worked, in terms of government and social affairs, did not explain what I saw. So the first few decades I worked to determine WHY this was.

I wound up in banking, seeing the flow of things in the headquarters of a major bank in Los Angeles. I became intimately familiar with the flow of money, and economics.


I asked the question, "Why do We use money?"

When the web arrived, My research capabilities flourished, and I learned much that explained what I saw, but the only explanations I found for why We use money started with trade and barter, which are still money in a direct form, and did not answer the WHY.


Then, I came upon the explanation that these were used because, with a finite amount of stuff, it was to ensure that We got Our "fair share" in a scarcity environment, in exchange for the work We added.

From this I realized the WHY. We were accounting for Our energy input into things. And that We needed to do this because the Human energy was scarce compared to what We needed to be produced (back then).

I also discovered that over half Our planet's wealth was "owned" by fewer than 100 Humans...

I was very interested in psychology, too.


And studied it deeply, being fascinated by psychopathy, focusing on that aberration, learning that They had discovered a gene that manifested Individuals who were incapable of love, compassion, caring, and empathy for Others - primary psychopaths...


Seeing that the wealth was so disproportionate, and that the families who "owned" it inbred, what would explain what I saw would be that They wanted to retain that psychopathic gene.


Given that the wealth could feed, clothe, house ALL of Us (and give Us freedom) abundantly and many times over, and yet None set forth to care for Humanity, I had to give probability approaching 100% that They are psychopaths, as that explains perfectly what I see, and answers My quest for why the way I was told things worked did not explain what I saw.

And I asked...

If I was a psychopath, with enough wealth to buy anything and anyOne I wanted to, and given that money = power (power over Others is something psychopaths seek), would I be motivated to create a false "reality" for the masses and thereby manipulate Them?

I think You can figure out what answer I came up with.

And would that explain what I see?



Now, given that money is merely the accounting token used to account for Our Human energy, it would follow that free energy would threaten fully the accounting for Our energy.


If I was a psychopath, with enough money to buy sites like Wikipedia, the media, the education system, etc., would I do all I could to suppress and hide free energy?

And given I personally know that electrogravitics offers both gravity control and energy from the aether (the electromagnetic field that pervades the universe), and that it went into black projects, such efforts to hide and suppress would explain what I see completely.

So I am neither a "conspiracy theorist," nor am I a "conspiritard," but rather... I am a conspiracy analyst.


And given this analysis, knowing that conspiracies are the NORM in history and that they didn't just stop some years back, I conclude that conspiracies abound.


That explains perfectly what I see.