February 3, 2020

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Prime Minister of Iceland

Katrin Jakobsdottir



Prime Minister of Iceland Katrin Jakobsdottir is now urging governments to prioritize sustainability and family time over obsessing about economic growth - as most "developed" nations seem to do...

...have teamed up with Iceland's PM to promote an agenda focused on "well-being."

Jakobsdottir has called for,

"an alternative future based on well-being and inclusive growth."

She feels that new social indicators are needed outside of the traditional Gross Domestic Product (GDP) data.




It's About Time

You'd think that the overall well-being of a nation, extreme regard to protecting the environment, and working towards global sustainability would be the top priorities for all nations of the Earth.

However, for the most part, it is all about the economy:

  • how can we support the economy?

  • how can we grow the economy?

  • how can we protect the economy...?

I love the following Cree Indian proverb, it fits nicely here:

"When the last tree has been cut down, the last fish caught, the last river poisoned, only then will we realize that one cannot eat money."

It's about time someone started standing up for the people and the planet, and this stance is sure to turn some heads.




Prioritizing Mental Health

Back in August, Nicola Sturgeon of Scotland, made a plea during a TED Talk for modern economies to consider,

  • mental health

  • childcare

  • parental leave

  • green energy...


"Iceland uses more antidepressants than neighboring countries," she said. "We need to strengthen prevention [of depression], through sports and the arts."

This is an amazing initiative put forth by leaders of these nations to do whatever it takes to support the citizens who are struggling with mental health disorders, particularly depression.


They are able to see that the most important thing is not economic growth, because,

what difference does that make if so many people are unhappy...?