by Toby Rogers
October 09, 2022

from TobyRogers Website







I. The Mass Poisoning of Society

For the last 140 years, coal-fired power plants have spewed mercury into the air, water, and soil - and it then makes its way up the food chain into larger and larger animals.

American cities first started adding fluoride to the water supply in 1945.


Fluoride is a known neurotoxin.

In World War II, the U.S. became the first and thus far only country to ever use nuclear weapons.


Since World War II,

the U.S., Russia, France, the U.K., China, India, Pakistan, and North Korea,

...have conducted an additional 2,056 nuclear weapons tests that distributed radiation around the world.


Since the 1950s, Americans have consumed more and more highly processed food that has less and less nutritional value.

Atrazine was first registered as an herbicide in 1958.


It is so toxic that when present in the water supply at 0.1 parts per billion it can flip the sex of tadpoles from male to female.


80 million pounds of Atrazine are sprayed on U.S. crops each year.

Mass vaccination campaigns in the U.S. began in 1955.

In 1986, vaccine manufacturers were given liability protection (over the next twenty years the childhood "schedule" tripled).


In 1991, the birth dose of the hepatitis B vaccine (loaded with mercury at the time, now loaded with aluminum) was made a standing order on the first day of life at all hospitals in the U.S.


Now the childhood vaccine schedule begins in uterus even though the ingredients cross the placenta.

Starting in the 1990s, 1 in 5 women and 1 in 10 men started taking antidepressant drugs loaded with fluoride and other toxicants.


Most American men carry with them, inches from their gonads, small microwave devices that emit radiation throughout the day.

Bye bye lil' swimmers...

The average American adult wakes up each morning and eats a breakfast laden with pesticide and herbicide residues (including Roundup) and then applies a toxic aluminum solution to porous skin near their lymph nodes.

Since December of 2020, 13 billion doses of the most toxic shot in human history have been injected into people worldwide.


Perfectly healthy people dropping dead in the prime of life is now a daily occurrence across the developed world.

What else would you add to this list?





II. The Great Regression


Others have focused on the ways in which this constant toxic assault leads to cancer or infertility in a population.


But these toxic harms also have neurological effects and change the values of a society.


The structures of the brain are like layers of an onion that have developed over eons - from the most primitive animal instincts at the base to the ability to process logic and reason in the neocortex.


But what we have seen in my lifetime, particularly in the last few years, is the Great Regression as society steadily loses the cognitive abilities that took so long to develop.


  1. We know that mercury kills the dendrites necessary to process emotions including empathy. But the harms go well beyond this.


  2. Over the last three years, it seems that mainstream society has lost the ability to process logic and reason.


    It's just all tribalism now. In arguments with bougiecrats we keep pointing to scientific studies and they keep pointing to tribal elders and magical thinking.


    Resolution is impossible because we are not having the same conversation.


    Lots of people in the movement argue that this is the result of ideology but I am arguing that it is also the result of neurological injury.


  3. I think the situation is even worse than a regression to tribalism.


    Infanticide is widespread among animals under stress. Sociobiologists propose lots of reasons for this - eliminating the competition whether that is for food or mates, seems to be a factor.


    I think highly vaccinated people across the U.S. and the developed world are regressing from tribalism to (stressed-out) animal levels of aggression and violence.


    Elite Democrats including Jon Stewart gleefully celebrate surgical castration of queer youth.


    Universities, including Harvard, require students in their care to get injected with a shot that provides no health benefits while increasing the risk of deadly myocarditis by 84%.


    That looks an awful lot like infanticide (democide, iatrogenocide).


    The fact that it is impossible to have a rational conversation with these people suggests that the Great Regression has already occurred.

And just like that, poof, the cognitive gains of the last several hundred years - the Enlightenment:

liberalism, and the women's, civil, environmental, and human rights movements, are all gone, replaced by the savage barbarism of the iatrogenocide.

It is noteworthy that the head of Pfizer, Albert Bourla, is a veterinarian and not a medical doctor.

There are literally a million doctors in the U.S. and they could not find even one to run Pfizer...!?

It seems that Bourla is primarily engaged in the global management of animal herds.





III. The Great Detoxification


When we take power we need to begin,

the detoxification of society...

The architects of the iatrogenocide will obviously need to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law:

Maximum punishment of Fauci, Daszak, Baric, et al. will do wonders for the restoration of ethics in science and medicine...

But we are dealing with an entire society that has been poisoned.


At this point, bougiecrats appear completely unable to engage in logic, reason, science, and empathy.


We need to stop poisoning people in the first place

  • No more fluoride, aluminum, or other toxicants in the water supply.

  • Abandon the childhood vaccine schedule altogether. Anything other than N-of-1 medicine is a crime against humanity.

  • Ban aluminum from cosmetics and food.

  • No more liability protection for these toxic polluters including Big Pharma, Big Chem, and Big Wireless.

  • All 80,000 high production chemicals in the U.S. will need to apply again for licensing, this time under Precautionary Principles rules.



We also need to get toxicants out of people's bodies


The Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC) has done an absolutely brilliant job of developing effective protocols to treat Covid-19 (Fauci's bioweapon) and to treat Covid-19 vaccine injury (Fauci's other bioweapons).


We are going to need much more of this.


If a sane person is elected President in 2024 (so, not Biden and not Trump...) he or she should appoint FLCCC to develop detox protocols for all sorts of toxic injuries in society.

  • We're going to need heaps of iodine to detox the toxic halogens - fluorine, bromine, and chlorine - and heal the thyroid gland.

  • Professor Christopher Exley should lead the aluminum detox process for society which I imagine will focus on effective uses of naturally occurring silica.

  • We can set up vaccine detox centers in old folks homes, schools, and at stadiums to counteract the mass poisoning committed by the white coats.

  • Water, air, and soil must be monitored daily for toxicants.

  • The bioweapons labs must be closed and burned to the ground. Bioweapons labs in other countries must be dismantled or bombed out of existence.

  • All experiments with mosquito and aerosol delivery of vaccines must cease. Anyone involved in these programs should be arrested and prosecuted for planning atrocities.

  • The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Wellcome Trust must be seized and their assets must be paid out as reparations for the victims of the iatrogenocide.


I know this all seems pie-in-the-sky.


But here's the thing.

The entire global economy is about to stall out permanently because of vaccine and other toxic injuries.

The Biden administration's plan going forward is pandemics-without-end and nuclear war, because,

1.) they are completely nuts


2.) their benefactors believe that they are best positioned to gain from global catastrophes


3.) they find chaos exciting...

By contrast, the remaining sane people around the world will soon recognize that the Great Detox is the only way forward.

The Great Detox is literally the only path to generate economic growth again in a world that has been poisoned...

And so, when our moment comes, we have to be ready to implement it.