Chapter 11

The Atlantean Branch Breaks

Many of these “sins” revolved around the crystal implants as discussed, but many others revolved around the manipulation of genetics and other types of implantations. As the dense physicality of the planet began to affect them, they also became overwhelmed by the emotional feeling involved with that physicalness.


As The Nine express it, they,

“ became very involved in the creation of larger and more prominent mating organs. They also attempted through their scientific knowledge and understanding to genetically exchange creatures with soul beings on Planet Earth–through transplanting . . . by creating these creatures they would perhaps have the strength of the creature, or the creature could be serving them, or they could develop a means for more physical pleasure (shades of Dr. Moreau).”

“The modern civilization has only attained a part of what Atlantis had attained. They had all the knowledge of using the mind to move objects and themselves (teleportation). If it had not been that below their waist they were always in trouble, then it would have been a fine civilization . . . We have no objections to enjoyment – it is when it become all consuming.”

The Nine also add that the Atlanteans had great abilities in the field of transplantation of human organs such as the heart and even the brain, but again, used much of this kind of knowledge to improve the size of their sex organs. Life expectancy at times on Atlantis could be up to a few thousand years, and this is the kind of knowledge of ‘never growing old’ that was transplanted into ancient Egypt and subsequently into the patriarchs of ancient Hebrew culture as well.

This history of Atlantis is “all within the mind of the dolphins,” say The Nine, but much of it has also been known to the initiates of those hermetic organizations we referred to earlier.

H.G. Wells’ story, The Island Of Dr. Moreau, tells the story of a great scientist in self-imposed exile who creates an island full of hybrids and half-breeds, animal/human mixes, in pursuit of his ultimate goal to create a perfect human by mixing the traits of the two.

These experiments are an archetype of the animal-man, the half-human/half animal. They represent a shadow side of man which is not just the polarity of female versus male, but a polarity which lay within the Creator Parents of this particular Universe themselves. It is a polarity almost of violence and power versus the balancing polarity of love. These are the two sides of man, the animal nature versus the spiritual nature. This is classic psychology. What it boils down to is that there are two forces in the universe, much as described in Gnostic thought, a good versus evil. In all our actions we either work from the point of view of love, or from the point of view of power. Our motivation, our intent, decides our actions and reactions, and sets the courses of our lives.

Dr. Moreau’s island, the struggles and the experimentation going on there, and the fact that it was isolated from the rest of the world, is a metaphor for the role planet earth plays in the Universe. Again, it is the microcosm reflected in the macrocosm which is the whole Super Universe. As Hermes puts it, ‘As above, so below.’ Only, in this case, there is more to it for things also work the other way around. Whereas we are the reflections of the archetypes that out Cosmic Parents were, so too do we have the ability to create anew our own futures and even our own pasts, and to heal what has gone on before. We also have the ability to manifest this to the Universe at large. It is just as correct, therefore, to say that ‘As below, so above,’ for as we are learning, as we progress through this history, what we do on this experiment called Earth, affects the universe as well.

In the newest movie version of The Island of Dr. Moreau, Marlon Brando plays the scientist who everybody calls “Father.” The unsuccessful animal/human hybrids wander the island or exist in their own colony, controlled through the use of, what-else, crystal computer-chip implants. The Father meters out justice or punishment through the use of a remote control which causes these implants to create varying degrees of pain in the hybrid. Brando’s character cannot understand what the problem is that keeps these beings still hostile. The young assistant played by Val Kilmer casually mentions that he has found the answer while looking through the microscope at a specimen of blood, something he calls “the Lucifer gene.”

Dr. Moreau must also give his animal-men daily shots of synthetic hormones to keep them from reverting to their original forms. This is analogous of the constant influx of new genetic material into our species which keeps us from reverting to a more primitive state such as occurred during the first seedings referred to by The Nine. Without this constant mixing and changing we would quite possible face the same dilemma currently faced by those aliens we have termed the Grays. Their race, as explained previously, is dying out because of their inability to find new genetic material for their gene pool.


This situation is one which has been explained by the Grays to many of the abductees with whom they work in trying to create alien/human offspring, although it is not totally true—they do have their own agenda that goes far beyond just this one.

As hybrids, the half animal/half human creatures on Moreau’s island needed hormone shots to keep their mixed genetic factors stable and their immune systems repressed. The one creature, the hyena/man, who begins the rebellion on the island, pulls out this implant and refuses to line up for his shots anymore. Many others begin to follow suit, and the island is soon decimated in the rebellion and once again reverts to its primitive state.

As we shall soon see, this is exactly the kind of thing that happens to our planet after each successive earth-shattering cataclysm. Mankind is returned to a primitive state from which he must once again emerge into semi-consciousness in order to rebuild civilization once again. It is particularly the case after each major civilization is destroyed and those who survive in isolated outposts are cut off from the sources of their knowledge and support for their culture. It has happened time and time again throughout Earth’s history.

What is important here, however, is that when one finds out that H.G.Wells was associated with these Hermetic organizations in which this knowledge was commonly known by the higher initiates, one begins to take a second look at ‘this lie’ that we call history. The conspiracy grows even greater when one learns, too, as we shall later, that most of the famous people of history have been involved in some way or another with one these secret organizations. Each one of these organizations (of which there is truly only one with many different branches in and of itself) has preserved this ‘secret’ information and rationed it out to those of their initiates most worthy to implement and administer the changes which the information would bring about in society. This, in fact, has been going on for the past 10,000 years.

Our modern culture is filled with deep reminisces of the Atlantean culture. Much of this can be seen in the new and expanding medium for the preservation of such deep-seated knowledge—the movies. Science, however, labels it science-fiction for fear that they will lose their power if we begin to take such myths and legends seriously. The destruction of Superman’s home planet, Krypton, in the Superman series of comic books and movies is one such example of a cultural memory of Atlantis resurfacing after the destruction of Maldek, although it has happened to many other civilization and on many other planets as well.

As with the fictional planet Krypton, when Atlantis was destroyed, many understood that the end was coming, as is always the case at the end of a cycle. The Atlanteans were adept at experiencing many levels beyond the “physical” which was at that time more 4th dimensional. Since they had attained total control over their astral bodies during their civilization, they made sure they could get through into the future if they so desired.


All they needed was to establish a place or places on the planet which they could tie into in order to be able to influence world affairs and still control the power bases on the planet—these were the portals. This is where the temple technology and crystal technology they had acquired from their home planets became so useful.

The continuation of our myth involving Jupiter and his bride Europa is the story of Daedalus and Icarus:

“ An interesting story is told of Minos while he was still a ruler of Crete. He had as one of his servants a man named Daedalus, who was a skilled mechanic and worker in metals and an ingenious inventor—the father so to speak of all inventors. It was Daedalus who devised for Minos, a complicated series of tunnels and windows called the labyrinth, in which was confined the Minotaur, a monster half man, half bull.

“Later Daedalus lost the favor of Minos, who imprisoned him and his son, Icarus. But Daedalus set his mind to work on finding a means to escape. Finally he devised a pair of wings for himself and a pair for Icarus. He fastened them to his own shoulders and to those of the boy, using wax as binding material. Then both triumphantly flew away. Swiftly they skimmed through the air, and closer and closer they came to the mainland. But Icarus, flushed with excitement and exhilaration, soared ever higher towards the sun—despite the cries and warnings of his father. At last he flew so high that the heat from the sun melted the wax. And off dropped the wings. The lad plunged downwards into the sea and was drowned. The sea into which he fell was later called the Icarian Sea. Daedalus escaped, and for a long time lived in Sicily.”

Like the analogy of Icarus, and following in the steps of their mentor, Lucifer, the dark sorcerer kings of Atlantis, those who had come from the constellations of Sirius and Orion, tried to fly too high and make themselves gods as well.

Their involvement with the initiatory rites such as were practiced in the ancient Egyptian mystery schools and still carried on today by the various secret societies throughout the world, is critical to their continuing domination of this planet, both its peoples and its resources.


Temple Technology

Perhaps the most efficient and diabolic form of technology for implementing this control is temple technology. It has been passed down to the secret societies and upper echelons of the various religious groups to one degree or another since that time of the sinking of Atlantis.

Temple technology involves the use of sacred geometry to create architecture which mimics the structure of the Universe in its ability to both send out energy to Creation, or in turn, receive it back. These buildings then are, in and of themselves, transmitters and receptors of energy from this planet into the higher realms of existence.

This manipulation of people’s belief in a Higher Power is another one of the central themes of this book. It is also obviously central to our following the energies of Lucifer as they interact with the planet in his attempt to make himself God of this Universe.

We shall, here, give some of the background of the technology as it relates to the Atlanteans, and then continue on with it throughout the book so that the reader can follow the importance of its role to our history.

In Zecharia Sitchin’s works it states that temple technology came to the planet at the same time as kingship, somewhere around 3,000 BC. This is obviously incorrect, since temples had been in existence even in the ancient days of Lemuria. What happened after the Great Flood was the level of importance placed on temple technology in the control and utilization of the people. Whereas when the ‘gods’ had been on the planet themselves control of the people had taken many forms, after they left and the planet became fully 3rd dimensional, then the temples became the prime method by which their energies could be manipulated. It is not unusual then to see the secret brotherhoods adopting religions through which they could build temples and attract followers in order to manipulate them.

The major form of temple we wish to discuss here is the primary temple form of Atlantis which was used to lay out there cities. The island described earlier in Plato’s The Critias, is an accurate description of the basic temple form. This temple form and the complete culture of Atlantis were also used in many other places on the planet. One of the most perfect Atlantean ruins is on Malta, but every powerful temple on the planet has most of these characteristics, although often in a somewhat diminished form. The Temple of Solomon, the Pyramids of South America, and even the great Gothic Cathedrals of Europe, all reflect Atlantean temple technology ideals. Wherever Man has realized the significance of his houses of worship, this temple form has been used to at least some extent. The description that has come down through Plato from Solon, the Greek priest who studied in Egypt, is a map of the surface form—a ‘templ-ate’ if you will.

The temple form used by the Atlanteans is predominantly a series of concentric circles, the circle always having been representative of the True Creator or as the sacred symbol for ‘God.’ The main crystal remains in the center, representing the Central Universe or primary sources of energy. Then the other areas moving outward represent the rest of Creation through which this energy is then spread. Notice how most temples, mosques, or cathedrals have crystal chandeliers or lead crystal stained glass windows strategically placed to act in this capacity. Of course the center of most temples or mosques etc are the individual ‘Holy of Holies’.

The whole temple form is a labyrinth structure such as the one laid out on the floor of Chartres Cathedral in France. In this role its spiritual purpose is to harness the energies of the Soul and to bring about manifestation of peace and harmony within a person’s being, or to manifest whatever it is that are the person’s (hopefully) spiritual goals—although it may also be used incorrectly for manifesting any material goals as well.

The labyrinth is the microcosm of this macrocosmic form built to represent the various layers of a man and the various dimensions of his being. A template of the Higher Will of Creation itself.

The concentric circles in the one temple form represent the dimensions spiraling up from the Earth and surrounding the planet. To use this form correctly is to lift one’s self above the immediate lower worlds and upwards along the spiraling form into the higher spiritual worlds from which all manifestation has its origins. Used in the wrong form, it can be one of the darkest forms of control, sucking the energy from the oblivious congregation, magnifying and beaming their energies through its spires to the heavens to whatever planet, star, frequency or point the temple is aligned with. It is a direct connection to those alien races responsible for or guiding the building of the temple. In Atlantis, under the sorcerer kings, the energy was beamed directly to Sirius and Orion to support the Dark One Himself. In Mormonism, the alignment is to the ‘planet on which God resides”—Kolab or Kolob (kol-ab: the heart of darkness).

Techniques developed at the end of 1993 (Physical Review Letters, December 1993) can make long-distance holograms appear with the aid of only one laser beam focused on a crystal. In a ‘religious’ transmitters such as the Ark of the Covenant—these holographic images appeared between the wings of the angels - the poles - where God was said to ‘appear’ to speak to those who were worthy, and those who were protected by the lead shield and jewel encrusted Urim and Thummim.

The Great Pyramid, as we shall discover, also had alignments with Sirius and Orion, and its purpose was very much the same.

Jackson Judge, a researcher into ancient mounds and archeological sites in Ohio, believes there is absolutely no doubt that the Atlanteans built Stonehenge and the Great Pyramid. Judge also maintains that the Citadel of Atlantis was the first pyramid built on earth, and that certain other Mound Builder sites are schematics of star charts and the most complex concepts in modern physics:

“The double horse-shoes at the largest ancient city of North America are dead-ringers, and the Giza complex was built after the second largest Mound Builder city at New-Ark, OH. The city of Atlantis is also the largest strand of DNA in the world, a ten mile-long double-helix: indicating a deliberate human genetic cross c.125,000 BC.”

  • The center of this temple form is where the central crystal was housed.

  • Then there must be circles of land around the crystal, alternating with circular canals—water being a primary source of radiating or transmitting energies.

  • The land beyond the last circle of water may be farmland, grazing fields, wild plains, or jungles.

  • Beneath the great crystal are sacred caves, usually of limestone, where smaller crystals grow.

  • Lacking these, caves are constructed to access the telluric forces of the planet

The Gothic cathedrals in Europe were all built in a large pattern or array laid out specifically around the countryside in the cities of France, and even into Scotland where Rosslyn Chapel resides. As John Michell has discovered, this grand array is aligned with the planet Spica in the constellation of Virgo, as mentioned, the home of Atlantean technology.

Sacred springs beneath the temples were either natural or artificially created, such as the water canals are those under the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Streams were also diverted to act in the same regard under many Mayan or Aztec temples in Mexico and on into Central and South America. Large baptismal fonts such as the one beneath the Mormon Temple in Salt Lake City act for much the same purpose when the water is then allowed to run free through carefully planned water troughs.

Water is a wonderful conductor of electricity and the energies of those who are bathed in the font are collected and distributed through this intricate system of energy collectors. This follows the principle of not immediately showering after lovemaking as described in the Taoist books on sex. The energy of companionship and love are washed away and thereby depleted if one showers immediately after sex. The energy of crocodiles rolling and mating in silica clay was used in the Crocodile Temples of ancient Egypt for exactly this same purpose of generating electricity (though in this case it also relates to the reptilian ancestry of many of our alien forebears).

The circular pillars and plaza around the central obelisk at St. Peter’s Square in the Vatican are representative of this temple form, the whole construction becoming one giant circular dish antennae—which it easily resembles. Avebury Circle in England is also supposed to be constructed in this temple form above a crystal cave in Swallows Barrow (now called West Kennet Barrow), and all are built with or on chalk layers (limestone). The layer of casing which once covered the Pyramids at Giza was made of limestone, but was later stripped to make buildings in the surrounding areas.

As Clow describes it, the star and earth teachings meet at the power point in the central crystal, and the communication to the center of the earth goes from the sky through this crystal and circulates through the water to all of the land surrounding it. The concentric circles of water radiate the emotions of the inhabitants inwardly to the center and then out again to the stars.

Temples are places full of emotions and our religions do everything they can to build those emotions within the walls of the temples to heighten the amount of energy that can be transferred to those receiving these energies. Sin was instituted not for the purpose of giving Man a choice of whether to choose good or not, but to heighten the strongest negative emotion, that of fear, which could be then be manipulated in these temples exactly for the purpose of draining the very strong energy of this emotion.

These constructions can be almost any size (temple size or city size), as long as the essential form is honored. In a large complex, dwelling places or even a whole city can be contained in the land circles with great surrounding farms to feed the population. Our modern cities with their urban business district full of tall, glass (crystalline) spire-shaped office buildings surrounded by successive areas of industry and suburbia stay true to this Atlantean temple form and for exactly the same reasons. As the Central Business District of a city dies, so to often does the city until that downtown center can be revitalized. Ever wonder why there has been such an emphasis over the past 20 years to revitalize the downtown areas of the large American cities?

Because human desires manifest realities, the main crystal of a temple form should be kept completely free of human desires to remain pure. Since people create with intent, all creations are a direct result of the clarity and purity of the lives of those people.

Clow says that when the Spican teaching were pure, the Spican crystal was the interface between earth and sky, and it circulated knowledge and harmony of all kinds. The sacred spring circulated feelings from the Earth through the waters to the land, and the people then attuned to these pulsations. As long as the proper intention was maintained, the form functioned correctly.

This living temple form is the source of all the legends about the central crystal of Atlantis. Remnants of this form still exist in places like Avebury. That is why many megalithic sites have henges and moats around them and Glastonbury was once surrounded by rings of water. Many churches were built over such sites, their sacred springs gushing under altars built over subterranean caves. Chartres cathedral has a closed off spring in the basement directly underneath the labyrinth. In ancient Egypt, this form radiated from the central temples of the Nile, and its canals circulated the water during the annual flooding.

Most importantly, the structure circulated the vibrations of the Earth in its spin around the sun into cosmic fields known as vortexes. These help support or maintain the creation of the higher worlds or dimensions surrounding the planet, as well as channeling energy from the higher worlds down into the lower planes, and indeed to support the Earth and the entire 3rd dimensional world. Understand now why what goes on here on earth affects the entirety of Creation?

The center has the most concentrated energy, while the outside realms have more diversity. This allows individuals to activate various kinds of energy in themselves during various cycles of their personal lives. In short, the system is a maze that offers mystery, integrity, intention, centering, exploration, and challenge. It helps activate the people on earth.

In many cases the living temple form was built over already existing caves that had been sacred sites during earlier times. The most powerful Atlantean temples were built over such caves—as Teotihuacan, Tenochitlan, Malta, Abydos, Knossos, Santa Fe, and even Atlanta, according to Clow. Denver should be included.

The temple form also controlled population because everyone understood that it was not to be enlarged beyond the original three circles.

  • first a sacred temple was built in the center over the sacred caves

  • then the first people—the ‘ancestors’—developed the first circle of land

  • their children then moved out and built the second circle

  • when the grandchildren of the first people became adults, they developed the third circle

  • The first circle then became the home of the grandfathers and grandmothers, who in turn became the wisdom keepers of the temple

  • The second circle became the home of the parents with grown children and the adults with no children

  • The third circle was the home for the young families

This outer location enabled the children and young parents to roam the outlying forests, commune with animals, and do their vision quests. By the time these people matured and moved into the middle circle, they had found their purpose: work for the village and personal spiritual direction. Then they played and stretched their creativity to the maximum, and they spent great amounts of time learning from their children.

As said before, this parallels the cycle of the inner cities and suburbia of today, only in our case, the form never ends until it has eaten up all the land. It also parallels the levels of experience in the circles or dimensions surrounding a galactic center or a Universal center as well.

The second circle was also used for theaters, community forums, schools for job training, and buildings for making products and doing art. Structurally, this was the densest section of the village. Fear of different weather and catastrophe was nonexistent because the inhabitants of the outer circle could always find shelter in the middle circle. This constant availability of shelter encouraged the families in the outer circle to live very simply, which allowed them the greatest amount of time for creativity.

Likewise the center circle of the elders was a place of meditation for all the villagers. Here, both adults and parents could come to recharge and reattune their spirits through the elder wisdom, and children spent a great deal of time there being instructed by the elders. Inhabitants of the outer circles could always seek shelter in the temples.

The wise elders were always revered and cared for. They conducted all initiations and spiritual instruction in the temples. The population was naturally stable, since no young family wished to produce a child who would crowd out a beloved elder. Often, after an elder went to the spirit world, a new child was a rebirth of that elder. This form creates joy, creativity, pleasure, and enjoyment of service. It was the perfect Earth form for community order and efficient use of resources, and it still is.

Clow says that when the surface form exists along with its female subterranean structure, the result is perfect harmony between the male and female.

The Disney Corporation’s model community in Florida, named appropriately, Celebration, is designed in a circular form for maximum efficiency of land usage, and for the greatest potential for communal interaction.

The human body is always referred to as a temple as well, and in its basic structure, energy, and mechanism, acts in very much the same way. That is why the act of walking or tracing the labyrinth structure in one form or another has always been considered a holy act, one designed to move a person toward enlightenment. Monks were often known to walk the labyrinth on the floor of Chartres Cathedral on their knees. Some form of labyrinth was used in just about every culture on Earth. Creating or purchasing a labyrinth design for personal use is still a wonderful technique for spiritual growth and the clearing of emotional, mental, or physical problems from the body.

Body work of every kind is so important for working through the emotional miasmas which burden us all these days. The body carries the story of all our lives and indeed, all of our history as well. We just need to free it up to release these energies and memories in a way which is controllable, and at a pace that can be handled. The body is the scene of the crime, and where that memory is located. Sometimes through body manipulation memories can be released, but they also have to be honored in a way in which they are given credibility and the person helped to move through them. That’s what is called breaking up cell memory. It can’t just be done one time and then left. It’s unfair to get someone open and then leave them hanging and unreleased as many forms of treatment do.

Time especially affects emotions because we get so caught up in emotions and what we’ve got to get done. Temples can also be time machines, allowing for interdimensional travel, and also therefore for travel in time. The use of sacred geometry and the alignment to certain stars and planets, as we shall explore fully later, is an essential part of creating temples that are capable of doing just such things.

Again, Clow explores a past life helping to build the Temple at Karnak in ancient Egypt, and detailing the extraordinary degree of knowledge to which one must be exposed in order to create this technology in the correct form.

“. . .As my mind travels to the temple at Karnak, I see geomancers hard at work, determining alignments to Sirius by means of cords, crystals, and plumb lines... This is the only way they can build the new temple in an astronomically correct way, with all its columns, obelisks, walls, altars, and sanctuaries in the proper location for maximum creation of stellar energy. Temple geomancers at Karnak... are going to construct the central sanctuary of Thutmosis I, who has recently incarnated from Sirius... The New Kingdom realignment is of great significance because the Hyksos invaders who have controlled Egypt in recent years broke the Pharoanic star link, and it must be repaired. While the invaders ruled, the Egyptians lived in chaos, and the invaders altered the sacred temple forms and rituals that had once maintained harmony... The stellar template for the new harmony must be implanted from Sirius under Thutmosis... the energy streaming into the temple is forceful and powerful.”

The Notre Dame cathedral and major Gothic structures in Europe also utilized this extraordinary depth of knowledge of complex temple technology. They were mainly the work of the Children of Solomon – a guild of masons instructed by the Cistercian order using the Hermetic or Divine knowledge translated by St. Bernard himself from knowledge acquired from the building of King Solomon’s Temple. King Solomon’s masons, under their own master, Hiram Abiff, were denoted by degrees of knowledge and their proficiency in this information.


When the 14th century Dominican-led Inquisition against the Knights Templars was in full swing, these guilds were equally at risk. Being practitioners of the Masonic Craft, they held privileged information concerning the workings of sacred geometry and Universal Law according to their attained degrees, and their traditions are upheld, if only sometimes in symbolic form, in the modern-day Masonic movement. Thus, however, one can begin to grasp the significance of the masonic tools as symbols of various aspects of this knowledge.

Being a remnant of the Atlantean civilization, the Mayans built their temples at Tikal in Guatemala and other Mayan places using this technology. Clow says that Tikal is a key portal for fourth-dimensional beings to enter the 3rd dimension. The Mayan Temple at Uxmal is said to open its secrets during the annual solstices, a key alignment for many sacred sites of the world.

A friend remembers his lifetime from the time of the end of Atlantis:

“...In Atlantis I met an Eck master who told me Atlantis was going to be destroyed. I believed him and got on a ship headed West. I landed in Central America. That’s where the Mayan Civilization was born. Unfortunately these Mayans were mostly sorcerers who practiced the Black Arts.”

Even in ancient Egypt, the template or ground plans for Atlantean-based temples looks exactly like the templates for computer chips and computer motherboards—simply another way of harnessing and utilizing energy forms.

The shrine or temple in which the Takeuchi Documents were supposed to be housed was a magnificent cosmic shrine named Sumioyasumeraotamashiitamaya in Toyama Prefecture. The scale of the main shrine is 218.5m wide and 200m long. It was said to be an education center covered with mysterious metal “Hihiirokane (unrusted metal forever).” In the shrine, the “Sacred mirror of (by which) world can be seen” was installed and could be seen by the whole world instantly (sounding very much like a television set). Shakyamuni, Moses, Mencius, Confucius, Lao-tse and Muhammad were all supposed to have come to this site to get the “Hihiirokane.”

As we shall also find out, not only is it how the temple is constructed, but it is also how it is decorated, and the power of the words spoken within the temple which count, for words and symbols transmit divinity as well. So do sacred teachings because the letters are infused with power, even if the text has been altered, misinterpreted, or even mistranslated, as most of the religious texts of the world have been.

It will also become clear that as we begin the new millennium, these space beings and their ultimate master will no longer have to persuade the people to build temples in order to link them up to their own centers of control; and no longer will they require a channel to enter the earth. Soon they will be here in person, and they look forward to once again creating fear more directly.

Survivors of Atlantis in the Pyrennees - The Basque language

More than just survivors of Atlantis, the Basque peoples who have made their home in the Pyrennees mountains of southern France and northern Spain were once a breakaway group who sort to escape the tyranny of the Sorcerer kings. To do so they decided to establish their own colony in a remote part of the Pyrennees Mountains where they would be safe from the coming destruction, as well as to have a defensible position away from the mainstream world, ruled at that time by the Atlanteans Linguists have, for a long time, tried to trace the origins of the Basque language. Most linguists consider it to be an isolate, or language with no known relatives.


Attempts have been made to show an affinity between it and certain other languages such as Iberian (an ancient language of eastern Spain), Ligurian (an ancient language of northwestern Italy), or the Caucasian languages of the Caucasus region of Georgia and Russia. No conclusive proof for these proposals exists, however. Basque was almost certainly spoken in ancient Aquitania, the region of Gascony, France, associated with the Bloodline of the Holy Grail.

Encyclopedias are quick to point out that the outstanding characteristics of the Basques are their independent spirit, love of freedom, and respect for individual liberty; a favorite Basque motto being “Neither slave nor tyrant.” These qualities are reflected in their ancient laws (called fors in France and fueros in Spain), which traditionally governed every area of their lives and were strictly adhered to. These laws were maintained by democratically elected assemblies (juntas), and great care was taken to secure honesty at the polls. It was not uncommon for a fisherman to preside over meetings in which Spanish noblemen were seated.


The reflection of their early heritage are evident in these still present characteristics and ideals.

The Basques first appeared in written history late in the 1st century BC, when they successfully withstood the Roman invaders of Spain. They maintained their independence throughout the period of Roman rule of the Iberian Peninsula. In the 6th century they fought fiercely and successfully against the Visigoths. Late in the 6th century, groups of Spanish Basques migrated northward across the Pyrennees to Aquitania, which thereafter was known as Gascony.

The heyday of Atlantis was about 32,000 BC until about 9,000 BC. Unfortunately, it was also at this time, around 9000 BC, that we as humans lost the incorporation of our higher selves within our beings. Due to the heaviness, the denseness of the third dimension, and the decline of Man’s spirituality on the planet, our higher selves were retained in the 4th dimension, or astral plane as some would prefer to call it, as the Earth lowered itself more fully.


The ‘higher self’ is that part of us which has the direct connection with the FATHER, it is our ‘oversoul’ if you will. The fact that we are split, that there is a part of us that does not reside within us right now may be difficult to accept, but it is true. As Kryon puts it,

“There is a part of you, which we call the ‘higher self’ which is stored elsewhere... Now they are stored in the (Earth’s) grid system itself.”

To consolidate and give a more detailed picture of the dark forces and where they reside on Orion, as well as the model for Earth that Orion itself is, we would like to include here some excerpts from Ruth Norman’s History of the Universe Part 1. Many of the lessons from it are self-evident or highlighted by the addition of our italics:

“. . . The annals of your earth history have then already provided a certain skeletal outline of the nature of the gods that have dwelled amongst the peoples of the Earth These gods have been seen to have lent their names to religious systems and to the mythology of ancient races; some which have been given a particle of validity, others which have yet been considered to be but myths or the imaginings of poetical minds. Yet the strands and facts of these imaginations, so-called, are validated in that the basis of man’s strivings can be seen to have constantly been assisted by what man has considered the mythology of the gods of Greece or Egypt and Rome. Even into your present time, the continuity of life experiences so expressed in the various credible and other not so credible beliefs in the signs of the zodiac and in other manifestations of the Intelligences, are projecting their radial fingers into the life of humanity.

“...His (man’s) learning thus is taking place in various teaching centers and now, as the dull dross of overcast subastral forces have been removed from the minds of man, he is seeing into the finer overcoat, so to speak, and realizing the true nature of his dream states and the recognition of his constant continuity between the awake, conscious state and his dream state.

“As an aside, we know that one may take the place of the other and it may be very true and valid that your present conscious state is but a dream and your dream is more of a conscious awareness of true reality!

“History is a containment of the experiences of man and of spirit. The events therefore, that provide a glimpse into the rise and fall of your own societies on your earth world, are also a reflection and a glimpse into the events that have taken place and are the rise and fall of earth worlds, the rise and fall of galaxies, in their necessary joining with the higher and inner nature of its own energies—the Directive Forces from the greater and the higher Celestial Dimensions. In your present Earth world, you have systems of zodiacal signs which are a manifestation of mathematics which had been given to you and introduced to the earth man by those higher Spiritual Minds who had given their initial touches from time to time, and you have now given various names to the star systems that seemingly revolve around your earth planet.


One of these systems as you look into the Southern skies is the Constellation of Orion and that system has provided a great deal of interest and has added a certain luster to the philosophical inquiry into the developments of your various civilizations... many of your societies of your world, in China, Babylonia, India, your Egypt, and stretching back of course to civilizations that have yet not been completely validated by archeological and paleontological evidence, such as Atlantis and Lemuria, and even others of the civilizations unknown to man, such as Yu, whose evidence of existence has been completely eradicated by the climactic disturbances of your planet. But it is the Constellation of Orion that has given a great deal of interest to those peoples who have left you with certain aspects of this inquiry. The inquiry has indicated that there have been many influences from the worlds, the planets that lie within this constellation of hundreds of planetary star systems.

“The validity of the reality of life that is lived similar to yours in this constellation which, in your present day, cannot be verified by physical contact, resides in the memories of man. In the memories of astrological and theological, philosophical, and astronomical ways, there has been an awareness of greater meaning that provides fro the reality that man has lived in a physical anatomy such as he now possesses, on these worlds with which he has such a rapport in his dream state, and in the manners and ways which we have indicated. This is true and this is a great part of the history of man—a greater part than man has yet been aware.”

The following excerpt relates how a Being from a higher dimension originally came to Orion with advanced knowledge, much as our ‘gods’ came to earth and were worshipped, and set up many of the problems that still exist there today.


This was an incarnation of Lucifer, here called Antares, spreading himself and his seed throughout the Universe, one galaxy, one star system at a time:

“...the world that he had decided to enter into because of his prior indication of the need of this world, was a world in the Constellation of Orion. It was a structure of a denser frequency, so that in a matter of time, if you can call it, in an instantaneous flash of micro-seconds, this one Antares took on the form of a physical person and lost the integrated wholeness of his prior consciousness and found himself in one of the physical bodies of an earth man, but an earth man who was bursting from within with grandiose schemes for resolving the problems of man and grandiose feelings which were bursting through his consciousness. This was perforation into the life of the peoples who make up a civilization; people who have their own prerogative of learning of life through their individual life experiences as they interrelate with each other in the many ways in which an organism of people so relate in the natural ways of birth through the womb and through the development of the physical species of man.


Throughout his life, man learns in the various forms of family and the structures of society to form some integration for individual development whereby the individual man learns through his feedback, mentally-wise and physically-wise, of that inner structure of the self. So the social organism of a physical planet is a developmental organism which has not yet learned of the firmament which provides its stability; has not yet learned of the mechanics in which this life force can be taken in and, in a sense, digested and thereby radiated out into the society made up of the many billions of peoples that are the surface life of the planets.

“This is of course the prerogative of all of the Father, the Creative Force which has now as its progeny become the sparks of life and is held within the framework of an atomic body. Yet, this very atomic body, being the actual Father, is contained in a structure which provides for the learning experience of man. So man, left to himself, would naturally learn through trial and error and throughout the epochs and millennia of earth time, to develop the intelligence for working in a social manner; in a manner in which and way in which life does take place for individual man.


But when another force is thus entwined and invades such a preliminary or elemental, or even an advanced physical society, such a force becomes not a help, but an interference, So it was, that in the worlds that make up the Constellation of Orion, the many thousands of planets and the many hundreds of solar systems, we find a force that had learned of evolution and had, supposedly, been one of the many directive forces to provide for the administering of younger souls and to help without weakening the forces which are necessary in being strengthened by trials, errors and life experiences of the individuals who make up the soulic-supporting self.

Antares, with great intensity and great desire and with the powers which he felt within himself and the desire to push his force into the framework of societies, became a hindrance rather than a help, in the time that we are in discussing. The natural course of events, the intelligence that is being nurtured by any one individual through the ways of a natural development, would come to the fore and it would be an intelligence that had been developed, based upon a firm and firmer foundation, laid one on of the top of the other, the internal framework thereby being stabilized by a basic foundation that had been erected upon the objective awareness being a cementing, so to speak of separate life experiences over spans of lifetimes, thereby the social organism becomes that much greater in its strength and in its ability to become a finer tuning fork for the intelligence residing on the higher octave of the Infinite; that is, another frequency band in which other peoples are living and experiencing the infinite panoply of the Father, thereby radiating in some way, directively, their understandings to the peoples in a lower echelon of worlds.”

“...Thereby lies the story of the beginning of a dark star that became the seed for retrogression in the natural development of the souls who were beginning their trek and who had already reached a certain point in their evolution where they had a certain basic understanding of the concepts of the structure of energy which could be ratified and put into productive use as the means to reduce man’s need to be as the animal. But yet we must backtrack and look more deeply into the life of the Aryan people and to see how it is that, having as their jurisprudence and their responsibility in guidance, to see that lives lived in the lower worlds would not come to drift with some current of thought that was deleterious or based in an opposite direction to progressive development, that the very ones who have been so ordained to be involved in this directional and purposeful surveillance, have themselves, the need to be, at all times, impassionately objective and to not be concerned in a personal manner with the nature and course of events which they see in the larger picture. “

Norman also details some of the methods and institutions of control on Orion, sounding very much like what is going on and currently in the works for planet Earth:

“...The scan of this individual took into consideration the entire history of that person, the entire history of his organism; that is, a physical analysis, a complete breakdown of every thought that had been recorded on the electronic tape and all of this information and all of this information thus brought together, was reviewed by the person in question, who would be your doctor, psychiatrist, or psychologist. This man would review this information and in his particular expertise and within the framework of his responsibility, would make a decision whether to return the individual to his previous position in a manufacturing department or in a department whereby he would work for the pleasures of the Orionites in their times away from their work department.

“This interior view of the electronic network of controls, so instrumented that they had a placement in the lives of the people in every way in which people live, was reformed into the teaching machines or the educational systems of the Orion planets (school by television—the electronic classroom already becoming widely implemented here on earth). It was a part of every institution that was the organism for the society of Orion. These instruments thus were teaching machines in their own right, but the teaching was a program so consistently designed that the program maintained a complete contact with the individual arteries of the people. This can be seen, therefore, to have been a development that took place over many thousands of years to thus staff the people to design, build and install these ingenious instruments in the hundreds of millions, and many more homes strewn throughout the mean worlds. So now at this time in our discussion of our history of this galaxy we are showing the development of the constellation that ha been known as Orion.

“Over countless lifetimes and through adaptation, built with a constant continuity from one generation to the next, there had been an acceleration of the science of energy as utilized in the means of record information, and in this sense we could say that Orion was again recorder of events; events that span generations of civilizations but yet had a thread that kept a continuity. This thread was not in the nature of the social system per se, but was in the nature of the giant memory disc that contained the events of past civilizations. Thus this giant memory disc, the computer memory bank of the Orion civilizations was the mother and father in the memories of the people (what some of our computer companies are becoming) although they themselves had not had disclosed to them by their leaders who formed their government in the various ages of the principle of life in which they would return from one life to the next and reengage in the same life they had left after their physical death. The events that had been so accumulated, indicated this continuity from one society to the next and it was a preclusion to those who had the opportunity to examine the evidence of past histories of Orion, that there was an organization that proved this continuity, but this information was not allowed to be disclosed to the people as a whole as evidence of their educational lives.

“...Artemus, realizing the import of this blue flash of light, immediately switches off certain instruments so there will not be a relaying of the information that he will hear by the word structure, that those who maintained their listening devices would not be able to record nor will any of his instrumentation receive the nature of this message that is coming from the inner council, and for the ears of Artemus alone. Yet, this information is thusly recorded on a different frequency which mandates the lives of the people in the other many thousands of control rooms.

“...Hence, we are indicating to you that the nature of the extent to which life was so mandated for the people was an organization of incredible detail, beginning with the actual birth of an infant and where all detailed signs of the future of that embryonic soul would be projected to a future use to which it could be utilized in the life of a complicated society... there were specially developed institutions which were responsible for the maintaining and the reprocessing of these flaws that would be detected and which flaws could easily cause a rippling effect to course through and to break down the well regulated harmony of interconnected, institutional life (what the prisons here are being built to do, they just now filled with individuals who are victims of some social disease who will soon be freed to allow their usage for the intellectual rebels. Orwell’s 1984 was just a remembrance of life on Orion transported to a world here on earth.)


“This was the prison system, a system whereby the individuals who were the unregulated ones, were separated from the natural life of the people and placed in a certain part of the planet and/or to another planet so developed for this purpose, a colony of dissidents and a colony extending into many, many hundreds of thousands of peoples who thus could not be processed to become a viable, healthy part of the tissue of the highly technical organism of Orion society, for reasons of intelligence and for reasons of physical disruptions in the bodies of these people. They could not be rectified in the educational techniques so providing for the constant reformation of the individual. This is a colony that that forms another segment and a purpose for the lives of the people, and these people having been so separated from the mainstream of life because of their own lack of adequate concern for their future, were used for the purposes of developing newer understandings in the strains and the racial superiority of Orion. Thus, there was no loss in the entire organism of life, according to the self-satisfaction of the governmental agency, in that they did not consider it a failure that these hundreds of thousands of people were indicated as a weak facet of their department.

“ ...Life on Orion is not necessarily similar in all respects to the life being so indicated on the central planet of Tyron. It is in this central planet that the great hub of activity activates the entire system of the Orion planets, which is a discipline of great artificial life, and this is the life that has been partially examined as being the internal organism of all forms of activity within the framework of electronic instrumentation, to implement the constant deployment and development of all facets of an intricately designed society.

“In the development of events so being disclosed, of the history of people and the history of the greater understanding of the life purpose of the individual and the entire organization of people into the purposeful and well-organized wholes can be seen to be the purpose of the arrival of the Pleiadeans and to be the next step in the incision into the disease which had been running amuck and had already curtailed the inner and revitalized regeneration of the Infinite Father into the lives of the people in this degenerate form of civilization.

“...We have indicated to you in the highways and the byways of the civilization of Orion, to some extent, the revealing abscess which was treating man as an instrument of his own projection and that man has been shown to be less than the animal, yet so artificially developed that he was capable of manning the complicated machinery of computer modules that contained the vast network of information of life. We have taken you, to some extent, to the portion of the Planet of Tyrantus to indicate to you that there were colonies that indicated the less than perfect society that was so highly touted by Tyrantus (tyrant) and his fellow associates. And we will indicate to you in greater detail that these clefts in a society were the cracks that had already developed and had been a running sore for many, many of the epochs of time, even in the period which we are discussing.

“Your parentage then is the nature and the function of the development of the advanced technological systems that had encroached upon the base spiritual mentality of the individual and man. His present consciousness is thus the reflection of these institutional developments whereby he gives lips service to his own indwelling self and provides the greater service to the vast machinery that had been a developmental relationship from those who were the first initiators, at least in this part of your galaxy—to the extent that they had imposed the developed consciousness they had, comparatively speaking, upon those who became their charges. They had insulted, as we have indicated to you, the intelligence that could be gained by any one of the life forms of the Infinite Creative Intelligence.

“It is quite readily apparent in your present 20th century and the close of what has been stated and restated during the past several thousands of your earth years as the end of the millennium and the beginning of a new cycle for man, when the Father would become more visible in the consciousness of mankind, and the trident would become, therefore, a greater interpolation and interaction in the life of man, this trident being that integration of what has been misrepresented as the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost, carrying down these misinterpretations from Orion as to the nature of life. But the true Father and the Son and the Holy Ghost are those principles which are active ingredients in the life of each individual who provides with the purposeful development of these ingredients to collate them and relate the principles of the past, present and future in the vehicle of the present dimension (or frequency) in which man begins to strengthen this understanding of the energy.

The Father, as we have so labored upon and restated, is the Great Infinite Intelligence (Here they are referring to the Sugmad) and that which is the parent source of all life. The Son is your psychic anatomy, the re-creational fabric of information that had been so developed in every life experience in the two dimensions in which life has gained its properties of understanding in the astral and in the terrestrial dimensions. The Holy Ghost is that precipitated vehicle which is the reflection of all these transposed life experiences contained in the energy of the physical anatomy and so projected that it provides the individual the opportunity to objectify in his present life through the mirror that reflects the past experiences that have been lived so arduously and lengthily for him. This is the greatest understanding and is the purpose and mandate of all individuals to thus recreate (RE-CREATION–not recreation –not leisure, but the rebuilding of Spirit inside us), through the individualized quotient of this life force that permeates into all dimensions of the Father.

“This basic understanding, a principle that is scientific in the highest degree of understanding science, can be and would have been a means of gaining for all man, and had he learned and utilized this understanding of the consciousness that is the pervading force of all life, that now makes its presence within each microcosm of the Father—a higher awareness into an area that would have gained that individual the strength whereby he could have projected, in his understanding, additional properties to those in levels of consciousness that had not yet been gained. So your present lifetime is then a fabrication that reveals in its separateness the misrepresentation that had been brought down to the one-million-year time in which we are presenting this great history of the universe in which you are the recipient of, and have been the living components.

“A supposed difference of opinion that has been a noticeable discord in the societies of man, has been the reactions between the institutions of physical science, which includes all departments and the institutions of the religious factions which are superimposed within the framework of their institutional form of life, certain concepts having to do with the mystique and the lack of true understanding of the continuity of the intelligence that is the consciousness and is the developmental feature of man. In so doing, they have in these religious factions, presented the nature of life as a complete antithesis of progressive evolution. They have developed the awareness of an astral world, which in its lowest divisions, provides for a medley of rewards or punishments which could be meted out to an individual if he did not agree with the tenets of these individuals who have so set themselves into levels of superior understanding that they have become the spiritual mandates for man, and misrepresent to man the spirit which is perceived by the individual in his longing to be joined with this inner awareness that he feels in times of great stress and at other times, in the peace and accord that can allow him to touch the invisible force.

Science, on the other hand, has been greatly concerned with the knowledge and function of that agent of the Infinite Intelligence that has recreated itself into lower dimensions as the atomic form which provides for the necessities of life for man. He has mandated this understanding in his limited vision and has recreated a vast system, an institution that provides access to the understanding of the physics of the energy form of the atom. Thus is fabricated in the life of man, another distinct aspect of the Infinite but limited within the horizons of the subatomic particles which present the camouflage and the appearance of life in the physical worlds; worlds which are called physical because the possessors of these senses agree to the containment of the pictures afforded from such senses; they therefore haven’t been able to see beyond the apparentness of a solid form. In the understanding of their energy force, they have thus recreated this force in the seeming objects of the world and have not transposed this understanding within the energy that recreates the very substance of the physical anatomy and provides for the mentality that must be used, even in the most primitive of the lives of an aborigine.”

“...So the scientific institutions of life which are gaining for man at this present time, a repetition of history, in the advances being made in the development of scientific apparatuses to increase the horizons and the perspectives of the physical mind within the properties of the atomic world, is again appearing in the 20th century. The force that had been the result of the Orion institutional forms of life are, in every way, showing themselves and are readapting themselves again within the lives of the people on another one of the worlds of Orion and the abscess that had developed one million years ago was the overdevelopment of the understanding of atomic elements and is resulting in the strengthening of this virus. At the same time, the lack of true understanding that had been given from time to time in the epochs of the history of your civilizations and not integrated in the greater totality o institutional life forms, is finding its disproportion and malignancy again within those institutions that attempt to explain the so-called nature of Spirit. Yet in both horizons of the societies of man in the physical worlds in which he lives, they are disproportionate and misunderstood.


“...Orion, therefore, exists not only in the mentality of the individual as he sees life through his physical sense structures but in lives as an invisible precinct of consciousness that became a reality to all people who had received the impetus of life experiences when they were living in non-physical bodies in the 4th dimension. So the strength gained in this subversive distortion of the true principle and reality of the nature or evolution was adapted and strengthened in the 4th or adjoining dimensions. Man lives as a reflection of the experiences gained when he adapted this consciousness and was able to learn, through objective experiences in another perspective, the nature of his own psychic self. There may be many of those who are now treading in the pathway of truth who have been abused in their past, having themselves been people who have lived in Orion, but who, having more strengthened awarenesses and more positively developed life experiences in previous experiences in their evolution and who can now see into and through the miasma, the camouflage that has been erected by the distorted life forms that presently make for a supposed reality of life. These individuals, having themselves played certain parts in previous civilizations in Orion and who have been travelers on the pathway of truth, will recognize within their own structures the distinguishing features of these principles that are being made apparent. These people themselves, having learned of the continuity principles of life and having known of the dimensions win which man lives, and been aware of the malignant thoughts that have been entertained in his mind, can thus see the nature of his own difficulties and can realize in this deeper fashion that he, at one time, was a helper in the progressive development of life of mankind. That individual then knows that he did not gain the necessary strength and the integration of previous knowledge of life as he found himself giving a greater degree of interest to the facsimile of life where the senses reared themselves and blocked out the fresher landscape of the sublime attunement with the higher intelligence of which he, at one time, was the possessor.

“...Orion was the parent, the father of material life forms, which are presently being relived by all peoples in exaggerated forms. The development within which these tyrannical methods were conceived and made a reality for those who lived in and throughout the planets of the Orion Empire, was a life that was restricted and the highly specialized nature in which the people lived, required each individual to conform to a set of conditions which knew of no failures. The conditions thereby, in which the people lived, were harshly enforced as a code of conduct, and failure to conform, by the inability to complete the quotient of work that had been allotted to any individual in whatever expertise, would require punitive action. The system of reward and punishment was rigidly enforced so that the greatest effort could be gained from the energies of the individual citizen of the Empire of Orion. These rewards provided for a development in the society of Orion that vastly accelerated the enjoyment of the physical sense structures. These rewards necessarily improved upon and gave a greater degree of reality to such individuals who had gained the approbation of their superiors whereby they could indulge themselves in certain life expressions that would enrich their feelings of security. The punishment to those who did not exert their utmost in the work allotted to them, would also in an opposite way, deprive the individual, from the sense of stimulus that would gain for that individual a certain degree of security and a feeling of being alive in a more physical way.

“...The reward systems were developed whereby the sense of touch and the sense of hearing and the senses of propagation of life were exaggerated. Since it was at all times an understanding that the highest and most developed stimulus in the life of a physical man was the continuity of the species through the sexual senses, this reward system gained the greatest popularity and became the most influential means by which people could be kept within the lower consciousness.

The desire to reap the benefits of these rewards through a continual desire for experience, now was the greater, enforced means of keeping people in a languid and unintelligent mental framework! “