by Alistair Edwards

December 17, 2021

from Pispascana Website





Pollaiuolo's Hercules and the Hydra (c. 1475).

Uffizi Gallery, Florence, Italy
By Antonio del Pollaiol
Public Domain,





The Hydra is a mythological multi-headed monster that was defeated by Hercules.

Central banks, government, institutions, corporations, mass media and more represent the Hydra constantly attacking nature and 'the people' in obvious and not so obvious ways...

Mankind, be like Hercules...

At last, after centuries backed into a corner the tide may have turned in favor of Hercules, 'the people'...


The ruling class (Global Elite) has reached the point where their system is almost bankrupt.

The huge gamble that Covid-19 would save them is being hurriedly overplayed.


Everyday more people join together bound by realization of this pivotal moment.


There may now be a chance to establish a future for mankind vastly better than the technocratic slavery planned for us in the WEF (World Economic Forum) Great Reset, but we shouldn't lose sight that these people will do anything to stay in power.

If they see a third world war as the means to retain that power, although after that, power over what, who knows, they will try to light the touch-paper.





There is a large percentage of the population,

that have difficulty realizing the extent of criminal conspiracy at the highest level of the controlling hierarchy...

This criminal conspiracy is not so difficult to understand for those who have investigated our history and how it has been manipulated to mislead us.


As these illusions are exposed those who for centuries have benefitted in terms of material wealth and power are now struggling to maintain their position and have resorted to the pharmaceutical industry as a soft solution to maintain their control and subdue the spiritual revolution that began with the start of the Aquarian Age in February 1962.


This revolution is nothing to do with 'new age' but rather 'old age':

recognition that values established and taught by the prophets for millennia were ignored and that we can only prosper by living daily such fundamentals as loving our neighbor and reaping as we sow...

Although the tide may have turned with constant growth of public awareness, there is no room for complacency.


Mainstream media exaggerate the extent of establishment control and support for them among working people.

The worst aspect of current events is that the consequences of the mass injection campaign will likely be felt for generations...

The neurotic urgency to maximize the numbers subjected to an experimental substance supplied by the planets most corrupt corporations to combat an illness that barely affects the young and healthy is beyond most human reasoning.


Bringing this genocidal project to an end is the highest priority...

I am 60 years old and have never needed a test to tell me I was unwell. During the last couple of years there have been three or four instances where I have experienced what was always described as a common cold.


What to do...?

Relax for a day or two and keep to yourself.

No! you don't run to the town hall for a fraudulent PCR test that is deliberately in place to inflate the existence of a disease of which there may or may not be a pure sample anywhere on earth.


It is this blind willingness to participate in a fraudulent testing process that has led us to the current situation where millions have needlessly lost their livelihood, been injured or died while a tiny minority have profited massively, the same as in any war.

This week a UK health service pathologist commented on the current potential inability of British hospitals to cope with an increase in admissions.

Hospital admissions always increase at this time of year.


In the northern hemisphere, statistically December is the month we are most likely to die.

If there does appear increased pressure on the health service is this due to an increase in spacing between beds or to a greater extent from the growing number of injuries as a result of this unprecedented mass experimental injection program.

Most of the people I know from personal experience who are or have been employed in health care, are perhaps the most compassionate among us.


This was why they chose their career.


These people are also perhaps less likely to be suspicious about ulterior motives of others, regardless of where these others feature in the hierarchy.


The pressure of their jobs and their compassionate tendency make this group less likely to take time for critical analysis and investigation, but I may be wrong.


I'm sure that given current events the number is constantly increasing.

Those working people who see themselves striving to preserve free will are frustrated by others, who by their ignorance, play into the hands of the ruling class.

Confrontation will not convince them to change their minds.


They can't see the possibility that very soon liberty that has been accepted as normal for years in 'the west' will be gone.

For those who see themselves as fighting to preserve liberty it has never been more important to make peace with common people who don't share your views.


This is a difficult idea. Possitive are the peacemakers...




Mass psychosis

How an entire population becomes mentally ill.


The Hydra must be beheaded...

Avoid the corrupt Hydra media channels.


Being reliably informed is one of the most difficult tasks of our time.


It has long been a tactic of the ruling class to own all the horses in the race.


Choose carefully, restore your intuition that the rulers have been trying for years to destroy.


Large corporations tend to use their monopolies to manipulate and bully consumers.


Avoid them.


Many are large-scale polluters.


Your smart phone enslaves you, and probably damages your health.


Switch it off when you sleep and wait as long in the day as possible before restarting your enslavement.


If you have the option, try to grow some food.




Better still if you can obtain a small piece of land to live on and cultivate.

While 'the people' may have set up some defenses and begun to probe the enemy much effort is still required for victory.


We are in this situation because for generations we have almost all allowed ourselves to be subverted by unnatural and inhuman values.

Greed, envy and pride in the material world will not set us free despite what the billboards proclaim.


Desire is not love.



The greatest enemy of the ruling class (Global Elite) are the Awakened...


They are not those who merely recognize government puppet shows presented by mainstream media is simply a cover for something more sinister.


Truly awakened beings are the few among us that are working consciously on the process of dissolving psychological impurities including, greed, envy, anger, and pride, that feeds the system and causes our suffering.

This is 'the great work', the work on ourselves, the challenge we all tend to avoid.


Know thyself.

On earth, it is the gift of creation, bestowed upon us all, that has been, and still is, the most powerful means to control us and create our downfall.

The sexual problem torments mankind constantly.


Our rulers are no exception and have been aware of this weakness since Adam and Eve.


Abstaining is not the solution but the range of perversities now available at the click of a button literally is the gateway to hell.


It seems that pure loving relationships between man and woman have become the exception rather than the norm.

We are currently in the midst of the Maxwell sex trial in the US which should give everybody some clue that there is something fundamentally wrong in this sphere when so many 'well known names' seem to be associated.


In 1950 Samael Aun Weor published 'The Perfect Matrimony' where he revealed what had been hidden for centuries.

The book was immediately banned by the Church of Rome and Samael was briefly imprisoned...

For mankind to have any chance of permanently transforming the current situation on earth will require a fundamental change in the attitude toward our greatest gift, the divine gift of creation.


Man's highest expression is wisdom, woman's highest expression is love, and both need each other, but remember every stick has two ends...