by James Corbett
October 29, 2023
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Here's a simple observation:

When knowledgeable Americans discuss American politics, they can talk in detail about the various fault lines in the American government.

They can expound at great length on the Squad's role in influencing the policies of the Democratic Party, for example.

And they can assess the policy proposals of various third-party candidates.

And they can detail the history of the turf battles between the FBI and the CIA or tell you how the FBI under Hoover differed from the FBI under Mueller.


And, if they're really informed, they can even discuss the role of Citibank or Goldman Sachs or BlackRock in picking the Cabinet of this or that administration and identify the various vested interests that are served by placing, say, Tom Vilsack in the role of Secretary of Agriculture.

Likewise, Canadians will be able to opine on the deeper political significance of Pierre Poilievre munching on an apple.


And Japanese will be able to wax eloquent on the LDP's war on the fax machine.


But ask any of these people about the politics of a foreign country and suddenly everyone will begin talking as,

if factions, intrigues, infighting and other verities of government don't exist in that faraway land. Instead, that foreign country is a political monolith that can be reduced to a single person.

Case in point:

ask the average American on the street what they think about Russia's government.


"Russian politics?


You mean Putin, right?"

Ditto China.

"What do I know about the Chinese government? Well, I know that Xi..."

This is precisely how we arrive at the stuck-on-stupid of an "independent" media that portrays Xi and Putin as the multipolar saviors of the coming global world order.


Even if it were true that Xi and Putin were opponents of the globalist plan rather than willing conspirators in it (SPOILER: they're conspirators), there's the false implication that Putin is Russia or Xi is China.


Imagine a Russian citizen believing that the entirety of American politics could be boiled down to what Biden thinks about any particular issue.

That's how stupid such a "Leader=Country" mentality is...


foreign countries are complex places with all the competing interests, bureaucratic turf wars, infighting, backstabbing and palace intrigues that you find in your own country...!

Don't believe me?

How many politicians can you name in the Russian government other than Putin?


How many of their backgrounds can you elaborate on?


What are their ideological leanings?


What is their relative influence in Russian politics?


Which policies are they responsible for?



Don't worry, almost everyone reading this article is stumped, too.



can we arrive at a deeper understanding of geopolitics by challenging this overly simplistic "Putin is Russia" narrative?

Let's find out...!






Image credit: from

"Nabiullina - a symbol of economic policy contrary to the interests of Russia"



Americans will likely associate the name "Elvira" with Elvira, Mistress of the Dark.


How fitting it is, then, that the witch presiding over Russia's coven of banksters is also named Elvira.


Hailing from Ufa in Soviet Bashkiria (present-day Bashkortostan), Elvira Nabiullina boasts all the credentials that Putin and his globalist cohorts require in a central banker.


After stints at the USSR Science and Industry Union in the early 1990s, and - following the dissolution of the USSR - the Russian Ministry for Economic Development and Trade the mid-1990s, Nabiullina then spent two years working with arch-globalist Herman Gref (more on whom later) at Sberbank (more on which later) before returning to "public service" in the 2000s.


In 2007, Nabiullina's career was kicked into overdrive by two key appointments.

First, in May of that year, she was selected as a "Yale World Fellow," a position in a four-month leadership program organized by the Skull and Bones-hosting, CIA-recruiting, Ivy League institution that signals Yale's "commitment to be a leading global[ist] university" by creating "a growing network of global[ist] leaders trained at Yale."


Then, in a cabinet shuffle in September of that year, Putin appointed Nabiullina to replace his good buddy (and fellow globalist conspirator) Herman Gref as trade minister.

Lest there be any doubt about Putin's endorsement of Nabiullina, he subsequently appointed her to replace Gref as Governor from Russia at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development in 2008 before going on to appoint her to chair the Board of Governors of the Central Bank of Russia for not one, not two, but three consecutive four-year terms.


So what devilish brew of sinister schemes has Nabiullina cooked up in her witch's cauldron at the Central Bank of Russia?


Well, as central bank governor, she has presided over the rollout of the "digital ruble," Russia's very own Central Bank Digital Currency that - as Russian Deputy Minister of Finance Alexei Moiseev informs us - is intended as a replacement for cash.


And, in direct contradiction to the Z-Anon bloggers who would have you believe otherwise, the digital ruble is thoroughly detested by the Russian people, who understand that the politicians are lying through their teeth when they pinky-swear promise not to use this tool of financial surveillance and control for the purposes of financial surveillance and control.


In fact, it seems the only thing that can bring the Russian people together on one issue is the introduction of the digital ruble.


It is hated by the Orthodox, pro-Putin, conservative right and by the communist left and by all the economists and political scientists in between.


Nabiullina has presided over a major nationalization of the banking system that has seen the Russian state's share of the banking system rise to 70%.


She has even bragged about the progress she has made in "centralizing bank supervision," whereby the unelected witches and warlocks of the Central Bank conclave have taken away even more monetary and banking autonomy from regional governors.


She engineered a market shock that involved nearly doubling interest rates overnight in order to stem a ruble crisis that was caused by Rosneft oligarch Igor Sechin and his shady (Kremlin-approved) bond sale shenanigans.


She also presided over the Russian Central Bank's offshoring of its gold reserves to the globalist West, where it could be more easily sanctioned.


According to Yuri Boldyrev, ex-deputy of the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation, this includes Nabiullina's extraordinary decision to export 240 tons of its gold to London just months before the Ukraine "military operation" began.


So inexplicable was this decision that it prompted Boldyrev to call for a criminal investigation of Nabiullina and, perhaps even more amazingly, prompted a crisis of faith among the "Putin-as-4D-chessmaster" narrative proponents in the "independent" Western blogosphere.


Oh, and she was voted "Central Bank Governor of the Year" by Euromoney magazine in 2015 and "Central Banker of the Year" by The Banker magazine in 2017, surely the greatest dishonors a person can receive this side of the Nobel Peace Prize.


Thankfully, neither Euromoney nor The Banker featured a centerfold spread of Elvira to celebrate her bankster victory, but I had the liberty of getting Broc to do up a visualization of what such a glamour shot might look like.



Forgive me in advance

for your nightmares




how has Putin reacted to this globalist supervillain's track record of selling the Russian people down the river?

Why, with effusive praise, of course...!

"The president has repeatedly praised the results of the work of Nabiullina and the central bank as a whole," explained Putin mouthpiece Dmitry Peskov last year.



Those interested in further familiarizing themselves with the witchcraft of this arch-bankster are invited to take a trip down the "Nabiullina's brooch" rabbit hole to see how this practitioner of the dark arts likes to deliver her occult signals at press conferences.








Evgeny Danchikov speaks at the

BRICS International Innovation Forum panel on

"Tech Diplomacy. Unifying Power of Tech"



As head of Glavkontrol, the "Main Control Department of the City of Moscow," Evgeny (or Eugeny or Evgeniy or Евгений) Danchikov is concerned with... well, control...


Hence his appearance on the "Control Legislation as a Driver of Economic Growth" panel at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum earlier this year, where he discussed how the Russian government can better control its population through legislation.


Or his appearance on the "Cloud City" BRICS International Innovation Forum panel on "Tech Diplomacy. Unifying Power of Tech," where he discussed how city governments can take advantage of VR, AI, "metauniverses" and other cutting-edge technology to more effectively control their citizens.


But it's another type of control that Danchikov became infamous for during the scamdemic:

biosecurity control...!

Yes, for those deluded Westerners who believe the valiant Russians (i.e., Putin) are bravely defending the world from the New World Order crowd, I have some unpleasant news for you:

Russia is as fervent a proponent of the biosecurity state, with its, any Davos-attending Western (mis)leader...

And, as any Muscovite will be able to tell you, it wasn't Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin in charge of enforcing these mandates but "Head of the Main Control Department of the City of Moscow" Evgeny Danchikov.


For example, when Moscow unveiled its vaccine mandates for,

"workers in the areas of trade, catering, housing and communal services and energy, education, health and social protection, as well as transport (including taxis)",

...there was Danchikov, explaining to Russian state-owned news agency TASS the fines that would be imposed on businesses for failing to mandate (and on individuals for failing to take)...the clot shot.


And when Moscow unveiled its slave identification system cattle tag system QR code system to,

"ensure the identification of patients with coronavirus infection,"

...there was Danchikov, demonstrating the technology for the Russia-24 news cameras.


Everything works fine, there are no failures, but if any shortcomings appear, then there is a support service of the information technology department, which quickly works out any shortcomings.


And when one of those "shortcomings" in the system arose in the form of Irina Karabulatova, a disabled university professor who was fined 4000 rubles for failing to install the city's surveillance app during self-quarantine, there was Danchikov, assuring the denizens of Moscow that Glavkontrol would look into the matter.

Not a single unreasonable fine is ignored. All are additionally studied. If the innocence of a citizen is proven, then such fines are canceled.

(And, after it was determined that Professor Karabulatova didn't install the app because her phone couldn't install the app, and, after the case generated significant negative media attention, there was Danchikov soaking up the publicity as he magnanimously canceled the fine.)


Yes, certainly Muscovites can sleep easy at night knowing that their Head of the Main Control Department, Evgeny Danchikov, is on the case, protecting them with his loving vaccine mandates and QR code tracking systems...








Pictured: the completely legitimately purchased

$18 million estate of Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu



Speaking of Russia's lockstep participation in the Global (scamdemic) Reset, let's not forget when Sergei Shoigu bragged about,

jamming the COVID clot shots into the arms of 1.4 million members of the Russian Armed Forces and boasted that, although he "cannot vaccinate everyone by order," not a single one of those 1.4 million human pincushions objected to the vaccine.

That's right, this mass vaccination of troops, while strongly encouraged, was totally voluntary.

But, in a happy coincidence, not a single member of the Russian military rejected the life-giving vaccine!

So who's Sergei Shoigu, you ask? Good question.


Many in the West probably only learned of Shoigu's existence if they happened to catch the increasingly apopleptic rants by Yevgeny Prigozhin in the lead-up to the Wagner mutiny earlier this year... but then Prigozhin "blew himself up" on a plane during a coked-up game of hand grenade hot potato, so I guess that's that, huh?


In reality, though, Sergei Shoigu is the Russian defense minister who Prigozhin accused of deliberately sending ill-prepared and under-supplied troops into the meat grinder in Ukraine.


But again, Prigozhin is dead, so that's that...

On paper, Shoigu makes for a particularly unlikely candidate to head up the Russian Armed Forces.


Despite dressing up in a cartoonishly decorated uniform...




...Shoigu never served in the military and has never seen combat.


The medals, it turns out, stem not from any battlefield victory or acts of bravery, but from Shoigu's own fascination with the trinkets.


Having personally overseen the creation of dozens of completely meaningless awards, including medals,

  • "for contribution to the development of the Army International Games"

  • "for diligence in ensuring road safety"

  • "for participation in the military parade on Victory Day,"

...he then promptly bestowed those medals on himself in an attempt to add flair to his stolen valor "military man" cosplay outfit.


Another point in Shoigu's disfavour is that,

while he did have the good fortune of being born the son of a regional party official with connections to Boris Yeltsin, Shoigu is the only member of the Kremlin's inner circle who isn't one of Putin's old KGB buddies or St. Petersburg conspirators or judo crime gang cronies.

Perhaps what qualifies Shoigu for the position of leading Russia's military, then, isn't military prowess or even personal friendship with Putin, but a demonstrated track record of gloriously cavalier corruption, grifting and grandstanding.


Don't forget that if corruption, grifting and grandstanding are the qualifications to be defense minister in Russia, Shoigu has some pretty big shoes to fill.


After all, his predecessor in the position, Anatoly Serdyukov, was summarily dismissed when it emerged that he had "gifted" his mistress with a Moscow apartment, jewelry, paintings and other luxury items valued at over $10 million.


So how does Shoigu rank on the corruption index?

Well, a 2015 investigation exposed the existence of Shoigu's luxurious $18 million estate in Rublevka - an estate he first registered in the name of his then-18-year-old daughter and next in the name of his sister-in-law.


Then, a 2019 investigation discovered that Shoigu gifted his mistress - a stewardess he met during his time with the rescue corps - with business contracts valued at nearly $70 million!


On top of that, one of his two illegitimate children was recently revealed to be a nepo baby "pop star" and a draft dodger who fled to a Turkish resort when his father started drafting kids for the Ukraine meat grinder.

How's that for corruption...!?


Now, some of the Z-Anon persuasion might argue that whatever the... "eccentricities"... of his personal life, and whatever battlefield experience he lacks, Shoigu still makes a worthy defense minister, ably leading the Russian military to its smooth, expertly executed 20-months-and-counting de-Nazification of Ukraine.



what's his track record as the leader of the Russian Armed Forces...?


we know what Prigozhin thought of Shoigu and his military leadership... but, as I say, he's dead, so that's that...


And you might have heard of Kirill Stremousov, the politician whom Russia selected as the deputy head of the Kherson region right before the Russian military bravely abandoned Kherson and left the local Russian collaborators to the mercy of the Ukrainians.


Stremousov infamously mused on how Shoigu should shoot himself for how he handled the entire Kherson debacle... but now he's dead, too...


And you might have read about General Ivan Popov, commander of the 58th Combined Arms Army, who accused Shoigu of treason for his mishandling of the war... and was then summarily fired...


And you may have seen how Shoigu responded when he was asked, point-blank, "Will we win?" by a Rossiya-1 TV channel reporter:


Pictured: The commander of the

Russian Armed Forces

displaying his combat leadership skills



...but that interview has since been scrubbed from the internet (but can be found here), so I guess we don't have to spend too much time parsing whether that was a shrug of indifference, a shrug of confusion or a shrug of fearless military leadership.


That about does it. It turns out there's no one left alive who has any problems with Shoigu's military prowess!


At least Russians can rest easy knowing that their military leader cares exactly as much about them as NATO's military leaders care about their respective countries' populations.








Pictured: Russian Deputy Health Minister Sergey Glagolev

pining for his unrequited love, the World Health Organization



Sergey Glagolev is the Deputy Minister of Health of the Russian Federation. And he'd like to have a word with all those folks who have fallen for the "Russia is going to exit the WHO" hopium of the Z-Anon crowd.


Actually, he devoted an entire speech to those folks.


Specifically, Glagolev delivered an address to the 76th World Health Assembly (WHA) in Geneva last May.


As the official Russian representative to the WHA, Glagolev made the Russian government's stance on the World Health Organization (WHO) crystal clear.

I have the honor to congratulate the member countries of the organization and all WHO staff on the anniversary of our Organization from the Union State of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus and to note its role in improving the health of the world's population.


We wish the organizations and member countries to develop and achieve their goals, especially the SDGs, the progress towards which has slowed the 'pandemic' of a new coronavirus infection.

Indeed, the Russian government would like it to be known that they are super-duper in love with the WHO, committed to the SDGs, and 100% on board with all the biosecurity state nonsense that is being erected on the back of the scamdemic.


And, just to make it clear how much the WHO means to Russia, Glagolev brought up his main concern about the organization:

their decision to close a WHO branch office in Moscow and relocate it to Copenhagen...

That's right, in direct contradiction to the "Russia has expelled the WHO" fake news purveyors, Russia has instead formally complained that the WHO moved a branch office out of the country.


(But, just for the record, yes, Russia is still a proud WHO member in good standing and has no intention of leaving any time soon!)


And this was neither the first nor the last time that Glagolev talked about the vital importance of Russia's participation in the WHO.


In fact, just this past January Glagolev was lamenting how the Ukrainian don't-call-it-a-war-or-you'll-be-fined has gotten in the way of WHO unity:

"Russia is committed to the principle of equal cooperation in the field of global health as a necessary element of the protection and provision of human rights, and we regret to note the unwillingness of some countries to engage in constructive dialogue at the WHO," he whined,

...citing, for one thing, a WHO technical conference that was called off because of Ukrainian objections and, for another,

"a refusal by the WHO Collaborating Centre located in the US and the UK to provide the Russian scientific institute with a reference sample of the influenza virus."

And of course Glagolev isn't the only Russian politician pledging his fealty to the dark overlords of the biosecurity state.

Remember when Moscow mayor Sergey Sobyanin thanked the WHO for helping inspire the lockdown of his city?


And remember when Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova gushed that the "WHO identifies the best practices of all countries of the world and helps to solve the most difficult tasks" and stressed that everything promoting WHO unity was an "invaluable factor" in promoting global health?

Yes, sadly - and in complete contradiction to the "4D Chessmaster Putin" fantasists of the bought-and-paid-for "BRICS-as-savior" blogosphere - Russia will not be leaving the WHO anytime soon...








Pictured: Two globalist buddies

conspiring over AI, biometrics and mRNA vaccines.


"Hey, wait a minute, James!" I hear the devil's advocates out there objecting.


"I know this Gref guy. He's the Sberbank guy, right? He's not a part of the Russian government!"

Herman Gref may not be a member of the Russian government anymore (unless you count his role as 1st class Active State Councillor of the Russian Federation), but, as noted above, he did serve as Minister of Economics and Trade from 2000 to 2007 before being replaced by Elvira, Mistress of the Bankers.


But claiming someone isn't a part of the political scene because they don't hold a formal office is a red herring anyway.


It's like insisting that Heinz Kissinger ceased presiding over the American deep state when he was ousted as National Security Advisor in 1975, or that Dick Cheney wasn't a political player when he was working for Halliburton between his stints as Poppy Bush's Secretary of Defense and Bush, Jr.'s VP.


You see, Russia, it turns out, is like every other "modern liberal democracy":

a fascist merger of state and corporate power...!

And Russia (just like the US and every other state on the planet) boasts a plethora of politically connected players like Gref who slip seamlessly between roles in governmental positions and corporate boardrooms.


Besides, Sberbank is majority-owned by the Russian government's National Wealth Fund, so it really is just another branch of government.



What power does Gref wield as CEO of Sberbank, Russia's largest bank and financial services company?


Well, you know the biometric ID control grid nightmare that the globalist technocrats are shoving down the public's throat right now?

Predictably, the Russian government is using Sberbank as the vehicle to foist that agenda on the Russian people. 


For example, in 2016, when the government greenlit the introduction of biometrics into local schools, there was Sberbank, installing the palm scanners that allow students to pay for their school lunches with a swipe of their hand!

"Using the Ladoshki system, parents will get rid of the necessity of giving cash to their children and they will also be able to monitor the kids' school meal spending by visiting their personal page on Sberbank's website," a Sberbank press release bragged.

It continued:

"Additionally, parents can monitor what exactly their child has eaten and if necessary, they can forbid the child from buying chips or chocolate."

(Yay! Technocratic tracking of children...!)



Pictured: A typical Russian student

enjoys another happy biometric transaction in jail school



And when, after years of conditioning school children to accept their fate as biometrically tagged cattle in the Russian slave state, it was time to introduce this biometric slave state to the general public, there was Sberbank, partnering with Visa to create a face-scanning payment technology dubbed, infuriatingly enough, "Smile to Pay!"



"uses a 3D camera with high detection accuracy and depth capture, enabling easy and quick facial recognition that takes into account a person’s height and changes in appearance."

First trialed in 2019, the technology is now rolling out in more and more businesses across Russia.



Pictured: A typical Russian shopper

enjoys another happy biometric transaction in jail the supermarket



Luckily, this biometric ID technology experience prepared Sberbank to quickly roll out Russia's QR code tracking system during the scamdemic.


Speaking of the scamdemic,

You know the genetic slurry clot shots that are being foisted on the world population?


Any guess who's financing the Russian side of that globalist operation?

If you guessed Herman Gref and Sberbank, then give yourself a cookie!


Yes indeed, Gref was there from the very beginning of the scamdemic, generously offering to cooperate with the Russian government in providing grants to Russian scientific institutions working on experimental coronavirus vaccines.


And when Russian scientists were busy copying AstraZeneca's clot shot formula and marketing it as Sputnik V, there was Gref, bragging that it was Sberbank who responded to "a government request" to help create the clot shot and bring it to market.


(Of course, the Russian Ministry of Health won't let Russians see the results of Sputnik V trial data, but don't worry, you can totally trust that the hard-working WHO-lovers in the Russian government and their state-owned megabank have Russians' best interests in mind...!)


So, how about the AI / biotech / transhuman nightmare...?


Let me put it this way:

Who can forget when Gref joined his old buddy Putin on stage at the AI Journey Conference in 2021 to discuss how AI can be used "to address social issues"?


(And remember when Putin gushed that Gref was "using ground-breaking solutions [...] to adapt Sber’s entire ecosystem to serve people" before noting how "Big Data and artificial intelligence are playing a key role" in transforming Russia's economy, government and civil society?)


And who can forget when Gref took to the stage of the 2022 Russian Educational Marathon (after a bizarre dance performance featuring pyramid-holding cyborg schoolchildren in Tron-inspired technofuturist outfits) to tout,

"artificial intelligence, high-speed Internet (5G / 6G), cloud computing, web 3.0, virtual and augmented reality, quantum computing and biotechnology" as the "seven key technologies",

...that will provide,

"maximum benefit to business and society" in the fields of "lending, healthcare, unmanned transport and cybersecurity"?

And who can forget when Gref laid out his vision of the future at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) earlier this year?


You know, that vision of the future that involves replacing bureaucrats and managers with AI algorithms provided by companies like Sberbank.

I keep saying "Sberbank," but, as we all know, Gref shortened the company's name to "Sber" a few years ago to reflect the fact that this is no ordinary bank.


No, it's a public/private techno-transhumanist monstrosity that's hell-bent on reducing people to a database of palm prints and iris scans, injecting them full of clot shot poison, and replacing them with robots.


So, in other words,

a perfect fit for the globalist Russian government's long-term goals.

You think I jest? Hardly.


Putin not only continues to embarrass himself by heaping praise on Gref and Sber but keeps appointing Gref to the supervisory boards of his various pet projects.


Oh, and did I mention that,

Gref is a long-time World Economic Forum (WEF) partner, having served on their board of trustees for years and collaborated with WEF on its Cyber Polygon false flag drill?


And that he's also a member of J.P. Morgan's International Council alongside Putin's "old friend" and frequent guest, Heinz Kissinger?

Of course he is...








"My mission is to help

Mr. Brzezinski

to move the figures on the chessboard."

Alexandr Dugin



I could go on...

I haven't even gotten to Mikhail Murashko and his "digital genetic passport" scheme to create genetic profiles (including genomic sequencing) of all Russians, starting with newborns.


Or Igor "Strelkov" Girkin, the pro-war ultra-nationalist who took credit for launching military operations against the Ukrainian government in 2014 and who was promptly arrested when he started criticizing the incompetence of Shoigu and his minions in the waging of the 2022 not-war.


Or Alexandr Dugin, whose muddle-headed ramblings on geopolitics are taken seriously by the equally muddle-headed Evola devotees of the alt right despite the fact that there's ample evidence that Dugin is Brzezinski's minion and no evidence whatsoever that he's "Putin's brain."

You DO get the point, don't you...?


No, the point is not that James Corbett knows everything about everything and thus you should blindly believe anything he says about Russia (although I wouldn't argue the point too vociferously if you really pressed it!).


And no, the point is not that Slavsquat is right and that you should subscribe to him right away (although he is right and you certainly should subscribe to him right away).


The point is that Russia is like every country on the planet: an oligarchy run by incompetent kleptocrats and cruel kakistocrats who, while they have diverse backgrounds and different political leanings, are in service to the broader globalist agenda to the precise degree that it helps their career and lines their pocketbooks.


It is also like every other country on the planet in that the average Russian knows that the average Russian bankster or technocrat or political stooge is a corrupt oligarch who does not have the Russian people's best interests in mind.


The galaxy brains of the "BRICS will save us!" blogosphere play on the ignorance of the average American (or Canadian or Japanese...) about the realities of Russian politics to lure them into a hopium narrative about Putin and Xi saving the world from the very globalist policies that they are working so hard to put into place in their own country.


As always, today's exploration is just a starting point for a real investigation into the Russian political scene, not its endpoint.


By all means, continue researching and compiling information and expanding your knowledge of Russia and China and Saudi Arabia and Israel and all of the other "other countries" that we in the English speaking world generally know so little about.


But at the very least, now that you know a little bit more about the world of Russian politics,

you won't be so easily duped by one-dimensional narratives about the 4D chessmaster in the Kremlin foiling the globalist agenda, will you...?