Chapter 4

The Tree Grows Crookedly

Two souls, alas! Within my breast reside
And each repels the other:
One, in tenacious lust, the world holds in its embraces;
The other sweeps the dust above into the higher ancestral places.

The mythology relating to a World Parent Creation is very common. The basis for it is called the Earth Mother-Sky Father motif.

In this type of myth, common to as diverse a group of races as the Fon, Polynesian, Zuni, Egyptian, Minyong, Yoruba, Yuma, and Greeks, among others, the universe evolves from a union of the opposite qualities of sky and earth, the heights of thought and the depths of matter. And, in this type of Creation myth, creative space between the world parents is usually made—sometimes violently—by their own children.

Such mythology reflects the very Creation story we have just begun, once again suggesting that the story of Enjliou, Callia, ARTOLA and Lucifer, was at least partially well-known once upon a time. It also suggests that somewhere along the way this Creation story that should be a part of everyone’s heritage, has been buried, censored, or in some way edited out of our history books. Since it is a fixed rule of propaganda that to rob a people of their power, one needs only to take from them of their myths and their history, perhaps this could be the very reason.

Who would have the power and the influence over such a wide field of human experience that they would be able to do such a thing? Who could, and who would want to do such a thing?

The answer is simple. Lucifer.

The only problem is that so many people on the planet, and indeed on other planets as well, do not believe that an entity such as Lucifer exists. Should they be among the minority in believing in the Being of Lucifer, they rarely do acknowledge that he would have any power over them, their lives, or on any of the decisions they make on a day-to-day basis.

Many people use the word ‘Satan’ interchangeably with, or instead of, Lucifer to describe the Dark Force in the Universe. As Elaine Pagels, professor of religion and noted religious author, explains it, in Biblical sources the Hebrew term ‘Satan’ describes an adversarial role. In fact, the word ‘Satan’ actually meaning ‘the accuser.’ Along with references to other fallen angels or to demonic beings, Satan is virtually absent from the Hebrew Bible.

These two words seem to have become inextricably interwoven, however, when referring to the one being known more correctly as Lucifer, a Latin word paradoxically meaning, “light-bearer.” Other names for Him include Phosphorus (Greek ), Belial, Be’elzebub (one favored by the spiritual hierarchy), the Bringer of Light, or the Morning Star.

The most common history told of Lucifer is that as an angel of God, he got offended by developments in the heavenly realms, and one day struck out on his own. His story should not be confused, however, with the sons of God who mated with the daughters of men—those we shall come to later in our history.

As Pagels remarks, Satan, in the Bible, seems to be a figure who is close to God, as in the story of Job when God boasts to the Satan about one of his most loyal subjects:

“Have you considered my servant Job, that there is no one like him on earth, a blessed and upright man.

“In this story, the Lord himself even admits that the Satan had some influence over Him when it comes to the subsequent tests he lays at Job’s door.

As Satan/Lucifer became an increasingly important and personified figure in history, stories about his origin also proliferated. One of the stories related by Pagels tells how an angel, himself high in the heavenly hierarchy, proved insubordinate to his commander-in-chief and so was thrown out of heaven—demoted, and disgraced, as it were, echoing an account in Isaiah of the fall of a great prince:

“How are you fallen from heaven, day star, son of the dawn! How are you fallen to earth, conqueror of the nations! You said in your heart, “I will ascend to heaven, above the stars of God; I will set my throne on high . . . I will ascend upon the high clouds . . . But you are brought down to darkness, to the depths of the pit.”

(Isa. 14:12-15)

Pagels also mentions an apocryphal version of the life of Adam and Eve in which there is another such account of angelic rebellion.

“In the beginning, God, having created Adam, called the angels together to admire his work and ordered them to bow down to their younger human sibling. Michael obeyed, but Satan refused, saying,

“Why do you press me? I will not worship one who is younger than I am, and inferior. I am older than he is; he ought to worship me!”

(Vita Adae et Evae 14:3)

In this case, the problem of evil in the Universe begins with sibling rivalry. This is partially true as we have begun to see in our Creation story, although obviously more of the blame as such belongs to the Creator Parents themselves. This sibling rivalry, however, is the basis for many archetypal stories, and is mirrored in such well-known Biblical stories as that of Cain and Abel, Joseph and his brothers, and also the prodigal son.

Pagels’ summation is that,

“. . . at first glance these stories of Satan seem to have little in common, yet they all agree on one thing: that this greatest and most dangerous of enemies did not originate, as one might expect, as an outsider, an alien, or a stranger. Satan is not the distant enemy but the intimate enemy—one’s trusted colleague, close associate, brother.

And that we already know is Lucifer.

The Council of Nine avoid using the term Lucifer at all, but do occasionally use the term ‘Satan.’ More usually they choose to use the term ‘the opposition,’ or the euphemism ‘The One Who Fell.’ Palden Jenkins reflects what we have already been finding out about Heaven in his commentary on the channelings of The Nine, that we here on Earth tend to think of Earth as complex, and the heavenly worlds as simple. Yet, the Universe is a complex place too, with all manner of different beings, of many different kinds and stature, and from vastly different persuasions and ways of seeing things in Creation.

“Primarily there are those who are variously aligned to the universal cause of the Creator and the overall purpose of Creation, then there are those who define their realities and purpose as best they can, according to their own experience and evolution – which might or might not, by varying degrees, be in line with universal purpose; and then there are those who have set themselves up to oppose universal evolution, to obstruct it, and to influence beings of the Universe to forget, lose, deny and go against their original purpose for being.”

This lays out fairly clearly the three types of being in the Universe: Those who are ‘with’ the FATHER; those who are working, as it were, ‘on the fence,’ doing the best they can with the understanding they have; and those who are in opposition to everything the FATHER and HIS Creation stand for. One could almost divide Mankind up into the very same three categories.

Although this may make the choices sound very simple, it is exceedingly more complex in reality. Mankind seems ever more than willing to accept the imaginary worlds and creatures in movies such as Star Wars; and television series such as Star Trek. Somehow, though, when it comes to seeing the reality of our own Universe, we get stuck with our blinders on, or jolted back into the deeply programmed patterns of thinking imposed upon us by the norms of our culture, our church, or our increasingly narrow educational system.


Somewhere there is a trigger mechanism in us which makes us not want to see or admit to our own history and the origins of our kind. Perhaps this is due to a fear that there is something which will shock us out of our complacent little worlds, and that would make us have to act responsibly in the future. Perhaps it is a fear of seeing what it is we, ourselves, have actually created.

As we shall see in the following chapters, perhaps what we want to believe is that our society is indeed at the pinnacle of evolution, rather than being mere infants compared with cultures that have gone before us, and our neighbors and biological parents from planets in the not-to-distant Universe.

It is best that we get one thing straight right from the start of our journey, for much of this book will bring up the same subject again and again, as we trace the single most important influence on human history—Lucifer. Make no mistake about it, there is a Lucifer. Also make no mistake about the fact that he is NOT playing some helpful role in God’s plan by provoking us to do what is against the FATHER’s Will. His stated purpose is to become God of his own Universe, and if not, then to destroy the Universe and as much of Creation as he can take with Him. To do this, He has actually incarnated upon this planet 7 times in the past 5,000 years—and yes, he is coming again.

If that is not clear then as the book proceeds forward with our history, we shall see the pivotal role these seven incarnations of Lucifer have had in shaping the direction of our history.

The Council of Nine take a great deal of time to explain just how ‘the opposition’ works. It will therefore be beneficial here to share some of their wisdom on the subject, keeping in mind that it is through those who have been manifested on all the various worlds in the Universe that either side of Light and Darkness must act. We, ourselves, individually and collectively, are the battleground on which this war has been fought, and will be fought in the very near future.

“There are those who propose to be like Gods—those are the humans that draw in, and are influenced by, the ‘One Who Fell’, who was at one time in the realm of the Gods, and is now fallen. The One Who Fell utilizes and feeds on those energies of neglect, of emotional distortion, and the weaknesses of humankind, but also upon their strengths, when those strengths are not protected.

“The One Who Fell’ insinuates upon humankind information that is not correct. He has created a scheme, that humankind believes, that those of the darkness are in equality to the Creator. It is the hope of the Fallen One that if enough of humankind accept, then He Who Has Fallen will become the Great One . . . It is humankind, those that have the energy of destruction, that the Fallen One utilizes. They are not Gods; they are fooled humans . . people do not understand their true self, and therefore give their power to the One Who is Fallen...”

Understanding the energies of all Creation, Lucifer knows how to best utilize those energies to make himself a God. He also knows all the tricks on how to keep people in bondage, to have control over others in a way that makes Him feel that he is a God. Not to confuse the issue, but remember, through all the trickery which is and has been used upon us, it is still usually we who so easily give away our power.

“Remember that your seventh dimensional body (the stellar body), representing the physical body of your inner being, is able to interface with the third dimension with clarity, power and enlightenment, depending upon the quality of the work you have done to this point. Realize also that the light of the 7D has always shone brightly from within you. Whether it is able to penetrate the dross of your lower dimensional bodies depends entirely upon the work you are doing now and the decisions you are making moment to moment in your heart. This is the way to avoid getting fooled.”

The Nine say that all parents should be able to relate a saga about a child who is unloving, even after it has been nurtured, fed, and had great love given to it . . . “a child whose parents only wished for it to “grow in beauty, straightness, flexibility, and love, giving as it has been given to, but it chooses not to do that,” until at last the realization comes upon them that they must let go of it in order for it to find itself, and for it not to wish to destroy others. This child is “not discarded, but it is also not fed and supported, for that which loves it, it attempts to destroy.”

Lucifer is on His own when it comes the supportive energy from the Universe. Since he has been cut off from the Source, to gain the Light he must have to exist, he must steal it from others such as those who serve him. This, more than any other source, is the origin of the legend of the vampire, “the blood-sucker,” the energy-stealer, the one who must destroy others so that he alone may survive. He is trapped in the lower dimensions of reality because he does not have enough ‘power’ or Light to maintain himself in the higher dimensions.

It is one way to recognize those who are under the influence of the opposition on this planet that they seem to “sap your energies” when around you. Recognize, too, that the rash of vampire movies over the past few years tells us more about the stage the Lucifer rebellion is at, than anything else in the media.

The Nine emphasize that ‘the opposition’ does not adhere to laws. This means they can lie, cheat, and even kill, to attain their final purpose. The workers for the True Light of the FATHER have, on the other hand, always followed what is known in Star Trek as ‘the Prime Directive’—the Law of Non-interference.

They are also quick to remind us that both sides have their angels:

“All that is not good in a physical body is used by the negative forces... (Therefore) the objective is to be positive-balanced, not positive-imbalanced. When you re-balance the positive and the negative, or when the physical body is tired or weakened, the negative forces may attempt to use your physical being, even if balanced, to create disharmony, to upset and unbalance... This is how they attempt to work through people who work with us: through illness, accident, or loss of energy. Even exposure to your electrical equipment can bring imbalance. Your world is full of desire, greed and unbalanced emotions, and it is not difficult for these beings to upset the balance and trap souls so that they reincarnate over and over. In the other worlds of the Universe, they attempt to do the same, but it is only on Planet Earth they are able to accomplish this, because of its density, and the desires of the humans.”

Everything in Creation seeks to be in balance. That is the Nature of the FATHER. It was from the imbalance set up between Enjliou and Callia that the whole of Creation took on an unbalanced state in this Universe. It was then propelled forward by this imbalance into ever darkening reaches of the Universe until it was no longer a Universe as such, a place of Oneness,
but instead a universe of Duality. From the split between the Creator Parents came the Father of Manifestation—came Lucifer, came beings who were not created wholly in Light, but also in darkness.


The worlds of duality as they are called, were brought into existence at that time, and the struggles of the universe and of its Creators has gone on from that moment into the eternity which is the nowness of time, in a state of duality. And it is the times of imbalance in our own beingness that Lucifer most uses against us

“You humans, within each of you, has all the ‘good’ and all the ‘evil’. Do you know what causes Satan? . . It is the temptations of the world...Satan is the unbalanced negative... The opposition is the opposite of life . . . Obstructing evolution on planet Earth affects everything else... Satan wishes not to bring it into balance, for if by bringing it into balance a soul becomes perfect and may live in freedom, Satan cannot live.”

Anything the Opposition can do to create imbalance in a person, in a family, in a state, in a country, in a world helps the Dark side to win. Fanaticism is one of the tools that they are using. As we have seen in the Middle East wars, in Bosnia and Serbia, as we have seen in the United States in the racially motivated killings and the school shootings, if fanaticism is not released, it becomes more violent. In each of these cases the participants were imbalanced in their beliefs, in their hatreds, in their ideas of racial purity, and ‘the opposition’ took advantage to create further imbalance, often times through the fear that the violence spawned in others.

“When those energies that you call negative upon your planet Earth attempt to destroy, attempt to control others, it is because they are in competition with God, the one Creator. For in their cells they know the divinity within them, and their personality holds forth, and they then attempt to be God... Then those who attempt to strangle and take over others are fed by the energies of what you call negative, as we are fed by love, and they then begin to strangle all. They go in competition with that that created it... No one can compete with God, for they have not the truth within... They threw themselves out by going in competition and having the desire to become all that is... They are attempting to disrupt the work of the Universe.”

It is obviously to Enjliou and His decision to turn away from the Father that The Nine are referring to when they choose a place to lay their initial blame for this flaw in Creation:

“The universe was not set up to have an imbalanced opposition which fundamentally broke the norms and laws of the Universe. The imbalanced opposition arose because some being somewhere made an error -which is not so bad in itself, for errors do arise. The erring being then omitted to acknowledge what it had done: his was the major error.

Fortunately, they also offer suggestions as to how to deal with the presence of negativity in our lives, negativity that creates imbalance, to which the author has also added a couple of his own:

• Always look for the golden light. Those angels working for evolution always radiate a golden light.
• Accept the negativity within you, and permit it to be dispersed with this recognition; if you thereby come to know your fears, this can be useful negativity.
• The opposition work through the emotions—release your fears to your own higher power and let them be dissolved. If you can consciously connect your spiritual guides or angels, then you have an even greater power—coming into knowledge and truth does not make your path easier, for to be in service is also to pay dearly for that right to serve.
• Respect them if they create difficulty for you. With your mind see yourself from the ground to your head being swept with Divine love, Light, and the FATHER’s joy in you. Do not hesitate to ask for help. Because of the Law of Non-intervention, THEY cannot help you if you do not ask.
• Do not blame yourself when you have erred, but make a position to not repeat it. Always function from the center of your being, in integrity. What is important is to attain a state of being in which you cannot view yourself with dislike. Also it is important that honesty is functional.
• Do not take on anything or anyone you know you do not have the strength to pull away from.
• Forgive yourself. . . Each one of us needs to use our personal sovereignty to re-join the human race, from a background of decision and commitment. Love starts with ourselves. The way to start loving ourselves is to omit doing things which make us dislike ourselves.
• And always remember: There are those upon Planet Earth that were created by ‘the opposition’.

Ceanne De Rohan’s work also sheds some much needed Light on Lucifer’s role, the dissension He has brought to Creation, His effect on the Creator Parents during the early stages of the Creation of this Universe, and also the effects the fragmentation of the Parents had on the spirits that were created. This excerpt also gives us a glimpse into the original notion that when Lucifer ‘fell,’ he took one-third the host of heaven with him. Remember that DeRohan treats the Father of Manifestation and Lucifer as separate entities, although the spiritual hierarchy say this isn’t so.


ARTOLA is here given the name of Heart.

“The Great Arc Angels were next. They had Lucifer in their midst claiming he was one of them. The Great Arc Angels seemed to have grown in light and power since they emerged. I saw then that the Great Arc Angels belonged to Heart. They loved Him and had taken Him in and learned from Him. Light poured forth from them and love was in their hearts. Heart was proud of them.

“The Great Arc Angels had one great problem: They did not feel that Lucifer was one of them. Lucifer never agreed with them, and yet, he would not admit that he was different from them.

“He gives us trouble no matter what we try to do with him,” The Arc Angels said. “He has even told us that he is really God,” they added.

“. . . If they cannot understand that Heart is love and Lucifer is not, they will have to learn by seeing what happens to them if they follow Lucifer.”

“The Mother looked to the Father of Manifestation to see how He felt. The Father of Manifestation had felt Lucifer here, and now indicated that Lucifer was not a Great Arc Angel but was one of “them.” The Father of Manifestation had begun referring to the spirits that did not feel good to Him as “them.”

“The lesser Arc Angels asked Us some questions that Heart had not answered for them. They wanted to know if Form was important or not. I told them they had to see what form a thing took to know what it was. I was wrong, and this needs to move now. I did not realize that I was trying to give form more importance in the balance of things than it really has, because I was afraid Lucifer had spoken My secret feelings toward form. Giving form was only one of the powers of the Father of Manifestation, and even He did not feel that form needed to have that much importance given to it. He felt that I was patronizing Him, and yet, He wanted My acceptance and He wanted harmony between Us, so He did not contradict Me.

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” has been fulfilled more often in form than it has in essence. . . how often when you have a desire to have something, do you give it to someone else as a gift rather than giving the other person what they would really like to have? . . Form and essence have to align for love to manifest. If you deny one, the other cannot evolve.

“The Lesser Arc Angels also need to know that it was their own Lost Will that they did not want hanging around then. . . Deep conditioning needs repeated emotional release on the same issues.”

DeRohan then goes on to channel Enjliou’s feelings about the attempt by Lucifer to usurp His role as Creator. Once again, the italics are mine:

Lucifer Tries to take My Place

“The Red Spirits received their vibration here and took it to mean that the Godhead had priority over their problems. The Red Spirits presented a response of denial that seemed to say they had had enough of Me and that they had no real problems anyway. I had wanted to avoid the problems in red, and yet, guilt had made Me hesitant to turn My attention away from the Red Spirits. They felt that I did not really want to be there and this made them uncomfortable in My presence. They covered their feelings with defensiveness and I covered mine by manifesting an excuse to make an apologetic departure.

“The Angels let Me know that Lucifer was making them feel very pressured to give Him my place. When I got home, Lucifer was suddenly and emphatically demanding My attention. He addressed Me very gruffly, stating that he had not gotten much attention from anyone for a long time. He felt defensive and said that he was the most wrongly judged against and denied spirit. He was very angry and his approach was very pushy and rude. He demanded to know what his right place was if it was not as head of the Arc Angels.

“. . . I had a fleeting moment of desperation in which I hoped for help from Heart or the Father of Manifestation. I felt angry at Them for not being present when I needed Them, but I also felt turning to Them for help might make Me look weak. Lucifer’s merciless stare made me feel like a fool and I began to fidget uncomfortably in front of him. Lucifer really felt superior then and I was hating My position. I tried to give Lucifer a look of knowing, but it was not real.

“. . . I wanted help now, anyone’s help. I was feeling overwhelmed, powerless and frightened, but I knew that I had to get Lucifer off of Me. I could not stand the vibration of Lucifer’s laughter, and yet, I could not move to push him away from me. I hesitated to think that I might not survive what was happening to Me, but it seemed possible that Lucifer had the power to annihilate Me with sound.”

The Gnostic Christian scriptures deal with this influence of Lucifer upon the other spirits in Creation, but in a much milder fashion, referring to Him as ‘the counterfeit spirit’ as in this Gnostic text appropriately titled ‘The counterfeit spirit’:

“But for my part I said, Sir, then where will the souls of these others, who have not known to whom they belong, reside?

“And it said to me, In the case of those others, the counterfeit spirit has increased within them while they were going astray. And it weighs down the soul and beguiles it into the works of wickedness, and casts it into forgetfulness (or deep sleep). And after it has come forth it is given into the charge of the authorities, who exist because of the ruler. And they bind it with bonds and cast it into the prison. And they go around with it until it awakens out of forgetfulness and takes acquaintance unto itself. And in this way, when it becomes perfect it attains salvation.

“But for my part I said, Sir, how is it that the soul becomes thinner and thinner, returning then to the nature of its mother or to the human being?

“Then it was happy when I asked this, and said to me, You are truly blessed, for you have understood! That soul will be made to follow the guidance of another in which the spirit of life resides, and by that other it attains salvation, and so is not cast into the flesh again.”

Here is where the microcosm and the macrocosm meet – in the concentric circles which surround each and every one of us with our own spiritual planes, and the one which surrounds the plane with its own “spirit-realms” – or levels of heaven, as referred to in the Kaballah.

Perhaps the most eye-opening account of an encounter with Lucifer is related by Louis Pauwels and Jacques Bergier, from what they call “one of the most disturbing texts in the whole of French literature,” Le Horla by the famous French author, Guy deMaupassant. Their account tells how Maupassant “in an access of terror, and madness, in blood and sweat wrote in precipitate haste” about the figure which appeared and could only have been Lucifer:

“Now I know, I can guess the truth. Man’s dominion is a thing of the past! He has come, the being who was an object of fear to primitive races, whom anxious priests tried to exorcise, whom sorcerers called up at midnight without ever yet seeing him in visible form, to whom the temporary lords of creation attributed in imagination the shape monstrous or attractive, of gnomes, spirits, fairies or goblins. After the vulgar ideas inspired by prehistoric fears, scientific research has clarified the outlines of Man’s presentiment.


Mesmer guessed it, and in the last ten years doctors have discovered the exact nature of this beings’ power before its manifestation. They have experimented with this weapon of the new lord of the world, the imposition of a dominant will on the human soul, which thus becomes its slave. To this power they have given the name of magnetism, hypnotism, suggestion, and what not. I have seen them playing with it like silly children playing with fire. Woe to us! Woe to mankind! He has come . . . what is his name? . . . yes, he is shouting it and I can’t hear .. . say it again! Le Horla, I’ve got it at last . . . Le Horla . . . that’s his name . . . Le Horla has come!”

To be successful in His plan to take over the Universe and gain for Himself the position of supreme God, Lucifer needed the energy of the MOTHER. The lesser hierarchy that had already been created tried to warn Enjliou, as we have seen in the earlier quote from DeRohan, that Lucifer was ‘taking him for a ride.’ That he was, in fact, trying to steal his throne, to become God, but Enjliou took no action against Lucifer. Lucifer used the MOTHER because he could steal the woman’s power of creating space for his own purposes. He did not want the Mother, he just wanted Her energy to help him usurp the role of Enjliou as God of this Universe.


This set up an archetype for every son who has ever wanted to supplant His father’s role, whether it be within the family, within the heart of the mother as in the archetypal Oedipus complex, or simply in his own eyes and mind. It also set up the archetype for the powerful ruling family plotting against each other that later became so apparent in the time of the Caesars and the heyday of the English and European royal families and still intrigues us today through Shakespeare’s plays..

DeRohan addresses this subterfuge allegorically in Original Cause—Volume II:

“The Father of Manifestation awoke first and took the Mother swimming with Him. They ran laughing out of the forest onto the sandy beaches, dancing in sunlight, running in shallow shimmering waters, rejoicing in the sunrise and diving into depths of green and turquoise. Their arms stirred the waters into waves, the movement of Their legs gave it currents and Their exuberance gave the water foam and bubbles.

The Mother’s reaction to Enjliou, however, was different and the archetypal tension that existed between them is evident in this excerpt from DeRohan’s work:

“The Mother felt Me bend to lift Her up and She grabbed My feet because she did not want to face Me. This made Me feel rather foolish. I responded by ordering Her to stand up, but She refused. I took a hold of Her upper arms then and forced Her to rise. This was a slow and painful process because it seemed as though She pitted Her Will against Me. I wasn’t about to let go and let Her think the power of Her resistance was stronger than the power of My light.

Lucifer wanted to be in charge, but still had a very powerful foe in Enjliou to contend with. In a number of different versions of the story we get the idea of Lucifer’s thoughts toward Enjliou: I’m better than you are. You’re not cut out to be God, but I am.


And just as is occurring on planet Earth at the present time, Lucifer pretty much had everyone fooled. It is very appropriate then that one of his common designations is as ‘the Father of Lies.’ Or at least he had a lot of people fooled. There were many though who weren’t, especially those envoys sent out from the Central Universal and from other Super Universes to try and help with what was going on here in this branch of Creation.


If humanity causes its own extinction, then billions of souls are trapped within the Earth spheres for millions upon millions of years, and all of Creation is slowed to almost a standstill while these individual expressions of Soul are allowed to heal and repair.

These envoys would come to visit but, like the counselors They were, could only tell Enjliou and Callia how bad They thought things were going because of the introduction here of what was a vastly different type of Negative Energy—the duality of Light and Dark. Meanwhile, Enjliou and Callia continued on with their troubles:

“To Me, the Mother was under currently acting like a mad woman who could not bond with what had come forth from her and who might even harm these spirits, so jealous was She of how I adored them and had gathered them into My arms instead of her.

“I scoffed at her and told Her She knew very little about me if She could not tell the difference between me and the Father of Manifestation. When She said She often wasn’t sure whether I had taken on form of the Father of Manifestation had given up His form to be as My Light, I felt She couldn’t love Me if She didn’t know Me any better than that.

“And the fighting got worse, until eventually it tore the heart of Creation apart:

“This terrible ripping and shredding left everyone in pain and in pieces. No one remained whole. You all suffered pain that was too much for you, and you all struggled in an attempt to regain some way to live in the presence of the dark and gaping hole that remained when Our relationship was blown apart. Everything came apart and everyone used the pieces they found to piece together their own point of view. The rest was lost; and lost so long ago that almost none of you remembers, or believes you want to know that these terrible things really happened, or that you have to let yourselves know you still have pain about it that you need to feel to heal.”

Does any of this make Enjliou less of a grand and wonderful Creator? Did Enjliou, and even Callia for that matter, not do anything that we ourselves might not have done? How do we judge the perfection of a spirit in a role such as this one? Enjliou’s side of the story:

“This put Me out there even further. I thought She was playing games with Me, and My rage had many ideas of why She was doing this. Obviously She didn’t care about Me or how I felt and was only interested in Herself and how good and right She always had to be. No matter what I told Her about Herself, She always told Me that I was doing the same thing. When I told Her maybe I was, She still would say She was not going to admit to doing any of the things I was accusing her of doing unless I was ready to admit to all of the same things.”

And from Callia’s point of view:

“The longer this went on without God indicating He appreciated or even noticed it, the more difficult it was for Me to feel like granting Him this space for uninterrupted internalizing. I didn’t like the way he granted this to Himself without concern for My needs. I felt I was the One often making the space for this to be possible and I was experiencing a huge build-up of pressure within Myself that had no outlet. There was no other place I could go with things I needed to give God. More and More, I felt I was holding the lid on things that were impossible for Me to handle by Myself. I was feeling very confused and frightened and the things I was trying to hold were leaking out of me like festering sores and diseases.

“I had many pressures of My own from the outside, and when the pressure from within built to the point of not being able to control it, I would have to risk involving your Father, no matter what fear this put me into, because continuing to hold these things back had become unbearable torture for Me. I suffered from restlessness, agitation, turmoil, sleeplessness, exhaustion and anguish to the point of breakdown.

“The night of this particular fight was the culmination of many sleepless nights of falling into bed so exhausted from the caretaking of so many spirits who gave Me not even gratitude for My efforts, that I was almost too tired to sleep. Something was roaring within Me that would give Me no peace, and when this finally quieted down and I thought I might be able to drift off into sleep, it was then that I would be haunted by the plaintive cries of the “lost ones.” I was tormented by their tortured cries, and by the feeling of terrified powerlessness I had about not being able to move toward them without God’s help. I did not know why, but I felt I must have God’s help for them. I could not stand the idea of “going out there” to them without His help. I seemed not to have the power to draw them in either, and I felt it was because God didn’t have acceptance for this.

“The longer I lay there in this exhausted turmoil, the more My fear and grief began to turn into blame and rage until finally, I was so cranked up into blame for God that I no longer cared what His response was going to be to being intruded upon, I was going to do it. I wanted to start roaring and screaming at Him and wake Him up that way, but I was way too frightened and so I took the apologetic, gentle approach of begging His forgiveness for disturbing Him in His sleep, as though he were King and there were beggars at His door in the midst of a terrible storm who could not be let in without His permission.”



And at this point the Mother literally shattered when She finally found She could take no more. It was an implosion that fragmented both her and all of Her Creations. And eventually Enjliou shattered, in doing so, fragmenting Himself and all of His Creations as well.

From this shattering or splitting of the Creator Parent energies came a higher and lower energy form of Both—the worlds of duality. Enjliou split into two, the higher energy as Enjliou, and the lowered energy being Angelu. With Callia, the higher energy form remained Callia, while the lowered energy became Alizca (pronounced A-leesh-a). Both these lowered energies of the Creator parents of Nebadon still exist at the current time—separate and unhealed.

As we step back for a moment into our continuing story of the Creation and the characters of Heart/ARTOLA, the father of Manifestation/Lucifer and Enjliou/the FATHER and Callia/the Mother, we find that the Mother is still lost in the Void before having found her way home, and Enjliou is still trying to sort out the trouble He is having and watching Creation fall apart under the influence of Lucifer:

Heart tries to Warn me that he cannot Stay manifest

“The father of Manifestation did not know whether to take this as any sort of declaration of love for the Mother on My part or not, but He did allow Himself to notice that My Light looked better to Him at the thought of finding the Mother than it looked to Him for a long time. This caused Him to decide that when he felt He had the opportunity, He would go in search of the Mother. None of us knew then what a long time it would be before He found Her.

“Heart, meanwhile, tried to let Me know more about the problems he was having holding Creation together, and I had to take Him seriously here, but I also had to let Him know that there was nothing I really felt I could do. I realized then that I had not allowed Myself to give My rage to the Father of Manifestation for having manifested the Creation all wrong. I seemed to feel like giving Him these things when He was not around and then find that I had gone blank in those areas when He was around. Heart did not like the blankness He was getting from Me either, but with all the held emotion, I could do no better.

The Missing Heart presence

“For a long time, I did not want to look back, go back or even remember anything about these original experiences. It was much too painful and long buried under the belief that it was never possible, necessary, or even advisable to do this. The veneer of civilization was busily being polished, and it seemed advisable, and in the best interests of all concerned, to let bygones be bygones, let old memories lie sleeping and buried and to stir no cauldrons of unknown outcome.

“...Suddenly we had a split, and it was with Spirit too, although I did not realize it then. Our split was over sexuality. I wanted to go ahead, and They did not. I was very binary at that stage of my development. Either They were with me and wanted to do what I wanted to do, or They were not. I moved past Them without even realizing I had done it. I felt that I must pursue these feelings, and They did not want to make a shift in Our reality. I was ready to make a shift suddenly, and They were not.”

Beings on this planet who were created with an almost full complement of Light by the Creator Parents are able to ‘hook in’ to either the higher or lower forms of Their parents’ energy—

Callia or to Alizca, or Enjliou or Angelu. When they are attuned to a higher vibration it is the higher form of the Creator Parents to whom they are connected. When they are attuned to a lower vibration, it is to the lower energy forms of the Creator Parents that they are connected. The essential growth for these beings in the end will be to embrace both the higher and the lower energies, and to overcome the duality and fragmentation within themselves.

A man or a woman can also assist their own children, much as Randolph Winter’s describes in his book The Pleiadean Mission, how those in the Pleiadean system do before or upon the birth of a child. This can be extrapolated to any child we have had, or conversely back to our own parents in an effort to heal those rifts which have occurred between us, and by doing so, help our own Creator Parents to heal.

“During the following months of pregnancy, the mother will attempt to make spiritual contact with the incoming person to become better acquainted, so she will have a better understanding of how to help out this person with their new life. The Pleiadeans are able to understand, for instance, the path of learning that the individual is on. They can look into the previous lifetime and see if there are emotional instabilities of any kind that need to be dealt with, or if there were events during that life that left trauma or mental illness that should be addressed. They can tell if the spirit-form is happy and well-balanced, or plagued with hostilities and anger and what may have caused it. During the pregnancy, the mother will be able to learn much about the person coming in so that she may have a clearer understanding of how to assist them in their new life.”

The effect of this fragmentation on those who were created was enormous. The imprint is still in their basic energy makeup. In themselves, in their hearts, they still carry the feeling of this fragmentation, and of the feeling of being incomplete or of indeed, not having enough Light to do what they need to do:

“Love evolving had a problem accepting the Will at first, but there is another problem which has caused major fragmentation, and that is the Will essence that is not vibrating because the light that came to it did not bond with it, but penetrated it instead and is not loving light. This light you need to let go of and let My Light come in its place. This light has caused much fragmentation because hatred cannot accept itself, and because this light is fundamentally against Form. Therefore, no matter what you do, as far as this light is concerned, it is going to be wrong. . .

These are feelings that never move in most people. There is no acceptance for these feelings, and thus, even the joyful response of finding love in another is diminished because it is taking place in the shadow of the unexpressed and unaccepted feelings. Forever. The unexpressed feelings have been blamed for the diminishment of the joy without it ever being seen what role has been played by the repression of these feelings.

“Husbands here lead lives that do not include the feelings of their wives. They are both internalized and outward going and do not even notice the gap in themselves where most of their wives’ unfulfilled desire blossomed and died without ever experiencing response from another.

“In this gap, flowers blossom and fall from trees without ever being noticed. All of nature has an empty sadness in it where Heart was never formed.”

Having been created without enough Light by “dysfunctional parents” resulted in the inability of many of the souls manifested in this part of the Universe to live up to their original purpose. Darkness and negativity began to run rampant. This is not to say that all those created were incapable of growing in awareness and in Love. Certainly Lucifer knew of their weaknesses and knew how to exploit them. Many were blinded to the real purpose in Creation which was to grow in experience as an integral part of the FATHER; to learn to give and receive unconditional Love as does the FATHER, and to grow in the Light.


The area of the universe which was the weakest link in the chain , the lowest in vibration, was that which contained Planet Earth. More than any other place, it had the greatest acts of Darkness, of cruelty, and of sheer inhumanity.

For this reason, an energy barrier was put up across space to cordon off this area of the Universe. This happened as short a time back as 50,000 BC, a time when, we shall see, that the Darkness began to spread more rapidly throughout the Universe. Like a cancer, it was feared that this ultimate Darkness would spread to other corners of the Universe, and eventually into all the other areas of Creation as well.

Planet Earth has now become a focal point for all of Creation because of what is seen to be the ultimate test of the Forces of Light against the Darkness. Filled with the greatest potential for evolution, and for the enhancement of its Light, ripe with great acts of heroism, and with great acts of love and self-sacrifice, Earth is seen as a major battleground—the key to stemming the tide of the Dark Side into Creation.


This was the planet most essential to the whole structure of the Universe, a pivot point or fulcrum for the balancing the physical and spiritual natures of Man. Souls everywhere clamor for the opportunity to come to Earth to get a chance at the rapid growth in awareness that it provides, to garner experiences not found on any other planet in Creation. If only they could be given a fair chance without endangering the rest of Creation, this planet would be a perfect test.

But how to allow the Earth experiment, for that is what it was—an experiment, to have a chance to continue without allowing the Dark cancer to spread out across the Universe?

Thus it was that a decision was made at the Highest levels of the Central Universe that this portion of Nebadon should be quarantined, with limited access in, and definitely with limited access out. As much of the Universe needed to be saved as possible. It is not just a simple thing to pack up Creation and start all over again. The structure of a single Universe is an intricate interrelation of all Its parts as we shall see. To use a metaphor common to many spiritual paths, to perform a single act in the Body of God is to send out a ripple effect that will eventually touch all of that same Body.


It is the same with a human body. If a body develops cancer, to stop it from spreading, that cancer must be neutralized or cauterized in order to erase it. This action has severe effects on the overall equilibrium of every aspect of that entire human body. And, as it is above, so it is below. As it is with one human body, so it goes with the universe.

If Earth and this portion of the Universe could be saved, if enough beings could be brought back into the Light and healed by the ongoing efforts of the Spiritual Hierarchy and their legions of Lightworkers, then the experiment could continue. If not, the experiment would have to be terminated, and the individual expressions of Soul who had been manifested here would have to be taken elsewhere to be healed and given the opportunity to continue there growth and their learning.

So the decision was made to set up a barrier, a partition, that would allow only limited access to the cancerous area of the Universe, but no exit at all to its growing negativity. Scientists have actually detected this barrier in the outer reaches of space but cannot determine what its true purpose is. This is the veil put there to save Creation from the darkness which threatens to engulf It.

In setting up the partition, however, a gauntlet was laid down, a challenge as to which was going to rule this area of the Universe, the True Light of the FATHER, or the Darkness and negativity of the counterfeit spirit known as Lucifer. The final scene was going to have to be played out here and now. Earth more than any other area would indeed be the final testing ground for the triumph or demise of the Light over the Darkness. Each individual expression of Soul would become its own battleground as well. Each decision made by a Being living here would either go to feed the Light, or go to feed the Darkness.

Looking at it in the light of this new information, all of a sudden Gene Roddenberry’s Earth:

Final Conflict takes on new significance and meaning. In fact, many movies and TV series would now appear to have been ‘channeled’ to their creators for exactly the purpose of trying to awaken the people to what is actually going on around them. We shall cover a couple of these in more detail as we progress.

The greatest problem encountered was that no one had quite realized how strong the conditioning of humans has been from lifetime to lifetime, and how strong was the pull of the physical that has Soul trapped in its density.

The current status of this struggle will be saved for now until we have covered a few more issues necessary to the understanding of how the Darkness has managed to gain such a strong foothold over the planet during the course of its history. Once we have done that, perhaps the reader will be able to proceed with a greater belief in the dire implications of the changes taking place on the planet right now, and still to come.


The Universe

As has been said before, Nebadon is a super Universe in which there are also untold smaller universes, galaxies, nebulae, star clusters, and SO ON. It is created with both Light and Sound, based on fixed mathematical constants—a fact which will become exceedingly important as we progress on our venture through history.

All matter radiates this Light to certain degrees. This is what can be seen as an aura by psychically attuned people, or by Kirlian photography which captures this light as an energy around the body. There are also now computers in use that can detect and track the changing images of a person’s aura onto the computer screen.

Some scientists are already beginning to suspect that if you take Light and lower or slow its vibratory frequency, it will become, in effect, gross matter. If you slow the movement of the particles of Light down far enough, in effect condensing them, you create what is called electrum—an electromagnetic field that has positive and negative poles, electricity. If you slow and condense that still further, beyond the electromagnetic fields, the electrum will coagulate into gross matter. Gross matter then coagulates into the molecular and cellular structures called form.


Those individual forms are held together by the thought that the creator originally envisioned as an ideal of for that energy, a thought form. Conversely, when we contemplate using our thought processes and then embrace that thought with our emotional energy, that thought will expand into a vibratory frequency of Light. This is the creative process.

Ramtha says that all things are created by taking that which has no speed—thought—and expanding it into that which does—light—and then slowing the light down until we can create this and that, and all that is around us.

Now this is what makes people different—the priest different from the common man, the master different from the people, the dedicated people different, or the illumined man different. They have that visionary glimpse of the universal “I,” the imaginative insight into something nobody else has. They know how to create their own worlds using this visionary principle of focusing their energies and manifesting their thought forms into their lives.


Paul Twitchell writes that you can always tell this ability in them from certain signs:

1) the way they carry themselves, the poise which is not physical or mental at all but a certain something which is different from other people

2) their eyes have a glitter or gleam which no others have

3) they speak differently, not usually of themselves but of other things

4) their goals are far different from anything we are accustomed to

5) they do not speak of Christ, the Redeemer, but of themselves as the self-redeemer

Scientists have also discovered that there is a background Sound to the Universe, an eternal hum which, when they filter out all the known sounds of the universe coming toward the Earth, is still ever-present, and which fills the void of space. This is the sound of the Breath of God spoken of in an earlier chapter. Creation is made both of Light and of Sound.

At the entranceway to this Super Universe created of both Light and of Sound, is a sea of unmanifested individual expressions of Soul waiting to be manifested by the Creator Parents into their respective regions to begin their own individual journey into consciousness. Soul itself is a unit of awareness, and the ultimate nature of Soul is to experience in every level of Creation, and by doing so give the FATHER experience of HIS own Creation through us.

“...the journey we take through time and place during an incarnation in a human body is our only way to know God, because God knows his/herself in us as we journey. And so, ultimately, in the embrace of a loved one, in our feelings when we lose our mother, in our knowledge of ourselves when we experience death and birth, that is where God is.”


This sea of souls is sometimes referred to as the cosmic sea, the Sea of Soul, or the Ocean of Love and Mercy. The collective or group consciousness of this sea of souls is referred to in one religion, Eckankar, as the Sugmad. The Nine express it this way:

God is all-knowing and all-seeing but there are parts of God, as there are parts to every atom. . . The whole together makes one, but not all parts experience the same.”

In compiling this history, it is from the holy book of Eckankar entitled the Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad or Way of the Eternal that we have chosen to draw an explanation of the levels or planes of existence within this Super Universe:

“The SUGMAD slept in ITS abode in the Ocean of Love and Mercy, but IT was not pleased with what IT had created. So IT dreamed more to understand what IT had formed in these planes.

“Again IT awoke and looked out over the vast firmaments, wondering what belonged in them. IT dreamed again and sent ITS voice rolling through these vast worlds upon worlds. ITS voice became the heavenly music and spoke the WORD which rolled through all the magnificent planes. The Word of the SUGMAD became the ECK, the Spirit of all existence. Out of this came the lords, rulers, Souls, and all beings which the SUGMAD had dreamed.

“And out of this also came ITS son, the Mahanta, the consciousness of all heavenly bliss. There were then the SUGMAD, the ECK, and the Mahanta, all of which were the one great Reality.

“The Lord spoke unto the Mahanta and said, “I have created the worlds of bliss and happiness. Yet there is spiritual immaturity in all my creatures. Therefore, I must create the lower order of worlds, the planes of matter, space, energy, and time. The worlds where there is shadow, light, and embodiments.

“The SUGMAD stretched ITS hands over all the firmaments an created the worlds of the Triloki, which consists of the four regions between the negative pole of creation and the Atma Lok.

“Within these regions IT placed the elements of matter, energy, space, and time. Here the SUGMAD created the law that nothing could exist except in relation to its opposite, called the law of polarity. Without time there could be no space, without mountains there could be no valleys. Without shadows there could be no light, and without evil there could be no good. Nor could there be ignorance without wisdom, or age without youth.

“But the SUGMAD was not yet pleased with what IT had created, so closing ITS eyes IT dreamed again. This time IT formed the spiritual hierarchy of all the universes.

“The Hierarchy began with the SUGMAD, followed by the ECK, and the Mahanta. After this came the Living ECK Master, the Adepts of the Order of the Vairagi, the lords of each plane within the higher worlds, the guardians of the Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad, and then the lower worlds were formed for those entities named the Atma, or Soul.

“Over these worlds, which are three in number, it placed Kal Niranjan, the lord of all the negative worlds. With this, It formed the Kal force, which originated and flows out of the Niranjan as its source. Subordinate to the ECK, the Kal, however, takes precedence over all life in the lower worlds. But it is still subject to the will of the SUGMAD.

“The SUGMAD was not pleased with what had been done in ITS lower worlds so IT slept again and dreamed. Out of this dream came the lords of the lower worlds. Next the Lords of Karma were formed, the devas (angels), the planetary spirits, bruts, elementals, man, and all the creatures subordinate to him—the fish, the animals, reptiles, plants, and stones.

“All these were formed on the many planes of the lower worlds; the stars, planets and the material worlds of matter, energy, space, and time. Then the SUGMAD slept again and dreamed that all ITS manifestations needed life, so the ECK was sent into all the universes and worlds to create activity.

“With this the SUGMAD gave all the worlds ITS highest creation, the Atma. The Atma, or Soul, had to be perfected so It was sent into the worlds below, only to return to Its true home when perfect.

“. . . He placed these magnificent Adepts in charge of the Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad, the Holy Book of the ECK Order. They are the guardians of these works, and upon each plane an Adept of the Order of the Vairag is in charge of a section of this Book of Golden Wisdom. A section of the book is within the temples of Golden Wisdom on each plane as designated by the SUGMAD.

“The planes and guardians are:

• The Ocean of Love and Mercy – the SUGMAD.
• The Anami Lok – the Padama Samba is the guardian of this section of the Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad. It is kept in the Temple of Golden Wisdom known as the Sata Visic Palace.
• The Agam Lok – the Adept here is the Mahaya Guru, guardian of the Holy Book at the Kazi Dawtz temple of Golden Wisdom.
• The Hukikat Lok –The Adept here is the Asanga Kaya, the guardian of the Holy Book at the Jartz Chong Temple of Wisdom.
• The Alaya Lok–the Adept here is the great Tsong Sikhsa, guardian of the Holy Book at Anakamudi Temple of Golden Wisdom.
• The Alakh Lok—the Adept here is the Sokagampo, guardian of the Holy Book at the Tamanata Kop temple of Golden Wisdom.
• The Atma Lok—the Adept here is Jagat Giri, guardian of the Holy Book at the Param Akshar temple of Golden Wisdom. This is the house of imperishable knowledge. It is the highest that soul can go, as long as It is attached to a physical body, to study at any of the Temples of Golden Wisdom.

In the worlds below the Atma plane (where the Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad is kept for those who are able to study its golden pages) are

• The Saguna Lok (etheric world). The Adept here is Lai Tsi, guardian of the Holy Book at the Dayaka Temple of Golden Wisdom in the city of Arhirit.
• The Par Brahm Lok (Mental world)—the Adept here is the Koji Chanda, guardian of the Holy Book at the Namayatan Temple of Golden Wisdom in the city of Mer Kailash.
• The Brahmanda Lok (Causal world)—the Adept here is Shamus-I-Tabriz, guardian of the Holy Book at the Sakapori Temple of Golden Wisdom in the city of Honu.
• The Anda Lok (Astral world) – the Adept here is Gopal Das, guardian of the Holy Book of the Askleposis Temple of Golden Wisdom in the city of Sahasra-Dal-Kanwal.
• The Pinda Lok (Physical world) –the Adept here is Rami Nuri, guardian of the Holy Book at the Moksha temple of Golden Wisdom in the city of Retz, Venus.
• The Prithvi Lok (Earth World)—the Adept here is Yaubl Sacabi, guardian of the Holy Book at the Gare-Hira temple of Golden Wisdom at Agam Des, the home of the Eshwar-Khanewale (the God-eaters) in the Himalayan mountains.
• The Surati Lok (Mountain world) – the Adept here is Fubbi Quantz, guardian of the Holy Book at the Katsupari Monastery Temple of Golden Wisdom in northern Tibet.
• The Asurati Lok (Desert world)—the Adept here is Banjani, guardian of the Holy Book at the Faqiti Monastery temple of Golden Wisdom in the Gobi Desert. The section here is only an introduction to the Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad. Chelas (students) are usually taken here to begin their study of the holy works in the dream state.”

These planes of existence are simply a higher or lower vibration of existence. As we are able to raise our vibration through spiritual exercises, through what many religions would call ‘rightness of thought’ and ‘the right way of living,’ we can become filled with Light, or truly manifest the Light that we are, and thereby raise our awareness to be able to see and travel upon these different levels of Being.

Another Universal Being called Kryon, channeled by Lee Carroll, uses the very good metaphor to explain these various planes of existence, that of a television set:

“If I told him (a person watching one channel), or others around him, that the channels on each side of the one he was viewing did not exist, they would scoff. For they know there are many many channels. And yet there is no evidence at all!”

Kryon describes the universe as being arranged “from the inside out. In semicircles of influence and directorship.” And to describe the levels of spiritual hierarchy, he makes the point that power and control are not words with meanings in Universal organization as we might use them.

“The Universe is centered upon love and purpose. . . As the semicircles of influence and directorship get larger and larger from the center, the outward ones curl back inside and become the center again.”

A key to opening up an understanding of the Universe will come, he says, when Man finds that the speed of light is only a perceived barrier, and that matter and time are related so strongly that they ignore this barrier as a general rule. Bob Frissell also uses the television metaphor to explain how wavelength or vibration is one of the keys to understanding the Universe:

“We live in a reality created solely by wavelength. The wavelength of our third-dimensional world is 7.23 centimeters. The average length of all the objects in this dimension, if you were to measure them, would be 7.23 centimeters.”

Dimensions are separated from one another by wavelength much as the notes are on a musical scale. Each tone on the scale sounds different because of its wavelength. The piano has eight white keys and five black keys, which together give its player the chromatic scale. In between each key and the next are twelve harmonic points; in dimensional terms these are the overtones. It is also the same as changing channels on a TV set. When you operate the channel control, you are tuning to different wavelengths.

It is also good to keep in mind here that the distances between stars and galaxies are also actually dimensional. Thus when we fail to see lifeforms on another planet with our third dimensional eyes, it does not mean that that planet is not inhabited. The Beings who reside there may just be living on a higher dimensional plane of existence.

Dr. Walter Russell says that

God, the Creator is Light, the invisible White Light of the undivided and unchanging Magnetic universe.”

He also likens the universe to a musical instrument, the logos or Universal sound, he says, being such an important part of its construction. His example is of a harp with nine strings, with nine tones in each string.

“In Nature the lowest string is the longest. They grow gradually shorter up to the 9th. Likewise, the tonal positions and frequencies change in each string. In every case each note on each string is one octave higher than its next lower string. You will note that each string begins with zero and ends with a zero. These are the key notes of each octave.”

White Light can however, be a trap, in and of itself , if we do not truly know what we are doing or where we are going, as explained in this excerpt:

“The realization of white light for us is the accumulation of seven separate dimensions brought into one. Although the Seventh dimension and the Primordial Second dimension are very similar in the respect that they both produce a white light state in the consciousness of the seeker, the similarity stops there. The 2D is nothing but white light without any divisions or shades of difference! Returning to the 2D is, in fact, the ultimate returning to the womb, back to the beginning before creation. This may sound like what you have always been seeking, but it seems (at least to me) to be a complete reversal of the “Universal intent”, that of manifestation!

“What precautions can be taken to prevent this, and how will we know if it has occurred? In the nature of precautions, paramount is the avoidance of desiring the 7D! We learned in the 6D that cessation of desire while working in the world as though we cared intently, was necessary to maintain 6D serenity. Wanting to experience the “white light” state can set in motion a 2D white light state. This is the state most, if not all, mystics experience when so intently and systematically seeking the higher levels of Nirvana!”

Remember all the references to Light that also refer to Lucifer in one or other of his many different forms. This is one way that he traps unknowing seekers after the True Light of the FATHER.

Gothic architecture, which first emerged in abut 1130,and which plays a crucial part in our book later on, is designed using sound and light simply as a reflection of how they were used in the greater construction of the Universe. Utilizing the strong telluric currents (earth forces) of the Earth Goddess sites on which these buildings were intentionally built, and under the right conditions, visitors to such buildings could actually be transported into the varying dimensions. The Great Pyramid, along with many of the other pyramids and other sacred sites, was designed to do exactly the same thing.

It is no coincidence that some of these writers and thinkers have chosen to compare the Universe to a musical instrument, for music too was an essential part of this chemistry of design. Music is essentially geometry in the form of sound, and thereby, an interior space, or a Universe, can be constructed musically in accordance with any given scale. These sounds are needed in synchronizing the geometrical light forms.

This concept was expounded long ago by Pythagoras, who stated that numerical scales which agree with the ear are also the same as those which delight the eye and mind. If the FATHER’s Creation is nothing more, it is certainly wondrous to perceive with both the eye, and with the mind.

Plato, too, used musical examples as a measure of the harmonious proportion inherent in all things created of Nature, and warned that music was the greatest influence on Man and could be used both to set his spirit free, or to enslave it—whether he realized this as fact or not.