by Patrice Lewis
May 19, 2023

from WND Website

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Patrice Lewis sounds alarm

over huge swaths of global food production

being targeted.

There is a war on food.

As an absolute necessity of life, this seems like a ridiculously counterintuitive thing to do, but there you go.

Why is food suddenly a 'bad thing'...?

Farming uses nitrogen, and nitrogen is being blamed for global warming, so of course it must be eliminated.

In the name of saving the planet, huge swaths of global food production are being targeted.

"Rice is to blame for around 10% of global emissions of methane, a gas that over two decades, traps about 80 times as much heat as carbon dioxide," intones the AP.


"Scientists say that if the world wants to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, rice cannot be ignored."

Who cares if half the global population depends on rice for food? Let 'em die.

Dutch farmers are being hounded off their farms by government goons, with some 3,000 farms expected to be seized within the next few years.


This is not only killing agriculture, it's killing farmers (20 to 30 of whom commit suicide each year).

The European Commission actually approved a plan that would pay livestock farmers to shut down indefinitely in designated conservation areas if they agree to never start animal breeding activity elsewhere.


Considering that the Netherlands is a top exporter of meat and agricultural products around the world,

what do you think this will do to food availability and prices...?

Remember the Sri Lanka government's attempt to impose only organic farming methods on its nation?


The result was nothing short of a humanitarian disaster, with up to 90% of the population experiencing hunger.

"Special presidential envoy for climate John Kerry recently warned that the world can't tackle climate change without first addressing emissions from agriculture," warns Eric Utter in American Thinker.


"The attack on farming by Western leaders is beyond shocking. It is criminal, treasonous.


For his part, Kerry neglected to mention that, though agriculture is purportedly responsible for roughly 33% of the world's total greenhouse gas emissions,

it is undeniably responsible for the sustenance - and continued existence - of 100% of the world's roughly 8 billion people."

The World Economic Forum (WEF) is very clear in its desires for a "farm-free future."


What is in store for humanity - if the WEF and other loonies have their way - is to have our food grown in labs, away from the control of the people.


And the people will be forced to "exit" nature so it can "rewild" itself without us. In short, they want all humans to live in dense urban environments eating manufactured lab food.


Add digital currency into the mix, and the stage is set for total and ultimate control...


We live in an age of manufactured crises. It's not enough to complain about racism, or sexism, or inflation, or immigration, or food shortages.


No, the elites manufacture these crises where none existed before.

  • they teach children to hate each other based on skin color

  • they destroy any strides women have made in the last few decades

  • they create shortages and increase the money supply

  • they throw open borders willy-nilly

  • they close farms or start wars or declare certain foods to be evil so as to create food shortages

  • they stifle and punish anyone's attempts to point out the obvious by attacking free speech as "misinformation"...

I think Cloward and Piven had something to say about these tactics.


In other words,

manufacture a crisis, then implement draconian responses to that crisis...

Now the entire global food supply is being put at risk from the disastrous responses to the so-called "nitrogen crisis."


Don't believe me?


Ask the people of Sri Lanka how things are going...

"Nitrogen is a vital component of plant metabolism which is obtained from the soil," notes this article.


"Alas, there is not enough nitrogen in the soil to grow plants at the scale needed to feed global populations. Before the arrival of commercial nitrogen fertilizers, famine was a frequent feature of the unreliable food supply across parts of the world.


Without the fertilizer, famine will resume its gruesome role, something mainstream Net Zero politicians have to address in the near future.


Virtue-signaling green delusions about 'rewilding,' bug diets and organic farming will not feed the world, probably not even a quarter of it."

In other words, the elites are poised to orchestrate famines in the near future by forcibly reducing the food supply through this nitrogen "crisis."


Modern farming has bred food security, which in turn has bred food complacency among the elites. Only those who have never known hunger can so cavalierly condemn others to die by starvation.


Read that again:

Only those who have never known hunger can so cavalierly condemn others to die by starvation...!

Professor William Happer of Princeton and professor Richard Lindzen of MIT wrote a paper about,

the global disaster that awaits us if Net Zero is pushed through...

Happer points out what happened in the past when "ideologically driven" government agricultural mandates occurred:

Millions died of starvation in the Soviet Union in the 1930s, and millions of Ukrainians died during the Holodomor...

What do these crazy Net Zero wonks think will happen to the natural world if people are starving?

Hungry people don't just quietly roll over and die.


They do crazy things, like eat whatever is available - including decimating wild plants and animals.


Alternately, without the sensible use of fertilizers, agricultural areas will be forced to expand and encroach on wild habitats.


The result will create far more environmental stress than if they had let well enough alone.

There is a curious and inexplicable silence among mainstream media and government officials about these clear threats to the national and international food supply.

Why is no one addressing this?


And here's what "puzzles" me (/sarc/):

The elites themselves need to eat...

Why would they jeopardize even their own food supply by implementing these policies?


I don't see them offering to eat crickets or live in caves; or better yet, kill themselves so as to remove their offensive carbon footprints for the good of the planet.

The answer, of course, is it's not about nutrition or climate change. It is, as always, about control...!


We are on a madhouse collision course.


Author Ayn Rand put it best:

"We can ignore reality, but we cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality."