Chapter Two

The First Seeds

The Creation has been perceived of in as many ways as there are the many minds of Man. These stories of the Creation, however, can all be categorized into three different types, depending on the way they see the initial acts of Creation.

The first type of Creation story is that which stems from a primal explosion of some kind, Creation being emitted into the Void from this Big Bang.


This is very much the essence of the Big Bang Theory so prevalent among many scientific minds these days. Acclaimed researcher Erich Von Daniken gives an explanation of the Big Bang theory of Creation, its origins, and how it got its name, in his book, Gold of the Gods. Here, Von Daniken credits Professor George Lemaitre, a physicist and mathematician from Brussels, with first introducing the concept into the endless discussions going on at the time about the origin of all worlds.

The theory itself says that billions of years ago, all the matter in the Universe was compressed into a single original atom, a heavy mass of matter, the cohesion of which pressed permanently against its nucleus. The incredible forces involved added and multiplied so that the lump of matter eventually exploded. Splintered into many many billions of pieces, these bits of matter then assembled themselves into finitely numerous galaxies over an endlessly long period of consolidation:

“The original prodigious force which existed before the beginning of all being was a neutrum [the neutral force]. IT existed before the big bang. IT unleashed the great destruction. IT caused all the worlds in the Universe to originate from the explosion. IT, incorporeal primordial force, the decisive primordial command, became matter and IT knew the result of the great explosion. IT wanted to reach the stage of lived experience.”

It was the Russian physicist George Gamow (1904- ), a man known in the scientific world for his knack of inventing catch phrases, who Von Daniken credits with coming up with the name Big Bang.

Phyllis Schlemmer, a deep-trance channeler who has done numerous channelings over the past 20 or so years with a group of Beings who call themselves The Council of Nine, has collected these channelings into a book entitled The Only Planet of Choice: Essential briefings from deep space. Occasionally she has done these channelings before an invited audience of participants who, at one time, included Gene Roddenberry, the original creator of the Star Trek series and other programs such as Earth: Final Conflict. It is thought that Roddenberry may have gotten many of his ideas from these channelings because of the range of subjects covered in the various sessions.

The Council of Nine say that They are “a high-level circle of great beings who exist outside the Universe of space and time,” who are in connection with “one that is higher.” It is their responsibility, They say, “to maintain the energy-balances in this Universe.” We will be referring to their ideas often in various areas of this book because among the myriad sources of channeled works available these days, theirs are definitely of a higher vibration, and originate what has been determined to be by this author, a more valid source. We will also take the liberty during this work of referring to Them as ‘The Nine.’

Among their channelings are numerous references to an Original Cause sometimes called “the One,” as well as to the original act of Creation itself. A number of these references to the Creator and to the Creation also fit into the archetypal beliefs shared by other spiritual paths and religions, and vary across the whole range of methods by which Creation is thought to have happened:

The first idea is that Original Cause created because it felt alone:

“...there was one Creator, one energy, one pure light, one pure-being Self that contained all components of all that is... This self came into that beingness, knowledge, and wisdom to begin to divide the components of which it consisted, not to remove them but to build a structure, the Universe. For in its aloneness it had only self for companion... (It) was One that understood that it needed to become the many. So all of the many are in truth the One.”

The second is that Creation occurred through implosion rather than through explosion:

“The One breathed breathless by itself, and turning inward upon itself the tension of One, and became the manyfold all of varying densities and intensities of matter and spirit, with the potential to become one union.”

Third is that the first act of Creation created not everything in one go, but instead created the Trinity itself at first:

“There is what you call the Son, the Father and the Holy Spirit.”

The last of their ideas is that the Creator created co-workers to help IT in its Creation:

“ . . there are (also) those that are called “God", that are appendages to God, that also create. . . a collection of beings that generate outward points of this source... Each of these entities has individual knowledge or principle, but not of the whole. There is only one that has the whole.”

According to the Council of Nine, it is, however, from the One that ultimately everything has its source:

“There is One, of the highest order, that is the purest of light, that is a composite of all, that creates all. Each soul in the whole Universe came directly from the true Creator, so each soul is imbued with this energy... Love is God. And it is love that creates the energy which feeds God—and makes God... God is... unified, infinite intelligence, supported with pure love...”

This confirms the information which I have gotten for myself, in that, although it is such a difficult subject for one mind to grasp while still here in the physical body, Creation in and of itself was an act of Love, simply and plainly put. It was the ONE which IS acting upon ITSELF with all the Love at its limitless disposal and creating something of ITSELF with which IT could express this Love. Thus Boundless Love and Boundless Joy are Mankind’s rightful and due inheritance.

The idea that we came from the One and it is to the One that we return is an archetypal image. It can be seen in the teachings of a number of religions and spiritual paths. Sounding much like a conjoining of the religious and the antithetical scientific Big Bang Theory, The Nine have also described the Creation as a releasing of energy from this Original Source:

“ It was the releasing of the energy of the Creator that created... So the Creator, without all cells and particles, is not complete... So when all cells and particles came together, that was the creation of an infinite-intelligence-Creator... each human knows in its innermost knowing that it is part of the Creator.”(77)


...our growth as souls is the same as God’s growth as God... The infinite creation in its totality is the One Infinite Being, the One Being which is aware of itself to the extent that its different aspects are aware of themselves, as a part of all that is.”

Not separate interpretations of the act of Creation, these different statement of The Nine simply express the same idea in many different forms for many different levels of consciousness to understand. They try to explain the unexplainable in words that our human minds can get a grip on. This, too, is true of the final way in which these higher intelligence Beings seek to express the wonder and the awe of the original act of Creation, Again, it is an archetypal image that all of Creation exists in the body of God, that each one of us is a piece of the mirror that is God—the Creator, and that everything stems from intent:

“In the beginning was the Word” is a translation error according to The Nine.

To Them it should be translated as the fact that the Creator came forth and said,

“That which is, that which I am, will be... First, before the manifestation of any method or any creation there was the communication of Being... God created us in his own image... That means that all that God is you are, and all that God knows you know, all that is good is contained within you, all that is pure is contained within you.”

In his commentary on the information contained in the channelings, Palden Jenkens makes the statement that the channelings imply that not only were we created to receive love, but also to generate it in order to further God’s growth. This is similar to the idea contained in the recent movie The Matrix where human beings are considered to be power cells to be used by ‘mechanical beings.’ Only, in this case, people supply energy both to God, as well as gaining power from God.


If it is anything that moves and supports us in this Creation, it is Love. And just as in The Matrix, it is the energy potential for Love that the Dark side seeks to steal from us and use because it is the ultimate energy of the Universe. How many of us here on the planet feel that we have been drained of all Love, and don’t understand how to replenish it? What is the seemingly ultimate search for each of one us within our own hearts but to find Love?

For Jenkins this idea of being apart of the much larger whole of the Creator Itself gives a very real sense of participating in Divinity, not just being subject to it. We, as humans, can,

“create a spiral feedback-loop of love where we are not just subjects of God, but active atoms within God, (and) in no way separate (from It).”

A somewhat more succinct version of the Creation can be found in the Holy Bible, Revised Standard Edition, where the first seed is described with very little fanfare:

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God; all things were made through him, and without him was not anything made that was made. In him was life, and the life was the light of men. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.”


(The correct Greek term for Word was logos, which could best be understood as ‘inherent order’ or ‘design.’)

The widespread influence of the Christian Church and its version of the Creation story on other religions and other cultures which they came to control, is evidenced in the Creation story of the Efe people of the African nation of Zaire.

The Efe tell a Creation story much like that of Genesis, but the Genesis myth is clearly assimilated into an even older story dating back into the misty dawn of time. Note, for instance, that the moon, a female figure, helps the Supreme Being in his act of creation of humans. Note, too, the familiar element or archetype of creation of the first beings out of clay, and once again, the presence of the almost ubiquitous Tree with the forbidden fruit.

“With help from the moon, The Supreme Being made a man, Baatsi, out of clay, which he covered with skin and filled with blood. He made a woman, too, and commanded the man to make children with her. “Only be sure to obey one rule,” he said. “Do not eat of the Tahu Tree.”

So it was that Baatsi fathered many children and his children fathered many more children, and everyone obeyed the rule. When they got old and tired they simply went happily to heaven. Everything went on this way until a pregnant woman with a craving for tahu fruit convinced her husband to break some off for her. Naturally the moon saw the man picking the fruit in the dark and she told her co-creator. Because of what the man and the woman did, we now all suffer the punishment of death. (Creation Myths—Beier, 63)

Another ‘universal’ entity by the name of Ramtha is channeled by a number of people, including a woman named J.Z. Knight. In RAMTHA (The White Book), Ramtha tells a short but succinct version of what happened in the beginning, one which echoes that also channeled from the Council of Nine:

“Everything has been created by the sons from the thought that the Father is. And whatever the sons create becomes the expanded self of the Father.”

Colonel James Churchward, who wrote a series of books on the lost continent of Lemuria, tells us that in the ancient manuscripts of this primal land, science was also a part of religion. They were considered and looked upon as twin sisters. The first teachings that a man was given in his life was that there was an almighty, all-powerful, Creative God and that man owed his existence to Him.

“Then followed the teachings that man was a special creation, possessing a something that no other form of Creation on earth possessed—a soul or spirit. He was taught that this soul had everlasting life and never died. The material body returned to earth from whence it came, then released the soul, and it continued on. Apparently, when the forgoing was thoroughly instilled into his mind and he thoroughly comprehended it, lessons in science followed. Teachings were given that showed him the laws and works of Creation, such as the infinite wisdom in the arrangement of the Universe...”

The Gnostic Christian view, tells of a true, ultimate and transcendent God, who is beyond all created Universes and who never created anything in the sense in which the word “create” is ordinarily understood. While this True God did not fashion or create anything, He (or, It) “emanated” or brought forth from within Himself the substance of all there is in all the worlds, visible and invisible. In a certain sense, this agrees with so many different spiritual views that all things are in God, for all things consist of the substance of God.

By the same token, it must also be recognized that many portions of this original divine essence have been projected so far from their source that they have been weakened, an subsequently have undergone serious and unwholesome attempts to change their basic nature in the process. To worship the cosmos, or nature, or embodied creatures can thus be tantamount to worshipping alienated and corrupt portions of the emanated divine essence.

The basic Gnostic myth has many variations, but all of these refer to Aeons, intermediate deific beings who exist between the ultimate, True God and ourselves as human beings.

Together with the True God, they comprise the realm of Fullness (Pleroma) wherein the potency of divinity operates fully. The Fullness stands in contrast to our existential state, which in comparison may be called emptiness.

One of the aeonial beings who bears the name Sophia (“Wisdom”) is of great importance to the Gnostic world view. In the course of her journeyings, Sophia came to emanate from her own being a flawed consciousness, a being who became the creator of the material and psychic cosmos, all of which he created in the image of his own flaw. This being, unaware of his origins, imagined himself to be the ultimate and absolute God. Since he took the already existing divine essence and fashioned it into various forms, he is also called the Demiurgos or “half-maker.” There is an authentic half, a true deific component within creation, but it is not recognized by the half-maker and by his cosmic minions, the Archons or “rulers”.

Although any or all of these explanations may serve to partially satisfy and perhaps stimulate the conscious mind, there is a question as to how well words can describe or help us understand what the Supreme Creator is and is not. The spiritual hierarchy say that to truly comprehend the FATHER (for that is what THEY call HIM) is a task for one who is above the worlds of physical illusion and above the Darkness of this Universe. To use THEIR own words,

“To say what the FATHER is, is to limit the FATHER. To say what the FATHER is not, is also to further limit the FATHER. HE IS.”

Their story of the Creation as it proceeded from the FATHER is not so succinct. In fact it contains much more detail which finally sheds some light upon the way in which this world has progressed, and is progressing, and explains many things about why we do not indeed live in such a ‘perfect Universe.’

Before we begin with this narrative, however, we would like to ask the reader to, if necessary, before you proceed with the next section, review those paragraphs in the Introduction that talk about the expansion of consciousness and not using old frameworks to understand new ideas.


The First Two Seeds

In the beginning, it is helpful to keep in mind that the word ‘Universe’ implies ‘one verse,’ and no real song or poem has simply just one verse. Many books are even being written these days about what is called the ‘omniverse.’ This, in fact, is the way things truly out there in the Creation for there are really seven, what are called, ‘Super Universes.’ Each and every one of these Super Universes containing countless smaller Universes within Universes. As the rings of the microcosmic aura of man contain the separate dimensions of his reality, so to does the Earth have its own dimensional aura, as does the Universe in which we exist, as do all of the levels higher and higher up this spiraling circle of existence.

Each one of these worlds within worlds within worlds is a holographic image that appears to be real when we are within it. Like a little nested set of Russian dolls, each one growing smaller and smaller until the macrocosm indeed does become the microcosm—for actually they are one and the same thing, it is only our perception that makes it not so. Each of these levels is connected to each one of its higher levels like the layers of an onion—nature reflecting both the microcosm and the macrocosm in so many of its individual separate gifts. Anything having its existence on one level is also working on many of these higher different levels simultaneously, even though not consciously aware of that fact.

Everything is interconnected and cannot be separated, except as we would have it in our minds. A person who has lost an arm can still feel cold or heat from the separated arm sometimes for months afterwards because of the existence of that arm energy at a still higher level of existence, one which remains connected to the physical reality. This is called morphogenetic field theory.


Even our thoughts, and at times our sympathetic nervous systems are also interconnected. We make and break connections between people on a personal level as we choose to see fit, but still the energies remain between each and every one of us there at the Universal level, existing as holograms living within holographic worlds of time and space and energy—until that time we choose to step beyond the level that we’re at and say I want to move on.

Seven is the number of Time, and Time relates to these seven Super Universes because they are holographically comprised of matter, energy, space and Time. In one of the key texts of history, The Emerald Tablets of Thoth, Thoth relates how Time is both a chain that binds the freedom of Soul, and the understanding of it is a key which can help us escape the confines of our earthly bounds. This excerpt is from Emerald Tablet X called The Key of Time, and also contains a very relevant vision of the Creation as told by a mystical figure known as the Dweller:

“Once, in a past time, I spoke to the Dweller. Asked of the mystery of time and space. Asked him the question that surged in my being, saying: “O Master, what is time?”

“Then to me spoke He, the Master: “Know ye, O Thoth, in the beginning there was void and nothingness: a timeless, spaceless, nothingness. And into the nothingness came a thought, purposeful, all-pervading, and It filled the Void. There existed no matter, only force, a movement, a vortex of vibration of the purposeful thought that filled the Void.”

“And I questioned the Master, saying: “Was this thought eternal?” And answered me the Dweller, saying: “In the beginning, there was eternal thought, and for thought to be eternal, time must exist. So into the all-pervading thought grew the Law of Time. Aye, time which exists through all space, floating in a smooth, rhythmic movement that is eternally in a state of fixation. Time changes not, but all things change in time. For time is the force that holds events separate, each in its proper place. Time is not in motion, but ye move through time as your consciousness moves from one event to another. Aye, by time ye exist, all in all, an eternal One existence. Know ye that even though in time ye are separate, yet still are One in all times existent.” Ceased then the voice of the Dweller, and departed I to ponder on time. For knew I that in these words lay wisdom and a way to explore the mysteries of time.

“List ye, O man. Take of my wisdom. Learn of the deep hidden mysteries of space. Learn of the Thought that grew in the abyss, bringing Order and Harmony in space. Know ye, O man, that all that exists has being only because of the Law. Know ye the Law and ye shall be free, never be bound by the fetters of night . . . Seek ye and learn that Time is the secret whereby ye may be free of this space.”

Time is a key element is the controlling of Mankind on this planet, and we have not heard the last of on our journey throughout history.

Within these grander Super Universes, the individual smaller Universes are in turn made up of galaxies, nebulae, star clusters, and solar systems such as are our own.

The first of these seven Super Universes is called the Central Universe—and it is a Universe far beyond the realms of this one known as Nebadon, as correctly explained in the Book of Urantia and the works of Gabriel of Sedona.

In this Central Universe resides the actual source of what we would term ‘God,’ though far beyond the comprehension of anything Mankind has ever thought of God before. As HE is referred to by the Spiritual Hierarchy and by the few on this planet who are able to have contact with HIM, HE is called ‘the FATHER’.

Harold Klemp, spiritual master of Eckankar, lists in one of his works the fundamental principles which can be attributed to the FATHER, or what he calls the Godhead. These are:

• Reality is an all-embracing unity
• the Ultimate is nameless
• within the Self the Ultimate is to be found
• IT can be known by acquaintance
• and reality is disclosed only to those who meet ITs conditions

As suggested in some of the earlier theories of Creation we have so far looked at, in the first act of Creation, the FATHER had two firstborn ‘children’ created from the LIGHT that HE IS. These two Beings are called RAJ and HAROON. RAJ is what is called the “Eternal Son” or “Original Creator Son.” HE is, as you can imagine, a very, very, very powerful Spirit, by that meaning powerful energy-wise or vibration-wise. HAROON is what is called ‘the Infinite Mother Spirit,’ ‘The Holy Spirit’ or ‘The Infinite Spirit.’ THEY all have THEIR existence within the Central Universe, and are the original TRINITY – the FATHER, RAJ, and HAROON.

These are the pure, positive God worlds in the Highest Realms of existence. As we get into the ‘lower’ worlds of Creation, the pure, positive nature of the FATHER’s Light splits into the positive male aspect and the negative female aspect. The terms do not refer to their ‘good or bad’ nature, but simply relate to their electro-magnetic charge such as you have on a magnet or on the diametrically opposed poles of a car battery.

Although RAJ and HAROON are referred to by words which have a gender connotation, THEY are both positive and negative in and of themselves. This again is the original TRINITY grouping from which all the power of the Universes evolved. This is where it all began . . . In the Beginning.

Subsequent acts of Creation then took place from ‘the union of energies’ of either the FATHER and HAROON, HAROON and RAJ, or the FATHER and RAJ. What came forth as ‘offspring’ from these unions were other ‘Creator Sons’ and ‘Infinite Mother Spirits,’ powerful Light Beings or Spirits, if you want to call Them that, whose job was to further create. That was their job. Kind of like sub-contractors, a Creator Son and an Infinite Mother Spirit would be given an area of what can only be termed the Void, into which They were then to go out and create another level of the Universe.

Although SOUL in its entirety was created by the FATHER, the individual manifestation of the sparks or pieces of SOUL that we are, comes through ‘the union’ of these ‘lesser’ Creator Sons and Infinite Mother Spirits—what Gnostic Scriptures refer to as ‘the Demi-urge.’ There are seven Super Universes, but within these super Universes the role of these other Creator Sons and Infinite Mother Spirits is to act as a kind of “Oversoul” or set of parents or guardians for those individual expressions of the FATHER who They help manifest.

The whole purpose of the work that these Creator Sons and these Infinite Mother Spirits are sent to do in creating the individual Universes, is to do it through the LIGHT energy of the FATHER. They must, in Their work, be receptive of the FATHER’s energy, for that is the only real Life Force in Creation. They then use this energy, allowing IT to pass through them into Their subsequent creation—the individual essences of Soul.

These Creator Sons and Infinite Mother Spirits are, as said, like the creator parents of a Universe. Like parents here on this planet, Their job is also to ‘be responsible’ for the Souls they help manifest for there is always that bond between Them, much as we have here on Earth. The FATHER sends the unmanifested Soul(s) out to be manifested by a Creator Couple who then place it somewhere in Their Universe so that it can begin gaining experience.


Like sending a child off to school for the first time, These Creator Beings leave the individuals sparks to the care and training of the teachers set up throughout the various levels of Heaven to assist them throughout their learning process. The Parent Creators, however, also bear the responsibility to help the “manifested Souls” to return again to the FATHER as ‘fully aware Souls’ in order to have them then assist in furthering the creative process.


The best analogy here is a power station sending out its power to sub-stations, then from there that electricity passes along to junction boxes and finally to individual households and the single power outlet that powers the equipment. Without the reduction in the energy as it passes through these various steps, the equipment would be overwhelmed and would subsequently burn up as a result. So to would we, in our lowered states of consciousness, be ‘burnt up’ by the energy of the FATHER without connecting through these various ‘adapter’ units.


The FATHER, as we shall continue to call HIM from now on, experiences HIS Creation through those who are created, as expressed in many of the ideas we have already looked at about Creation. We are indeed, each a part of the Divine FATHER, and as such add to and draw from HIS Divine Energy and Light. Or that’s the way it is supposed to work and does work in six out of the seven Super Universes . . .


The Story of Nebadon

In this Universe, the Creator Son’s name is Enjliou. The Infinite Mother Spirit is named Callia.

These Beings may be loosely equated to the Gnostic Scriptural idea found on a manuscript fragment at Nag Hammadi entitled First Thought in Three Forms in which “Three forms” of the invisible spirit’s “first thought” are equated to the barbelo aeon as the second principle or male creator spirit, and life known as Zoë, the negative female energy creator spirit. The Divine Word of God or Spirit, known as the Logos, is the third and neutral force which binds these two together to form the trinity necessary for the proper act of Creation.

Gnostic scriptural scholar Bentley Layton points out the emphasis laid upon the emanation and incarnation of the pre-existent Word (Logos), which is identified in some Gnostic manuscripts with not only the pre-existent anointed (Christ) but also with the Barbelo itself—thus giving people the idea that Christ and God were one and the same Being. It is his thought that some scholars have considered this myth of the Word to also be closely related to the source of the prologue of the Gospel of John, the “In the beginning . . .” version of the Creation.

Ceanne DeRohan, author of a series of books that tells of the Creation in this Universe from the point of view of these Creator Parents relates Enjliou’s experience on first becoming aware of Himself in His own words. It also possibly serves as a reminder of what it might have been like the first time we were manifested, or even possibly what it is like for us as a newborn baby first removed from the womb and beginning to become aware of our own innate Beingness:

“When consciousness became aware that it had existence, it had to realize everything. Nothing was realized yet except that I had become aware of Myself. Consciousness had to feel also or it could not know. In fact, a feeling of having consciousness is the way in which I realized I had consciousness. There were no words at first, only a feeling that I had existence. I had desire to know more.

“. . . I had the concept of a place within Myself then also. I tried to find the place that did not feel good so I could know it. I had just started my search when I realized there were many more places that did not feel good than I had realized before I began looking for them. In realizing I felt bad, I realized I had been feeling good. I wondered if it was right to try to feel Myself. I wondered if it was right to feel that some places felt good and others did not. I wondered if trying to feel them made these places not feel good. I felt confusion and fear. I wanted something that could explain it to Me so I could know. I felt lonely and somewhat timid about trying to feel Myself for fear of what I might find.

“All of this passed fleetingly through My consciousness while I was trying to ignore it in favor of My desire to know more. My desire to know more was leading Me on. I found out many things in My own way at that time. I stumbled onto most of them by having an experience and then realizing it. I felt most impatient with Myself. Already guilt had been born in me as a little voice telling Me that I should do better than I was doing.

“I had realized many more things than I could list. You must feel within yourselves to find your memory of what you experienced in a latent state of consciousness, for you were all there in a state of slumber, and you have the ability to know how existence began. These original experiences have affected you ever since. You need to go back to the origins of your consciousness to know what your earliest experiences were, just as I had to understand mine, because Lost Will has its origins there also.”

Enjliou and Callia were sent out to do what many, many other Creator Sons and Infinite Mother Spirits had done before them. They were created together as a unit, as a pair, as two halves of the same being–from which we get the idea of complimentary beings or Soulmates, to function together in whatever Their different capacities were. The primary responsibility in Creation, however, is not to ‘turn your back,” as it were, on the Will of the FATHER, to instead allow creation to flow through you, to be a vehicle for the Higher Will.


Although the primary rule of all the FATHER’s Creation is that all Beings should have Free Will, those Souls who are in alignment with Creation use their Free Will to follow the Higher Will of the FATHER. This is necessary for it is only through the Will of the FATHER that all things in Creation are held together in an atmosphere of Light and Love and Endless Constant Creativity.

At the time of the creation of this Universe, Nebadon, all was perfectly in harmony and in balance. The Creator Son and the Infinite Mother Spirit of this Universe, ENJLIOU and CALLIA were in balance. And then something happened. It was in the briefest of moments, the smallest fraction of a moment in infinity, that a doubt arose in Enjliou and Callia in the form of Self-will, and the two of Them found themselves in an unbalanced state which would then descend into duality, distrust, and dissension.

There is a general perception that everything God does is perfect, and that therefore everything in Creation must be perfect as well. That idea dismisses the central theme of Creation that everyone has Free Will. In the other Super Universes, this is the way it works—everyone has agreed to use their Free Will to surrender to that Will to be a part of the Higher Will of the Father. This is not a mindless, irresponsible state like one might consider a member of a collective to be. Instead it is the highest state of being a conscious co-worker with the Creator, the ultimate purpose and end product of all our experiences here throughout existence.

Schlemmer’s Council of Nine try to explain it in a way that may help this idea be understood more clearly:

“. . . obedience doesn’t sacrifice free will, it in fact promotes it because you don’t give obedience that importance... Conscience arises as a result of having erred... we (in this Universe) have now developed a habit, an addiction to error... Perversely, further error makes previous errors more comfortable to live with... we might feel helplessly impelled to step into yet further error, since not doing so implies facing up to all the previous errors... it is we who need to forgive ourselves... the real importance is the exercise of free will in obedience.”

What happened with Enjliou and Callia, in this moment of imbalance, was that they turned away from the FATHER. In doing so, They also turned away from the feeling, from the intent, to do it in the FATHER’s way, and instead decided to it in Their own Self-willed way, the right thing but for the wrong reason. This single moment in eternity would have disastrous results for everyone manifested here in this Universe ever since that point in Time.

It was Enjliou that took charge and turned away from receiving the guidance that was there for Him to receive from the FATHER and from the other TRINITY ONE members. This Creator Couple had not been sent out into the Void without the continued loving support and guidance of Those who created Them. Like loving parents who do their best to raise a child, one day they must, however, allow that child to go forth on its own, and their responsibility for that child’s actions ends there—and the child’s Free Will takes over. It is the child’s choice to follow the wisdom and guidance it has had in its formative years, or not.

Although They were made in perfection when they went out, Enjliou and Callia somehow or other just didn’t grow from that moment forward. They also didn’t use that power that was given to Them in a righteous and in a loving way. This created the imbalance. As the Spiritual Hierarchy tell it, although They wanted to fulfill Their responsibility in creating and supporting Their Creation in this Universe, They had lost the intent to do it through the FATHER’s Will, and instead chose to do it for Their own selfish motives.

Again, They wanted to do the right thing, but for simply the wrong reason. Intent is everything. This is the way it is both on the microcosmic level of our own individual level of self-responsibility, and also on the macrocosmic level of the Creator.
Here again, we must go back to the idea of archetypes as discussed in the first chapter. If any of the actions of Enjliou and Callia sound familiar in our own lives, it is because They were, and ARE, the archetypes of our own individual actions. They are also the original archetype for much of what has happened and is currently happening on this planet as well as the influence They still manifest in the lives of each and every one of us.

Even though these two very powerful, at first very loving, and wonderfully creative Beings had everything in Creation supporting them, exercising Their Free Will, they chose to turn away from It and go their own separate way. What then became of them was that their relationship disintegrated until what we were left with was the original archetype of a very abusive male and his submissive, docile woman partner.


This is evident in so many couples around us, and even possibly in our own lives. It is a case of the mental male half of our beings denying the emotional female side, or conversely, the female emotional side denying the strength and power of its own masculine half. This is the cause of all the current problems on this planet since, like the original dream that triggered the writing of this book, the female side of Man is being suppressed and denied its rightful place in Creation.


The Patriarchy has gone to great lengths over the centuries to make sure the feminine role in Creation has been denied or exorcised from all its religious beliefs expressly for the purpose of control. Abortion, the single biggest issue of a women’s right to choose and control her own destiny, is still the hottest topic on the planet in terms of politics and right of women to be free.

As in most abusive situations, it was not all one partner’s fault. Both partners must take responsibility for the imbalance in their own nature. The victim is as much to blame as the abuser for the choices they make that find them remaining in that abusive circumstance. In the case of Enjliou and Callia, it’s just that what started to happen, happened all at once.

Neither of Them understood the impact of what They were doing, nor the power which either one of Them could bring into play. Where Enjliou was coming from was an archetypal place of frustration, the result was “the abuse, the neglect, the anguish” of the situation in which They eventually found themselves. Still, Callia was as much to blame as Enjliou. She didn’t stand up for her own rights and power either so that power struggles began to arise in the relationship. Archetypally, what it came out like was nagging, not being happy with things, and other actions which still exist as the hallmark of females who allow themselves to remain in a state of victimhood within any kind of relationship or marriage.

This was all happening over vast periods of Time, keeping in mind that at the level of Creation we are talking about, Time does not exist in the same form as we currently know it. It was, to say the least, an extremely long time. There has, however, only been one Universe, one element of Creation, that went astray like this one. The consequences of that one imbalance between these two has affected all of Creation, and now threatens to do even more.

The Creation of this Universe thus took on an imbalanced state and was propelled forward by this imbalance into ever-darkening reaches of the Universe until it was no longer a Universe as such, a place of Oneness with the FATHER, but instead a Universe of duality.

Enjliou and Callia’s first act of creation together in the Void was to create their own firstborn son, if you will. His name is ARTOLA. He is a very loving being with a warm and gentle disposition, and is referred to in De Rohan’s works as HEART. Since the Creator Parents weren’t getting along, even at this time – ARTOLA filled the gap between them, the archetypal circumstance of a woman having a child to bring the husband and wife “closer together.” ARTOLA, archetypally, became a pawn to be used by either parent in Their struggles against one another.

ARTOLA then acted as a fulcrum or balancing point for HIS two parents, and for quite a long time—eons of time as it were—things were quite a bit better between Them. If this sounds like a family you know, either one you are related to, or one next door or down the road from you, you will begin to understand the archetypal effect our Cosmic Parents have had on the lives we now lead on earth, much as our physical parents have had an archetypal effect on the lives we lead individually.


Heart’s own Story

“I was just feeling good and floating in the reveric aftermath of the orgasms without questioning, or letting Myself question the rightness or the wrongness of feeling good. I wanted to feel good, and that was all. I did not know that I needed to assimilate this lower part of Me more and understand it more. I was enjoying the sensations there without assimilating what it meant or anything more about it other than it was pleasure.

“. . . I now know it was not a knowing there that was the difference between a lover and an adolescent rushing ahead because he’s wild to release the pressure of sexual frenzy and can’t think of anything else until he has done this, but I did not like anyone or anything else telling Me what to do, and so I did not listen to input from any other parts of Myself.

“I did not know how to handle My own physicality there, but I also did not notice that my physicality could have had any knowingness that could have helped Me there, or that the other voices I had been listening to did either. I felt they all must not be feeling it as intensely as I was, or they could not be telling Me to hold back and go slower.

“Instead of being made to feel wrong, I wanted to make Them wrong. It was partly true that They were not feeling it just the same as I was, had Their own point of view and that We were not able to get a mingling that resulted in an alignment there, but My feelings of sexual urgency pushed past Them with a rage that seemed to come out of nowhere and accuse the voices of My former companions of holding back wrongly and of trying to hold Me back wrongly.

“. . . From the very beginning, He did not like me displeasing Him with feelings that were not in agreement with His. I do not know how I got offered up to Him or placed in His care, but it happened this way according to My Mother.

“. . . She had to move rage and terror, but She did not know it then She did not know anything then, except that she was and did not like where She was, or maybe, what She was, since She did not know the difference among things then.

“. . . Maybe They had Their reasons, but I felt disowned and disinherited from every pleasure I had learned to love with My Father. I felt pushed out as though I had no Mother there who had any feelings for Me. My Father had only a lover who viewed Me as an interference in whatever it was They had going on. I served no purpose as far as She could tell, and he did not notice me in any favorable way either. Had She cast Him under a spell where He had no longer cared about His child, His Son, as He had called Me?”

From the split between the two Creator Parents also came the Father of Manifestation as he is termed in De Rohan’s work, the being known as Lucifer. While initially I thought Lucifer was another ‘son’ of Callia and Enjliou, what I have been led to understand is that Lucifer was a splitting off of that Dark energy which came from the Being of Light that Enjliou is.


The archetype that will best help describe this situation which occurred in the creation of Lucifer is from Robert Louis Stevenson’s timeless novel of ‘good and evil’ – Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. In Mary Reilly, one of the more recent film versions made from this classic novel, we see how Mr. Hyde is absorbed back into the body of the pained Dr. Jekyll. If we reverse this situation and extrapolate it to apply to a Creator Son of incredible vibration and energy, we have the likely situation which occurred in the birthing of the Darkness known as Lucifer.

Even the words spoken by Dr. Henry Jekyll as he becomes Mr. Hyde: “Free—free at last!” help explain the archetypal feelings of a son felt trapped by the institution of a family home where abuse and imbalance have created him as he is, and everything seems so far apart from the norm.

Lucifer was born out of the loneliness and sadness created between Enjliou and Callia – a child born with his own sense of loneliness and frustration. But he was beautiful, and seductive, and intelligent. He was everything that any creation would want to be. And in some ways, of course, he thought he was better than his Father, better than Enjliou, the Creator Son.

As we shall also soon see, this situation of imbalance between the Creator Parents and their ‘offspring’ also brought into existence other beings who were not created wholly in Light as they are in the other Universes, but also in Darkness. The worlds of duality were brought into existence at that time, and the struggles of the Universe and of its Creator Parents have gone on from that one moment into the eternity which is the nowness of time, constantly upgrading and worsening the state of unresolved duality that exists in these worlds.

Gnostic teachings have always included this idea that the Universe, and subsequently the world, were created by a pair of “damaged” Creator Parents. This , to them, was a way of explaining why Darkness seemed to have such a foothold on the planet—for Darkness is the opposite of the Light which the FATHER IS, and from which all of HIS Creation should also be made.

Although many of us consider black to be a color, black is actually defined as the absence of color, hence, Darkness is a place which is the absence of the FATHER’s Light. The black holes of Creation which scientists postulate as existing, are actually places where it is so Dark that they suck in all that is Light, not even allowing Light to escape.

Schlemmer’s Council of Nine refer to Lucifer as ‘the Opposition’ –He who is in opposition to the FATHER and to the goals of the FATHER in Creation. They say they do not even like to use his name because of the negative vibration it carries.

“. . . that which became the negative went in competition with God: he does not represent them . . .”

For the moment, however, we need to leave Lucifer after his manifestation and return to what was happening further in the Creation of this Universe. Lucifer shall be treated in a separate section in a later chapter where His role grows more central to our story.


The Disharmony Continues in the Act of Creation

Being used to a Biblical account of the Creation may tend to lead a person to believe that the Creation of a Universe is simply a matter of snapping the fingers and saying the magic word, and presto—one Universe, all complete. Unfortunately this is not the case, and as we shall find out later in the book, the structure of the Universe is indeed very intricate and involved.

Gregg Braden’s experience in the earth sciences and in the aerospace industry has led him to explore the nature and structure of the Universe. His work in these areas suggests to him that ancient sciences have indeed predicted what modern science now suspects, that light does not travel in a straight line.

“Within the grid/vortex framework of creation, geometric evidence suggests that “light” moves as a series of curves following a very special form of connected curves; the logarithmic spiral... curving in the direction that is most in harmony with the spirals of light emanating from the radiant source at the center of our own Milky Way.”

According to Braden, this curved path of light even guides the earth in its movement, for it is, he suggests, toward this pattern of light that earth is moving “in an attempt to resonantly match the reference signals generated as we pass through the “new light” of the electromagnetic zone known as the “Photon Belt."

The creative element actually used in manifesting Light in all its intricate shades and variations throughout the Universe is Sound or “tone”. This is the Cosmic Word or Logos as described in the Gnostic teachings, that third and neutral force that binds the male and female, positive and negative energies together into the form of new creation. Each one of the various levels of Creation exist as a separate frequency, much like the notes on a musical scale. To reach another station on a radio dial we simply have to adjust the tuner, so too may we “tune in” to a different vibratory level in order to access the various levels of existence. From the Sound we also get the idea of harmony in the Universe, and things that are ‘inharmonius’ or that ‘rub us the wrong way.’

Enjliou and Callia were in a deep state of inharmony as they progressed through the act of Universal creation, not knowing quite what the next step would be. Instead of turning to the FATHER and receiving that guidance and instruction, however, again they took the power of decision upon themselves and created in their own inharmonious way.

Enjliou, the Universal Father, archetypally then goes on about His business of creating, burying Himself in his work on the creation and development of the Universe. In doing so, he tends to ignore Callia, the Universal Mother. Gradually he comes to see her as useless in the process, worthless even, an attitude that she too, archetypally takes on and incorporates into her own self-image. The Universal Victim archetype is created—an archetype from which humanity has suffered ever since. Enjliou would not allow her to be a part of the creative process as she had a right and a necessity to be.


Instead of standing up for herself, however, and being assertive about it and doing what she needed to do, Callia fell into a downward spiral from which the idea of self-pity eventually sprang. As so many women on this planet have been taught to do over the millennia by female role models, Callia just hung back and felt worthless. This caused a lot of emotional pain in the Mother and She was not, and still is not, able to move it. Not until all the children on all the planets under Her creation heal themselves of the archetypal attitudes of woman as a victim, will she be able to once again center Herself in Her power.

As some religious texts suggest, the sins of the parents are visited upon their children, even unto the fifth generations. For all of us, the archetypal attitudes and actions of our Cosmic Parents, affect us every day. Even more in this case does it becomes a matter of not only are we parenting to our own children the way we were parented to, but indeed we are all reliving over and over again the archetype of our own Universal Creator Parents.

The role in Creation which the Mother is supposed to perform is to open space so that the Father can fill it and manifest the Creation, using the Divine Spark of Original Cause—the Cosmic Word or Spirit known as the Logos. Noted astrological counselor, spiritual teacher, and writer Barbara Clow expresses it this way:

“Women . . . are the guardians of place. . . . they carry intuitive knowledge about the real purpose of place . . . Women know how to create in time and activate space for new life, and so they will lead the men in the new alchemy.”

Enjliou and Callia truly needed to work together in order for the act of Creation to work properly, but because of the dissension and disharmony between them, things never really quite got off the ground.

None of what was going on here in this Universe escaped the notice of the Trinity One beings in the Central Universe. Seeing that things weren’t working right, Enjliou and Callia were taken back time and time again to the Central Universe for healing and for counseling, as we might think of it. Not just once, but many times. Some of these times They were taken back together. Other times it was just one or the other, whatever it took in order for the healing process to begin and to move forward.


As long as They kept up this behavior, not only would They eventually ruin themselves in the process, but They would also create children of less than adequate Light, for it is in the process of Creation that Universal and personal Love is transmitted to that which is being created. So to, today, do each and everyone of us carry with us that feeling that was inherent in our parents during the mating act that created us.


Locked into the matrix or fabric of our cells is either love, or lust, or anger, or whatever emotion was carried in the auric field of those two people who were creating us. And there it remains, affecting every moment of our lives, just as every act of manifestation by our Creator Parents created children lacking in the normal complement of Light and of Sound. Perhaps all men are created equal in the sight of God, as some religions teach, but not all individual manifestations of Soul have the same potential for carrying the Light of the FATHER within them.

The earlier manifestations created the spiritual hierarchy of the Universe, the Archangels, angels, devas and so on down the line. Even these felt the lack of something in their Creation and manifested it in their actions. These earliest manifestations of Soul into the Universe did not want for much in terms of their full complement of Light. As the dissension and disagreement progressed, however, eventually individual expressions of Soul were manifested that were severely lacking in the amount of Light energy they could carry, making them more and more susceptible to outside influences. And, back at the heart of the creative process, Enjliou and Callia continued acting like unhealed parents to the ‘children’ they were creating.

For those of us who have ever felt alone or unloved in the Universe, this may indeed be the cause. In an article I wrote on Choice along with the Spiritual Hierarchy, the choice was given to us to focus on the dysfunctional energy of the local Universe creators, or the true loving and glorious Light of Original Cause—that of the FATHER. That choice still remains true today. Where should we put our attention to find the true Love in the Universe? At what level do we choose to focus our attention, and to what level of Love and of Live do we aspire? If we still seek to find love from our Creator Parents, much as we might from dysfunctional earthling parents, we will always fall short of finding this love that we seek. Only if we look to the Highest will we ever find a love that does not fail.

It was while in this abusive, neglectful state that Enjliou kicked the Mother out into the Void to be alone. The best way to describe what happened to Her is to say She got lost out there somewhere in the Void. Eventually, although near drained of all her Light, She managed to make it back to the Created portion of the Universe on Her own.

Ceanne De Rohan shares with us from her work the feelings of Enjliou that led up to this most unique and momentous event in the history of Creation:

“I had to let her know that I was not angry with Her over this, and yet in realizing She was hiding, I suspected She had not experienced the pleasure I had had or She would know I was not angry. I then experienced guilt that She had not experienced the same pleasure. Lost Will has My blame as well as all the other feelings I thought I had to deny here to make our partnership work. I had to feel Her to know whether I was right or not, and She was trying not to let Me find Her. It was not easy to make Her hear Me above the roar of the fear and guilt within her, but I finally succeeded in getting her to listen.

“I had a voice of guilt telling Me that punishment was what I deserved because I had misjudged and mistreated Her. I had even called Her “It” and “The Bothersome Thing” in the beginning without bothering to feel “The Thing” enough to find out that It had all the qualities now associated with feminine.

“I had hurled Her out into space to be lost in terror. I had feared “this thing,” and without much effort at any approach, I had tried to get it away from Me so that I did not have to fear it or be bothered by it. I also realized again that I had loved it or Her, and had not allowed Myself to realize that I could not get rid of the feelings I didn’t like without getting rid of Her. She was changeable; I knew that now. I had thought unpleasantness was a thing that I could get rid of, and had not realized it also had the feelings I now loved. I saw that movement had brought it from feelings I didn’t like into feelings I did like. Now that I had realized all this, why wasn’t the Will opening to Me?

“The Will was holding still because She had so much fear of feeling what She was feeling. She had clenched to avoid the pain of it. She did not know She had My acceptance this time to move Her pain by moving Her feelings. My light and love would have flowed into Her this time but She did not know it. She was caught in fear from the past that I would not accept her. She feared that if She opened to expressing how She felt, She would receive denial of light and love again. She had many more feelings at that time also, but She could not move any of them because She had too much fear of Me pushing Her out. She had thought I enjoyed moving with Her this last time, but She was too afraid to find out for sure in case She didn’t have the right understanding.

“. . . Healing it is not possible without feeling it, but feeling terror with light pouring into it and lifting it is a very different experience for this essence than it has been having. Terror has been experiencing itself in ways that have no love or acceptance present . . . I had loved “the thing” that had moved and did not know it.”

ARTOLA too suffered from neglect. As ENJLIOU began colluding more with Lucifer than with ARTOLA, along the way, He too was abandoned in the great VOID of limitless space. In the business of their work in Creation, Enjliou and Callia had both neglected ARTOLA, and He was as such left by the wayside in the forward movement of Creation. This, however, was just the start. Later on he was actually forced out and away from the other group of Three Beings due to Lucifer’s jealousy and desire to dominate the attention of his ‘Parents.’


Once again, a central archetype of history is the feud between sibling rivalries, especially two ‘brothers’ as such Lucifer and ARTOLA were perceived to be. For ARTOLA it was HIS gentleness of spirit that allowed him to be cast out into the Void by the energies of the Parents’ neglect and by Lucifer’s desire to dominate the whole of Creation.

ARTOLA found Himself alone and lost in the Void. If it is difficult to imagine being lost in space, try looking at a photograph of space, and then multiply the emptiness in between the stars thousands and thousands of times to equate what you are might imagine the Void to look like before Creation entered onto the scene. This Super Universe is really more on the outskirts of Original Creation compared with most of the other Universes as well, so He was really ‘out there’ in relation to where the other Beings were located in terms of Space and Time.

After countless aeons, ARTOLA could eventually see, off in the far, far distance a Light. And for a long, long time he was all alone, trying to reach this Light. The Light was the Light of the other Super Universes, and as He made his way toward that Light, He could see the colors around the part of the Universe that Enjliou, Callia and Lucifer had created, and the colors there were attractive but they were not the pure white Light of the other Super Universes.

Eventually, making it back to the Light of the Central Universe, ARTOLA was ‘adopted’ and raised by RAJ and HAROON—kind of like a stepchild. Taken in and nurtured by the Love of the FATHER and of the other Trinity One beings. ARTOLA grew to the stature and consciousness that HE is currently, higher even than that of Enjliou the Creator Son, HIS Father. Joseph of the coat on many colors in the Christian Bible, is just such an example of this archetypal story in history.

After the long period of His healing and subsequent growth in the Central Universe, ARTOLA was given the choice to stay and work for the FATHER and for Creation from There, or to come back here to this Universe, Nebadon, in order to help in the healing of His Parent and of Their Creation. The decision HE made was to return here to be of service to the FATHER in helping with the problems of this Universe, and He is currently the head of the Forces of Light in the coming battle against Lucifer that is about to take place in this Universe.