by Joel Smalley
December 12, 2022

from Metatron Website





"The next one will get attention this time."



And he's definitely

after your kids this time...


In a tacit admission that COVID did not quite achieve his absolute goals, Bill Gates has just announced his next plandemic...

I guess we can think of this one as his Windows XP to Windows 2000...?

And yes, that does mean I think he's probably got at least another couple more "upgrades" up his sleeve.

In a glorious touch of irony, one of the key "lessons learned" from his rehearsal exercise, is to increase efforts to stem the spread of misinformation:

Countries should prioritize,

  • efforts to increase trust in government and public health

  • improve public health communication efforts

  • increase the resiliency of populations to misleading information

  • reduce the spread of harmful misinformation...

I mean, come on Bill,

you can't have trust in government and public health and reduce the spread of misinformation, can you...?

COVID has taught us that! Well, to some of us...

Which begs the question,

Will the normies fall for it all over again...?


Will the fact that he's explicitly coming after the kids this time make a difference?


But in which way...?