by Brian Shilhavy
October 07, 2022
from HealthImpactNews Website

Italian version

If the Globalists such as those who participate in the World Economic Forum (WEF) get their way and are actually able to implement a New One World Government, as they have been broadcasting for years, but have now accelerated in their efforts since the success of COVID where they effectively shut down almost the entire world through lockdowns,

what would that world look like...?

We don't need to guess or speculate about this any longer, because here in 2022 China has shown the world what a medical tyrannical totalitarian government looks like in most of their major cities.

I have put together a video report that shows what is happening with China's Zero COVID policy in many of their major cities.


Includes long lines of thousands of people lining up each day to be tested for COVID before going to work or shopping so that,

  • their QR code which must be carried at all times MUST show green

  • what happens when it turns red

  • the massive amounts of quarantine camps that are currently being built

  • how drones are being used to threaten people to stay locked up

  • how Chinese children are being raised in this society

  • the sheer volume of cameras that are being installed everywhere to force compliance...

This is most certainly NOT happening everywhere in China, but it is reportedly happening in the "Smart Cities" where the technology exists for this type of massive surveillance and compliance.

The video is just over 7 minutes long, and of course I cannot verify the accuracy of any of this video footage shot inside China.


Most of this I gathered from Telegram, where most videos banned from Big Tech such as,

Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, etc.,

...all seem to end up.


But a news search of even the Corporate Media will clearly show that there are many reports of these things happening...