by Bill Sardi
May 06, 2021
from LewRockwell Website

Jacques Attali


Una piccola pandemia permetterà
di Instaurare il Governo Mondiale.

"A small 'pandemic' will allow
the Establishment of
a World Government".

The World's Master Diabolitician

calls the Shots on the Extermination

of Human Populations.

His 40-Years of Diabolical Predictions

now Unfold as Globalist Aspirations...



Few people know the name of the world's master diabolitician who has called the shots over the past 40 years for the globalist/socialist agenda that is now unfolding.


The revelation that in 1981 a French economist, socialist and political advisor, Jacques Attali, said that the burden of providing for the burgeoning population retirees in western nations would force an economic crisis that would bring on the planned extermination of older people via a,

"'pandemic' targeting certain people... a virus affecting the old or the fat... the weak will succumb to it, and the fearful and stupid will believe in it and seek treatment" (source), now encircling the globe electronically via social networks...





This is what Attali envisaged decades ago


Attali denounces his quotable text as "totally invented," that he advocated euthanasia for people over 60-65 years of age, saying his statement was made up from "truncated sentences" cherry picked from comments he made during an interview and later published in a book by the title L'Avenir de la Vie (the Future of Life) by Michel Salomon.


Regardless of Attali's denials over what he stated in 1981, in 2009 he is quoted to have suggested a 'pandemic' be used to control human populations that also included global taxation and a global police force.





Practice makes perfect


Fast forward to October 2017, when the U.S. participated in a covert SPARS pandemic exercise, a scenario that has been scripted word-for-word into the current COVID-19 'pandemic'.


Government began 'pandemic' drills Attali foretold, that coincided with realities the Medicare and Social Security Trust Funds would run out of money by the end of the decade.


Are world leaders following the beat of this man's drum?  If so, the Devil is using the master diabolitician of our time.


Attali's entire 1981 statement is presented below:





Attali: "The future will be about finding a way to reduce the population.


We start with the old, because as soon as they exceed 60-65 years, people live longer than they produce and that costs society dearly.


Then the weak, then the useless that do not help society because there will always be more of them, and above all, ultimately, the stupid.


Euthanasia targeting these groups; Euthanasia will have to be an essential tool in our future societies, in all cases.

Of course, we will not be able to execute people or build camps. 


We get rid of them by making them believe that it is for their own good. 

Overpopulation, and mostly useless (sic), is something that is too costly economically.


Socially, too, it is much better when the human machine comes to an abrupt standstill than when it gradually deteriorates. Neither will we be able to test millions upon millions of people for their intelligence, you bet that!


We will find or cause something a 'pandemic' targeting certain people, a real economic crisis or not, a virus affecting the old or the fat, it doesn't matter, the weak will succumb to it, the fearful and stupid will believe in it and seek treatment. 


We will have made sure that treatment is in place, treatment that will be the solution.


The selection of idiots then takes care of itself: You go to the slaughter by yourself."

The future of life - Jacques Attali, 1981

Interviews with Michel Salomon, Les Visages de l'avenir collection, éditions Seghers.





More denials


Attali denies he advocated mass euthanasia 40 years ago, but he spelled out a diabolical idea in some detail to exterminate retirees because of their economic burden on society and later advocated such a future calamity in that same year, 1981.

Attali did advocate extermination of human populations of old people.

To this day, at age 77, Attali continues to make dire predictions about the future of the world.


Attali is more than a commentator and a political advisor. He was also a founder and President of the European Bank of Reconstruction & Development and advisor to the Socialist Party.





Advisor to the Bilderbergers


More foreboding is that Attali attended the annual Bilderberger meeting where the wealthiest families in the world are back-grounded about world events and attempt to shape the future to ensure their elite financial status is not threatened.


The Bilderbergers may have followed his lead instead of forging their own.





Attali said a lot more in 1981


Attali also said a lot more in 1981.

He relegated humans to the status of machines that would need "prostheses" to live longer, but also "to end life," suggestive of a surgically implanted "kill switch." 


Or maybe a vaccine instilled "kill switch" in the form of an RNA vaccine?


In Attali's mind, suicide is the freedom to choose to die on time, but it is also Attali's only "choice"...

A verbatim French/English translation of Attali's chilling statements to Michel Salomon in 1981 include the following:



Is it possible and desirable to live 120 years?



Medically, I don't know. I've always been told that it was possible.


Is it desirable? I would answer in several stages.


First of all, I believe that in the logic of the industrial system in which we find ourselves, the extension of life expectancy is no longer an objective desired by the logic of power.


Because as long as it was a question of extending life expectancy in order to reach the maximum profitability threshold of the human machine, in terms of work, it was perfect.


But as soon as you go beyond 60/65, people live longer than they produce and they cost society dearly.


Hence, I believe that in the very logic of industrial society, the objective will no longer be to extend life expectancy, but to ensure that within a given life span, people live as well as possible, but in such a way that health expenditures will be as low as possible in terms of costs for the community.


A new criterion of life expectancy then appears:

that of the value of a health care system, which is not a function of the increase in life expectancy but of the number of years without illness and particularly without hospitalization.

Indeed, from the point of view of society, it is much better for the human machine to come to an abrupt halt than for it to deteriorate gradually.


This is perfectly clear if we remember that two thirds of health expenditure is concentrated on the last words of life.


Similarly, cynicism aside, health expenditure would not reach a third of the current level (175 billion francs in 1979) if people all died suddenly in car accidents.


Thus, we must recognize that the logic no longer lies in increasing life expectancy but in increasing the duration of life without illness.


However, I think that increasing life expectancy remains a fantasy that corresponds to two objectives:

  • The first is that of the men of power. The increasingly totalitarian and directive societies in which we find ourselves tend to be led by "old" men, to become gerontocracies.


  • The second reason is the possibility for capitalist society to make old age economically profitable simply by making old people solvent. It is currently a "market", but it is not solvent….(guarantee them an income)


I am objectively opposed to extending life
because it is an illusion
, a false problem.

Jacques Attali



As a socialist, I am objectively opposed to extending life because it is an illusion, a false problem.


I believe that posing this type of problem allows us to avoid more essential questions such as the liberation of time actually lived in the present life.


What is the point of living to 100 years if we gain 20 years of dictatorship?


Euthanasia will be one of the essential instruments of our future societies in all cases.


In a socialist logic, to begin with, the problem is as follows:

Socialist logic is freedom and fundamental freedom is suicide; consequently, the right to direct or indirect suicide is an absolute value in this type of society.


In a capitalist society, killing machines, prostheses that will make it possible to eliminate life when it is too unbearable or economically too costly, will come into being and will be common practice.

I therefore believe that euthanasia, whether it is a value of freedom or a commodity, will be one of the rules of future society.





The Attali 'pandemic' arrives in 2020


In 2020 the 'pandemic' Attali predicted arrived...

It was precisely as conceived...

According to an authoritative report published in the Annals of Internal Medicine (Vol. 174, Jan. 2021) its fatalities were 99.75% comprised of institutionalized (nursing home) senior adults and only 0.25% (quarter of one-percent) of COVID-19-related adult deaths occurred among non-institutionalized adults.


The coronavirus 'pandemic' almost exclusively targeted oldsters confined to nursing homes, the precise group that costs government so much money.





Vaccine deaths go unreported


The vaccines are a death trap also.


Dr. Peter McCullough reports there have been 3544 vaccine-related deaths along with 12,619 serious injuries from Dec. 14 to April 23 in the current ongoing COVID-19 'pandemic'.


Just 25 to 50 deaths would normally result in a vaccine being pulled off the market, even an experimental RNA vaccine. Yet the Centers for Disease Control remains hushed.


The complicit news media also remains silent.





Where Attali's sinister ideas emanate from


In 2006 the pastor for the Evangelic Federation of France, G. Georgel, wrote at L'Express:

"I do not know if M. Attali reads it (the Bible), but his scenario strangely marries the prophetic announcements of the Apocalypse concerning the future of the world and the final period of history (see The Express of October 26).


The Bible speaks of a hyper-empire, made up of 10 dominant nations, led by a dictator whom she nicknames "the Beast" (Revelation, chapter XIII, verses 1 to 3).


It places the epicenter of world events in Jerusalem, as Jacques Attali does.

The apostle Paul even specifies that this dictator will have the audacity to go and sit in the Temple (undoubtedly rebuilt) pretending to be God (2 Thessalonians, chapter II, verse 4).

The Bible also speaks of an economic system where nanotechnology will play a central role.


All men will wear a digital mark (the famous 666) on them, and will not be able to buy or sell anything without it (Revelation, chapter XIII, verse 17).


Only one thing that is debatable:

Mr. Attali places these events on the horizon 2050; however, it is possible that the acceleration of events pushes them to occur earlier.

If L'Express comments on yesterday's news, the Bible announces tomorrow's..."




Population decline, not overpopulation


To the contrary, the recently published book EMPTY PLANET documents global population decline, particularly in,

  • Western Europe

  • North America

  • Italy

  • Japan,

...but also India and elsewhere.


The book postulates worldwide urbanization results in women having two babies and then halting reproduction without government intervention.


The simple fact is, 

in 1900 the average woman in the U.S. had 3.85 children.


Today the average is 1.9 children.


No society has ever recovered its population once its birthrate reached 2.1 children per couple or lower.

In the quintessential argument over whether the planet is half-empty/half-full, the overpopulation mantra is paused by these startling recent headlines:

  • "Everyone knows that the world is overpopulated, or soon will be. But what if everyone is wrong."

    Steven Mosher, Population Research Institute, Feb. 8, 2019


  • "We've worried about overpopulation for centuries. And we've always been wrong."

    Vox20, 2019


  • "The biggest problem the world will face is population collapse."

    Elon Musk, Jack Ma, Aug. 30, 2019

The globalists are living in the past...


But just, how to stop their pre-practiced onslaught?





The Longevity Dividend


In regard to overpopulation and the financial inability to care for the old, the failure to embrace preventive/nutritional medicine has brought western civilizations to a financial cliff:

Medicare & Social Security Trust Funds are empty (only IOUs in the form of US Treasury Notes remain)...

The Attali plan had to be rushed into operation before 2050 by the unanticipated rise in adult life expectancy and the insolvency of Medicare and Social Security.


One politician attempted to usher in competition into the medical marketplace which would have forwarded the insolvency of these old age programs to 2050. But the medical industrial complex would have none of it.


The Longevity Dividend as proposed by University of Illinois professor S. Jay Olshansky, that adding 7 more years of healthy life would spare Medicare from insolvency, was first proposed in 2006 (The Scientist - March 2006) but has largely been ignored.





World fearful of an anti-aging pill more than vaccines


It's ironic that Attali's admission that all these deaths among septuagenarians and octogenarians are not because of a mutant coronavirus but rather,

a crisis in government financially meeting its social contracts with its citizens.


It is also ironic that an anti-aging pill is feared far more than sinister vaccines.

In 2004 the world wasn't ready for an anti-aging pill, despite MIT and Harvard University researchers unveiling a simple and affordable technology in the form of a red wine molecule (resveratrol) to activate a master survival gene called Sirtuin1 that is also triggered by a limited calorie diet.


A connection was made between the French Paradox,

that the wine-drinking French exhibited a far lower rate of coronary artery mortality (90 per 100,000) than north Americans (240 per 100,000 at the time).


Wine, but not beer or alcohol spirits, reduced mortality.

It was later reported that molecules called polyphenols in red wine were attributed to its health properties, raising the prospect for an anti-aging pill without the alcohol.


Then a survey of wine-drinking physicians revealed modest consumption of wine (3-5 glasses), providing 180-300 milligrams of polyphenols, would result wine drinkers living longer than teetotalers!


Such widespread consumption would come at the risk of producing millions of inebriates. The red wine pill sans alcohol was the safer road.


The promise of a red wine pill that would molecularly tickle the same genes as a calorie restricted diet without having to deprive oneself of food, became a reality, at least in the animal lab.


Researchers mused that,

"If you have your wine, you can eat your cake too!"

Despite the positive science and the fact 70+% of Americans take dietary supplements, only a few thousand Americans include a resveratrol pill in their daily health regimens.





Public fearful of an anti-aging pill


An anti-aging pill was not to be.


A 2014 survey found 87% of Americans were fearful of living too long, of running out of retirement money and being feebleminded, over-drugged, and confined to a wheelchair, drooling at the mouth and diapered due to loss of bladder control, that they shunned any idea of an anti-aging pill.


The public didn't hear that increased health-span accompanied prolonged lifespan.





Were proven longevity technologies quashed?


Scientific advancements substantiate that bona fide anti-aging pills are at hand.


Conclusive long-term controlled human studies are beyond practicality as they would take decades to conduct at a cost of billions of dollars.


But genetic markers of aging,

can be used since laboratory mice have a similar arrangement of genes as humans.

The unequivocal methodology would be a calorie restricted diet, shown to double the lifespan and healthspan of all life forms beginning in the 1930s with the work of Clive McCay at Cornell University.


However, a prolonged limited calorie diet, equivalent to eating one meal a day, would be impractical.


Limited calorie diets are only appropriate after childhood growth, for full-grown males and after child-bearing years for females; and not for older 70+year old adults.


The molecular approach to longevity is the most achievable.





The over-mineralization theory of aging


After years of investigation, this author realized that wine and limited calorie diets reduced the accumulation of minerals - namely calcium, iron and copper.


Oversimplified, humans rust and calcify with advancing age.


This became known as the Overmineralization Theory of Aging, which to this day has not be debunked. Therefore, it is possible via mineral control for humans to age chronologically (calendar-wise) but not age biologically. 


An indefinitely long human lifespan is theoretically possible via control of mineral intake or removal/chelation (key-lay-shun) of minerals, the latter being what red wine pills do.





Why does the naked mole rat live so long, cancer free?


The long-living naked (hairless) mole rat, lives ten times longer than other rodents and serves as a lesson in longevity.

This animal is cancer free and doesn't even show external signs of physical aging...

It is only the female naked mole rats that exhibit long-lasting youthfulness because they continually menstruate and produce litters, thus donating minerals to their offspring and never becoming over-mineralized.





The two most validated anti-aging technologies are dismissed


The two most notable interventional advancements in life extension have been almost completely ignored by the medical profession.

#1. University-based researchers conducted a 12-week study of laboratory mice after they have been weaned from their mothers.


The mice were placed on,

  1. a limited calorie diet

  2. resveratrol

  3. a matrix of resveratrol, quercetin and IP6 rice bran (Longevinex®).

Life-long calorie restriction activates 831 longevity genes.


The results of the 12-week study were as follows:





The resveratrol-based nutraceutical matrix (Longevinex®) produced the most profound epigenetic effect ever reported in 12 just weeks, an effect that took a lifetime in lab animals fed a limited calorie diet.


Genetically this is the closest modern medicine has come to bona fide anti-aging pill.


That same nutraceutical was later reported to restore functional vision to patients with a sight-robbing eye malady among octogenarians for whom all other treatments had been exhausted. It worked in humans, not just lab rats.



#2: Laboratory mice produce vitamin C internally and live ~2 years (23.8 months).


Mice that have their "vitamin C gene" experimentally deactivated live only ~8.5 months, while the provision of supplemental oral vitamin C to the same blood levels as natural vitamin C-secreting animals restores a full and healthy lifespan (23.0 months).


Think of humans living almost three times longer (80 X 2.7 = 216 years).




Due to a universal gene mutation, humans do not internally secrete vitamin C as most animals do.


If animal data can be extrapolated from animals to humans, due to that gene mutation, humans only live a third as long as originally intended...


Continual consumption of vitamin C would theoretically produce the same result in humans as it did lab animals.





The discovery


The discovery of a molecule in olives that monumentally switches the Vitamin C Gene back on is a new and novel development, one which biochemist Irwin Stone in the 1960s-70s could only dream of when he wrote about the prospect of this genetic mutation being fully corrected.


Both urine and blood testing confirm a novel dietary supplement (Formula216) invariably doubles the blood levels of vitamin C in humans.


This presumptively holds the promise of a 3-fold increase in the human lifespan. That idea has to have the population-control globalists worried.


Following this discovery, in 2016 the federal government enacted a law that any dietary supplement that made claims it prolonged human life would be outlawed and considered a felony subject to imprisonment


Better that Americans line up to be processed at the Soylent Green factory than live as long as the Biblical patriarchs.


But all the time the above longevity experiments were being conducted the globalists were plotting and practicing for a day of infamy.





Globalist politicians attempt to brain wash the people


Efforts were taken to keep Americans from getting any idea an anti-aging pill is in the offing.


Presidential appointee and medical ethicist, Leon Kass, advocated senior Americans die on time so as to not interfere with what God intended.


Another diabolitician advises "life is not worth living after age 75"...


Now the globalist agenda is unfolding into perpetual genetic coronavirus mutations and endless re-inoculation to immunize against newly mutated viral strains.


What has resulted is,

the vaccinated (super-spreaders) are transferring COVID-19 to the unvaccinated...

Antithetically, some physicians are calling for the vaccinated to be quarantined...!


Can the masses of humanity push back before they are slaughtered at the coronavirus altar...?







To add to the suspense, in 2014 Jacques Attali also said WW3 will start in the Ukraine. Military conflicts in the Ukraine region now portend such a development.


Observers now fear such a world war...







Is Jacques Attali the mastermind of globalist strategies or is he just a mouthpiece for the real ring leaders


Either way, he's been calling the shots like Babe Ruth called his own home run. And the 'pandemic' has never been about a mutated cold virus, but about overpopulation and the insolvency of Medicare and Social Security all along.


As it says in the Book of Jeremiah, chapter 5:

"An astonishing and horrible thing
Has been committed in the land:
The prophets (news reporters) prophesy falsely,
And the priests (elected representatives) rule by their own power (not the people);
And My people love to have it so!
But what will you do in the end?