by Fiona lascaux

March 20, 2019

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"Know your Customer/Anti-Money Laundering" is "New World Order/What The F***"


KYC/AML regulates capital flow in a similar way a faucet restricts water flow in a certain direction, and it was the prominent topic of the last G-20 meeting.


All the countries seemed to perfectly agree without any objections to the new regulations, yet upon deeper logical analysis, how can people from vastly different backgrounds and cultures agree, when even the states of the U.S. can't agree if crypto-currencies are even money at all.


The people who announced these regulations come from the FATF, or the Financial Action Task Force, and as the name suggests they are the policemen who enforce these financial rules, which must naturally have as boss whoever organizes and promotes the G-20 charade...


As this show benefits the richest countries the most by fomenting a hierarchy of power based on amount of capital, it is reasonable then to deduce England as the country from which these regulations are invented, as it is the banking capital of the world.


And more specifically from the Corporation of London, a country within a country where even her majesty the queen has to ask permission to enter, this place is home of the largest accumulation of bankers and freemasons.





The KYC/AML (Know your Customer/Anti-Money Laundering) farce is just restricting the numbers of arteries the crypto-currency ecosystem has in order to suppress its future.


It has already been talked about the damages, but perhaps we are not really aware at the deep implication it may have, not just for a the crypto-economy but for the evolution of the human species as well.


What if the window of opportunity to create the system we want and need is vanished before this new technology reaches full maturity, due to the artificial hindrance slowing its natural growth?


It will certainly will be a loss not just of the perspective of humankind but of the planet and its species as well, as nothing will really change and humans will continue to be programmed to selfishly extract resources at any cost, just as the fiat vampires do with humans.





Humanity has lived a very long time on this globe, and progress has been circular, not linear, from the stone-axe to the block-chain is the manifestation of human creativity and ingenuity.


Each new technology has profound effects on the human, rearranging the structure of society.


As time passed, technology developed and bifurcated in two principal categories,

  • the abundance creating

  • the scarcity making

There is no doubt that these banksters are using the wrong kind of means to rob humanity of its blood, by thinning it down by printing always more, and giving value of their paper tokens by debt itself, in other words by taking from the future.


Humanity happens to be in a crossroads, and the road taken will be determined purely by size of testicles and faith, it is not a matter of technological handicap anymore, for the means are already here, it is a matter of non-compliance now, to comply with these regulations is to kiss the ring of these blood-suckers.


Is the donkey going to yield to the direction the monkey riding in his back wants, or will it stubbornly keep trotting for the future envisioned ahead?


Non-compliance is really just taking the reins back to our hands, because we must seriously understand there is so much more than just a monkey riding in our backs.


History has shown that these parasitic sorcerers don't have scruples, and besides KYC/AML laws, they will try anything to dampen will power, including things you might not be even aware of, yet it is possible to recognize their operations which cause distraction, loss of semen, and cognitive dissonance.



The IRS headquarters

in New Carrollton, Maryland








Watch the first 20 minutes of this documentary:




The Spider Web - Britain's Second Empire



At the demise of empire, City of London financial interests created a web of secrecy jurisdictions that captured wealth from across the globe and hid it in a web of offshore islands.


Today, up to half of global offshore wealth is hidden in British jurisdictions and Britain and its dependencies are the largest global players in the world of international finance.