by Joseph P. Farrell
September 12, 2018

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"Marduk's" Lightning Bolts...?


It's all about engineering the weather, and that's a topic that has been and off-and-on subject of blogging and discussion here, both in vidchats and in the Dialogues, where one or the other of us occasionally brings it up.


The subject intrigues me, because with the recent invention of "weather derivatives" added to the arsenal of financial schemes and scams of Mr. Globaloney, controlling the weather on which those derivatives are based, would seem a surefire bet for some unique new twists on insider trading, especially since most people don't believe that humanity is capable of controlling the weather.

The subject also intrigues me for a very different reason, and that's the technologies involved with it, which seem to me to increasingly substantiate the view that weather, and in particular major storms such as hurricanes and tornadoes, are fundamentally electromagnetically-based phenomena, and not the hot-air-got-trapped-by-cold-air sort of stuff we learned in school.


I, and many others who have researched the phenomenon of weather engineering far more deeply than I, have concluded that much of the spraying, or "chemtrails" as they are more popularly known, is designed in part at least for this purpose:

the modification of the electrical conductive properties of the atmosphere for a variety of purposes:

  • mind manipulation

  • weather control

  • even in some cases, "Star Wars"...

The article is "Short Pulse Lasers for Weather Control," by Jean-Pierre Wolf.


The abstract says a mouthful, and here our attention will be focused on the second paragraph:

While non-linearly propagating in air, these filamentary structures produce a coherent supercontinuum (from 230 nm to 4 µm, for a 800 nm laser wavelength) by self-phase modulation (SPM), which can be used for remote 3D-monitoring of atmospheric components by Lidar (Light Detection and Ranging).


However, due to their high intensity (1013 - 1014 W cm-2), they also modify the chemical composition of the air via photo-ionization and photo-dissociation of the molecules and aerosols present in the laser path.


These unique properties were recently exploited for investigating the capability of modulating some key atmospheric processes, like,

  • lightning from thunderclouds

  • water vapor condensation

  • fog formation and dissipation

  • light scattering (albedo) from high altitude clouds,

...for radiative forcing management.


Here we review recent spectacular advances in this context, achieved both in the laboratory and in the field, reveal their underlying mechanisms, and discuss the applicability of using these new non-linear photonic catalysts for real scale weather control.

We all known about the fact that lasers can "modify the chemical compositions of the air via photo-ionization" for some time, and we've also known that lasers can thus "photo-dissociate molecules," i.e., basically disintegrate them.


LIDAR - light detection and ranging - has also been around for a while too.


But then there's this:

"These unique properties were recently exploited for investigating the capability of modulating some key atmospheric processes, like lightning from thunderclouds, water vapor condensation, fog formation and dissipation, and light scattering (albedo) from high altitude clouds for radiative forcing management".

Let that one sink in for a moment, and then ponder the euphemistic end of the abstract, that they want to use,

"these new non-linear photonic catalysts for real scale weather control."

I'd call "investigating" such "unique properties" for the possibility of having "the capability" to modulate "some key atmospheric processes, like lightning from thunderclouds" is quite a capability.


In other words, imagine being able to steer lightning, to target it, via a plasma channel created by a charged laser beam, creating a columnated channel of charge differential for the lightning to travel on.


Build up enough charge differential by some means - like HAARP or some other ionospheric heater - build up a massive charge, and then use a space-based laser to create a channel for that charge to discharge to the ground.


To make the whole process more efficient, one could also increase the electrical conductivity of the medium (in this case the atmosphere) by maybe spraying it with all sorts of electrically conductive heavy metal particulates.

Sounds a bit like science fiction (and it is, of course, today's little bit of high octane speculation), and a bit like the ancient gods, like Zeus and Marduk, with their "thunderbolt" weapons.


And if I can think of it, and you can think of it, rest assured, they can think of it and probably already have. And if such lightning bolt weapons seem to be "no big deal", look at the Valle Marineris on Mars, a vast scar running along the equator of the planet Mars, which some believe to have been caused precisely by such electrical arcing.

Of course, some will tell you this was all just natural catastrophism created by an electrically dynamic solar system, when the planets were bunched up much closed together and electricity arced from one planet to another.


But the same techniques I outlined above could be used just about anywhere, by anyone, "anywhen", who had the technology to engineer systems of a planetary scale.


And we're doing it, here, on earth, now...