by kwakakev

December 18, 2010
from AboveTopSecret Website

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With some of the discussion going on it is important to understand the situation before jumping in. You are on this site so you must have some clues that all is not what it seams.


I and others have spent a while researching this, so lets enlighten the situation.


If WikiLeaks has taught us anything, it is that the government lies. While the mainstream media will generally not show these lies, thanks to the Internet they are there if you look.


So what are these lies?

  1. The Federal Reserve has been a bad boy and recently created 9 trillion dollars without congress approval and passed it off to the international banking community, as well as assisting insider trading and other deceitful actions.

  2. While the appearance the the global financial collapse is over and history, it is not. There have been some regulatory improvements since but many of the underlying problems are still there. The bailouts approved by congress have helped keep the creditors at bay, for a little while.

  3. The derivatives market is currently valued in the quadrillions of dollars (more money than what is in the rest of the world), while having no real assets. Basically it is just a big casino, some also describe it as a pyramid scheme in the way it is managed.

  4. The national debt is so high that just servicing the debts interest is becoming untenable. With congress blocking the next round of bailouts there is no money for January's debt obligation. When a country goes bankrupt this means revolution. If you do make it past January then you have a lot to thank China for as wall street and other bankers continue to rip off. The military and other spending has also contributed.

So with very limited over site and significant conflict of interests in how the economy is managed, it is stuffed and only really held together by a pack of lies at the moment.


Have you heard of the WikiLeaks insurance file, the Bank of America it tipped to fall. What would happen if we had transparent access to all of the banks records? As for how and why, the answers are around but it has been a long and conceded effort with some incompetence thrown in.

Ok, economy falls, change the government, make a new currency all good? Not yet. 9/11 is a thorn that just will not go away. I cannot say it better then in the presentation '9/11 Blueprint for Truth'. If you are here you must heard about 'truthers', if not you will soon enough.


The name 'truther' says it all. A movement that is growing bigger and stronger, tired of the deceit, diversions and lack of transparency. They want answers, not lies and will not stop until they get them. While Osama Bin Laden was the first suspect, they have drafted up a more realistic suspect list.

Ok, end the war, get ride of some bad apples, all good now? Nope. Industry has not had it's turn yet.


The big one is oil, but there are many others with the profits over lives and the environment attitude. Remember cold fusion? it works. Heard of people driving their cars on water? some do. Zero point energy? that too. The only reason we hang onto oil is for the military and the banks, the real terrorists.


The people, economy and the environment is much better off with out it.

Ok, no more gas stations, are we done yet? We have not even started on the big stuff.


Life, more importantly our real place in the universe. UFO's... I don't want to spoil the big surprise for you, but if you have been astute you know something is going on. How much swamp gas and other pathetic debunks does it take to realize the media lies. Millions of sightings world wide over the years, some on camera, video, radar and close up 'n personal. We have all had to make our own judgments on this one, but the evidence is there if you look.

Ok, so we make some new friends and/or enemies are we done?


We are when you learn about the relationships and links between all these problems as there is some overlap. You cannot take one unless you take them all. Conversely, bring down on one and they will all fall. This is what I see when I remove the lies from our perception in the search for reality.


How much different would life be if it was not for a few powerful people who decided to suck the life out of this planet instead of contributing to it as much as everybody else does? This why people are angry when things are made so much harder than what they really need to be, when they learn just how deep the lies go.


WikiLeaks presented an amazing window of opportunity between two different worlds, one in which we remain mushrooms on a dying world, another where we face a reality with more potential and opportunity than what we thought was possible. All we have to do is confront the reality.

The next question is how? The floor is open for discussion.