Project Superman

The Saga of Andy Pero
by Eve Lorgen


from MindControl Website

In August of 1998, I met Andy Pero in Philadelphia, PA while attending Bob Eure’s CIREAP group. At the time I was scheduled to be a speaker on my Alien Abduction research. Preston Nichols also presented his material that evening. Preston brought Andy Pero with him this evening as a surprise guest to share some of his "Montauk Boy" experiences.

After I first lectured, Andy walked up to me to tell me that he had been in underground bases, and recalled a memory of walking down a hallway in some underground facility, seeing women and children in chickenwire cages, screaming for help. He also said he’d seen reptilians. After Preston lectured on his material, he handed over the floor to Andy. Andy spoke about his Montauk time travel experiences, mind programming, electroshock treatments, and training sessions to be a multi-talented covert operative and assassin for his "secret government" Nazi mind programmers. Andy described how his mind was split through trauma, electroshock, and sophisticated mind programming techniques. He told us about his training in Silva Mind Control as a young boy, and how he was able to do extraordinary human feats under mind control programming, such as jumping off high buildings without injury—hence the nickname "Superman". He also had a good knowledge of the occult and metaphysical world and confirmed the power of prayer.

When Andy first "broke programming", and memories surfaced of being a covert operative in a sub-project of the Montauk Project, he was "gung-ho" about wanting to take down the whole "evil Nazi Mind Control Regime". He claimed that he and thousands of others had been victimized by this type of mind control experimentation. He was well aware of the Reptilian-Draco Illuminati connection and had a few run-ins with the Reptilian shapeshifters himself.

When the Bob Eure’s lecture was over, Andy, Preston, Bob and myself went out to a local café and talked into the wee hours of the morning. We discussed many things, among them my Love Bite hypothesis of alien orchestrated relationships. Andy joked about this and related a few comments about his recent slew of ex-girlfriends whom he later believed to be sleeper mind controlled agents sent into his life. Every one of them were "bad" relationships that were deliberate set–ups to steer Andy off course from his recent "breaking of programming". I was impressed with Andy’s candor and his strong willed survivor spirit. Andy was also good looking, quite muscular and strong physically. He was confident--almost too much so-- but that was also part of his programming--to be a fearless warrior who will stop at nothing to accomplish his mission. Well, now his mission was to go public, expose the enemy and take them all down. At least, that is what he wanted to do—until a series of "reprisals " occurred.

I referred Andy to my friend Janet Russell, who ran her own local Long Island Cable TV talk show called Beyond the Unexplained. Andy met Janet and completed a successful butt-kicking interview that spilled major beans about his victimization in a government mind controlled project. The next day after the shows broadcast Andy said agents tried to kill and kidnap him, but they were unsuccessful.

Andy and I continued our correspondence by telephone, as these events unfolded. He knew that his mind controllers and "handlers" would keep throwing things at him to get him back into the fold, but Andy was resisting. He was remembering more and more details of his mind controlled ops and he knew he had extraordinary abilities--but for some reason he could not get these abilities "back". (Too bad he had not met Michael Relfe of The Mars Records, and tried deliverance first) Andy was doing a lot of self-healing work, trying to purify his physical system from the various poisons he believed aided in the mind controlled state—such as eliminating microscopic ‘nanites" via a blood cleansing device. 

Andy also went to the chiropractor, where one of his ex-girlfriends worked. Andy admitted to me that this ex-girlfriend was a Presidential Model, a Monarch programmed mind controlled operative—who he was trying to stay away from. Andy told me that when he was in for a treatment at the Chiropractors office, his ‘ex-girlfriend--the "project girl-- spoke a few trigger phrases, which elicited a pre-conditioned rageful response from Andy. Andy’s angry outburst directed at this woman then resulted in her filing a formal complaint with the local police that Andy was being "abusive". 

In September of 1998 Andy was arrested in his New Jersey home by local police at the instigation of the FBI and aided by the complaint from his "vengeful ex-girlfriend". They had a court order to confiscate a handgun that Andy possessed, even though he was compliant in every way with the police on this account. There was a discrepancy on the status of Andy’s firearm, which somehow resulted in a heated argument between Andy and the police. They proceeded to arrest Andy on this questionable charge, and used it as an excuse to indicate that Andy had been abusive and uncooperative towards them, resisting arrest.

Andy ended up being remanded to a mental institute, from which he spent several weeks trying to extricate himself. Luckily, Andy was released from this hospital and was determined to be mentally sane. We corresponded by e-mail and telephone, even though Andy knew he was under constant surveillance. He became increasingly more paranoid about his condition, because it seemed as if every step of the way in his recovery process and memory breakthroughs, something would distract him. Andy disclosed many things to me during this time, and I was able to do an interview with him until things got too difficult. (*See Project Superman interview following this article).

Andy was willing to do a radio interview for Night Search, but he later recanted because of a series of abductions, including reptilian assaults—and threats to his future wife and son. Apparently, Andy realized during his "total recall" phase that he had a special soul mate that he was bonded to, who would later become his future wife. He claimed he had sired an 8-year old son with this woman, and that his "abductors/controllers" used this against him to not go public or they would be killed. Andy loved them and this was the final straw that silenced him from exposing his full story. I questioned Andy about this soul mate future wife, whether this could be a "love bite set-up" designed to deceive him into being cooperative with his controllers not to go public any further. He insisted that she was real and the mother–son duo lived in some underground base somewhere. 

Much of what Andy told me is in my interview entitled; "Project Superman" published in Unknown Magazine, winter 1999 issue. But there were other tidbits Andy discussed with me, which I considered too unbelievable, although they could be true, but not confirmed. These incidents may very well be true, but I had no way of knowing. Some of these memoirs were funny, others too horrid to repeat.

One such account is a memory Andy had about being in an underground base, escorted by his human Nazi handlers to a group of tall Greys. Apparently Andy had been able to resist his programmers to such an extent, that his handler, an Aryan looking man he called "Adolph", brought him into a room of 5 Grey aliens. These Greys were used to reinforce mind control more effectively for "resistant" slaves. (I chided with Andy that the aliens were the "Master Mind Control Programmers") Andy described seeing 2 Greys sitting down at a table with 3 Greys standing in front of him. Andy heard one of the Greys say telepathically, " You will obey us." Andy screamed back to the skin-headed aliens, "Look, knock that off or I’ll kill you!" The aliens continued their demands of obedience into Andy’s mind. Andy warned them a second time, "I’ll kill you!" Then Andy focused his telekinetic psi ability to physically throw the commanding alien up against the wall, splitting its head open. The other 3 aliens stood up, as Andy picked up another alien with his "mind powers", until the whole group of them scrambled out of the room. Sensing that this situation was getting out of control, Adolph grabbed Andy and said, "Let’s get out of here!" Full of adrenaline, Andy shouted back, "I don’t care, I’m indestructible!" I couldn’t help but ask Andy, "What color was the aliens head’s insides that splat all over the wall? Did they have red blood?" He told me, "It was whitish grey with greenish blood." We joked about that one, laughing it off as "alien Grey split pea soup!" (I mentioned this to an Internet list group of "experiencers" and they became very angry with me, wanting to defend the poor aliens. They eventually kicked me off the Muppet list!)

Andy did say he had been abducted by the alien Greys a few times, where samples were taken from him for breeding purposes. One of the more bizarre stories Andy related to me was about his visit to a group of high level Illuminati, who were really shape shifting reptilians, that convened in an underground base not far from Rochester, NY. This happened sometime in 1989-90. He was not sure of the exact location, but it was an underground facility in a large conference room where a very long, dark wooded conference table sat. It was a party gathering where a group of tall, Aryan looking; older males were having drinks. One of the men walked over to Andy, and his human image phased out, as if there was an energetic interference that caused his holographic image to shift. Andy looked at the creature as he adjusted some button on a black box device attached to his waist. The man’s image shifted from a tall human to a 7-foot tall, 450lb lizard man, according to Andy. The reptilian shifted back again to human, and then said, "Here, I’ll show you". So he pushes the button on his waist device and his image shifts back to the 7-foot tall Reptoid creature. Apparently, Andy thought that his energy field caused a momentary shift in the holographic human image that the Reptilian masqueraded. The artificial hologram was maintained by a device that they wore on their waist. I wouldn’t have taken Andy’s story too seriously, except for a similar report from a Monarch slave who described the same thing—the long, wooden conference table, the same large view screen in the front of the room, and the tall Aryan humans who could alter their holographic image via a box held at their waist.

One of the more hilarious aspects to Andy’s story was his description of the chairs that the shape-shifting reptilians sat in, around the long conference table. There was a video type of screen at the front of the room, and each sitting area around the table had its own little light and computer console that came out of the table as if it was built in. The chairs were high backed, since the lizard men were all at least 7 feet tall. But a minor detail caught Andy’s attention about the chairs that these Reptilians sat in. He looked down to see that each chair had a slit in it, as if it was a double-bottomed chair, like two big blocks. When Andy saw one of them sit sown, he realized that the slits in the chairs were so that they could sit down with their tails underneath them! Tailor made conference chairs with slits in them for Reptilian tails! We laughed about that too, wondering when this would ever show up on Star Trek or Babylon 5. That experience was one of Andy’s first introductions to Reptilians.

On another occasion, Andy was introduced to a Reptilian, and taken to a private room, again, in some kind of underground facility. This time, Andy believes he must have been tested for his reaction to a horror scene. Or perhaps this may have been designed for trauma splitting purposes—or even an implanted memory. The Reptilian invites Andy in his private quarters, that looks like a fancy hotel room. He is ready to have dinner in his private room. A servant rolls a large silver cart in the room, like a hotel room service type of cart. The Reptilian opens the tray to expose 4-5 human babies alive and crying. Andy stood there as the Reptilian took a huge bite out of the live infant, splitting it in half, eating the baby alive.

Horrified and nauseous, Andy bolted toward the door. The Reptilian tried to grab Andy but he managed to escape until 5 Grey aliens who stood guarding the door, zapped him with some device that knocked him out cold. Well, that was enough of the baby eating reptilian stories for me! 

I wanted to know more about time travel, the Montauk chair and amplification of kundalini energy. So I asked Andy why do they do such sexual energy manipulations? Why male Montauk chair operators and not females? Andy told me about the kundalini energy activation and types of sexual couplings that result in greater sexual "psi"energy output. Apparently the Montauk experimenters have psychosexual manipulations down to a science. Well, I was told that there are asexual, homosexual and heterosexual couplings that each produces a different level of orgone energy. The sexual couplings that produce the highest charge are homosexual liaisons, and preferably with young male children. This is also practiced by high level witchcraft, a way for black magicians to obtain life force energy. It made me sad to know this was done to so many of the Montauk boys. 

Andy was used to create a series of time portals via his extraordinary mind focusing powers when in the Montauk chair. He also could manifest three-dimensional objects while in this mind state. I asked Andy if he had been ever sent back in time, and he told me about "Project Southern Cross" where he was sent back to England and Germany in the 1940’s before WW2 was over. Supposedly, Andy was sent to deliver drawings and communication devices and weapons made out of 1940’s parts that would enable us to win the war. I had a hard time making sense of this one.

Andy also said he was sent to a pre-historic dinosaur era of earth’s history where there was much vegetation. Andy said all he did on that mission was to collect soil samples and return. All of his time travel missions were carried out under tranced out mind controlled states, each mission not lasting more than a few hours.

Andy mentioned how his abilities were used to do demonstrations to get funding from politicians. In one story, which I can not confirm, Adolph took Andy to do a demonstration for a Hollywood producer and a few actors while making the movie, "Soldier" which starred Kurt Russell. Andy’s handlers drove him out on a dark, warm, tropical night one evening on a back road---perhaps somewhere in Southern California. Andy was in trance the whole time, and was instructed to give a demonstration of his "super soldier" abilities. Andy claimed that Kurt Russell was present, along with a few other actors of this film and the producer. Adolph commands Andy to do something impressive, so Andy went over to a nearby fence alongside the road and kicks and smashes it in. One of the men present snickered, making a snide comment that this was nothing, like big deal. So Andy went over to one of the men’s parked car--a Saub model--picked the vehicle up and flipped it over, denting it. The owner of the car ran towards Andy yelling at him to stop. Then Andy grabbed the guy up and threw him up against the fence, messing him up badly. 

Andy claimed to have been involved in numerous UFO retrieval clean-ups, as part of a mind controlled Delta team who entered to secure the UFO crash area while lab coated scientists came in to do their jobs. Andy mentioned that there are several of these crashes going on monthly all over the world. After the crash is cleaned up the Delta team’s memories are erased.

According to Andy, the Illuminati tried to recruit him, offering him a high Masonic degree, referring to him as their " Illuminati Golden Boy". Andy claimed that they kept bribing him into being cooperative and breeding for them, but he refused. Andy despised them with a passion and was determined to taking them down, if only he knew how. I asked him what did he think was the greatest threat to the Illuminati? Andy replied, "Jesus Christ."

By mid winter 1999, I had lost contact with Andy, as events kept pulling him from one chaotic drama to the next. I knew that Andy was tapping into his own repressed rage from all his mind controlled abuse and he had no where to turn. He realized how infiltrated the UFO community was and even those involved in mind control research. He knew his family was probably mind controlled too, adding to the security problems he had. He realized at some point, that he had to keep secret the memories that surfaced, because if he spoke them to anyone, it seemed as if every step of the way he was distracted or neutralized. Andy became more paranoid-- and determined to "get his abilities back." He believed in himself to the point of appearing grandiose and delusional because of his "superman abilities".

I had nightmares of seeing Andy being beaten, head thrown against the wall with a huge black eye, that looked abnormal. I knew something was terribly wrong, but I could not find out, as I had lost contact. Later that spring I found out through a close friend that she had seen Andy, and he looked entirely "different" from the way she had known him before. Andy had something strange in one of his eyes, like an implant or something unnatural.

Months went by, and then a year. I was told recently by Preston Nichols that not long after the spring of 1999, Andy traveled to Arizona and got involved in some cult—perhaps to stay hidden and "out of the system". Maybe he got re-programmed by cult members. He then traveled out of country to Korea and to such exotic places as Nepal, Tibet and Kat Man Du. By mid-year 2000 Andy returned to the states, out of money. Andy went back to New Jersey to ask for money from his family, which resulted in another unfortunate incident. His family refused to give him money, so he took what he needed, a car and cash, by force. Andy’s family charged him with assault and robbery. Not long after this, Andy was arrested and sent to jail, and is now awaiting a trial somewhere in Arkansas. No one has heard from him—and as of the late fall of 2000, Andy is still in jail.

Not a good ending to this saga. I’m sure it is only part of Andy’s real story, and at this particular junction in his life, he is in exile. I hope Andy can get the help he needs when or if he gets out of jail. So, for any of you out there who care about what is going on in this country with mind control victims, please pray for his freedom. Please pray for others who are still caught in the strongholds of the enemy. I do believe that if enough of us start caring, the tide will turn in our favor.

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