by Alexander Chaldea
June 09, 2019
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The Moscow Kremlin
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What Putin said from the main forum forum on Friday, June 7 (2019), will go down in history as the second Munich speech.


You can look for analogies in Churchill's Fulton speech, with the only exception that Putin's speech was not so passionate and peremptory. Putin has long earned a reputation as a politician whose iron fist is always wearing a velvet glove.

The confrontation with Britain and the United States has always been the basis of Russia's political course, but for the post-Soviet political elite, what Putin said on the second day of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum - 2019 was unthinkable insolence. This was the collapse of all canons and previous landmarks.

What Putin said from the main forum forum on Friday, June 7, will go down in history as the second Munich speech. You can look for analogies in Churchill's Fulton speech, with the only exception that Putin's speech was not so passionate and peremptory.


Putin has long earned a reputation as a politician whose iron fist is always wearing a velvet glove.

But the essence does not change: Putin, for the first time in the whole world, announced that Russia no longer recognizes the prevailing system of U.S. world domination.


Moreover, Russia throws a total challenge to this system and unites in this confrontation with China and the rest of the world, more precisely, with those parts of it that have not lost their will to save from the American yoke and are looking for a force to which they could join.

There is a difference in this:

do not recognize de facto, recognize de jure, and stop recognizing de jure,

...openly announcing that from now on there are two blocs officially in the world:

those with the United States and those against them.

And Russia with those who are against the United States.


This choice is literally earned by the current political elite of Russia. More precisely, it was suffered by its vanguard, its leading groups, those who enter Putin's inner circle and build their power while relying on the state, its power and sovereignty.

These groups understand that they are opposed in Russia by powerful forces that have a completely different concept of domination, those who build their position based on the financial and political circles of Britain and the United States, whose children live and study there, and they keep business in Anglo-Saxon jurisdiction .

These forces demand the subordination of the national interests of Russia and its ruling political class to the interests of the ruling circles of Britain and the U.S.A.


For it is in that capacity that these ruling circles need, and it is in their domination that they see their chance for prosperity. But more and more, the split in the elite of Russia is being denoted, and Vladimir Putin is carefully restraining the severity of the opposition of the split elite groups.


Vladimir Putin


For it is very difficult to be an arbiter in such a situation, linking together the economy, propaganda, army, special services, regional and federal elites, merging with them business, trade unions, bureaucracy, people... Each department defends its own.


How is it possible in such a situation to express the hidden meaning of politics, each of its decisions?



12 years, Putin waited


12 years have passed since the first warning, the Munich speech, in which Putin warned that the West had risen to the brink of a dangerous confrontation, and in this confrontation he overestimated his strength.


For 12 years, the West did not believe in these warnings. And now, as they say, "jumped."

Rejecting all the neighborhoods, without hints and walking around the bush, for the first time in his political career, Putin announced Russia's intention to split Europe from the United States. This is what the construction of the American-European opposition in his speech serves, which denotes a sharp and irreconcilable conflict of interests between Europe and the Anglo-Saxon hegemon.

Putin didn't just re-advertise the Nord Stream 2 - he showed his compliance with the deep interests of Europe.


Otherwise, Europe would never have gone to this project. And he also showed all the inconsistency with these European interests of the interests of the United States, which are turning more and more into conversation with Europe in the language of 'ultimatums' and 'arm twisting.'


In a world where unlimited American domination reigns in Europe, the current European elites will have no place even physically.

Putin, denoting the contradiction of the interests of the United States and Europe, did not just touch them, but concentrated on the ganglion all the power of his pressure. Behind the conflict of interests around the gas pipeline stands the conflict of the whole range of vital interests.


Europe has ceased to be even a vassal for the United States; now it is a prey for them, a resource without the consumption of which the United States ceases to exist as a hegemon, and perhaps as a single state.



(ss) Adam Moss


A dispute with the U.S.A for Europe is not a misunderstanding on the issue of a different understanding of the principles of democracy, it is an existential dispute between a predator and a victim.


The water truce is over; for the Anglo-Saxon lion, the European fallow deer is no longer a means to flirt with its peacefulness, but a prey, without killing and devouring which, the hunter faces starvation.

And this means that death threatens, first of all, Europe, and from there, from where it is always used to receiving content, even if it obeyed the will of the landlord. Now all fed vitamins need to be repaid.


Europe found itself in the position of a cow, which always did not believe that it was fattened not in order to milk it all the time, and then to eat it. Now she begins to understand this, and Vladimir Putin speaks loudly and publicly about this to the whole world.

Justifying the global campaign of peace against the United States, Putin led by accusing the United States of itself in destroying the established common legal field.


The United States has moved to direct power methods of maintaining domination, and this creates a fundamentally new reality. The world has already created the potentials of growing national economies, and these peoples are ready to defend themselves against American aggression with all their might.

Interestingly, not Xi Jinping, namely, Putin cited the example of the U.S. aggression against the Chinese company Huawei, thereby showing that the positions of China and Russia are united in this confrontation. The crisis of the global economy is associated with the exhaustion of existing markets and the inevitability of their power redistribution.


And Putin's speech is a direct warning to the United States about what is possible for them.

If you are a hegemon, and suddenly someone comes up and draws a line on the ground with chalk and says:

"If you step over, you get a shuffle, you better take my word",

...and there are silent observers with a very unkind facial expression, scratching the back of their heads with cudgels, then you problems You have very serious problems.

You were shown not just the boundaries of your capabilities - they showed you who put these boundaries to you. That is a contender for your hegemony. In fact, the one who did not publicly recognize your power.


He approached and directly said to everyone:

"And I think that your place is near the bucket", the hero of one of our popular comedies put it.

What do you do in this situation?


Rip up a shirt and build a goat?


And how not scared and embed that then?


Especially when you are gut feeling: you can't pull against everyone. How to be?



(cc) Life-of-Pix



Putin said:

the times have ended when the American system was uniform for all.


Developing countries have gained a lot of weight in the global economy, and now conditions are changing. And for the first time, not the United States themselves announced this, but it was announced by the United States itself.


This is not just a slap in the face - it's a kick in the ass. With a huge white track on the seat.

Look at the rhetoric of Putin - he openly called the United States raiders.


That is,

  • brigands from roads

  • pirates

  • racketeers...

This is an unprecedented event. And this is not an emotional allegory.


This is a direct attempt to delegitimize American hegemony. A raider is not an ordinary competitor, a raider is a criminal. And with the criminal speak the language of force, not common interests.

In fact, Putin did not just go out and said to the whole world:

"American domination is illegal, and the United States itself is ready to stand outside the laws of a civilized community!"

He did not just say:

"If it goes on like this, then the war of all against the United States is not only legal, but also fair, for it is a war of liberation!"

He not only said:

"And Russia and China are ready to respond to this war!"

If that were the case, the United States wouldn't have to worry much. Putin did worse.


He went out and publicly announced:

"And the king is naked!".

This is for Europeans.


For the Russians, this sounds like a familiar cry:

"King of unreal!".

What happens after that, the story knows.

Putin has caused a terrible insult to the United States, demanding equal conditions for development. Equal conditions are conditions in which the U.S. loses its leadership and turns into Britain No. 2 - the retired hegemon.


And Europe, China and Russia will start to steer the world.


It ends with the fact that not only Latin America, but also the state of Texas will be taken away from the United States, returning it to Mexico. And Americans will always pay and repent, pay and repent.


Everyone, starting with the Indians and ending with the last Japanese, after all Hiroshima and Nagasaki are also them.

Putin announced:

Russia has something to beat on U.S. hegemony. "This is artificial intelligence, genomic technologies for medicine, portable energy sources, new materials."

Putin especially emphasized:

we soberly assess our abilities to become a world leader in the field of artificial intelligence, and we will become them.


This is not in Russia the most powerful American school of programming; it is in the U.S. the most powerful Russian school of programmers.


Not the United States generate the best forces in this area, and Russia. And from now on, Russia is taking this direction with all its might.

And what happens when Russia is taken for something with all its might, it can be seen from the banner over the Reichstag, the first satellite of the Earth and the first manned flight into space.


Or suddenly appeared hypersonic missiles, to which the United States telepaths for many more years. And when they reach out, Russia will have a new weapon. To underestimate Russia's abilities means to make the most terrible mistake.


Napoleon, Hitler and Clinton will confirm...

Russia's elites may still wander and misunderstand, experiencing illusions and taking erroneous steps, but that part of them that is able to firmly hold power and lead the country into the future has made the choice. And this choice announced publicly. 12 years, Putin measured, before one cut.


Now the time of hesitation and waiting is over. Putin cut off. Everyone understood that the agreement with the United States will not work out, but it is already possible and necessary to cease to concede.

The will to power is the ability to challenge. Putin threw this challenge on behalf of the ruling class of Russia, who understood his historical perspective. All economic difficulties and political disputes with the opposition and the fifth column are already insignificant for the country's course.


And the speaker after Putin, Xi Jinping, not only confirmed Putin's words, but also showed who is in the confrontation with the United States leader and skirmishers. The gunman of American domination - from the word "shoot." For Putin, in fact, shot American claims and American hopes.


Yes, the United States is still the most economically and militarily strong country in the world. Yes, they are still able to make a lot of trouble to anyone in this world.


But they are no longer able to subjugate those who seek to bend. Each of their actions only increases the resistance. They stumbled upon the limit of their own strength, like a drunken man bumping into a wall.

The story of Huawei is only the beginning of the American end.


There is a saying:

"The enemy will make possessions."

It's right...


Now the U.S. is chopping off the element base of a Chinese corporation. Her strong position is built on the Android operating system platform. Google announced the termination of the delivery of services to Huawei smartphones sold abroad.


A number of major U.S. IT (information technology) companies have stopped shipping Huawei at the request of Trump.



(cc) VistaCraft


But Huawei is no longer able to be strangled.


Creating problems to Huawei, Trump succeed, but to it stop - no. Google has already stated that the creation of Huawei's independence from U.S. suppliers is a threat to U.S. national security.

Now imagine what the world will look like, where Russia and China have implemented their plans? The outlines of such a world are described in the article by Alexander Zapolskis "What expects Russia in Pax China?".


The dollar system, as the main instrument of U.S. domination in a multipolar world dominated by power centers with its currency, will face natural obstacles.


And the transformation of the Asia-Pacific region into a center of production and consumption by raising the standard of living of the population of China and countries, through which "One Belt - One Road" will pass, can drastically change the situation of the United States.

The understanding of all these processes, which have long been gaining momentum, was the reason for the words that were said by Vladimir Putin from the rostrum of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum - 2019.


This was the central event of the entire forum, which after that, in principle, can already be closed with the words,

"Thank you all, everyone is free."

In essence, Putin announced a new doctrine of global confrontation with the United States, bringing Russia into the lead in the process of global transformations.


More precisely, in its epicenter, for if it were not for the current position of Russia, the United States would have long ago broken China both economically, and militarily, and politically.


The key to China is in Russia...

And therefore, on the eve of the transfer-2024, we are waiting for attempts to organize U.S. great upheavals. Nevertheless, the plans of Russia will be embodied, but the plans of the United States are not. Then it will become clear that the world has truly become multipolar.


There is no longer one senior with a bunch of vassals and "barbarians" at the border, but there are many seniors who need to be able to negotiate and somehow have to learn to live in this reality.


That was what Putin's speech was about, and those who did not understand the meaning had already lost. Even if he still does not know about it...








Putin's Speech St Petersburg International Economic Forum 2019