by Paola Harris

March 8, 2000

from UFODisclosure Website

On March 8th, 2000, Journalist and International Correspondent Paola Leopizzi Harris conducted this interview with Dr. Michael Wolf on behalf of the UFO Disclosure Group.


Many thanks to Paola for this world wide exclusive.


- John Colaw

Director UFO Disclosure Group

Paola: Michael, there is a growing consensus that the public is being gradually conditioned for eventual disclosure of UFOs and Extra-Terrestrials. Do you think this is an accurate perception? Is the public ready for disclosure?

Michael: This will be true because the group that I am still advising is using the Learning Channel and the Discovery Channel to get people acclimated to the idea that "we are not alone". The Learning Channel and the Discovery Channel does not produce fiction. This is an accurate perception. It is all factual.

Paola: Is the public ready for it, in your opinion?

Michael: Some are. Some are not. The people who believe that they are the center of the Universe are never going to change their minds till one lands in their back yard, then they'll say that might be a Disney thing. The same people who don't believe in UFOs don't believe that man ever went to the moon.

Paola: Are the lawsuits by Peter Gersten of CAUS having an impact in the intelligence community?

Michael: Pardon me? No. They are not considered an important problem.

Paola: There have been increasing numbers of sightings of extremely large triangular craft, including Belgium, Phoenix and the recent reports from Illinois Police. What can you tell us about the origins of this triangular craft - what is its agenda, who is flying it?

Michael: Well, the very large ones are not being flown by humans. Maybe there are some triangular experimental craft, but they are not completely silent and we are miles... not miles away, but years away from recreating anti-gravity vehicles, to my knowledge. We are years away from duplicating UFOs, as far as I know. Some triangular vehicles... some of them are said to be like three football fields in length and width, and there is nothing to keep them up there. They are defying gravity.

Paola: What about Illinois? Have you heard about this?

Michael: They are coming from all over. The Phoenix lights were huge and that was a blatant cover-up. They said "Oh yes. We were putting up flares." Flares fall. These Phoenix lights do not fall. They put flares up to try to confuse people.

Paola: There is a division in the field of Ufology as to the alleged benevolence or hostile nature of ETs, which include implications that many violent abductions are staged Black Ops meant to propagate fear and suspicion against aliens. Do you concur regarding these violent abductions, and what is your opinion on the benevolent/hostile issue?

Michael: There are minimal negative abductions. John Mack's new book (Passport to the Cosmos) which I just received from him does point to a transformation of most to multiple abductions by aliens alone.

And yes, there has been somewhat sloppy abductions by humans parading as aliens or "human-form aliens" wearing human uniforms; and yes, there is part of anti-alien forces that are trying to confuse people about abductions. Military abductions are not as widespread as a lot of people think.

Paola: Ok. Now how would they do that? Are they cloned aliens or are they like holographic images?

Michael: They are more like holographic images. As a matter of fact, I know of several cases when they were able to put their arms and fingers through these so-called aliens and which weren't aliens and then occasionally they would see a uniform and a human. They made errors in the holographic program.

Paola: Mr. Colaw is asking your opinion on the benevolent/hostile issue.

Michael: Most are benevolent. Occasionally some get through the alien barrier, but they don't generally come back. They don't come back here once they are spotted and identified. Once they have hidden agendas, once they are identified they are barred from coming here

Paola: Who does this? Do we do this? Do the benevolent aliens...?

Michael: Benevolent, (laugh)...they are not goodie, goodie.

But they don't want negative interference, for the most part. They (Negative ETs) might get through occasionally, and that is what anti-alien ufologists point out. But those are out of a myriad (meaning "many") races and they are few and far between, and I think John Mack is possibly one of the best experts on this subject.

I completely go along with him and he has read my book and he does agree completely with me. He is telling it the way it is. He does not interpret data. He collects massive amounts data. He says that these so-called "negative abductions" are 1/10th of one percent of all the rest of them. It 's ones who misinterpret deliberately who have anti-alien agendas and (and we all know who they are) write in their books that they are robotic, and no gray is robotic, unless it is a holographic projection by HUMANS. Next!

Paola: Can you expand on the dual nature of man, and how you see it relating to the Hopi prophecies regarding the fate of our planet for the year 2012?

Michael: I don't think we have anything to worry about. Gradually the whole world is going to know that we are not alone. There are two cable channels: The Discovery Channel and The Learning Channel, which never produce fiction. Discovery discover the truth, and The Learning Channel to learn about it. They have been producing positive evidence of "alien intervention" in human affairs to try to keep us away from such prophesies. Prophesies are not written in stone, they can be changed by man.

Paola: They can be changed by man?

Michael: Why do you think God gave "free will" rather than making us subjects of "one" reality. All the goodness has already been planted like trees and is sprouting... read the book (The Catchers of Heaven) and read the truth in it?

Paola: What about going into the "fifth world" as Native Americans believe... going from the "fourth world to the fifth". Is that just a world of enlightenment then?

Michael: It is more figurative... not literally a fifth world, I mean... we don't know even the fourth dimension. We can do the fourth dimension in math and physics. There are many dimension... at least eleven.

Paola: Are you still planning an appearance at the Star Knowledge conference in Atlanta, Georgia this May 5th? If so - what will be the theme of your presentation there?

Michael: No. I am going to be very busy working on "enlightenment programs" to let people know that most of the civilizations are just passing through like tourists, and those who are interested, I'd say the majority of those who are interested have plans for us that are "good" plans. They don't want us destroying ourselves. I'm working on "The Bright White Light Quartet". I am also ill.

Paola: We have heard that you are suffering from numerous maladies and complications. Do you have any requests for prayer and light in that regards for those who support you?

Michael: I've already receiving it and I am very grateful. Don't forget for 48 years from the age of ten, I have been exposed to toxic substances. That was part of my work and just like those who, that group in area 51, wants a class action law suit who have suffered working on "black programs" and so did I.

Paola: Well. That's pretty clear.

Michael: That's as clear as you're going to get.

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