by Paul Anthony Taylor
August 31, 2020
from Dr-Rath-Foundation Website

London protest,

Trafalgar Square,

29 August 2020

 Image by StandUpX

In a clear sign that Europe is rising up against the imposition of draconian coronavirus restrictions, massive simultaneous protests were held this weekend in London, Paris, and Berlin.


With much of the mainstream media ignoring the protests or deliberately reporting on them negatively, and YouTube removing video recordings of key speeches, the pandemic is rapidly turning into,

a decisive battle between the people of the world and special interests behind the Pharma Cartel.

A central theme in all three protests was the increasingly authoritarian approach being taken by European governments.

Many speakers described how the virus is being deliberately abused as a means of reversing democratic principles of,

  • personal freedom

  • human rights

  • accountable government

Speakers repeatedly stressed the need for political leaders who are truthful and health officials who don't have financial connections to the pharmaceutical industry.


The lack of truthful reporting from the mainstream media was a particularly common complaint, as also was the influence of Bill Gates and drug companies on the World Health Organization (WHO).


Concerns about mandatory vaccination and potential side effects were also widely raised.





History repeating itself


Protestors interviewed at the protests frequently described how, increasingly, the only scientists and doctors they see in the mainstream media are those whose opinions are in conformity with,

  • Bill Gates

  • the World Health Organization (WHO)

  • national governments

It was widely recognized that scientists and doctors presenting evidence that fails to conform to these 'official' narratives are being widely censored or discredited.


Dr. Matthias Rath and the Dr. Rath Health Foundation have long been subject to this type of media suppression.


Back in May 2005, when we announced the results of a groundbreaking clinical pilot study showing that micronutrients can reverse the course of AIDS, we immediately became subject to widespread attacks in the mainstream media.


These attacks eventually ceased after an independent clinical trial published in the Journal of the American Medical Association in 2013 confirmed that supplementation with micronutrients reduces the risk of immune decline and illness in HIV-infected patients.


Since then, the role of micronutrients in fighting HIV and AIDS has become scientifically indisputable.


Looking back at our experiences with HIV and AIDS, the situation today seems remarkably similar.


A recent study conducted by scientists working at the Dr. Rath Research Institute has already proved that micronutrients can block the interaction between the binding point on the coronavirus and its 'entry port' on human body cells.


The micronutrient combination used in this pioneering study rivals the efficacy of any vaccine - but without the incalculable health risks.


Despite the importance of this scientific finding, however, the mainstream media is refusing to make any mention of it.


The reason for this censorship is obvious of course:

vitamins and other micronutrients are non-patentable and threaten billions of dollars of future profits for the pharmaceutical industry's vaccines and drugs.

Nevertheless, just as we were a decade and a half ago regarding natural approaches to HIV/AIDS, we are fully confident that the passage of time will show us to be correct about natural approaches to controlling the coronavirus as well.


In all likelihood, many protestors at the events in London, Paris, and Berlin this weekend may as yet be unaware that, through use of the correct micronutrients, they could significantly strengthen their immune systems and greatly improve their health.


But if future protests can help raise further awareness of the role of micronutrients in fighting infections, a post-coronavirus world that provides 'Health for All' could soon move a step closer.


Unlike mandatory face masks and social distancing, a healthier world built on principles of nutritional and Cellular Medicine would be one 'new normal' that the entire globe could celebrate.







David Icke's Speech the Unite for Freedom Rally, Trafalgar Sq. - London

August 29, 2020