by Patricia Harrity
October 17, 2023
from TheExpose Website



"The Pharma/Globalist Cabal Arrested Reiner Füellmich For Exposing Them In German Courts" according to Howell Woltz.


"I'm just surprised he stayed free this long. The Globalist who tried to kill us really hate Reiner Füellmich."

German lawyer Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, who had been working on a project known as the "Second Nuremburg" to hold the perpetrators of the Covid plot accountable, was seized over the weekend by German authorities in Mexico where he and his wife had been staying.


Dr. Fuellmich had reportedly lost his passport and scheduled a visit to the German embassy in Tiajuana, Mexico.


When he arrived, German authorities were waiting for him and whisked him onto a plane bound for Munich, Germany, where they then arrested him.

The Following article was published on Richardson Post website, where Howell Woltz helps to explain the real reason why Reiner Füellmich was arrested.






"The first legal volley over MRNA jabs

came from German/American attorney,

Reiner Füellmich,

a hero to all free people"


As I told our mutual friend, Elsa Schieder of Truth Summit (above) when she shared this news of Reiner's arrest yesterday,

"I'm just surprised he stayed free this long. The Globalist who tried to kill us really hate Reiner Füellmich."

The hapless Olaf Scholz and his government in Germany are as popular as Monkey Pox in a gay bath house so they have to shut down the facts now revealed that the vaccine they forced on their people has killed far more than the Wuhan virus.

The data has shockingly revealed that the vaccinated population accounted for 95% of COVID-19 deaths in the 12 months between June 1, 2022, and May 31, 2023.

They must suppress the truth of these 17 million deaths - and anyone telling it - which is why they plotted to destroy Reiner Füellmich.

Reiner and his wife lost their passports and visas while travelling in Mexico, so they applied at the German Embassy in Tijuana for replacements.

When they came to the embassy to collect the documents, however, Reiner's wife was allowed to go free - but he was arrested on warrants from two of Pfizer's largest beneficiaries of these crimes against humanity...:




There has been no greater voice in exposing the truth about the poisons forced on Europe by the EU and Germany than this hero, Reiner Füellmich, so from a wicked Globalist Machiavellian point of view, I get it.




Just after Reiner's event exposed

the vaxx criminals of EU governments and pharma

to the entire world, those same financial beneficiaries

filed criminal complaints against him!



Like Lorenzo de Medici deciding he had to take out the priest, Savonarola, to defend his family's reputation in Florence, Olaf Sholz and Ursula von der Leyen targeted Dr. Füellmich...



It wasn't because he lied - oh no - like Giarolamo Savonarola,

Dr. Füellmich is being destroyed for demanding the vaccine tests and studies required by law, which neither Sholz nor von der Leyen ever took the time to allow...!

In other words,

the documents in German court today prove that they - Sholz and von der Leyen - broke the law, not Reiner Füellmich, who simply demanded the evidence required before they could approve, buy or mandate the poison.

And just like other truth tellers, Dr. Füellmich must be silenced to protect the criminal class - but it's all coming out next month - as you'll read ahead.








Savonarola (and other enemies of the Medici) claimed their bank was insolvent and had been using the funds of Florence.


The money was actually loaned to the Pope (or a bribe?) - and repaid - but facts do not matter at this point in such situations or stories, the accusation alone is important.

Without seeing any proof - which would have humiliated the Pope and Church -  Savonarola simply preached from the pulpit of Medici misdeeds until the people of Florence rose up against them - and put Savonarola in power!

But that is where the similarity between these two shills of power ends - (other than perhaps the fact that Savonarola was hung by the Florentines six years later).


Viviane Fischer


The accuser being used by the European Union and the German government, is Viviane Fischer, a little known attorney, made famous through her association with Reiner Füellmich's exposure of German and E.U. crimes.





I worked on over 400 criminal federal cases and literally wrote the book on such judicial crimes, Justice Denied - the United States vs. The People - so I know the drill...



First, the target is identified.

Second, a crime is fabricated or found.

Then 'witnesses' are groomed to say

what needs to be said in court...



Soviet secret police chief Lavrentiy Beria was known to tell Josef Stalin when he needed some pesky truth teller removed,

"Show me the man, and I'll find you the crime," and off to the gulag he or she went.

That is precisely how this still works in America and Europe, which learned a great deal from Stalin and his Soviet Union, unfortunately.

The 'crime' used to arrest Reiner Füellmich is an allegation that,

1.35 million Euro is missing from a three-person account used to prosecute their cases against the government(s) and pharma companies.

So it seems the prosecutors cut a deal and turned the lovely Viviane against her mentor, putting her on every media outlet they can find to claim that Reiner Füellmich stole money from the cause which he personally founded.

There is just one problem with the case (they never intended to bring to trial) and thanks to some digging, the truth has escaped which will require its dismissal.

The money is still in the account.

I would bet tuppence to Pound Sterling that Viviane has been offered immunity from this yet to occur crime, in agreement to read their script against one of the finest people in the truth community, Dr. Reiner Füellmich.


The fourth International Covid Summit

revealing the vaxxers' crimes

is in a place they can't control, Nov. 18-19





ICS 4 will present evidence that can place all the participants of this crime against humanity in the docks of Dr. Füellmich's NUREMBURG 2.0.

Better, that truth will be revealed in Bucharest, Romania next month - a place the Globalist do not (yet) control.

ICS 3, which was held at the European Parliament on May 3rd of this year in Brussels, as example, has been viewed over 4 billion times to give you some idea of how scared these criminals are becoming.

When four billion of the roughly seven billion people on the planet - many of whom have limited means of communication - know that you are a bloodthirsty killer who wantonly poisoned the world,

where are you going to hide...?

Your only choice is to attack those telling the truth... by telling lies about them.

But it won't work in the end...

The truth is out now and they are doomed, especially after ICS 4 next month in Romania.

Dr. Füellmich will go down as a hero in this fight - and we will win in the end - but I beg all to pray for this fine man, Reiner Füellmich, while he is in the devil's den...