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May 05, 2022

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The war in Ukraine

and the ensuing sanctions against Russia

could harm Europe’s energy supplies

and stall its economic growth,

European Commissioner for Economy

Paolo Gentiloni warned on Wednesday...





So yesterday Vladimir Putin signed a decree in Russia, basically saying that Russia would no longer sell vital raw materials to countries that it considered unfriendly.


Those unfriendly countries of course include most of the nations of the West.


Now this is a complete disaster for the European Union and for Germany in particular but also the other nations of Europe. This is basically signing a death warrant for the European economies.


They will not survive this a year from now... The standard of living of the European economies will be substantially lower than it is today...









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so yesterday vladimir putin signed a
decree in russia
uh basically saying that russia would no
longer sell
vital raw materials to countries that it
unfriendly okay and those unfriendly
countries of course include most of the
nations of the west
now this is a complete disaster for the
european union and for germany in
particular but also the other nations of
this is basically signing a
death warrant
for the european economies
they will not survive this
a year from now the standard of living
of the european economies will be
substantially lower than it is today if
you are a european citizen because of
this decree
this decree that vladimir putin signed
your standard of living uh um
well let's put it this way
if you're middle class it's likely that
you're going to be poor
a year from today
i mean like poor poor and probably
and i'm not kidding around
because you see the europeans committed
financial suicide by sanctioning russia
they sanctioned russia and imposed this
total economic warfare on russia
thinking for some
foolish reason
russia's economy would collapse because
of the european sanctions
they thought that russia was you know
like iran only with nuclear weapons
but you see iran is a great nation but
it is not such a big nation that it is
really autonomous antarctic in in the
sense of being able to supply itself
with all of its needs but russia is
russia in fact is probably the only
nation on the face of the planet that
truly is authentic in the sense of being
able to supply
its own uh raw materials its own energy
commodities and its own industrial and
consumer goods
they can do that
western goods in many aspects are better
than russian goods but the russians can
get by
they can get by without apple iphones
and without bmw cars
but europe cannot get by
without wheat without aluminum without
neon without gas
without oil from russia they need russia
they need russia more than russia needs
and you see when the europeans at the
start of this conflict
imposed all these sanctions on russia
the russians did not respond immediately
because it's simply not the russian
style they take their sweet time with
their reactions bismarck had a great
saying that the russians were slow to
harness but quick to ride
and that pretty much sums them up
they take their sweet time but once
they've made up their minds once they've
taken a course of action decided on a
course of action they stick with it and
they're not going to deviate from it
decree that vladimir putin signed
means that
european industry will not have the raw
materials to continue
european food processors will not have
the raw materials the wheat the barley
the grains
to feed the european people the european
people are going to go hungry and
they're going to go cold and they're
going to go without their consumer goods
and products and services the european
because of this decree
is going to crash the euro
is going to collapse in value
it's inevitable
and you have to ask yourself why was
this done
why did the europeans impose all of
these sanctions why did the europeans do
something so incredibly reckless
as to steal
russia's sovereign
uh funds
because russia had on deposit with
european institutions financial
institutions they had their uh sovereign
wealth fund their their monies their
exceedance because you see all that
money that they had on deposit in europe
was the money they had received for
selling their commodities to europe that
that's where the money comes from okay
and so what the europeans did
by quote-unquote confiscating
these monies
they basically stole russian money they
basically took russian commodities and
refused to pay for them
and the russians imposed the the
strategy of the
you know the two-track strategy of you
know deposit your euros with gas prom
bank and you'll get rubles and with
those rubles you can buy a gas from gas
prompt right and the europeans had a
whole hissy fit but a lot of european
companies were going along with this
because they need the gas right
but now with this decree
this is the real decision that the
russians have made the the the two-track
policy of doing you know deposit euros
and get rubles and use the euros to buy
the rubles rather to buy commodities
from russian companies which was going
to be expanded clearly it's going to be
expended to not just from gas prime bank
it's going to be to rosnef which is the
oil uh company and it's also going to be
applied to a cultural commodities metals
gases and all the rest of it and so this
is going to be the future
insofar as trade with russia is
because they no longer trust the
europeans because their europeans went
and stole 285 billion dollars of their
money and they want it back sure number
one but number two you know fool me once
uh shame on you fool me twice shame on
me so they're not gonna put themselves
in a position to be fooled again
and so
they implemented this track and some of
the friendly countries like hungary like
serbia and whatnot they are going to be
able to access your uh russian
but countries like germany like france
like poland like the uk like italy like
spain they're not going to get it
they're all going to go poor
if you're in europe now
if i were you i'd figure out a way to
get the hell out of the european
continent because you are going to
suffer hunger and you are going to go
cold next winter
and there are going to be rolling
in europe where there isn't going to be
enough electricity
24 7.
yeah that's coming
and you have no one to blame but your
own governments
because of their hysterical russophobia
and their inability to see the
consequences of their action
their desire to virtue signal and to you
know i stand with ukraine
that nonsense
is going to hurt you
and it's going to hurt you in a way that
you have never experienced your parents
never experienced it the only people who
might have experienced something like
this are your grandparents back in the
second world war
because europe is about to face
an economic collapse that can only be
comparable to the second world war
and it's because of your own governments
know whom to blame
the russians are only reacting to what
the europeans did to them
the europeans wanted to break the
russian economy and they failed
they gave it their best shot with all of
the sanctions and they failed to break
the russian economy
now it's the russians turn
and the russians aim to break the
european economy and guess what
they actually have the means to do it
and so they are doing it