by Steve Watson
July 27, 2021

from Summit.News Website


Now the ADL will decide

whether you get

to keep your Paypal account

or not...

A simultaneous move by Big Tech companies to work together to counter "right wing terrorism" by coordinating censorship,

along with Paypal announcing that it will be partnering with the notorious leftist political group the Anti-Defamation League, prompted critics to warn of a renewed move to crush internet freedom...

Reuters reported Monday that,

"A counterterrorism organization formed by some of the biggest U.S. tech companies including Facebook (FB.O) and Microsoft (MSFT.O) is significantly expanding the types of extremist content shared between firms in a key database, aiming to crack down on material from white supremacists and far-right militias."


...and others will actively share information under the Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism (GIFCT), a body previously reserved for targeting Taliban and Al Qaeda content. 


As is always the case, there is no definition of what "extremist content" is, or what "white supremacists" or the "far christian, not a Marxist," and having an opinion that doesn't jive with leftists in Silicon Valley.





As we have seen, Facebook is essentially an arm of the Biden administration at this point, and has been working with virulently leftist organizations to censor,

'wrong think' for years...

In addition, The ADL announced Monday that they are partnering with PayPal,

"to fight extremism and hate" by coming together to analyze "how extremists leverage financial platforms to fund criminal activity."

In other words, cutting off the accounts of people they disagree with, like the state does in communist China.







Reuters notes that,

"The initiative will be led through ADL's Center on Extremism, and will focus on uncovering and disrupting the financial flows supporting white supremacist and anti-government organizations."






This is far from unprecedented and has been going on for some time.


Outlets like Infowars had their Paypal accounts suspended a long time ago.


Now it's time for everyone else to become the target: