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October 22, 2022

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The Club of Rome was founded in 1968 to deliberately push the global climate terrorism agenda in order to usher in the eventual planetary Great Reset.

Today, the WEF and UN and their various assets are the public faces of this PSYOP-CLIMATE-CHANGE scam.

One of the founders and thought leaders of the Club of Rome was sociopathic enough to agree to an interview where he admits their eugenics agenda in plain sight:




Limits to Growth - A Report to The Club of Rome


A "special" and "peaceful" way to depopulate, indeed, in other words,

through slow kill bioweapon injections, food and environmental induced sickness, stress, energy depletion, hyperinflation, starvation, selective radioactive eradication, etc.

Dennis Meadows is the extension of the Fabian Society cult.

He is a Neo-Marxist and Neo-Malthusian technocrat.


His partners in crime today are,

the CFR, UN, WEF, WHO, IMF, BIS, Rockefeller and Gates foundations, the intelligence agencies and the illegitimate and criminal governments that execute their agendas on those they pretend to represent...

If history teaches us one lesson it is that evil always loses in the end.


Freedom, morality and enlightened interdependence always triumphs... that is, until the next wave of evil gathers again.

Techno-communism will fail.

The Great Reset will fail.

CBDCs will fail.

The various Psyops will fail, and mass induced fear will no longer work on increasingly awakening populations.

There will be no
Fourth Industrial Revolution; the 4th Turning will make sure of that.

But life will get worse before it gets better.




When Klaus Schwab and his in-house jargon generators came up with their "you'll own nothing and you'll be happy" quote they were simply ripping off Brave New World and its perma-high on soma techno-communist Fabian Society futurism, to wit:

But Henry's tone was almost, for a moment, melancholy.

"Do you know what that switchback was?" he said.


"It was some human being finally and definitely disappearing. Going up in a squirt of hot gas. It would be curious to know who it was - a man or a woman, an Alpha or an Epsilon..."

He sighed.


Then, in a resolutely cheerful voice,

"Anyhow," he concluded, "there's one thing we can be certain of; whoever he may have been, he was happy when he was alive.


Everybody's happy now."

Do NOT comply...!