by John O'Sullivan

April 08, 2021

from Principia-Scientific Website




John O'Sullivan is CEO and co-founder (with Dr Tim Ball) of Principia Scientific International (PSI). 

 John is a seasoned science writer and legal analyst who assisted Dr Ball in defeating world leading climate expert, Michael 'hockey stick' Mann in the

'science trial of the century'.

O'Sullivan is credited as the visionary who formed the original 'Slayers' group of scientists in 2010 who then collaborated in creating the world's

first full-volume debunk of the greenhouse gas theory 

plus their new follow-up book.






General Michael Flynn, hero of American patriots supporting President Donald Trump in the fight against the globalist cabal has come out to endorse a new video by 'conspiracy theorist' Alex Jones which proves,

the SARS 'pandemic' was all planned for in 2017, a full two years earlier...

General Flynn, who has an impeccable 33-year career in US Army Intelligence is full of praise for "smart as a whip" Jones, who runs the website, on the release of a devastating new documentary exposing the fact that in 2017 Johns Hopkins University had performed a 'pandemic' exercise narrative comprises,

"a futuristic scenario scenario that illustrates communication dilemmas concerning medical countermeasures (MCMs) that could plausibly emerge in the not-so-distant future."

The SPARS Pandemic 2025-2028

In both the 2017 dummy run and the current 'pandemic' the 'powers that be' admit that their original official estimates for death tolls are over estimated.


 It is an admission of deliberate scare tactics to provoke widespread unwarranted fear and panic, knowing this is false...!

The stated official numbers in the 2017 'war game' 'pandemic' scenario are exactly the same as for the current COVID19 'pandemic', reports Jones.


What are the odds...?

In both scenarios, an emergency vaccination authorization is issued to select Big Pharma players and safety measures are sidelined and suspended.


The same shape-shifting guidelines such as "14 days to stop to spread", the "no mask, yes-mask" confusion ploy to falsely convey a sense that nothing, is pre-planned when everything is scripted right down to using the same Twitter hashtags and fake fact checkers to discredit skeptic medical professionals opposing the narrative.





With SPARS 2017 the scenario predicts deadly adverse side effects from the vaccines within two years (see above) just as with warnings becoming apparent today with the anti-SARS 2019 jabs.

The uncanniness of the similarity of the Johns Hopkins 2017 SPARS playbook to the 2019 SARS version is so striking that a reasonable person may determine this is tantamount to smoking gun proof of a 'false flag':

a meticulously pre-planned crime against humanity.

Below is a screen shot of the document proving that Johns Hopkins University planned the full COVID-19 scenario two years in advance:



Watch the shocking video from Alan Jones exposing the full story below: