by Jon Rappoport
April 07, 2022
from NoMoreFakeNews Website






Today I'm reposting a brief excerpt from a piece I wrote in November of 2014.

I do so because Klaus Schwab, the founder of the World Economic Forum, speaks and writes on and on about The Great Reset, a new normal, and how the world will change.

When he was young, Schwab's mentor at Harvard was Henry Kissinger.


The connection was highly significant.


From 2014:

The late well-known journalist, Alexander Cockburn, on the op-ed page of the LA Times on September 8, 1994, in his piece,

"Real U.S. Policy in Third World: Sterilization: Disregard the 'empowerment' shoe polish - the goal is to keep the natives from breeding",

...reviewed the infamous Kissinger-commissioned 1974 National Security Study Memorandum 200,

"which addressed population issues."

"...the true concern of Kissinger analysts (in Memorandum 200) was maintenance of US access to Third World resources.


They worried that the 'political consequences' of population growth (in the Third World) could produce internal instability...


With famine and food riots and the breakdown of social order in such countries, (the Kissinger memo warns that),

'the smooth flow of needed materials will be jeopardized'."

In other words, too many people equals disruption for the transnational corporations, who steal nations from those very people.

Cockburn notes that the writers of the Kissinger memo,

"favored sterilization over food aid."

He goes on to write,

"By 1977, Reimart Ravenholt, the director of USAID's (US Agency for International Development) population program, was saying that his agency's goal was to sterilize one-quarter of the world's women."

The Task Force on Vaccines for Fertility Regulation was created at the World Health Organization (WHO) in 1973.


Ute Sprenger, writing in Biotechnology and Development Monitor (December 1995) describes the Task Force:

"...a global coordinating body for anti-fertility vaccine R&D...such as anti-sperm and anti-ovum vaccines..."

Sprenger indicates that, as of 1995, there were several large groups researching these vaccines.


Among them:

  • WHO/HRP.


    HRP is the Special Program of Research, Development and Research Training in Human Reproduction, located in Switzerland.


    It is funded by,

"the governments of Sweden, United Kingdom, Norway, Denmark, Germany and Canada, as well as the UNFPA and the World Bank."

  • The Population Council. It's a US group funded by the Rockefeller Foundation, the National Institutes of Health (a US federal agency), and the US Agency for International Development (notorious for its collaborations with the CIA).


  • National Institute of Immunology.


    Located in India,

"major funders are the Indian government, the Canadian International Development Research Center and the (ubiquitous) Rockefeller Foundation."

  • The Center for Population Research, located at the US National Institute of Child Health and Development (!), which is part of the US National Institutes of Health.

End of 2104 excerpt...




Klaus Schwab was launched by Henry Kissinger.

Kissinger was a subsidiary of David Rockefeller.

David Rockefeller was the recent prince of the Rockefeller Empire which, among many other endeavors, pioneered and maintained research on depopulation.

And still does...

This lineage is not loose.


It is close-knit, it is intentional, and it DOES involve a declaration that population reduction is necessary...