Chapter 9

The First Budding of Atlantis

To most people, Atlantis was an island once located somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean which sank overnight in some terrible cataclysmic event. Very few people realize, however, that in its original form, Atlantis was actually a large continent which spread all the way from Eastern Europe to the eastern seaboard of North America, and south into Africa. The Canary Islands and the Azores, both of which are volcanic island chains, are the tips of what were once the mighty Atlantean mountain peaks. The Bahamas and Bermuda were also once a part of this same great continent.


The Decline of Lemuria

The interaction between the two great continents of Lemuria and Atlantis grew as both their cultures grew and expanded. As generations passed there became a great intermingling between them. Neither culture lost their identity totally, nor was either as separated or as isolated, or as pure in their own particular ideology as they were once before. Their lives and culture became co-mingled. The Atlanteans and Lemurians even inter-married in the latter days. Both cultures began to live a different way of life.

Eventually the Lemurians no longer knew how to leave the consciousness of their body. There were only ancient stories told among the people of how the animals used to die and flowers were placed around them. They could not really remember because it was only stories handed down as ancient myths and legends. As generation after generation after generation passed, neither Lemuria nor Atlantis remembered the totality of who they were. Atlantis became the epitome of technological living. Lemuria, on the other hand, was the epitome of spiritual consciousness and naturally idyllic living. Would that they had brought the best of both worlds together as the cultures co-mingled, however, they did not.

The continent of Lemuria grew ‘sad’ at the loss of what once was. A kind of heaviness fell over the people. The spiritual beauty of their world no longer existed. The people no longer knew the joy in their heart that they had once shared. There were no longer days of melodious sounds flowing on the gentle breezes throughout the land. The Temples of Learning fell into disarray. The people no longer visited the once beautiful and sacred temples. They didn’t enter into their crystal chambers for now they had Atlantean technology. The technology now provided their method of learning but it was not the same. They lost the wondrous identity of Lemuria. The time came that the very essence that had sustained Lemuria could not exist any longer and Lemuria virtually ceased to exist.


The Origins of Atlantis

To trace back further the origins of the Atlantean civilization, we need to go back to the time of the decimation of Mars and Maldek somewhere around 100,000 years ago, as described earlier. It was many of the survivors of this conflagration escaping the embattled planets before the one was destroyed and the other made virtually lifeless, who came to planet Earth, and were then responsible for the founding of the Atlantean civilization.

The recent release by NASA of some 20,000 new images taken over the past year or so by the Mars Global Surveyor are already being scrutinized by Mars researchers in hopes that some of the images may hold additional evidence of proving the existence of ancient intelligent life on the planet. Experts on the subject estimate that a life-supporting atmosphere probably existed on Mars some 3 million years ago, at least, though they do not recognize how much more recently this planet teemed with a highly evolved civilization.


Assuming that whatever life might have been there would have developed and survived under conditions similar to our own, any artificial structures they built would have undergone millennia of erosion, and would likely be at this point, severely degraded and either mostly or partially buried in the sands of Mars, though ‘the face on Mars’ and possible pyramids rivaling those of Egypt already seem to be quite evident. In an Arizona State University news release of June 23, 2000, it was suggested that Mars also once had Earth-like oceans at some period in its history:

“Thanks to NASA’s unmanned planetary exploration program, evidence of the existence of past oceans on Mars has been accumulating for years, but no one had ever been able to say what the overall chemical composition of those oceans might actually have been like—until now.

“A recent analysis of the interior of a 1.2 billion-year-old Martian meteorite known as the Nakhla Meteorite has shown the presence of water-soluble ions that are thought to have been deposited in cracks by evaporating brine, according to a study by Arizona State University Regents Professor of Chemistry and Geology Carleton Moore, Douglas Sawyer of Scottsdale Community College, ASU graduate student Michael McGehee and Julie Canepa of Los Alamos National Laboratory. The finding, announced in the July issue of the journal Meteoritics and Planetary Science, indicates that ancient Martian oceans had a mineral composition similar in variety and concentration to Earth oceans.

“We have concluded that we have extracted salts that were originally present in Martian water,” said Moore. “The salts we found mimic the salts in Earth’s ocean fairly closely.”

The memories of Atlantis in the collective unconscious of those on planet Earth are very deeply engrained and very much repressed, for they are memories of great traumas, not just of the destruction of one civilization, but of three. They are also very real warnings of the potential for the destruction of a fourth civilization, indeed an entire world, simply because we refuse to recognize and deal with this potent force in our history.

It is because the story of Atlantis holds up such a mirror to us and to the culture that exists today on Earth that we keep denying its existence. Is it any wonder then that we also let ourselves be so easily duped into believing the histories of our race which make no sense, and that leave great gaping holes, and thousands of unanswered questions? In refusing to acknowledge the mistakes we have made in the past, to learn from our history, we are also intent on giving away our individual power once again, both consciously and unconsciously, to those same beings who were responsible for this earlier destruction in the first place.

Exciting new evidence of Atlantis’ existence is to be found in recent studies of the weather patterns of Northern Europe. These weather patterns rely on the Gulf Stream, the warm current of the North Atlantic Ocean flowing in a generally northeastern direction from the Straits of Florida to the Grand Banks, east and south of Newfoundland. This Stream then extends its flow from the Grand Banks to the shores of western Europe, Scandinavia, and the islands of the Arctic Ocean in the form of the North Atlantic Drift.


The Gulf Stream is of great climatological importance because of its moderating effects on the climate of western Europe. In northeastern America a crop like rye, nonresistant to frost, can only be cultivated up to 50 degrees north latitude. In Norway, it can be cultivated up to a 20 degrees higher latitude. This is also true of wheat and potato crops, and the northern limits beyond which horses, mules, and sheep cannot be kept. The inhospitable arctic regions which begin at 55 degrees latitude in eastern America, do not start until 70 degrees north latitude in Norway. Unaffected by the Gulf Stream, Labrador is sub-arctic though at the same latitude as England.

If the Gulf Stream’s influence were removed, by, say a large continental island in the middle of the Atlantic such as Atlantis was supposed to have been, it would mean that the climate of north-western Europe would undergo a radical change, and would then become normal for that kind of latitude.

During the Pleistocene Epoch of Earth’s history, there was about the same amount of ice cover to the east of the Atlantic as there was to the west. Both continents were buried under huge ice caps that occasionally reached as far down as 50 degrees north latitude. The limits of glaciations leave their mark in the form of piled up rock called terminal moraines. The belts of terminal moraines found in Canada and Europe, which indicate the southern limit of advance of inland ice sheets, clearly show that during the Ice Age northwestern Europe did not enjoy a better climate than northeastern America. Thus it can be concluded that the Gulf Stream did not flow or did not reach northwest Europe during that time, blocked as it would have been at the time by the remaining islands of Atlantis.

Experts differ as to exactly when the Earth moved into its fifth geological age. Experts using different criteria place the time from 20,000 to 8,000 years ago. One scientist counting the bands of Swedish varved clay, arrived at an “optimum” of 12,000 to 10,000 years BC, the time when the final remnants of Atlantis were supposed to have sunk beneath the ocean. This means that much of England and most of Northern Europe only became hospitable for human habitation after the sinking of Atlantis. As we can see from recorded history, this is exactly the time when civilization began to take root on the European continent.

It is also postulated that the Mayans, being one of the outerlying colonies of Atlantis which survived the global changes of that time, date their calendar from the destruction of Atlantis... June 5, 8498 BC, just as the Romans began counting their calendar from the founding of Rome and the Christians from the birth of Christ.

Edgar Cayce’s Atlantis readings are important to a concept of our history, not only because they were given to help individuals, but also because they were given to help mankind. They point out very strongly the cyclical nature of history—those things which we do not learn from and which keep cropping up again and again until we learn their hard lessons. In the case of the life readings dealing with past incarnations in Atlantis then, the problems described seem to have a special urgency, a special relevance to the events going on today.

According to Cayce, many of the people he did readings for who lived in Atlantis were active, influential, and capable individuals. His suggestion in these readings, however, is that these past Atlanteans are once again incarnating on the planet in hope that they may once again be able to greatly influence the world events currently taking place—that is, to right some wrongs, to heal some old wounds, and potentially to divert the course of world events away from further destruction.

Much has been written about Atlantis, but it is Ignatius Donnelly in particular who, much like Churchward for Lemuria, is the best-known proponent of its existence. As W. Scott-Elliot says of Donnelly’s arguments for the existence of Atlantis, they excited a good deal of interest and respect when he made them in 1882. Today, however, they would probably be dismissed by almost all scientists and scholars as the result of “overgeneralization, exaggeration, and unsupported imagination.”

Donnelly’s major supposition was that similarities found in various corners of the world have to be explained by a common historical origin.


To Scott-Elliot, however, many of the similarities Donnelly found were simply superficial matters, and any evidence which did not fit into his particular theory, Donnelly tended to ignore. Repeating the mistake that Churchward made with regard to Lemuria, and Sitchin made in his study of the Anunnaki of ancient Sumeria, Donnelly attributes everything he sees in the various regions of the planet to the single influence of Atlantis. Thus he ignores the other influences which had also been taking place on the planet throughout history.

Donnelly calls Atlantisthe place of origin of modern humanity,’ and its disappearance therefore all the more poignant, involving as it does the loss of ‘our homeland.’ He correctly deduces that the destruction of Atlantis happened in stages, talking about the number of great catastrophes which have shaken the world.

  • the first of these took place in the Miocene age, about 800,000 years ago

  • the second, of minor importance, occurring about 200,000 years ago

  • the third, about 80,000 years ago, being a very great one which sank a fairly large piece of the massive Atlantean continent

This last date, however, is incorrect, the correct timing being approximately 100,000 years ago, coinciding with the explosion of the planet Maldek, an event whose impact, as you can imagine, was felt throughout the entire solar system. Although it did not sink the major part of the Atlantean continent, it did have great impact on the shape of the land masses on the planet at that time. And, as was previously explained, it was only prior to this catastrophe that colonizers from Mars and Maldek came to planet Earth and began what was to eventually become the great Atlantean Empire.

Donnelly is correct, however, in dating the sinking of the final stages of Atlantis.

  • the large island, to which Plato gave the name Poseidonis, was submerged in the fourth and final great catastrophe of 9564 BC, an event that it’s inhabitants had also helped to create.

In the life readings in which Cayce mentions Atlantis, his dating of its break up is far more accurate than most of those available from other sources. Cayce recounts three major periods of earth changes involving volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, tidal waves, and sinking land occurring between 50,000 and 10,000 BC.

  • The first of these events took place in his opinion around 50,000 BC, when a portion of the continent was destroyed.

  • The second occurred around 28,000 BC, when the remaining land was split into islands.

  • The final destruction occurred around 10,000 BC, when the last islands were submerged, undoubtedly the destruction to which Plato later referred.

It was paradoxically around 50,000 BC that Atlantis reached the height of its civilization. This coincides with the first cataclysmic earth change that broke up the continent, and thus caused a split in the rulership of the Empire into two separate realms. It is also the time when what we shall call ‘the Lucifer Intrusion’ began in earnest on the planet.


Its effects on Atlantis can be traced through the literature available as the Empire finally began to sink into worship of the occult, black magic, and sorcery. The people were controlled through the implantation of crystal transmitters, and the use of these dark forces eventually led to the final destruction of the center of Atlantean civilization.

The Early Civilization

The early stages of the Atlantean empire’s growth are far less well-known than the circumstances of its demise. According to Cayce, Atlantis was one of the places where human beings first appeared on Earth. He is, however, referring to modern man, to that time 100,000 years ago when ‘man’ as we know it began on the planet, the time before which there were great differences in the kinds of lifeforms on the planet, the time when the planet was still solidly fixed in a higher dimensional state.

Biochemists Allan Wilson, Mark Stoneking, and Rebecca Cann of the University of California at Berkley, studied the evolutionary relationships between racial groups by looking at the genes in the mitochondria, the components of human cells inherited only from the mother. By comparing differences among races, and estimating the rates of genetic change, they concluded that all living humans are descended from a common maternal ancestor, ‘EVE’, who lived approximately 200,000 years ago. All living humans share these same genes, and the divergence among races, according to their study, has occurred since that time. This would place ‘the origins’ of Man, back somewhere around the beginning of Lemuria and the early settlement of Atlantis.

According to The Nine, Atlantis was a colony which was developed by the Alteans, the civilization of Altea, and Ramtha also agrees. These are the race especially known for their technology—not a technology of machines so much, but a technology to do with the fundamental nature of matter. Cayce says Atlantis was the place where human beings made their most rapid advancements toward what we consider civilization, and it was “the place where the problems created for themselves came into the sharpest focus.”

Since some of this technology was brought with the survivors from Maldek and Mars, and other technology was brought from Sirius during the time of the Empire, the Atlantean colony had much to get started with, and even more to work on. Unfortunately, some of those who survived and came to this planet were also the instigators of those original troubles that had caused the eventual destruction of these two planets in the first place.

Cayce characterized Atlantis as the Motherland of Civilization where the earliest religion was a solar-oriented monotheism (Sons of the Law of One), which makes sense since the religious center of Lemurian worship was ‘The Law of One,’ and Atlantis as it turned toward the Dark Side and Lucifer, worshipped him who was considered to be the ‘the Son’ or ‘Sun’ (‘sun’ being a corruption of the original word ‘son’, still spelled in many languages with an ‘o’—del sol, die sohhne, etc.). The sun as a central symbol is, paradoxically, so much a part of the Dark side’s literature and its symbolism, again with the eight separate rays much as it was originally used in Atlantis.

Much of what we know of life in Atlantis beyond its awesome technology comes to us from Homer and from Plato. The poetry of Homer may in fact be a priceless document of an early civilization transplanted to the Mediterranean region from Atlantis, for it is doubtful that Homer created such a vast civilization strictly out of fantasy. The Homeric civilization as described in his poetry, could be essentially that of an Atlantean island lying near Gibraltar. From there it spread its influence throughout the entire Mediterranean area, as we know from other literature that it once spread to all four corners of the globe.

The earliest setting of Atlantis seems to be a land much richer in nature than that of anywhere today. Dark evergreens towered over serene meadows surrounded by sculptured mountains. Lions, leopards and wild boar roamed the woods along with bear, deer and fox, while perennial springs supplied fresh, clean water to both the men and also to the animals.

Cayce’s description of the climate was that, rather than being a tropical area, it was “more of the temperate . . .” (no, 5750-1, November 12, 1933). Our knowledge of the climates in that area in 10,000 BC confirms that this would have been the weather around that time. The glaciers were still melting, and all of North America was substantially colder than it is now.

In The Critias, Plato describes the actual layout of the cities and countryside, a sacred formula harmonizing with the universe, and used to maintain growth in both the people and in the land. Like the old Arthurian legend that will play such a big part of our story,” the people and the land are one.”


This sacred form was brought to the planet with the starseeds. It consisted of a series of concentric circles built around the central temple complex, as described here by Plato:

“And outside, round about the temple, there stood images in gold of all the princes, both themselves and their wives, as many as were descended from the ten kings, together with many other votive offerings both of the kings and of private persons not only from the State itself but also from all the foreign peoples over whom they rule. And that altar, in respect of its size and its workmanship, harmonized with its surroundings; and the royal palace likewise was such as befitted the greatness of the kingdom, and equally befitted the splendor of the temples.

“. . . Such then was the state of things round about the abode of the kings. And after crossing the three outer harbors one found a wall which began at the sea and ran around in a circle, at a uniform distance of fifty stades from the largest circle and harbour, and its ends converged at the seaward mouth of the channel. The whole of this wall had numerous houses built onto it, set close together; while the sea-way and the largest harbour were filled with ships and merchants coming from all quarters, which by reason of their multitude caused clamor and tumult of every description and an unceasing din night and day.

“Now as regards the city and environs of the ancient dwelling we have now well-nigh completed the description as it was originally given. We must endeavor next to repeat the account of the rest of the country, what its natural character was, and in what fashion it was ordered. In the first place, then, according to the account, the whole region rose sheer out of the sea to a great height, but the part about the city was all a smooth plain, enclosing it round about, and being itself encircled by mountains which stretched as far as to the sea; and this plain had a level surface and was as a whole rectangular in shape, being 3,000 stades long on either side and 2,000 stades wide at its center, reckoning upwards from the sea. And this region, all along the island, faced towards the South and was sheltered from the Northern blasts. And the mountains which surrounded it were at that time celebrated as surpassing all that now exist in number, magnitude and beauty; for they had upon them many rich villages of country folk, and streams and lakes and meadows which furnished ample nutriment to all the animals both tame and wild, and timber of various sizes and descriptions, abundantly sufficient for the needs of all and every craft.

“Now as a result of natural forces, together with the labors of many kings which extended over many ages, the condition of the plain was this. It was originally a quadrangle, rectilinear for the most part, and elongated; and what it lacked of this shape they made right by means of a trench dug round about it. Now, as regards the depth of this trench and its breadth and length, it seems incredible that it should be so large as the account states, considering that it was made by hand, and in addition to all the other operations, but none the less we must report what we heard; it was dug out to the depth of a plethrum and to a uniform breadth of a stade, and since it was dug around the whole plain its consequent length was 10,000 stades. It received the streams which came down from the mountains and after circling round the plain, and coming towards the city on this side and on that, it discharged them thereabouts into the sea. And on the inland side of the city channels were cut in straight lines, of about 100 feet in width, across the plain, and these discharged themselves into the trench on the seaward side, the distance between each being 100 stades. It was in this way that they conveyed to the city the timber from the mountains and transported also on boats the season’s products, by cutting traverse passages from one channel to the next and also to the city. And they cropped the land twice a year, making use of the rains from heaven in the winter, and the waters that issue from the earth in summer, by conducting the streams from the trenches.”

This sacred temple form has much to do with the structure of the galaxies and of the universe, the dimensions spreading out from the central ‘plan-et’, the galaxy spreading out from its center in an ever broadening spiral like a flat disk, etc. etc. Like the Russian cluster dolls, the form of the microcosm only grows larger and larger and is repeated in every aspect of our Creation. Its form was created to spread the energy of the FATHER out through all existence , much like the Atlantean form was created to spread energy throughout its lands. This ‘temple technology’ is critical to an understanding of the history we are about to explore.

Plato also gives us a description of the people’s ability to deal with the rich lushness they had built for themselves in the early days of the Empire, while still possessing a state of non-attachment to it, their motivation still coming spiritually from within. It was as this spiritual nature degenerated in favor of morality that their attitudes toward their possessions also changed for the poorer:

“ . . . Consequently they thought scorn of everything save virtue and lightly esteemed their rich possessions, bearing with ease the burden, as it were, of the vast volumes of their gold and other goods; and thus their wealth did not make them drunk with pride so that they lost control of themselves and went to ruin; rather, in their soberness of mind they clearly saw that all these good things are increased by general amity combined with virtue, whereas the eager pursuit and worship of these goods not only causes the goods themselves to diminish but makes virtue also to perish with them.


As a result, then, of such reasoning and of the continuance of their divine nature all their wealth had grown to such a greatness as we previously described. But when the portion of divinity within them was now becoming faint and weak through being of times blended with a large measure of morality, whereas the human temper was becoming dominant, then at length they lost their comeliness, through being unable to bear the burden of their possessions, and became ugly to look upon, in the eyes of him who has the gift of sight; for they had lost their fairness of their goods from the most precious of their parts; but in the eyes of those who have no gift of perceiving what is the truly happy life, it was then above all that they appeared to be superlatively fair and blessed, filled as they were with lawless ambition and power.


And Zeus, the God of gods, who reigns by Law, inasmuch as he had the gift of perceiving such things, marked how this righteous race was in evil plight, and desired to inflict punishment upon them, to the end that when chastised they might strike a truer note. Wherefore he assembled together all the gods into that abode which they honor most, standing as it does at the center of all the Universe, and beholding all things that partake of generation; and when he had assembled them, he spake thus... “

Atlantis was vast in size. While the population of the community was very small for a time, it became quite an intergalactic population. Its Healing Temple became very intergalactic. For a while it was known to be “the healing place” within the solar system. This brought quite an intergalactic population and a need to understand the different cultures and varying energies of the Universe. Earth at that time was the place where souls intermingled gaining greater understanding of one another.


The early openness of Atlantis gave a greater opportunity for this that had ever been available before. Not only was Atlantis advanced as far as its culture was concerned but it also had a very peaceful environment that allowed acceptance. There was a great acceptance of all life. There was very little judgment at that time of who was better or who was right. All things were pretty much accepted just the way they were.

And so a nation tied to their spiritual natures received all the blessings of the world, and life for its inhabitants was sweet. When they began instead to treasure Man’s laws over those of the FATHER, the people grew meaner and uglier in their ways, and brought about destruction upon themselves.


The First Destruction

The first destruction happened around 50,000 BC. Cayce’s Atlantean life readings refer to this early period before the first destruction and also blame the degeneration of the people for its cause:

“In the Atlantean land when there were those disturbing forces—just previous to the first disturbing forces that brought the first destruction in the continent, through the application of spiritual things for self-indulgence of material peoples.”

(no. 1406-1, July 13, 1937)

The first destruction of a portion of Atlantis appears to have been caused ‘accidentally’ by explosives that were used improperly, triggering volcanic action:

“ . . . with the continued disregard of those who were keeping the pure race and the pure peoples . . . man brought in destructive forces to be used by people that were rulers. The destructive forces combined with those natural resources of the gases, of the electrical forces made in nature, caused volcanic eruptions in the slow cooling earth, and that portion now near what would be termed the Sargasso Sea first went into the depths. With this there again came the egress of peoples”

(no. 364-4; February 16, 1932).

What Cayce is referring to is the fact that Atlantis had the capability of nuclear weapons. Just as in the present day United States and other countries with nuclear capability, they felt the need to test these weapons—underground. Unfortunately what the Atlanteans and many modern governments realize but don’t take enough notice of is the fact that, in many places, the earth’s crust contains large pockets of natural gas which run for hundreds, sometimes thousands of miles, even under the ocean. It is one of these gas pockets that was affected by the underground testing, causing the break up of certain parts of the continent.


The modern day practice of removing so much oil, gas, and artesian water from under the ground without backfilling the space made vacant, is already the cause of many similar earthquakes and ‘natural disasters.’



Like Donnelly, the Cayce readings speak of migrations of Atlanteans to areas throughout the world, yet the Cayce description of the result of these migrations goes far beyond that of Donnelly. In fact, the Cayce Atlantis with its high technological achievements and great moral conflicts, resembles more the world of today than the orthodox concept of the ancient world.

The Nine say that Atlantis expanded over an enormous land mass and colonized various other places on the planet—from North America across to Greece, then to many other areas as well after the destruction. This is due in part to a change in weather patterns caused by the sinking of that part of the continent. These changes allowed for some areas of the adjacent continents to also be more hospitable to habitation, as described earlier.

From Atlantis sprang various civilizations such as the Olmecs (although technically these came more directly from Altea—through Atlantis), the Mayans, the Aztecs, Greece, Troy, and also the ancient megalithic cultures of Britain. When Atlantis fell there was a great dispersion and trauma resembling the one at the time of the Jewish Diaspora. The civilizations in Crete around 8000 BC came from Atlantis. Also, according to The Nine, some in Israel, Jordan, and Iraq, as well as portions of China, India, and Tibet saw a major Atlantean influence.

The Nine agree that America was also in part colonized from regions of Israel, and that the Phoenicians merged at one time with aboriginals already existing in certain areas of the United States. New evidence of this early visitation to the North American continent, especially the South, is now coming to light, although not through any of the popular media channels.
Early excerpts and press releases from the Research Dateline of The Egyptology Society in Miami, Florida, suggests the discovery of tangible archaeological evidence pointing to the former existence of an advanced civilization that built temples near Bimini.


These ruins can be geologically dated as being more than twelve thousand years old. Preliminary analysis has revealed that the original structures, although smaller in size, appear to have been more advanced than the Great Pyramid of Giza. Casing stones have been measured which are of the same unique angle as those at the Great Pyramid. There are exact orbital plots of the planets and what seem to have been intricate star shafts, metal-coated walls, and intermingled stones of various colors (including red, white, and black). Other characteristics either closely match or are identical to features at megalithic sites in Peru, Mexico, the Yucatan, Ireland, and Scandinavia.

The Mayan culture was one that was a ‘left over’ from Atlantis–a colony that lost contact with its homeland and reverted to a somewhat more primitive state, much as has happened to other ancient cultures cut off from their original source.

Egypt was perhaps the major colonizing effort of the Atlanteans, in cooperation with the Sirians, and there are many references to the gods who set up the Egyptian civilization and became its rulers in what was known as Zep Tepi—‘the First Time’.

The Edfu Building Texts preserve a reference to the "Seven Sages.” The context in which the Texts describe the Sages is marked by a preponderance of ‘Flood’ imagery in which the ‘primeval waters’ (out of which the Great Primeval Mound emerged) are depicted as gradually receding. As Robert Bauval suggests, it is probably no accident that in Indian tradition ‘Seven Sages’ (Rishis) are remembered to have survived the Flood, their purpose being to preserve and pass down to future generations the wisdom of the antediluvian world.

In both cases the sages appear as the enlightened survivors of a cataclysm that wiped the earth clean, setting about making a fresh start at the dawn of a new age—which, in ancient Egypt, was referred to as Zep Tepi.


As other researchers confirm is written about Zep Tepi,

“the first era known by our principal sources was a period which started from what existed in the past. The general tone of the ancient records convey this view that an ancient world, after having been constituted, was destroyed, and as a dead world it came to be the basis of a new period of creation which at first was the re-creation and resurrection of what once had existed in the past.”

If this sounds a little familiar in its reference, it is the legend of the Phoenix—the legendary bird that consumed itself by fire (nuclear weapons), and a new, young phoenix (its colonies) sprang from its ashes. In the mythology of ancient Egypt, the phoenix represented the sun, which dies at night and is reborn in the morning. Early Christian tradition then adopted the phoenix as a symbol of both immortality and resurrection. As we shall see, the New World Order is nothing but a grander version of the resurrected phoenix that was Dark Sorcerer Kings of Atlantis.

The story of Egypt according to Edgar Cayce’s life readings pushes active Egyptian culture back almost 12,500 years to around 10,500 BC—a fact that is now becoming evident in the new research on the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx. The alignment of these ‘monuments’ with the star systems related to them could only have been achieved much earlier than what had previously been thought. Water level marks high on the Sphinx also could only have come during some kind of major flooding, not possible simply from the annual flooding of the River Nile.

Cayce describes the original society and culture of Egypt developing from nomadic influxes of people to the Nile valley (from both the Carpathian mountains of Asia, and from Arabia), who then settled with the peoples already in Egypt and took political control. Some of these readings even indicate that this culture was actively involved in archeological research of its own regarding earlier societies!

It is only since the 1950s that geologists were able to confirm Cayce’s words that the Sahara was indeed fertile well into the 2nd millennium BC, although caught in a losing battle with the encroaching desert. A people now known to the archaeologists as the Pastoralists, with many cultural elements in common with the Archaic Dynasty Egyptians of the Lower Nile, prospered in what is now unlivable wasteland.

Cayce confirms this fact as well in one of his readings:

“What is now the Sahara was (during the Atlanteans’ migration from their sunken homeland in the West to the Nile Valley in the East) an inhabited land and very fertile.”

(Edgar Cayce 364-13,1939)

Cayce himself spoke of having an incarnation in Egypt around 10,000 BC when many Atlanteans migrated there to escape the sinking of the last islands.

Egypt was a colony that was very ‘hard-core’ say The Nine. By this They mean that the Egyptians retained many of the hardcore attitudes of the Atlanteans. This was also evident in many of the other areas to which the Atlanteans eventually migrated. Since many of these escaping Atlanteans took some of their technology with them when they colonized, it was also a cultural shock to the natives of an area. These are some of the cultural remnants that many researchers such as Erich Von Daniken have found in their search for evidence of extra-terrestrial visitation to the planet.


The Beginning of Disharmony

The time came when the Atlanteans began to use their knowledge in ways that became self-serving to a few as mentioned by Plato. This self-serving use of energy sowed seeds of disharmony that began to grow. Discord arose as to the proper use of creative energy. The culture split into The Philosophers, Healers and Communicators on one side, and the Scientists and Technology community on the other, and both struggling for control. The Master had long ago vacated the Holy Temple in the center of the Great River of Life.

This struggle for power that lasted for several millennium finally found the power falling into the hands of the technological and scientific community. They were very knowledgeable in the ways of manipulating energy for their own purposes. As the power fell to them, more and more they created things that were not for the benefit of all, but for the benefit of a few. Those in power felt as though that there were differences between various facets of society. They felt they were superior to those that followed the philosophies. The scientific and technological side felt others were inferior or of a lower class. If they were of a lower class then they could not have the understanding or the ability to govern Atlantis.

The philosophers were the first to be attacked. The philosophers were isolated into one area of Atlantis. How could this happen? The scientific and technology leaders gathered the philosophers together for the pretense of a joint meeting on Atlantean affairs. The scientific and technology leaders then placed an energy field around the philosophers. They could not go beyond the energy field that surrounded them, nor could others enter into the energy field. While all was provided for the philosopher’s existence they no longer had any influence over the culture at large.

Thus the scientific and technological leaders began to divide Atlantis into sectors. They began to re-locate different cultures in isolated pockets of communities, much as the new world order has intentions of doing again. Sectors were developed. Energy fields were placed around these sectors of division to eliminate cross-culture communication.

Those leaders that evolved into the control of the government began to use their knowledge of creation in a way that they felt would create what had never been created before. They became intoxicated with the prospect of creation. Realize that when you know how to manipulate energy into a vibrational form creation is not difficult. There was no limitation or thought of the common good as they built upon the creation of technology.

Much as was portrayed in the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey, there was a huge crystal obelisk erected that sent out energy pulses that kept everything subdued. The population was not unhappy. Nobody wanted to rebel. It was like the energies just said, “You’re happy,” and that was accepted by the population. There was a total control over the population. What you must understand is that this was less then ten per cent of the population that had all the power. As the scientists and technologists began to take control of Atlantis, they became more and more intoxicated with their own power of creativity.


The Final Destruction

In the rise, fall, and final destruction of Atlantis, there are indeed many parallels with our own culture. There are also many warnings inherent in the information that comes through The Nine and through Cayce about the use of technology, as well as on the use and misuse of power. Much of this information will come to light in the next few years through the discoveries to be made in Egypt where records of Atlantis were stored for future generations to learn from. These seemingly harmless records though, may not be so harmless, and everyone waiting for their revelations may not be so interested once they find out what they contain—as we shall find out.

Cayce mentions these records in a couple of life readings:

“ . . . there were evidences and prophecies of Atlantis being broken up, and Egypt was chosen as one of those places where the records of that activity were to be established”

(no. 275-38, January 16, 1934)

“. . . for the entity was in charge of those records when the last peoples of Atlantis journeyed to the various quarters of the globe”

(no. 378-13, August 14, 1933)

The most evident parallels between their culture and our own are that both cultures developed a high level of technical society, both were world powers, and both were plagued with racial or social problems. Both also developed weaponry that, if misused, could not only destroy their own country but much of the planet as well. Both were also heavily involved with experimentation on affecting the climate of the world. One might say that both, also, never learned from the mistakes they made, but kept on going despite the obvious warning signals. Other similarities will be noticed as we further detail the final destruction of the continent, and the technology which helped bring this ending about.

In Atlantis, the worst happened—not once, but on three separate occasions, the last resulting in the final destruction and sinking of the civilization entirely. It is little wonder that many of Cayce’s life readings that spoke of Atlantean incarnations were filled with warnings to individuals about the misuse of their abilities. Individuals who had misused their talents once before might easily follow the path of least resistance and misuse them once again. In judging these events, it might be helpful to remember Kryon’s warning that we are our own ancestors.

The influx of people or migration into Atlantis might be seen as another parallel. According to Cayce’s psychic data, the upper classes of the Atlantean race looked like modern people, but they used these migrants, the less developed “things,” as servants and for experimentation. If for no other reason, this fact alone might suggest the presence of the New World Order in Atlantis, or at least strong connections to its roots, for the arrogance of power and the wealthy—the Illuminati—are very similar in both.

In Egypt, the Atlantean survivors considered the majority of the local people no higher than “menial” in physiological development and their culture and technical stance extremely backward, just as they had on their own continent. This helped set up a tradition of slavery in both Egypt and many of the surrounding countries as well that still persists today in many parts of Africa, and was the root of the slave trade coming to the New World.

Clow remembers this phase in one of her past life excursions:

“There were other beings on other levels of mentality. Some of them were savages and primitives on the earth. They lived in Africa, Brazil, China, in modern-day language. We bothered them, which was really not fair. We didn’t do that to help them.”

The final portion of Atlantis, the island that Plato called Poseidonis, contrary to popular belief, was destroyed in the biblical Flood, the Great Deluge that occurred around 9,000 BC.

Two of the catastrophes that occurred to help bring Atlantis to destruction were man-made.

  • the first was through the misuse of nuclear technology

  • the second through the misuse of crystal technology

The two that were ‘naturally caused’ were due to the biblical Flood and the other was due to simple volcanic activity from the natural processes of Earth’s crust cooling.

A being named Vajra explains how crystal technology is used in his time during a Tibetan Time Transference performed before an audience in Anaheim, California. This is a form of time travel, much like a post-life progression into the future. It is a very secret technique that is unique to the training of the Black Hat Sect of Tibetan Buddhism.


The Black Hats travel the time stream and it is from this sect that the Oracles to the Dali Lama are chosen. What he describes sounds very much like that already described in Atlantis –the huge crystal obelisk erected that sent out energy pulses that kept everything subdued, but black as portrayed once again in 2001: A Space Odyssey:

“We use holograms for a great deal. . . All this stores millions of giga-bytes at a subatomic level. The computers themselves look like black stone blocks, which can only be described as being bio-computers.

“The use of these devices has been greatly limited however, because of their great misuse and because these computers were used to mark much of the population and to kill and destroy many people in your coming time. We have opted more for the development of the human mind and the human soul and spirit. We interact with these devices, and they certainly make things easier for us on certain occasions, however, we prefer using our own talents and abilities.

“There was a great backlash against these machines and devices. This leads to... one of the great computers that the Immanuella uses in many forms... This great computer acts very much as a council, or simply an advisor. It in no way dictates what it is that we do. There is no one set central government that tells any individual or any country ways it must live. There is a very standard set of laws that are obeyed that come from ‘The Keepsake’ of the old times”

An important concept to understand here is that it was about this period, 9000 BC, that the Earth’s density lowered fully into the 3rd dimension. This was the actual event responsible for the Flood, contrary to all other written material on the subject. Like an elevator falling down its shaft with little or no restraint, and finally hitting rock bottom, the final ‘landing’ of Earth’s 2,000 year process of lowering from the astral or 4th dimension down into the heavy vibration of the 3rd dimension, ended with a ‘crash.’


The result was the shifting of the Southern polar ice-caps as described by Sitchin and others. Sliding off its land base into the areas south of what is now Australia, the flood of water rushed northward in a wall of water hundreds of feet high, removing most of the natural features of the Australian continent so that we now call it the ‘oldest continent,’ it appearing to be the most warn down. If all continents were born at the same time as supposed by the Pangea/continental drift theory, why would one then be any ‘older’ than the others?

It was instead simply the fact that the remnant of Lemuria which we now know as Australia, took the full force of the Flood, and was wiped clean of most of its surface detail. The effects on the rest of the world were enormous, especially since the ocean’s water level rose approximately six hundred feet at that time due to the volume of ice now in the ocean.
It is here in Australia that we find the ‘original hearts’ of the planet, those who are very much like the old Lemurians, the Ab-originals.

Think about how much of Earth’s civilization resides on the coastal areas of their continents, on tidal rivers, or at least on levels not much higher than sea level. Then imagine what a rise of 600 feet in the sea level would do the planet at this time, and how much of civilization would be affected, especially after such a wall of water had washed over much of the planet first.

The Nine support this version of the Flood as They talk about the fact that there were colonies of Atlantis at that time that were,

“not of a destructive nature: those in truth were not destroyed... the loss of it was due to a natural phenomenon, your oceans, your earthquakes... It happened overnight.”

If one is led to wonder why there are not more remnants of these civilizations we are talking about, it is simply because they have been washed clean from the face of the Earth, and subsequently from the history books. One Earth-change after another over the millions of years ‘Man’ has been on the planet has wiped clean the slate of our memories and of our history. We are going to have to dig a lot deeper if we want to find the bones of more of our true ancestors..


The Sirian/Orion Influence

Atlantis was, in part, seeded by the Sirians, a race of beings outside the influence of the Twenty-Four (the literal Federation of Star Trek fame). The Sirians, and those from Orion as well, were the predominant survivors of the Mars/Maldek wars.
The Sirians were the ‘old time Atlanteans’ who came to the planet many hundreds of thousands of years ago to implant themselves into the culture here on Earth, completely for the purpose of taking it over for their own selfish reasons. As we shall see, they are not the only ones who have treated this planet and its people in exactly this kind of way.

The time when Atlantis really became a civilized continent/culture about 100,000 years ago was in a interglacial period on the planet as recognized by modern geology:

“Within each ice age are remarkable fluctuations known as glacials and interglacials: cold and warm phases that correspond to a cycle of about 100,000 years. Recognition of this glacial cycle required complex mathematical calculations, first worked out by a Yugoslav scientist, Milutin Milankovitch (1879-1958)”.

The Sirians had left the planet periodically as it grew colder and less hospitable, even as it was still fourth dimensionally inclined. They then re-established themselves some 50,000 years ago along with the survivors from Mars and Maldek. They are the Atlanteans people know of today who sank along with the continent as it went down during four separate phases, finally disappearing in its entirety around 9,000 BC. It is with their return to the planet that the demise of Atlantis began, for with them they brought the occult technology and ancient mystical rites that turned the people of Atlantis from proponents of the original religion they had inherited from Lemuria—‘the Law of One’—into a continent ruled by black magic and Dark sorcerer kings.

As a side note, it must also be borne in mind that down to the very end when Poseidonis disappeared, an Initiate emperor or king—or at least one acknowledging the “good law” –held sway in some part of the island continent. This being helped guide and instruct the small minority of those who were still willing to lead pure and wholesome lives. In later days, this “white” king was a ruler elected by the priests—the handful, that is, who still followed the “good law.” Clow describes in the stories of her past lives how she was once a “freedom fighter from the other side” working against this Occult Hierarchy in the last days before the sinking of Atlantis.

Within even the darkest organizations on this planet that we shall explore in later chapters, there are still good people. This is an important fact to keep in mind. Most organizations depend on the rank and file remaining unknowing of the true purposes for which the organization really stands, and this will even include the religions. It is therefore unwise to condemn all those involved with the Darkness, but we must work instead to help show them the truth of their situation. We have all gone through those evil days, and now those experiences we have accumulated help us realize truth as we struggle to resurrect it again.

Remember, the key moment in Max Bollinger’s children’s book The Lonely Prince, comes when Prince William, unable to possess the first thing in his life he feels is truly important, breaks down and cries. His crying is an emotional breakthrough that thaws his emotional indifference. Once he begins to express his feelings, happiness also becomes possible. This is the way it is with the Dark side. For every one of us who refuses to bow his head, the opportunity is given for those on the Dark side to change.

This, too, is what we all must do to heal the wounds of our history, to let go of the past and move on. This needs to be done both individually, within ourselves, and as a race of people aligned on a self-destructive course much like we once did before in these last days of Atlantis.

At this time of its final destruction, and with the lowering of the planet into the 3rd dimension, the Sirians, those who had been worshipped as the ‘gods of old’, those who had once walked and talked with Man much like the Anunnaki did, also appeared to leave the planet or at least to deal with it in a very much more limited and impersonal way.

Through their advanced technology, the ‘gods’ were able to still communicate with the Earthlings of the time, and to still reside occasionally in the ‘twilight zone’ areas within temples that were links between the 3rd and 4th dimension. This is the time when ‘the gods’ became the ‘unseen’ gods that many religions still worship today, unseen much like we think of ghosts, astral entities, and aliens intent on abduction.

Again Clow:

“. . .We also started communicating with beings on levels other than ours with our powers... There were good Atlanteans and there were Atlanteans who misused this power. And toward the end of the Atlantis phase, the beings of Atlantis found ways to make sure they still had contact on the earth plane.”

The Sirians and the Men from Orion, also known as the Men in Black, have in the past been like a horde of ravaging pirates in the Universe. As one author puts it,

“they are in a cabal, an alliance or a pact... to share the spoils of what they conquer, of what they possess, of the beings they control as they move from planet to planet.”

It was because of these two groups of planetary beings that the war between Maldek and Mars got started, and it was also because of their technology, in this case a nuclear war, that both the planets became virtually lifeless masses floating in the great void of space.


A warning of the danger we are once again facing as we have returned once again to a similar level of technology and aggression, is given by the being named Vajra:

Vajra: “That is what your age, or your generation, is about to go through has much to do with the puberty of that child. It has much to do with the violence and the rage and the misunderstandings and the temper, if you will, that you are evolving from.

“In the later part and beginning of your 20th and 21st Century, so much of what survives now is an obsession that you have with games and games and games.... so many games! Little children’s games. We have games here which serve a purpose to educate and enlighten, but in our society the things that are important are dance or music or art and singing or the joyous expressions of love towards one another..... and the women are simply better at that than we men are now.”

Most of those who created the war escaped to planet Earth, and with them they brought their connection/their worship/their subservience to the being known as Lucifer – hence the name the Luciferian Wars. This was the beginning of the Tree of Life as it has been worshipped on this planet now for some 50,000 years. It is not only the tree of man’s progression up the spiritual Jacob’s Ladder of the higher dimensions, but also the tree of Luciferian influence on us all. As we shall soon discover, there is an actual genetic tree linked to the physical seed of Lucifer.


The Luciferian gene now resides in as many as 90 percent of all those being inhabiting the Earth! These events in Atlantis are the beginning of Lucifer, as we know him, on Earth. And it is from this original colony in Atlantis that we must also begin tracking him and his power as it moves from one center of influence to another upon the planet, and from one power-based institution to another.

It is to these beings and this particular time that The Nine refer in the following channeling:

“In the time of Atlantis... they believed this was the secret of being what they called the God, and they wished to be in competition with the God and become the God... There are those who came in sheep’s clothing but were wolves. There are those who wanted our position but were never in a position to get it.”

Man’s history has indeed been a search to replace the FATHER – whether it be Lucifer and his rebellion against Enjliou or the Atlanteans searching for a way to become God. But it is only because of a lack of the knowledge of who we really are, parts of the Oneness of God, that we continually keep searching to return to something we never left—and which in return never ever left us as well.

To add strangeness upon seeming strangeness, The Nine explain that there were those in Atlantis who new the errors of their ways, and who chose to come back and be of service to planet Earth at this time when the mistakes of Atlantis might soon be repeated. As Cayce talked about the people returning to the planet who had at one time misused or abused their power in Atlantis, so too are there people returning to help in any way possible.


The difference with the beings The Nine refer to is that, knowing the difficulties of existing in the flesh at this level of density, and not wanting to be tempted to repeat their same mistakes, these people chose to return in a form where they would not be tempted again—they chose to come back as dolphins.

“The dolphins have chosen to return as porpoises and dolphins though they were once humans because they knew in this form they could not make an error... it explains the energies of desire (190)... in their intellect and understanding of the nature of the past experience, we knew that they could be of service... They are guardians ...and infertility is one of the more notable cures from swimming with the dolphins.”

Go to SeaWorld and watch how these creatures act, listen to the remarkable stories of people cured of physical and emotional illnesses after having been subjected to ‘dolphin therapy’ --swimming with the dolphins. Perhaps then the reality of what has just been said might truly begin to sink in.

Barbara Clow speaks extensively of the Men in Black from Orion and Sirius who were the cause of the Fall of Atlantis. She sheds new light on their purpose in being here on the planet at this time:

“(They) have infiltrated earth at this time because of the level of technology attained...The Men in Black caused a great cataclysm—the Fall of Atlantis—but the Men in Black did not succeed in their ultimate goal, which was to wrest the minds of men from the gods. The “official sources of information”—historians, anthropologists, archaeologists, and psychologists—deny the history of Atlantis because, if they did, people would remember that destruction has occurred before. Then humans would have a greater hope of identifying the way evil works to trick them out of their freedom.

“...Their ancient battle was with the Nibiruans and the Sirians,... and their struggle is recorded in the many legends about fratricide (such as) Horus and Set in Egypt... the Men in Black are heavily incarnated on Earth during this period... Their particular skill is in setting up situations which encourage evil choices during times of high technology. These covert cosmic visitors often wear dark suits with white shirts and red ties. Most people on Earth remember their influence during the Fall of Atlantis, and this fear of ancient cataclysm causes an almost total mental paralysis upon encountering the Men in Black.”