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Just wanted to keep in touch and let you know what's happening.

The video of an Alpha Team recovery has been bought by a businessman from Venezuela and last we heard, he was in Cuba with Chinese military personnel.

Our Russian asset sent word to us that everything has been locked down. He is worried that something is about to happen, due to military deployments and heightened alerts. His grandson is aboard one of their submarines, which received an emergency deployment last week. We haven't heard from him in two weeks since we received his message.

Many of our other military assets have also been placed on alert status. Eight of which have been restricted to their bases. Six others have been told to stay within their city limits (near their bases) until further notice. Some of the other assets have not received an alert, but did report an increase in training for A2A tactics. We are unsure if this is just a drill or if something is known and being prepared for.

We spoke to two assets that have some knowledge of what is happening with SETI and have confirmed that Dr. Greer's story does have some truth. There are two signals that have been received more than once. One has been traced to the planet Mars. Not a surprise!! The other is either a signal that has been boosted in strength from its location or the signal is getting closer to Earth. N/#/S/#/A/#/ has also been snooping around the facility.

Now, I saved the best for last. We believe we have found one of the alternate astronauts and are in communication with a middleman of sorts, who is figuring out a way to approach this individual and have him sit down and chat with us. We will keep you posted.




Wed, 23 Aug 2006
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From the TC group: Date: Wed, 23 Aug 2006 14:47:13 -0700

Although we approve of anonymous' efforts to disclose truth, we feel they did not verify all the information. It's our opinion that roughly 60 % of the information is accurate and a third of that was common knowledge.

The e-mail below was received from an asset, who was an assistant/colleague of one of those mentioned in the latest releases by anonymous. The header and names were removed for obvious reasons.


I pray all is well with you and the committee. ******* brought forth the latest Anonymous release to my attention, and I must comment on the accuracy of the information contained within.

Dr. ****** and our group did indeed work on two of the objects mentioned, but due to our limited technology, we were unable to duplicate the devices for many years. In 1961 or 1962, I believe, we were forced, against our better judgment, to use one of the devices to power a modified plane that could enter space and return safely. We later learned how to fly "the visitors" craft and had created a fleet of space-based planes, now operated by an international team of personnel. These planes, designed to be our first line of defense, do carry energy weapons captured from the crashed "visitor" craft and later duplicated.

Although this anonymous individual included factual information, some classified, the rest is pure rubbish. I would love to sit down with him and compare our stories and knowledge. Many of my former colleagues have contacted me, thinking I was anonymous, since I was extremely vocal of my views ages ago. You and the committee know that this is not so, as I would have proven myself with the files you now have in your possession.

I concur that all information obtained should be verified by many sources, but at some time you and the committee need to take a leap of faith and release the evidence, even if you are ridiculed by the masses. In the end, you will be vindicated by the evidence as disclosure takes hold and the "visitors" make themselves known to mankind in the next few years.

But be cautious, my friends. I applaud your efforts and energy to tackle such an extremely difficult and controversial subject for the human race, but there are those who will stop you and others at all cost. Choose your friends wisely, as you know my opinion of ****.

My new contact number is **********.

My best wishes,




25th August 2006
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" We are not here to change anybody's point of view, just to enlighten them with information we are privileged to witness. Those that are non-believers are entitled to their opinions and we respect that.

Those that do believe are thus split into two groups: Those that demand answers now and those who analyze, ponder and react. Either way, both have to understand that this is a challenging process, which is emotionally and financially draining. We have spent 10s of thousands of dollars of our own money checking out assets, trips to obtain documentation and various other duties.

We just ask for your patience as we try to sort through the crap to find the truth. We were burned once and will not let it happen again. On average, most of the information we receive are pieces of a puzzle that we put together from various sources. The more pieces we have, the clearer the picture becomes. A few of the assets have a lot of knowledge in a few projects, but no documentation or witnesses refuse to talk with us. And there's "J's" information, which we feel is about 2/3 accurate and will share more in the future. And, yes, we do get our share of hoaxers and others trying to muddy the waters, but they are getting easier to spot.

Just so your forum members understand, this is a slow endeavor. We do have lots of information and about half is technology / biotechnology related, but not verified by multiple and separate sources. And until that happens, we will not release it. No individual, group or agency will have all the answers, and if they claim they do, then you know to walk away.

There is a positive outlook lately, the number of scientists who wish to speak with us has increased. Many of our assets wish to remain anonymous because of the threats of losing jobs, pensions, ridicule, physical harm and possible prison time. But they keep coming forward and helping.

To the impatient member by the name of N***, you need to go back and check out our information. We were asked to comment on the last release and since we had an asset who worked with the devices mentioned, we obliged OM.

We let you know from time to time what we are involved in. Not once did we promise the video, we only mentioned that we were trying to purchase it, and the asking price was to steep for us. If you want proof as to who bought it, check out the BBC as to who met Fidel Castro nearly two weeks ago. That's right, Chavez, Chinese military personnel and Russian diplomats. The gentleman who purchased the video was with Chavez when he deboarded the plane and is standing to his left, two people behind. And another piece of information I bet you didn't know, Cuba still has 2-3 missiles left over from the Cuban Missile Crisis. Our asset also informed us that Chavez wants the technology, "To keep the US out of his country."

Now, to those that want more alien info, the Soviets sent their own team three years later. It seems the Seinuvians/Ebens (whatever you want to call them) felt the US was the superior race on our planet, but liked the Soviet communistic society. It reminded them of home!! The administrator was notified of this recently, but we asked to keep it secret until we verified it through sources.

I'm not sure where you got General from, but we did meet a high ranking foreign official and discussed the Seinu issue with him. We were monitored by video and recording devices and with armed security outside the door. His smiling was the only way he knew at the time to answer us; he said that he tried using his fingers at first, but we didn't catch on to that. He was sent back to his home country shortly after that meeting and demoted. So if you don't think there are risks involved, you are dead wrong.

We have been attacked numerous times through our computers, but our techno friends are to good. The bugs are masked in with popular software updates. We were also attacked by thewizardofzin@yahoo.com and we sent the info to a friend in Washington, D.C. It seems he and his department were already aware of both the address and attorney and are also looking into other irregularities. Do these attorneys have nothing better to do?

So ask yourself, why are they attacking if they believe the information to be false? The answer is, because we are closer than they want us to be.

When it comes to discussing Serpo, we have come across four different names for that project. The information differs regarding how many went, returned, gender, suicides and possible clones. We have found someone with the knowledge we seek, but he is refusing to talk with us at this time. All we know about him is that he was a candidate, the youngest of the group and spoke with some of the returnees, or so the claim is.

Riding on the Serpo coat tails? Give me a break. We are only seeking the truth and report both the good and bad. Information overlaps and we do come in contact with assets that have information about other projects, technology and even Seinu, Serpo and a few others. We have received contact from two Ufology researchers that wish to cooperate and assist us. And no, we are not going to tell you who they are. If they wish to come forward, then, so be it. We have thanked them and declined at this time, only for the fact that we are uncertain who to trust in this field.

To those who think this is a game, you could not be more off course. We have put our hearts and souls into this. The committee and research has become our second family. Just like with any other, you have the ups, downs and the rewards, too. "




Fri Aug 25
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Fri Aug 25 16:44:19 2006

"I just received a frantic call from one of the committee members, who was checking out some of the internet sites. Apparently, information is being confused.

We have in the past said Serpo was not completely true. As we found out the hard way, both Serpo and Seinu are basically similar and both had truth and fiction mixed into the cover story. We do come across information for both projects and at this point feel they are two separate e-races.

Now, the Soviets did go , but I must stress that we do not, at this point, know which solar system or planet they were taken. Our source is having trouble getting the information to us, due to the FSB and SVR watching every move his department makes. When more information is delivered, we will check it out and when verified, pass it along. His last message mentioned possibly the Zeta system, but he needed to get back into the vault and verify the information. It's also difficult trying to match their e-race names to ours.

On a side note, I forgot to mention that an asset told us about a broadcast of a Soviet missile base that had been destroyed after attacking a disc with MIGs. It was shown on TV twice before being pulled. Hopefully someone taped it or knows where to find it, as we can't seem to locate a copy."




August 27th 2006
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Please note all the content of the most recent correspondence has been removed at the request of the TC Group. The only content we can make public is as follows:

"[...] The Committee voted last night to terminate all contact with internet forums. The amount of e-mails that we have received have been vulgar and abusive. And we still are uncertain how they and the wizardofzin got our e-mail address [...]"

OMRT Comment: As far as is known, the only time the email address was compromised was through publication on the Reality Uncovered web site, via Shawnna Connelly an admin of Reality Uncovered.