by Doug Brodie
June 10, 2022
from Principia-Scientific Website




This is a follow-up to my previous emails here, here and here to inform you of recent developments, facts and opinions which are not reported by the corrupt, paid-for mainstream media (MSM) concerning,

the government's undemocratic abuse of the general public...

Your health is in danger and our freedom and wellbeing are in peril.


Please do not casually dismiss this necessarily longish work of careful research. 





World Economic Forum (WEF)


The unaccountable WEF has had a major influence on the Covid "plandemic" (ref. Reiner Füllmich, qv), openly proclaimed in their book Covid‑19 - The Great Reset.


This relatively small band of billionaires, corporate heads and camp followers held their annual meeting in Davos in late May, putting their abhorrent hypocrisy, arrogance, malevolence and lack of self-awareness on public display, as shown in the clips below.


They are quite open about their anti-democratic, anti-human plans for world domination...

Note the WEF back-screen carrying the pretentious masthead "World Government Summit".


The overarching scope of their agendas is frightening. 


Their evil machinations of the last two years, disgracefully enabled by treasonous politicians, public officials, the corrupt MSM and others, have caused global chaos leaving the ordinary people of the world poorer, hungrier, colder, travel-restricted, unhealthier or even prematurely dead.


Their outrageous Great Reset plan for ordinary people is that,

"by 2030 you'll own nothing and you'll be happy",

...confined, muzzled, monitored and coerced in an undemocratic dystopian technocracy.


This is unacceptable and it must be resisted...


Here is WEF boss Klaus Schwab talking about the Great Reset which he says we need because... actually for no credible reason at all, certainly none that we, the people, have mandated.


Here he is again in his best Teutonic Bond villain accent saying "Ze future is built by us", nicely parodied by Mark Steyn here (from 00:30)


Here is Schwab boasting about,

how the WEF has infiltrated governments all around the world, parodied by rogue gallery cartoons here and here (almost every Western leader) and mocked by this compilation of all the usual WEF muppets parroting the meaningless WEF mantra "Build Back Better"...

Here is Pfizer boss Albert Bourla laughing off the abysmal failings of his Covid vaccine saying,

"everything (chuckles) went OK, now we can move on", callously dismissing all the vaccine injuries and deaths. 

Here is Bourla talking about a pill with a microchip which sends a signal when swallowed, gleefully anticipating how useful it will be to enforce "compliance". 


Here is a video sponsored by WEF puppet Christine Lagarde suggesting that,

the elderly who "have had a good life" should consider euthanizing themselves "for the children"...

Here is the despotic former New Zealand prime minister Helen Clark fretting that,

"popular support for Covid is waning, the people are done with Covid, the problem is it's not done with us. We are in danger of losing this moment for transformative change". 

Here is Australia's tyrannical eSafety Commissioner saying,

"we need a re-calibration of human rights, like freedom of speech".

Here is US climate buffoon John Kerry who flew into Davos in his private jet lecturing everyone with unfounded assertions (i.e. lies) about his fictional "climate crisis".


Contrary to his feigned alarmism, global warming... has been a total non-event so far this century...


Here is the Alibaba president talking about a carbon footprint tracker to monitor what you buy, what you eat, and where and how you travel. 


Finally, here is a clip showing how the WEF and the UN have signed an agreement to "accelerate" Agenda 2030, an agenda which has never been mandated by us, the people. 


Independent reporter Sophie Corcoran shows up the hypocrisy of these people here and here.


She quite rightly describes the WEF and WHO as a gross attack on democracy and says that,

Boris Johnson is betraying the British people by getting involved with these unelected, unaccountable bodies...

Her full interview segment is available here starting 44:00.


All the G7 leaders stayed away from this WEF meeting, probably because they know that the WEF is toxic to 98% of the general public.


Just staying away from the annual meeting is not enough.


Instead of covertly acting as enablers to the WEF as they have done on Covid, climate change and Ukraine, Boris Johnson and all our politicians need to publicly denounce this rapacious, evil, anti-human, recklessly transhumanist organization and sever all links to it.


It should be outlawed and indicted for conspiracy to commit crimes against humanity...







Boris Johnson protests that the country needs to move on from Partygate but he must not be allowed to get away with his blatant lies and heinous crimes.


The obvious main point about Partygate which the corrupt MSM suppresses is that it showed that Johnson and his co-conspirators knew that,

the virus was of negligible danger to them, yet they have used it as a pretext to tyrannize the general public for the past two years. 


Their entire Covid narrative is very obviously a pack of lies...

Peddling it so brazenly and taking us all for fools shows how little respect they have for the general public.


Sad to say, they are getting away with it.


The following is the timeline of just a few of their easily seen through, globally-coordinated chicaneries. (An American neurosurgeon elaborates here.) 


As explained in this recent interview (from 25:50), in early 2020 the International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses (ICTV) insisted that the virus which was starting to circulate was not a novel virus but,

an individuum of the original 2003 SARS virus...

Political pressure was brought to bear, the ICTV was forced to back down and the virus was named as SARS‑CoV‑2 as if it were a novel virus. 


This lie allowed them to promulgate the second lie that the entire population was equally susceptible and immune naďve.


This in turn allowed complicit modeler Professor Neil Ferguson to concoct,

his fear-mongering predictions of horrendous numbers of Covid cases and deaths. 

Just before the first lockdown in March 2020, they quietly downgraded Covid‑19 to the status of not being a High Consequence Infectious Disease (HCID).


Why on earth would they do that when the virus was supposedly a deadly threat...?


They did it because, unlike a non-HCID, an HCID carries a legal obligation to provide antiviral prophylaxis treatments using drugs such as,

...drugs which they had pre-emptively banned precisely and shockingly because they knew they are safe and effective for treating Covid‑19


This trickery allowed the experimental vaccines to be "legally" granted emergency use authorization, based on the fiction that vaccination of the entire population was the only way to deal with the virus. 


Their next move was to throw out our long-establish respiratory disease pandemic guidelines in favor of the untried and draconian option of locking down the entire country (apart from essential workers) for two years 'on and off' with callous disregard for all the resulting collateral damage, all on the back of the relatively mild WuFlu virus. 


Under cover of lockdown they boosted the Covid‑19 "first wave" death count by euthanizing helpless old people with lethal doses of midazolam and morphine or other inappropriate treatments.


The average age of 2020 Covid-attributed-deaths was 82.4, higher than average UK life expectancy. 


Despite the UK "pandemic" being statistically all over by mid-June 2020 they kept up the fearmongering until the vaccines became available in December 2020.


Whether by accident or design, the rollout caused a huge spike of sudden deaths among the mainly frail and elderly first recipients which they shamelessly mis-attributed to be their fear-mongered but never-manifested Covid‑19 "second wave".  


These and subsequent vaccine-induced deaths are being covered up by stonewalling denial and globally-coordinated refusals to perform autopsies.


As this typical analysis shows, pre-vaccine all-cause mortality in 2020, the year of the supposedly deadly pandemic, was not nearly as bad as post-vaccine 2021 and onwards, yet our lying politicians and MSM feign that the vaccines have been a great success. 


I've said most of this before in previous emails, e.g. here, but maybe if I repeat it often enough, people will eventually accept the horrendous reality of what has really been going on.





Covid vaccine injuries and deaths


Mark Steyn on GB News (8pm, Mon-Thur) continues his campaign against the scandalous establishment stonewalling on Covid vaccine injuries and deaths, tag-lined "The Big Shut Up".


In this segment he reveals that the government ordered 650 million Covid vaccines, enough for a ridiculous 10 jabs per head of population.


Demand has leveled off after about 140 million jabs, an average of about 2 jabs per head. 


He reports how Sir Christopher Chope MP has been "slapped down" for spreading alleged misinformation on the Covid vaccines.


All Sir Christopher did was to give a very cautious estimate that possibly 10,000 people in the UK have been killed or seriously injured by the vaccines, based on the UK Yellow Card system which is now running at over 2,100 deaths and almost 500,000 people having suffered one or more adverse effects.


These numbers are reckoned to be under-reported at least 10‑fold and perhaps even 40‑fold. 


The slap down came from "the nation's numbers watchdog" who claims without giving any evidence that there have been only 27 vaccine deaths to March 2022.

"Total crap" says Mark...

He invited this person to come on his show to explain the numbers gap but she declined, just as health secretary Sajid Javid had been declining for weeks.


The 9‑minute segment is worth watching in full. 


For having the temerity to debate this issue openly, Mark is currently under review by government propaganda enforcer Ofcom and is becoming increasingly irate in his condemnation of the "omerta code" driving The Big Shut Up.


In this segment (from 6:00) he explodes "I'm sick of Full Fact, I'm sick of Ofcom, I'm sick of the groupthink media … [because] the propaganda is untrue". 


It probably pained the propagandists at the ONS to be forced to release the information that almost 180,000 people in England died within 60 days of taking a Covid vaccine between January 2021 and March 2022.


That number is almost 100,000 more than the 60-day average of the pre-Covid 2019 registered deaths in England (496,370/6=82,728). 


This suggests that cautious Sir Christopher Chope has hugely underestimated the scale of UK Covid vaccine serious injuries and deaths (coupled with NHS lockdown failings).


A survey by analyst Steve Kirsch shows that the Covid vaccines have caused 500,000 deaths in the USA. 


On his "Dead Man Talking" Substack, my data analyst colleague Joel Smalley has been posting analyses of public all-cause mortality data to illustrate the adverse effects of the Covid vaccines.


These show that the higher the level of vaccinations, the higher the mortality, for example,

Ireland, England, Australia, South Korea, Chile and Austria...

Anyone still in denial on Covid vaccine injuries and deaths should watch this moving documentary telling the sad tale of ordinary people who took the vaccines for what they believed was the public greater good.


Some of them died as a result and others suffered debilitating injuries but they all are now being cruelly neglected by the politicians who manipulated them into their dire situation.





Climate Change and Net Zero


The West's suicidal obsession with Net Zero has led to a pending domestic energy price cap of a horrendous Ł2800 (up from Ł1137 in 2019), looming power cuts, coercion to install pointless, expensive, ineffective heat pumps and to buy pointless, expensive, user-unfriendly electric vehicles.


It is patently obvious (to me at least) that "climate change" has always been a scam just as it is now obvious that Covid has been a scam.


Both scams are Malthusian in intent, aimed at reducing global economic activity and the human population. 


Climate analyst Ben Pile knows this and in this recent article he describes how UN climate change envoy Mark Carney and fellow WEF schemers such as the Governor of the Bank of England have set Big Money on a path to cripple the fossil fuel industry financially, despite the obvious fact that fossil fuels are essential to our wellbeing.


Without a radical change of path there is no hope of any quick return to normality. 


His accompanying video shows that they knew their policies would lead to disastrous energy price rises and inflation with tragic consequences across the global economy, yet it is all based on lies.


A Norwegian WEF muppet admitted at Davos that the fossil fuel industry squeeze is very damaging but absurdly claimed that,

"the pain will be worth it"...

In arguing the moral case for fossil fuels, Alex Epstein explains why Net Zero will be a disaster for humanity. 


A professor of forecasting and innovation describes absurd, undemocratic Net Zero as a "Stalinist conspiracy". 


In a recent GWPF paper, Andrew Montford points out that the climate change scam is entirely dependent on the same sort of invalidated, untrustworthy, provenly-wrong computer model predictions as were used by Neil Ferguson and SAGE to oppress us during the Covid scam. 





Where do we go from here


The immediate outlook is grim.


We are in uncharted waters of political corruption where almost all western governments are literally waging undeclared civil war against their own people at the behest of their WEF/UN/Big Money/Big Tech overlords, robbing us of our hard-won basic human rights and trying to impoverish us and even kill us.


The Fuellmich trial evidence shows that they launched their desperate "plandemic" because of a looming banking system collapse due to the unsustainable debt load (e.g. $30 trillion in the US) built up by their abuse of our fiat currencies.


They are trying to engineer a controlled demolition of our political and financial civilization to be replaced by a totalitarian New World Order in which they retain their power and wealth. 


We need to find a way out of this unprecedented dystopia or a future of technocratic serfdom awaits us.

The first imperative is to open the eyes of the sadly traumatized and brainwashed general public. 


There are some signs of optimism.  

Because of corrupt MSM censorship, most people probably don't even know that the undemocratic WHO recently attempted a power grab of the sovereign rights of almost 200 countries around the world, described here, supported by almost all western politicians despite public protests.


The good news is that the power grab was thrown out thanks mainly to Africa, Brazil and other developing countries, as described here and here.


This was a decisive defeat, hopefully presaging the demise of the establishment's hoped-for "one world government". 


A "Better Way" conference took place in Bath in late May, promoted here.


Few will have heard of it as it was ignored by the corrupt MSM because it spoke out against the official Covid narrative on the theme of how to fight the establishment's unscientific and tyrannical Covid policies.


Unfortunately the proceedings are paywalled so we will have to wait and see what comes of it. 


Reiner Fuellmich's "model proceeding" trial of Covid‑19 crimes against humanity is still on hold while he gathers further evidence.


His latest is an interview of Steve Kirsch who estimates that the Covid vaccines have killed 500,000 people in the USA while saving just 25,000 lives.


Well worth watching in full. Dr Fuellmich's promotional tour of the USA is due to start soon. 


In a recent inspirational monologue, that unlikely hero of free speech and democracy Neil Oliver accuses the government of having broken its social contract with the people because it is no longer protecting us, it is oppressing us.


The good news is that he sees signs that more and more people are seeing through the lies and manipulations they have been being subjected to.

The full 9‑minutes is well worth watching...

Amongst the gloom, here is an optimist who doesn't worry about the WEF achieving their stated goals for 2030 because he believes they are certain to fail.


Maybe, but they could still do a lot more damage in trying. 


Finally, a short clip of well-deserved abuse being heaped on the fascist Italian health minister.


Also, the CEO of a large Spanish pharma company is facing criminal charges because he faked his vaccine passport to avoid taking the vaccine, which speaks volumes about his well-informed lack of trust in the safety of the Covid vaccines.


Note the expert top comments under the article. 

If this email has caused the scales to fall from your eyes, please feel free to forward it as you see fit.


Look to Joel's Substack for the online posting...