About Steve Hammons

Steve Hammons is the author of two novels about a U.S. Government and military joint-service research team investigating unusual phenomena. MISSION INTO LIGHT and the sequel LIGHT’S HAND introduce readers to the ten women and men of the "Joint Reconnaissance Study Group" and their exciting adventures exploring the unknown.


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Steve Hammons

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Steve Hammons was born and raised in southern Ohio.

He graduated from Ohio University, Athens, in 1977 with dual majors in health education (psychology focus) and communications (journalism focus), as well as graduate-level studies in guidance counseling.

He has worked as a journalist, editor, counselor, juvenile probation peace officer, public safety urgent response specialist, teacher, instructor and U.S. Government researcher.

Hammons received training in Army Special Forces operations while an officer trainee in Army ROTC at Ohio University in 1970-71. His ROTC Counter-Insurgency Group instructor/advisor was from the 5th Special Forces Group and had returned from a tour of duty in Vietnam.

Hammons also attended two summer training activities of Special Forces reserve groups where he learned about SF concepts and operations, functioned as an indigenous asset for an SF B-Team S-1 and met other Special Forces personnel who had served in Vietnam.

Hammons’ first novel, MISSION INTO LIGHT, was published in February 2001 and introduced readers to the women and men of the Joint Reconnaissance Study Group, their adventures exploring the unknown, and their missions to help create a better world. The sequel, LIGHT’S HAND, was published in November 2001.


TV and film rights are currently the property of the author. Agents interested in marketing these rights and producers interested in acquiring them are encouraged to contact the author via e-mail at: ohio52@navyseals.com


A feature film screenplay titled MISSION INTO LIGHT, combining the novels MISSION INTO LIGHT and LIGHT’S HAND, is under development by the author. The first draft was completed in February 2006.

The author’s query letter seeking agent representation and the interest of producers is below. Agents and producers who may be interested in seeing the screenplay are encouraged to contact the author via e-mail at: ohio52@navyseals.com


A phone call and job offer to Mike Green lead to an adventure into the unknown when he is recruited into a quasi-scientific Defense Department research team in San Diego. In MISSION INTO LIGHT, Mike and the women and men of the ten-person Joint Reconnaissance Study Group conduct urgent intelligence activities on unconventional areas:

  • current and future human evolution

  • deep-memory DNA theories

  • dolphin intelligence

  • ESP

  • near-death experiences

  • past and future Earth geological disasters

  • dolphin intelligence

  • UFOs

  • and other mysteries

Mike and JRSG members travel from San Diego to Arizona and the “Four Corners” area to put together pieces of a strange cosmic puzzle, facing experiences that are scientific, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. The mysterious events, challenges and dangers they encounter are part of their mission to understand intelligence affecting the U.S., the human race and planet Earth. During these adventures, romantic heat is sparked between Mike and Amy Mella, one of the group’s dolphin researchers. In the climax, the team acts as a rapid response team to the site of the sudden appearance of a field of cosmic light that some suspect is a kind of miracle.

This metaphysical adventure has action, suspense, mystery and romance. It is a story of relationships between women and men, military and civilian, the intelligence community and the average person. The screenplay is based on my two novels, MISSION INTO LIGHT and LIGHT’S HAND.

I am a professional editor and writer with a large company. I also write articles and columns for the Web and have worked as a newspaper journalist. I have researched, and in some cases directly experienced, subjects covered in the novels and screenplay. My university education with majors in communication, journalism and psychology also formed a foundation for presenting the story in the form of the novels and the screenplay.

Mission Statement of the Joint Reconnaissance Study Group



The Joint Reconnaissance Study Group (JRSG) is a research entity designed to utilize the resources of the Department of Defense and national intelligence services in the missions to be defined by the Congress of the United States, Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the President of the United States.

JRSG personnel will endeavor to investigate intelligence-related matters deemed relevant to the national security of the United States of America.

Areas to be explored by JRSG will be regarded as TOP SECRET / SCI, using the compartmented code word BOONE. Need-to-know protocol will be in force. Study groups within JRSG will be compartmented to the degree necessary.

Cross-fertilization of data and intelligence will be at the discretion of study group team members and the commanding officer of JRSG. Research and investigative findings will be compiled and interpreted by the senior officers on each team and submitted to the JRSG CO for communication to higher command authorities.


JRSG teams will be structured as follows to enhance cross-service, and cross-agency cooperation and communication. Initial organization of study teams include three, three-person groups. The JRSG CO, Colonel Thomas O'Brien, U.S. Air Force, will have direct command and full discretionary command and control.

TEAM ONE: Commander Daniel Wells, U.S. Navy; Lieutenant Commander James Etienne, U.S. Navy; Captain Amy Mella, U.S. Air Force

TEAM TWO: Colonel Edward Thompson, U.S. Army; Captain William MacNeil, U.S. Army; Michael Green

TEAM THREE: Colonel Gene Voss, U.S. Marine Corps; Major Karen Valdez, U.S. Air Force; Jennifer Thorsen


JRSG teams will conduct broad-based, yet narrowly focused research and investigations into areas as identified and directed by the JRSG CO. These areas will include, but will not be limited to, the following general categories:

1) Unidentified flying objects (UFOs). Alleged abductions of humans by same. Reported technology and method of operations.

2) Extra-sensory perception (ESP). Alleged perception of information available to human beings through means other than the five senses.

3) Near-death experience (NDE). Alleged contacts with Heavenly persons and afterlife-type phenomena reported by persons experiencing clinical death.

4) Research in sub-atomic and quantum physics and how these fields may affect or illuminate the above areas.

5) DNA and other genetics studies and how these fields may affect or illuminate the above areas.

6) Native American culture and history and how it may affect or illuminate the above areas.

7) Cross-theoretical/cross-cultural religious and philosophical studies and how they may affect or illuminate the above areas.


JRSG personnel will conduct field interviews and other information and intelligence gathering tasks as directed by the JRSG CO. JRSG teams will pursue intelligence and reconnaissance based on their investigative discretion and initiative.

Senior officers Commander Daniel Wells, Colonel Edward Thompson, and Colonel Gene Voss will report directly to the JRSG CO. JRSG CO Colonel Thomas O'Brien will report directly to the National Security Council, Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the President of the United States.

JRSG teams will endeavor to conduct reconnaissance on the seven general areas of study and maintain security of the intelligence collected. The JRSG will be granted the full cooperation of all military commands and civilian governmental agencies. Reports will be channeled from JRSG field teams to the JRSG CO on an as needed basis at the discretion of senior team officers.