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June 11, 2006

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The Question:

  • What kind of insanity is this?

  • The ZIA not only had the 911 terrorists on a watch list, they watched them do it?

  • The Pentagon wasn't hit by any Boeing 757?

  • What do you mean there were no fighter intercepts?

  • The Whitehouse doesn't think Iraq is any threat to the U.S.?



The ZIA (as in "Zentral Intelligence Agency," misspellings throughout designed to temporarily delay/defeat e-mail flags and filters) is an organization by, for, and of genetic psykopaths.


The following ZIA members and founders are/were all born psykopaths: John J. McCloy, Bill Donovan, Reinhard Gehlen (Nazi spy master brought into the ZIA), Allen Dulles, John Foster Dulles, William Casey, Richard Helms, Sydney Gottlieb, Jolyon West, James Angleton, William Colby, Milt Bearden, E. Howard Hunt, Dewey Claridge, Robert Gates, Deutsch, William Webster, James Woolsey, George Tenet, Bobby Ray Inman. Please don't take my word for it, ask Edwin Wilson or Michael Riconosciuto (the latter of the Inslaw/Promis case, an excellent entry into the "governmental darkside" or "government mafia").


Ask them if they ever knew anyone in the ZIA who believed in right and wrong, who had a conscience, who had a soul. Ask them also if there are any national law enforcement agencies still controlled by people possessing consciences. Since they're paths themselves, they'll know why you're asking but don't worry, they won't be insulted, I'm sure they don't see it as a defect.

[EDITOR: Since this isn't copyrighted (doubly as an anonymous email), and the reasons no longer are necessary, I have run spell check from here to the end. Material in brackets are the editor's.]





The totalitarian impulse was not defeated (or merely left to wither under communism) by WWII. The totalitarian impulse is to impose dictatorial control for the benefit of a few by controlling all societal groupings.


The impulse is total knowledge/total control: the Bush/CIA has the Total Information Awareness program (led by the convicted felon and path, John Poindexter).


The communists even made all athletic organizations state controlled (to say nothing of their choosing all religious leaders). Similarly the CIA has spent the decades since its creation extending its tentacles throughout society. It's plan was simple, first informers, then key positions, then control. First they established their base in the Republican Party, co-opted the other intelligence agencies, then took over the various officer corps.


By 1963, the CIA felt confident enough to assassinate JFK in a stealth coup d'etat. (He had just declared his intention to break the CIA into a thousand pieces, the CIA got to him first.)


Since 1963 they have had shadow government control over the U.S. But that is just the tip of the iceberg, I believe they have now essentially created a shadow society, a mirror or bizzaro world.



Like mold on cheese, what you see of the CIA is far outweighed by what you don't see. The filaments throughout the cheese make up the bulk of the fungus

Not only is there a vast network of informers and secret police, but the CIA has been carrying out a decades long plan to infiltrate, monitor, place individuals in strategically key positions, and then control all law enforcement bodies, major media outlets, and all political parties

Strategically key positions include such positions as county coroners (who can declare CIA death squad murders to be suicides or natural deaths) (paths are particularly attracted to the godlike medical specialties:

pathology (Cyril Wecht, Michael Baden and Henry Lee), surgery (Bill Frist), and anesthesiology, assigning federal judges, who can steer CIA cases to CIA path judges (federal judges are so important that the CIA psychopath Urrin Hatch [Orrin Hatch] blocked almost all of Clinton's (who is not a path) nominations), members or leadership of law enforcement entities, particularly roving squads which can move about within a jurisdiction (who can cover-up or even carryout CIA crimes), story selecting editors, letters-to-the-editor editors, and archiving editors (to scrub the archives of dangerous breaking stories beyond the power of the selecting editors to squelch).

How could AssKKKroft, W and company suggest the Nazi/communist style spy-on-your-neighbor Neighborhood Watch program, the use of torture, and no lawyer-client privilege?


Simple, they've been doing all of this for years. I call this structure stealthtalitarianism.

How could they keep such a structure secret? The answer is also simple, the individuals making up this network have a much bigger secret, their own genetic psychopathology

They are nonhuman humans, predatory simulacrums, our own species' cheater strategists



Any time nature, through evolution, places a hurdle in the life-path of the individuals of a species, there is also the opportunity for the evolution of cheater strategists.


For example, for many years small fish were noted darting among mating salmon. It turns out that these are also mating male salmon, however they never make the trek to the sea and back and they never grow larger than a few inches, they have found an evolutionary shortcut. They also never developed courting behaviors or signals due to their small size, thus they depend on the females responding to normal males and then release their sperm simultaneously.


Our own species relies on reciprocity, we're a 'scratch my back, I'll scratch yours" species. What if a genetic subtype evolved that convincingly promises reciprocity but only takes, never gives, genetic confidence artists? Well they have, they're called psychopaths. These individuals view us as conscience ridden, overly emotional, weak fools to be preyed upon without remorse or pity. They have no more pity for us than snakes have for mice.


Yet they look just like us, predators within our own species.

You might say,

'How can this be, I would have known about it.'

Why? Why should you, they have evolved to fool us.

No doubt if one could ask ma and pa wren why they're feeding a huge cowbird chick while their own young lay dead at the foot of the tree, they would wax indignant.

"What do you mean we're feeding an alien species? Don't you think we can recognize our own family? Are you crazy or something? OH, THE GAPING BEAK, THE GAPING BEAK! FEED THE GAPING BEAK."

And off they'd fly, enchained by their instincts. You might say we're human beings not animals, creatures of reason, not instinct. But you'd be wrong, we're both, we're creatures of both instinct and reason.

Rather than being an inter-species parasite like the cowbirds, paths and salmon sneaker males are intra-species parasites. Psychopaths have evolved to pass among us unnoticed. (Much like vampires are described to do in almost all vampire myths and movies. I sometimes wonder if psychopaths are the source of the vampire myth.)


Both pass among us unnoticed, both are protected by few believing in them, vampires are known for their hypnotic stare, psychopaths for their blinkless predatory stare. (Could it be that what we have in the Whitehouse is the unelected surrounded by the undead?)

Paths are well aware that we don't notice their difference from ourselves. This reinforces their overwhelming arrogance and belief in our stupidity. One of their recurrent themes is that normies (that's what they call us) can't see what's in front of our eyes. Indeed, they are in front of our eyes almost every day and we don't see them.

Actually this belief in their superiority and our utter stupidity often leads to their own defeat. A few years ago, a minor Chicagoan politician running for a local race changed her name to Carol Mosely Braun (the real Carol Mosely Braun had just been defeated in her U.S. senate race). Did the fake Braun really think we'd be so stupid as to fall for this stunt? Of course she did.

Did Sammy "The Bull" Gravano really believe legit businessmen would buy his 'we're men of honor, we don't need contracts' spiel? Of course he did (sadly, most didn't wake up to his true nature until right before he killed them rather than share the profits).

Did the CIA really believe we'd believe their explanation for bombing the Chinese embassy in the Serbian conflict? 'Gosh shucks! We were using an old Yellow Pages!'

Who's stupid, they (who have no shame or embarrassment) or us (for believing they're the one who were stupid)?

Did the path, Ari Fleischer, really think we'd believe him that President Crackhead, the moral degenerate, really ran to hide at Offut Air Force Base on 9-11 because Air Force One was being targeted? Of course he did.

Did Johnny "Mike" Spann and "Dave" really think they could face down hundreds of Taliban prisoners in Mazar-i-sharif, interrogate and "lightly" torture selected prisoners armed only with one handgun? Of course they did

Johnny Spann was bit and torn apart limb by limb. "Dave" then called in a airstrike on the heavily armed prisoners. Huh?

Did Rumsfeld (or Rumsferatu as I call him) really think they, the CIA paths, could hit the Pentagon with a cruise missile or drone and call it a Boeing 757 and get away with it? Of course he did, and so far have



Go ahead, find it. Essentially everyone who reacts angrily to the above Pentagon assertion has never looked at the photos. Go ahead, look at them

Don't take my word for it. Perhaps people remember the pictures in the newsweeklies and newspapers immediately after the attack. Look at them again, they were drawings, not photos. (This is actually a CIA lie signature. The Warren Report had drawings of JFK's wounds, not photographs.)

The attack on the Pentagon is the Big Enchilada, absolute proof of the criminal insanity of our leaders and the total fraud of our "media." Even an eight year old looking at the photos would immediately know that no large airplane hit the building. The facade fell later from the fire not the impact. Where's the plane wreckage? Vaporized maybe? No analysis needed. You don't have to dissect propaganda, you don't have to parse the English language, you don't need to know structural engineering, you don't need to understand advanced avionics, a child would recognize the truth.

It is a natural and usually good thing that people under attack pull together

But what if the attack is from within, not from without? What if the "attack" is merely a ploy, a charade to stampede the population towards the goals of a corrupt government?


This is not the first time in history that this has happened. The Nazis paved the way for suspension of freedom and rights by setting the Reichstag fire and blaming it on their enemies. The Russians paved the way for the Chechen war by bombing their own apartment buildings killing hundreds (no wonder Putin said he felt guilty after 9-11, his action was the model).


The only time perpetrators were caught in the act, it turned out they were FSB (the renamed KGB) agents "doing a preparedness check" with "flour." Riiiiiight. Sure, that's believable. I see now.

Warren Buffet (who, on the morning of 9-11, hosted a retreat of WTC CEO's at Offut Air Force Base, quelle coinkydinky, n'est-ce-pas?) says he's sure that the U.S. will be hit by a dirty bomb. How can he be so sure? Is he in the know?


(Let's say I'm wrong, and that there is a real threat from Islamic terrorists, they certainly have reason to hate us. How come the government can't protect us? Perhaps they should admit failure, resign and give the elected president, Al Gore, a chance to do the job.)

So what protects the criminal CIA paths? Our own lack of imagination.

Most of us can't imagine a crime of this magnitude, a lie this brazen.


How stupid do they think we are? Most people can't imagine that there are things they can't imagine (this may seem obvious), their imagination is like a tight rubber band that will only stretch so far. It is my job with doubting readers to stretch this rubber band until it snaps. If I do my job, it will then be your job to do the same with your relatives, friends and acquaintances.

Most of us have internalized living in the freest, most democratic country in the world with the freest press of the free world. If the press didn't report it, it didn't happen.

You must break that chain of false reasoning. You must be willing to entertain many different possibilities and follow the truth wherever it leads. I offer few "proofs" in this letter. But the truth is out there, seek and you shall find. Provided, that is, you are willing to travel through territories called sounds-like-paranoia and conspiracy-speculation. If the "C" word scares you too much, I don't know what else to say. If there are too many people like that, then we are all lost, all doomed. Please, you must be willing to follow the bouncing ball of truth wherever it bounces. Perhaps you'll decide that everything you've ever been taught is a lie.

There are other aspects aside from a lack of imagination of course for the widespread acceptance of the Pentagon charade. The conclusions are simply too terrifying. The only explanation for the Pentagon attack fraud is that our leaders are absolute murdering lunatics...


I think we are in trouble.



Most people can imagine aliens and nuclear war mutants but psychopaths that can fool them are just a fantasy.

I'm afraid not, aliens and mutants are science fiction, psychopaths are biological facts. Actually psychopaths are mutants, but they are ancient mutants who have evolved alongside us. The current attack on evolution is no surprise.


As the billionaire path televangelist and pious fraud Pat Robertson (why do you think he wears that angelic visage like a mask, normal people have complex expressions reflecting their complex inner life; paths often choose a socially acceptable persona to wear as a mask to cover up their emptiness) knows well, psychopaths were not made in the image of the lord.

They were made by evolutionary selection. Without accepting evolution there can be no understanding of psychopathology.

We are fortunate to have Ari Fleischer as an excellent example of a psychopath.

Paths combine their astronomical arrogance with a complete lack of shame. He routinely tells the most outrageous lies with a totally straight face (looking the camera, and thus ourselves, straight in the eye), all the while his arrogance and contempt for us simply bake off him like a heat mirage. Further he is routinely caught in these lies and still shows no shame.


Nor is he fired, even after his AF1 lie. But who would fire him anyway? Certainly not the First Fingerpuppet, the illegal squatter. Who's the real power, H.W., the Evil One [George H.W. Bush], or one of the mutants,

  • Karl Rasputin Rove

  • Dick Coward-in-the-Bunker Cheney [Dick Cheney]

  • Andrew Card?

I don't know.



Perhaps you think,

"Well the Pentagon emergency personnel would have spoken, the repair crew wouldn't keep quiet."

Well who would they tell?


The CIA propaganda outlets maybe (otherwise known as the freest press of the free world - though ex-Dir. William Colby, shortly before they killed him, stated that the CIA controlled all the major media (that they "owned everyone of any major significance")? Moreover, the repair crew was a foreign company of foreign nationals, all of whom have returned to their home country. Moreover there were eyewitnesses.


A local hotel bar and a gas station even videotaped the attack. However the tapes were confiscated by the FBI and none of these witnesses interviewed by any of the news pretenders

One of the things we know is that W takes orders. This was evident in the film clips of W reading to school kids while our country was under attack. After the second strike, the psychopath Andrew Card came over and whispered in his ear and then, without waiting for a orders or reply, immediately turned and walked away.

Let me repeat this, the mutant Card didn't wait for instructions from the President of the United States while we were under attack!!

How could this be? Easy, TREASON.


They knew of the attack beforehand. That's why W had to stay in front of the cameras reading to school kids. Somebody had to give the stand-down order, a hanging offense, and the Bush crime family didn't want W to swing.


The initial scenario was to play it as a "this must just be a tragic accident.."


That way he was justified in staying in front of cameras while the stand-down order was being given. Unfortunately, for him part of the truth came out in the summer of 2002, the mutant Condi Rice admitted on television that there had been intelligence of impending hijackings since the spring of 2001 (though she claims they were expecting "only routine hijackings" not flying suicide bombs)

FBI mutant, Director Mueller, also claimed that no one had ever imagined planes used as suicide bombs. A lie so blatant he should be placed on trial.

In June 2001 during the G7 conference, W had stayed on a warship in the Mediterranean which could be protected from such suicidal aerial assault, and the Italians closed the airspace over the conference to prevent that very occurrence

Furthermore, the French earlier had recognized and prevented just such an attack on the Eiffel Tower. The CIA had been warned of such attacks by the Germans, the Italians, the Russians, the Egyptians, the Filipinos and more

(Don't take my word for it, please look it up.)

They knew immediately upon the first plane being hijacked that it was a terrorist attack. Yet W went ahead to the school.

It is interesting to note that H. "Bail-Out-and-Leave-Crew-to-Die" W., the Evil One, and his disciple, James Baker, III, were in the Whitehouse the night before and the morning of the attack.


We know this from ex-Prime Minister John Majors of Britain on C-Span.


(Neither of the Bushes, father and son, nor Baker are paths. Rather I believe them to be hideously corrupt, morally degenerate normies who have chosen to partner the mutants.)



Even Payne Stewarts's private plane got a fighter intercept for straying inextricably off course.


For hijacked planes there have been standard operating procedures for 20-30 years. Nobody has to look up phone numbers, nobody has to get permission from the President. These SOPs were not followed 9-11. Yet no one has been fired nor any officer court-martialed. No court-martial means it could not have been a military error.


It had to be a civilian stand-down order

We know it wasn't W, he was in front of cameras.

  • How about the mutant Cheney?

  • Why has he been hiding since 9-11?

  • Is it really for the good of the nation (survivability of civilian leadership and all that)?

  • Or is it the shadow of the gallows that frightens him?



The mutants in illegal, unconstitutional control of the Whitehouse are getting too arrogant and sloppy.


They believe they can stack their house of cards ever higher.

  1. The Pentagon Boeing fraud is one level.

  2. The shoot down of Flight 93 over Pennsylvania is another. Even the CIA controlled press carried enough truth to prove this if read carefully (under communism the Russians actually learned to read the truth between the lines of the state controlled press, we haven't learned yet, most people still believe we have the freest press in the free world).

  3. The thousands of military and civilian N.E. Air force base employees knowing that they failed utterly in their prime mission on 9-11, protection of the U.S. mainland, are another.

  4. The number of honest cops who have witnessed CIA crimes and cover-ups.

  5. Beyond the cameras of the "news" channels and in the mid levels of the major newspapers are many professional journalists. They wonder why certain stories aren't pursued, why other stories disappear from the archives. (Anyone notice how archived articles now cost 2-3 dollars an article? The CIA "dumb down the populace" strategy, they want us fat, dumb and happy, just like cattle.)

  6. The true casualty numbers in Afghanistan (there is no such thing as a war without casualties).

  7. The cadre of professional pilots knowing that gas tanks don't just explode, that tails don't just fall off. They think that by keeping silent that they are protecting the American people from panic at fear of outside terrorists, they don't yet realize that it is the psychopathic CIA blowing the planes up as in instrument of assassination. (A technique pioneered by the Nazis.) The pilots and air marshals have yet to realize that they are no more than decoy ducks to lull the targets into a feeling of false security.

  8. The CIA shooting down TWA800 in front of hundreds of witnesses (including military and coast guard personnel who had seen missile trails before). Would CIA mutants really blow up a plane full of hundreds to get a handful of targets. Would hunters worry about the reeds in a natural duck blind? I don't think so.

  9. We know what happened to Pan Am 103. The McKee team, honest CIA and DEA agents, were returning home with proof of CIA agent drug trafficking. They didn't realize that drug trafficking is the CIA's most profitable criminal enterprise (that's why we're in Columbia, the CIA wants to control production not just distribution, and why we helped shoot down Veronica Bowers' oh, so dangerous missionary plane and why Afghanistan is once again the world's leading grower of opium now that we have defeated the evil Taliban). So their bosses had Pan Am 103 brought down. In the Bizarro World of the CIA, it is the good guys who are destroyed.

  10. Don't take my word that the CIA shoots down planes, ask Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak. Ask him what happened to Egypt Air 990. (Ask him also his opinion of the naivety and gullibility of the American people.) He lost a number of his finest military men on that plane. Notice how they, the CIA and their paths in control of the FAA and NTSB, James Hall and Bernard Loeb, blamed it on the copilot, Commander Batouti, who was returning home with gifts for a family celebration. (The current head of the NTSB, Marion Blakey, is also a mutant, as is James Kallstrom who handled the FBI "investigation" of TWA800.)

One of the CIA signatures to be aware of is the sexual smear.


Thus they first claimed Batouti was a womanizer (imagine that!! A pilot who chased women!!) When that failed to persuade the public that he was a probable shame-filled murdering suicide, they then claimed that he propositioned hotel staff, then that he would follow women in the halls and spy through closed doors. Soon, no doubt, they'll provide "evidence" of his flashing school kids or fornicating with corpses.

Lies, all lies. However, typical CIA lies When you hear such smears look for the CIA angle

Concerning EA990, there is a very curious little reported fact. The last person off the flight at the previous stop showed up hours later as a grief counselor (without informing anyone of the situation moreover). Believe me, the entire psychopathic awareness community sat bolt upright at this news. Paths are in an endless quest to prove their superiority over us emotionally weak fools

Killing hundreds and then counseling the bereaved would be a masterstroke, propelling the path into the psychopath's book of Guinness world records.


Did the authorities investigate this individual? You mean, did the criminally insane mutant usurpers of rightful positions of authority investigate him? No, they let this pass. Did the freest press in the free world take up the investigation. No the miscreant CIA propaganda news pretenders didn't either

Other levels of their house of cards:

  1. The CIA assassinations of the 60s (JFK, MLK and RFK) and even

  2. The Internet. They truly believe that they can ride herd on the entire Internet, that the truth can be suppressed forever. I'm sure there are other levels I can't think of right now. I'll add them as I think of them. It's just a matter of time till this structure collapses. When it does, it will be our job to shine the light of truth where it belongs, on the mutant paths of the CIA, the killers of our heroes, the stealers of our history

  3. The number of times that John Muhammad's car was stopped at road blocks near the Washington, D.C. sniper locations (didn't the FBI have any programmers on staff, forget that, how about somebody who knew how to sort a spreadsheet?)

  4. Perhaps Barbara Olsen, "who was in the plane smashing into the Pentagon," will be discovered alive, disguised with plastic surgery and with a new name.

There is precedent for this. After his wife forced him to fire an employee lover, the path industrialist Armand Hammer had his lover get a nose and dye job and then rehired her for the same position claiming she was a different person.


The other employees thought they were both crazy, but I'm sure Armand fell asleep laughing every night.

  1. How many times can they get away with offering Rommel's choice to our fellow Americans? Rommel's choice was to either commit suicide but have his family spared or be tortured to death after watching his family die similar deaths. J.H. Hatfield's death qualifies (and maybe Cliff Baxter's, certainly after the fact, considering his wife's comments).

  2. How many times can they threaten honest politicians, judges and law enforcement personnel? Perhaps they show them films of the Nepalese royal family being wiped out. This crime was carried out by Nepalese military mutant paths, selected and trained by the U.S. CIA infected military. News miscreants dutifully reported that a lovestruck prince committed all the murders before shooting himself in the back of the head.

  3. The pathetic FBI investigation of the anthrax mailings.

  4. Touch-screen voting and the VNS vote compiling voter fraud. PATHS IN OUR MIDST

  5. There have been a rash of psychopathic criminals in the news lately: David Westerfield, Scott Peterson, Fred Neulander, teens who videotape their crimes (of course we have no proof yet concerning Scott Peterson, however he's certainly psychopathic and I strongly suspect he is guilty). Then there is the murder victim, Bonnie Lee Bakley, a psychopathic conwoman. If he did it, perhaps Robert Blake should claim justifiable homicide of a psychopathic parasite.

Now these individuals are not CIA of course.


However once that snow ball, the truth about paths in our midst, starts rolling downhill, watch out. Convicted path felons might be the key that unlocks the public's mind.


They live, they really do.



To understand their world, imagine an orphan looking through a window at a happy family during the holidays.


An orphan, instincts in place, would understand exactly what he/she saw and was missing. A path on the other hand, would be truly puzzled. They'd recognize a desirable state, everyone laughing and happy. But when they ask "What is this thing called love," they really mean it.


They can't comprehend the emotional attachment between individuals.

This awareness of being different is one point where they turn from a "just don't care" amorality (which can still be devastating to those who try to be close to them) to an active evil and desire to cause misery. The realization represented here by the hypothetical window scene can cause them to say, "What is this warmth and happiness when I, a god, have only a heart so cold?" This makes them feel inferior and thus angry. To get back at the world, some then dedicate their lives to destroying happiness, whenever, wherever possible.


Many others become "homewreckers", either as seducers or whispering Iagos.

Many people ask me what life satisfactions do path's have, how do they emotionally overcome the disappointments of life? What disappointments? If there are no emotional attachments what are the disappointments? Well then, what are the rewards? Sadly, it's all chemical. I believe nature soaks their brains in feel good, "ain't I grand," chemicals. Somewhere in their psyches, I think they unconsciously know this.


To combat this realization (and the deep paranoia that accompanies it, this paranoia is actually one of the ways to recognize them) they are driven on a lifelong quest to prove their felt superiority is real

Thus they con and manipulate again and again without thought of consequences

For example an employee might seduce both the boss's wife and girlfriend despite the almost certainty of being fired (at the least), it is that important to him to prove his superiority. Many just cannot stop conning

At the very heart of their psyche, where you and I have a soul, they have only a pit of despair. Despair at having been cheated of the human experience. But this is a despair they cannot acknowledge.


I have no doubt that the Soulless Ones, Rumsferatu and Cheney, Prince of Darkness, would, and very well might, kill millions to protect themselves from this awareness. It is very important that one not make the vast neediness of a path one's own. The world is full of women who have dedicated their lives to fulfilling the needs of a path spouse

They would have more success filling the Grand Canyon with a teaspoon, at least the results could be measured by science.

Paths do not experience their neediness as neediness, rather they see it as a great tool for the manipulation of others, particularly women

Also, one must be careful not to expect reciprocity. Ask Moises Ghiroldi, a Panamanian general. Well actually you can't. In return for his sparing the path Noriega's life in an abortive coup, Noriega turned around and killed him.

To a path, the expectation of reciprocity is the sign of a fool, of a sucker.


(It should be noted, that Noriega (H.W.'s once good friend) was a graduate of the army's School of the Americas, also known as S.O.A. or, as I call it and as it really is, S.O.A.P., School of American Psychopaths. I am very serious, S.O.A.'s mission is the discovery, training and installing in leadership positions of mutant paths throughout Central and South America. The hell on earth that many of these countries are is a gift from the United States' CIA and a window on what the CIA could bring to our country and the rest of the world.)


Concerning Ghiroldi, it should also be noted that the General in charge of the Southern Command just sat on his hands during the coup, saying he thought it might have been a setup.

Paths lack adult judgment and reasoning powers. I have no doubt many have kept their Green Lantern Decoding Rings from childhood.


Osama blinking messages to his followers in the videotapes, why not?



Their psychology is not like ours. A path can pimp his own wife, considering it the equivalent of found money. A mother can pimp her children for drug money without second thought. Or a path mother can hold onto her marriage by pushing a daughter towards the incestful embrace of a psychopathic or otherwise corrupt father.

Psychopaths see nothing wrong whatsoever with incest or child molesting.

Indeed, the objection to it is utterly beyond their understanding. Dyncorp's mutants actually traded in eleven and twelve year old sex slaves after the Yugoslavian conflict (don't take my word for it, look it up).


Dyncorp is a CIA contract company, like Air America was during the Vietnam War. I believe these companies should simply be considered as part of the CIA, not as separate at all. They're set up to keep the crime (and the money) within the family, they also enable the CIA to get around U.S. laws of what the CIA is allowed to do

The degeneracy of Dyncorp employees is simply the degeneracy of the CIA

If people see paths in their true light I have no doubt they will turn against them. How many people sided with the sister desiring mutant path emperor in Gladiator? Not many, I'm sure. (Incidentally, such films remind us that illegal pretenders to the throne, murdering usurpers and powers behind the throne are nothing new.)

Let's not forget Sante Kimes, grifter and serial murderer. She wedded her own son to her criminal schemes by bedding him. Now there is no denying that the perverse and the unusual carry a certain fascination. Does that mean that Jerry Springer has proven that we are all like him? I don't think so, Jerry, you degenerate, freak pervert.


And now you want to run for the Senate, to join your pervert path friends there?


I don't think so



Degeneracy is at the very core of the CIA.


Any words of patriotism, anti-communism, virtue, or piety are just that, words. Words used as tools to scam the tax paying, voting citizens of America, the true patriots. The CIA is simply a vast organized criminal enterprise that has co-opted the U.S. government and is now attempting to create a worldwide Empire of Psychopaths.

The paths have been joined in this attempt by non-path moral degenerates such as the Bush Gang.


Though I sometimes wonder whether the patriarch, Prescott Bush, who established the family fortune as a financier for the Nazis (his business was actually seized by Pres. Roosevelt under the Trading with the Enemy Act, please look it up) was psychopathic, leading to the subsequent generations being deeply corrupted.


The normy children of paths often end up either corrupt, e.g., Michael Powell, F.C.C. chairman and son of Colin Powell, or demoralized and disturbed, e.g., the daughter of E.F. Skinner, behaviorist and path totalitarian theorist, who committed suicide (amazingly he had used her for psychological experiments from infancy).



There are localities in the U.S. where alliances of corrupt path sheriffs, magistrates and mayors have created zones of corruption and evil. These towns are truly Helltowns, USA.


Unfortunately, Republi-psychos have now seized the machinery of the federal government.

The CIA (including its captive military) and now the entire federal government is a vast organized criminal enterprise backed up by a tightening police state. We citizens now have Hell Government, USA. The world, Hell Country, Planet Earth.

My friends, why do we allow this? If George Washington came to your door asking what have you done for his country, his flag, his Constitution, what would you have to say?

The presence in the Whitehouse of damaged George Bush and his mutant minions disgraces and dishonors our great history. Did Washington and his men freeze and die in Valley Forge for no reason? Every man who fought and fell for flag and country, was it all for naught?

Why would the mutant organization, CIA, choose a damaged crackhead as the frontman of their takeover of America?


I believe it is because he is a brain damaged crackhead, they believe they can control him. W probably started drinking at age 14, and I believe much of his development stopped there. His smirk is like that of a teenager who has just discovered that bluff and deceit will often carry the day and believes he has discovered the secret of adult life.


W is such a psychologically and developmentally damaged individual that they can easily manipulate him, yet they have a normy in front who they feel can better relate to the populace.

Since paths know only the notes and none of the music of human life they have a hard time commanding the loyalty of others and openly gaining leadership positions. For example, in Peru, Vladimiro Montesino was the true power behind Fujimori. However, his power was through bribery, threats, blackmail, torture and assassination. (Not so incidentally, Montesino is another S.O.A.[P.] grad.)

Another example is Cheney, Prince of Darkness, who tried to run for president.

Coming across with all the warmth of dried piss, he didn't do very well. People just do not respond well to pod people.

Remember the Republican convention of 2000, the Stepford Wives convention? Most registered Republicans, of course, are not paths. However, I'm sure most Republican officeholders and functionaries are truly Re-pods, Re-paths, Re-psychos, Re-CIAchos. How healthy is the normy true conservative wing of the party? How well did McCain do in South Carolina? It is time for all normies to desert the party.


The Republican party has allowed itself to be taken over by mutants, all true patriots must turn against it.



Deuteronomy 21:18-21 instructs the ancient Israelis to bring stubborn and rebellious children incapable of obeying wisdom to the elders to be stoned to death.


Likewise certain of our early colonies asked parents of teenagers unamenable to the Word of God (i.e., incapable of respecting and acting on the concepts of right and wrong) to put them to death publicly in the town square.

So-called primitive people often describe individuals who shirk their responsibility to hunt, yet excel at freeloading and who lack respect for the institution of marriage. Not surprisingly, such individuals often die early as a result of a hunting "accident," a fall off a cliff or being in the wrong place when a tree falls. (This is a path's life in the state of nature, a rush to procreate before being recognized and killed.)

So the ancients, our forebears and so-called primitive people all recognized psychopaths and their danger.

Why don't we? What is the difference?

Well, they believed in evil, they trusted their own observations, their own judgment and they were willing to act on this judgment.

We rely on "experts," think most people are good "deep down inside," and would never take matters into our own hands. Most of us probably can't imagine believing, saying and acting upon the phrase "slay the monster."


I disagree, I believe you could, given enough provocation.


But don't take my word for it, please read "In Broad Daylight" by Harry MacLean (or see the excellent Brian Dennehy movie version). It's the true story of a long suffering town rising up and killing a law twisting, rampaging psychopath in front of dozens of witnesses, none of whom talked.


They rarely show this movie on TV, I wonder why?



Nowhere Men, yeah you know who you are, here in the U.S. perhaps you take pro-wrestling a little too seriously, in Europe perhaps you follow football (soccer) a little too closely.


How do you feel when the excitement is over?


Much like the guy who's just jacked off in an inflatable doll, I should imagine. As in "Geez, what was that all about?" Life not throwing you enough meat for your male soul? I've got a proposition for you. How does war against the paths sound? Tour of duty: death or victory. Rules of engagement: last man standing. How does that grab you, laddies?


The heavy lifting of history has always been done by males (how many Joan of Arcs have there been, seriously?).



Feminism is a totalitarian lie and fraud.


The only males who believe in the general adulthood of women are little boys. Which is the whole intent of feminism, the infantilism of the men. While they didn't invent it, it was the communists who first pushed it broadly, to control the male population. The new totalitarians, the CIA stealthtalitarians, cherry picked from all the earlier totalitarian and fascist systems seeking the "very best" techniques for control of the populace.


Not surprisingly, of the two most important U.S. feminists, one, Betty Friedan, was a communist, the other, the mutant path Gloria Steinem, CIA (openly in the fifties, secretly since then)

In a state of nature, women bear and nurture children. For this reason evolution has left them with one foot (psychologically and emotionally speaking) in the world of adults, one in the world of children. The majority of women are, have always been and will always be, permanent children. That said, any women who can live in reality, face danger and act with courage, please sign up.


You are needed desperately. In a country of this size, such women will still number in the tens of millions. Of course, any woman is free to prove me wrong or just ignore me. Please do. This struggle for evolutionary ascendancy between us and the mutants (that is what this is) will tax us all to our limits. We will need every ounce of effort from every single individual willing to give it.


Fight and lead, we will follow

All of us must have wondered how we would have done in one of the great tests of the past, the Revolutionary War, The Civil War, WWI and WWII. Well this is our chance to find out, this is our time, our test. Greatness calls. We face the struggle of the ages, the battle for evolutionary supremacy between normal humans and psychopaths. If we lose, slavery will be our lot.


Some of us might enjoy it however. No doubt there'll be 500 channels of Springer TV, a new Britney Spears every 3 years, a new Jeff Gordon every 5, Super Prozac and Super Viagra. (No more interested in your sleeping partner than in a bull moose? No problem, with Super Viagra you'll go looking for a bull moose.)


Perfect slaves believe they are free.

There are farmer ants that live by milking slave aphids. They take very good care of the aphids which are very healthy.


Of course, aphids lack the self awareness to know they're slaves.



To militia members, you alone (of all the groups, percentage wise) have responded to the ancient call. The ancient call that in times of stress males prepare for righteous violence. For this I salute you. If you're righteous then I want you in the normy army of the righteous. If you're not, then get righteous.

Let me make this very clear, your enemies are not individuals of any particular race or religion but rather the psychopaths of all races and religions.

You want to defend your kind? OK, normies, that's your kind.

That said, let me make two, no doubt, controversial points. There are several peoples who historically have lived as outsiders among a host society. The host societies have often reviled them for their too predatory trading and/or money lending practices. Among these peoples are the Indians (from India), Overseas Chinese and the Jews. Now, if you look at these three cultures you'll note, among other things, that they all have arranged marriages.

The relationship between a husband and a wife is a gift from God. Normals who turn their backs on this gift (either through choice, psychological blocks or biology) pay a huge price. Psychopaths, however, are unscathed.

Normies are demoralized or corrupted. Their ability to empathize is wounded, the psychopaths inability to empathize is rewarded.

Thus predatory psychopaths tend to rise to the top of these groups. (Note the rash of "Marry a Millionaire" type shows in our psychopathic entertainment networks. Paths can't stand the notion of an emotional attachment between two people. They feel a need to deride it. Hey, that's the Fox Family Network. The perverts even call it "Reality TV.")

The second point concerns black Africans. I often think that blacks suffer under a much higher burden of psychopathology. All animals suffer from a much higher number of natural enemies in their home environment. In Africa, we have such enemies as the tse tse fly, sleeping sickness and malaria. Is it possible that we also have a higher percentage of intra species predators there also?


Perhaps those groups capable of high level, non-psychopathic cooperation emigrated out, leaving ever higher path percentages. So now we have such leaders as Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, who belongs in an asylum for the criminally insane but instead clings to power by feeding white farmers and their farms to his followers.


However, I have no doubt that once the problem of psychopathology is conquered, Africa will spring into the 21st century. Among well known black paths I include Mayor Willie Brown (who has stated that he was warned 9/10 not to fly on 9/11), Johnny Cochran, Sean "Puff Daddy" Combs and Mumia Abu Jamal.


O.J. Simpson is not a path (though most of his dream team were, including the jury consultant plus at least one jury member).

My friends, we're all patriots now. We need to unite against a common enemy, the mutants of the CIA. We can argue land rights and welfare another day, today we need to defeat the mutants, the arrogant aliens.


But how?


They have extended their tentacles throughout society and are almost impossible to recognize



Luckily, nowadays, many of us have cable TV. Path arrogance and shamelessness is apparent in the adds for the get-rich-quick scam artists and the psychic frauds (I include Fox's John Edward and James Van Pragh).


Court TV has some of the highest level psychopaths you'll ever see, the legal profession is practically a jobs program for paths. And why not? Their ability to deceive and manipulate gain a legal outlet here. My favorite site for path watching, however, are the cable news networks, particularly MSNBC (the parent companies of which are MicroSoft and General Electric, both CIA companies in my opinion. Not just my opinion, the German military and the Chinese government won't use Windows products.)


Most of the news pretenders are relatively young, making it much easier to recognize their pathness, if present. With age, paths develop the ability to hide their arrogance and they learn to disguise their psychopathic stare by blinking and looking away.


For example, Andrew Cuomo is a much more obvious path than his father is. With no soul, paths have no reason to fear revealing the intimacies of the soul thus they feel no impulse to break eye contact

Paradoxically this eye contact is often misconstrued as proof of their trustworthiness. For MSNBC it's practically easier to specify who isn't, rather than who is a psychopath.


The paths here include,

  • Andrea Mitchell

  • Ashleigh Banfield

  • Lester Holt

  • Chris Jansing

  • Phil Donohue

  • Jesse "the Baby" Ventura

The most obvious paths in cable news, for me, however are

  • Bill Hemmer and Jonathan Karl (both CNN)

  • Shephard Smith (Fox)

Shep did us the favor of acting out in public. While on assignment in Florida, he committed an assault with a motor vehicle. He literally used his car to push out of the way a woman trying to save a parking spot by standing in it. Now many of us might occasionally wish to do this, but a trademark of paths is being unable to resist such impulses.


Did Shep get fired? You mean by the Australian media mogul and senior psychopath, Rupert Murdoch, or his other boss, the long-time Republican operative, propagandist and path extraordinaire, Roger Ailes?


No, they kept their boy in...



This is extremely difficult.

When I tell people that Larry King, Phil Donohue, Dr. Joyce Brothers and Carson Daly are all paths, they usually don't believe me. If they do believe me, they then usually assume psychopathology is a mild condition since these four seem like such nice people.

If paths were obviously monstrous then there'd be no problem, would there?

The monstrousness of psychopathology stems from the facade of normalcy and niceness. Don't take my word for it, read interviews with Larry King's seven or eight ex-wives. They say that he essentially ceases to exist when the cameras are off. I believe he essentially has no personality of his own. He is almost purely reactive. This is why he is such a good interviewer, he clues into and even adjusts who he is for his interviewee. Find one of his mug shots from his earlier fraud arrest.


I see a "stranger in a strange land" in full path confusion, conveying (to me),

"I don't get it. I was doing my best lying, cheating and stealing. What was I doing wrong? How do I get by in this normy world."

To see a path in full song I suggest viewing a tape of Phil Donohue endorsing CIA spoiler candidate (and fellow path) Ralph Nader. Phil Donohue is that rare path who makes no effort to hide his path mannerisms. Craig Crawford of CIA's MSNBC is another.

Are paths physically recognizable? Not really. But "not really" means yes, sort of.

Paths often say they can recognize other paths by sight.

Some people describe some paths as being hollow or shallow eyed. But what does that mean objectively? Almost nothing, two people could use the same terms very differently (though if you see CIA presidential spoiler candidate John Anderson's picture you might see what they mean).

Before one can hope to "recognize" paths, one must first be able to look at someone and ask oneself "What is looking out of that person's eyes." This is beyond the imagination of most people. Most people would say, "why a person much like myself."


The ability to entertain other possibilities comes with age or great emotional cost (such as recognizing a marriage to a path, or a psychopathic betrayal by a path parent (such as a parental affair with a child's spouse)). Usually, however, people never recognize a path spouse or parent. A DNA test would be very convenient

To recognize paths you need to use all your senses, all your instincts.

If you say, "I'm too rational and mature to pay attention to the hairs on the back of my neck, I need rational reasons for my opinion of other people," then you might as well put a sign on your forehead saying "The sucker is in, paths step right up."

Paths are in every walk of life, they are everywhere. I'm sure many of you have ended up calling betraying acquaintances snakes. I'm also sure a majority of theses "snakes" were paths.


Many people say,

"Oh, I could never be fooled by a path, I can just tell."

Nothing could be further from the truth

Both my livelihood and my professional reputation depend on my knowledge of psychopaths and I get fooled all the time.

As a hypothetical, if you asked a top rank path a question such as,

"Where did the story, 'Why did the cow jump over the moon,' come from," you might get the reply, "Oh that's a true story, the cow was trying to steal the Man in the Moon's cheese, but missed."

Then walking away you might say to yourself,

"Oh, I see, sure, that makes sense."

Ten steps later,

"Hey, wait a minute!"

It's that second thought you should pay attention to.

Just watch "junk science" path experts testify in trials. They are extremely convincing. I have come to think that it is more than just their ability to turn on sincerity and con, I believe they are stuck in a child's sense of reality.


The world makes no sense to them, they are like children who go to bed saying,

"But Daddy, Daddy! What if they turn off gravity while I'm asleep? Ill float away!"

They never learn to internalize day to day physical laws.


So even when they speak of reality it makes no sense to them, thus it's easy for them to speak pure nonsense while making it seem realistic. Speaking as though they understand what they are talking about is essentially normal practice to them, one they can easily apply to the sheerest nonsense. This "frozen child" aspect is central to a psychopath's personality development and characteristics. It is central to their lack of moral development. It is also a way to recognize them.

(Actually "to wonder if someone's a path" is a safer concept, "recognize" sounds too certain, we might be wrong and we don't want to attack the merely odd. On the other hand, if criminal conduct is involved and the diagnosis is certain, then the situation is different.)

If you "see" a child looking out of an adult's eyes, pay attention.

Do Tom Ridge, Paul O'Neill, Jeff Sessions, Tommy Thompson and Miguel Estrada look like overgrown children to you?

I have known people who have a knack for understanding 10-year olds' reasoning and sense of humor. Such people are extremely good at recognizing paths.

We all have different life experiences and are attuned to different senses. You need to use all your experience, abilities, instincts, intuitions and reasoning to protect yourself and your family from paths.


When you look at pictures of Marc Racicot, Andrew Card and Michael Swango, M.D (the medical serial killer) do you see anything in common?

For me, female paths are a deeper source of mystery. They may be much more different from us than the males. I usually find them much harder to recognize, even when their behavior makes it obvious. Some however are still immediately obvious to me, even in a still photo (though they have to be looking straight into the camera).


Look at pictures of Diane Zamora, naval midshipman and murderess, and Kyra Phillips, CNN anchor and CIA propagandress. If you see any qualities in common, run if you ever see the same in daily life. These two are full blown paths, having only the appearance of humanity. Don Imus's wife is another. I feel very sorry for him, he thinks he has a love family and a love marriage.

Actually a number of important men have path wives/fiancees:

  • George W. Bush, Laura Bush

  • James Carville, Mary Matalin

  • Alan Greenspan, Andrea Mitchell

  • William Bratton, Rikki Kleiman

  • Rudy Giuliani

  • Rupert Murdoch

  • William Colby

Considering Colby's fate, maybe these guys should worry.

When I look at the faces of Laura Bush, Condi Rice and Andrea Mitchell I see a strange masklike quality. I have come to believe that this is because there simply is no human soul inside pulling the face muscles, even more so than typical for most paths.

In high school, Laura Bush killed a boyfriend in a car accident, he the pedestrian, she the driver (don't take my word for it, look it up) [Actually they were both in cars]. How interesting.

Normy police commanders, how can you recognize CIA path officers?


They're the ones who went away for national training (FBI, CIA or military) and came back with attitudes. Actually they probably had attitudes to begin with, paths have a natural arrogance and hatred of authority. They're the ones who have to denigrate their opponents even if their opponents are actually very able, maybe especially in that case. They're the ones who view all human interactions as competitions they must win. (This is true in all spheres, paths don't really care who sleeps with whom, who marries whom, who keeps the kids after the divorce, just that they come out the winner.)


Normy police commanders, this is more than just a theoretical discussion, in the case of a breakdown of law you will be eliminated in order for the paths to take operational control. How do path police officers view their comrades? Well we can't ask the New Orleans cops, Antoinette Frank or her partner, Ronald Williams.


She was executed after murdering him and others in a robbery at a restaurant where he was moonlighting as security. With true path chutzpah, she even showed up later in uniform as one of the investigating officers. We can, however, see the movie Training Day, which I recommend

It is interesting to note that identifying paths is central to an advancement in scientific policing.


Paths always corrupt the groups they are in, a bad seed as it were. Thus a group of young toughs may become misdemeanor minded delinquents, a social gang might take up drug dealing, drug dealers might take up murder, etc. If law enforcement could identify the psychopathic evil core, it would be very helpful.


Often after group crimes, parents will say such things as,

"Oh, no. Joey's not like that.. It can't be."

I believe them, rather I believe that normally Joey wouldn't do such things, under the influence of a path corrupted social group, he might, however. A group of G.I. Joey's found out the hard way, just what they were capable of, if conditions were just wrong and if leadership, formal or informal, was pathic. The place was My Lai.

Some people think paths are like odd looking wide-eyed harmless kids. Imagine wide-eyed kids stepping on frogs, now imagine them stepping on the Wellstone family, now imagine them stepping on yours. After throwing "communist suspects" (not so incidentally, they were turned in by an early CIA designed Neighborhood Watch program in Vietnam) out of helicopters to their deaths, our mutant Phoenix Program operatives would go out drinking, laughing and joking.

While making one of the recent CIA movies, Ben Affleck was given a tour of the Agency. He said that the members reputed to have done "the really bad things" actually looked harmless, just a little odd. Yeah, I bet they did, Ben...

Having said all the above, I believe readers new to psychopathology should focus on recognizing psychopathic behavior not the paths themselves.

Be on the lookout for behavior that exceeds the bounds of humanity. One problem is that this is also beyond the imagination of most people, they will deny or excuse such behaviors, not only that they hear of, but even that they witness. Paths know this. I have often heard, both from the victims and paths themselves, that paths will taunt their victims, telling them that no one would believe them anyway.

We need science to develop a DNA test.

Also please bear in mind that the higher level psychopaths are the hardest to recognize. I've watched Mike Wallace for decades, I can only infer that he is a path, I've never seen it be obvious. I've never seen him "act out" on any level, not even the facial expression level. Other high level paths are Vernon Jordan, Robert Woodward (the "journalist" out of Navy Intelligence}, and Charlie Rose. I have no doubt that there are others who fool me completely

I would say that hitting the Pentagon with a drone or cruise missile and calling it a Boeing 757 would be beyond the bounds of normal human behavior (to say nothing of allowing thousands to die in order to unite a people, whip up a war fervor and impose a police state).


Rumsferatu and Cheney, Prince of Darkness, are protected because most people can not imagine evil this inhuman

Why would the CIA wish to attack the Pentagon? To put the military in its place perhaps (there must still be honest patriots in the officer corps, if so, there's hope for us my friends.)


In my opinion, our leaders have proven themselves to be utterly without humanity. The CIA, however, has utter faith in our lack of imagination.


They even have a name for us, they call us "sheeple."



Most people resist thinking of themselves as ever having been brainwashed sheep.


On one hand I naturally understand this, but on the other hand I don't understand this at all. We've all been fooled in daily life, lied to and manipulated by those we considered friends. If we hadn't realized this when we had the evidence, what would that have made us? Exactly. My friends, I'm afraid there is no way around it.


We have to face the fact that we've been bamboozled, conned, tricked, horns-waggled, lied to, snookered, fooled in every way imaginable. Join us, those who say "sheeple no more."



I stated earlier that the CIA has extended its tentacles throughout society creating a virtual shadow society, not simply a shadow government.


I believe all the following individuals are mutant paths working for the CIA. The CIA has scattered them across the ideological spectrum to fool us into thinking we have a political voice, a media outlet. What does win-win mean to you?


If the CIA controls both sides of the playing field, how can they lose? My friends, it's as though we're playing poker, not realizing there's a hidden team at the table. As our losses mount, all we can do is look at each other in confused bewilderment.


The CIA: the enemy within, the fifth column, human doppelgangers, the killers of our heroes, the stealers of our history, traitors to America, it's not confusing at all.


I believe the following are psychopaths who serve the CIA, the mutant empire, not the people or rightful government of the United States of America.

Politicians, political operatives & public officials:

  • Urrin Hatch [Orrin Hatch]

  • Arlen Speckter [Arlen Specter]

  • Christopher Dodd

  • Bob Packwood

  • Tony Coelho

  • Porter Goss

  • J.C. Watts

  • Gerald Ford

  • Richard Shelby

  • Jesse Helms

  • Dick Cheney

  • the Cuomos (pere and fils)

  • John Anderson

  • Tom Daschle

  • Zell Miller

  • Vernon Jordan

  • John Breaux

  • John C. Danforth

  • George Mitchell

  • Lee Hamilton

  • Robert Torricelli

  • Karen Hughes

  • Karl (Rasputin) Rove

  • Otto Reich

  • John Negroponte

  • Tom Haydn

  • Peggy Noonan

  • Condoleeza Rice

  • Gale Norton

  • Marc Racicot

  • Richard Armitrage

  • Colon Powell [Colin Powell]

  • Donald Rumsfeld

  • Daniel Pipes

  • Richard Perle

  • Paul Wolfowitz

  • William Kristol

  • Gary Condit

  • Joseph Scarborough

  • John Poindexter

  • James Hall

  • Bernard Loeb

  • Theresa LePore

  • Steve Buyer

  • Jeff Sessions

  • Andrew Card

  • Marion Blakey

  • Mary Matalin

  • Chuck Colson

  • John Dean

  • Ari Fleischer

  • Robert Reich

  • Joseph Allbaugh

  • Lauch Faircloth

  • Harvey Pitt

  • Paul O'Neil

  • Joseph Biden

  • the DLC

  • Howard Baker

  • John Kyl

  • Charles Grassley

  • James Traficant

  • Bill Frist

  • Eric Holder

  • Asa Hutchinson

  • Newt Gingrich

  • Lindsey Graham


  • Alexander Haig

  • Tommy Franks

  • Chuck Horner

  • Richard Secord

  • Oliver North

  • Wesley Clark

  • Victoria Clarke (they apparently don't trust their generals to be able to put two sentences together, Tory, demented psyko school marm, is there if they stumble)

  • John Shufflebean

  • John Singlaub

  • Richard Myers

  • John Poindexter


  • Earl Warren

  • the Five Traitors:

    • William Rehnquist

    • Antonin Scalia

    • Sandra Day O'Connor

    • Clarence Thomas

    • Anthony Kennedy

The CIA firewall (i.e., CIA criminal path judges protecting CIA criminals):

  • Laurence Silberman

  • David Sentelle (responsible for saving the path convicts North and Poindexter from the pen)

  • Miguel Estrada

  • Sanders Saul and many others

Law enforcement:

  • John Ashcroft

  • Louis Freeh

  • Robert Mueller

  • James Kallstrom

  • Lon Horiuchi (from both Ruby Ridge and Waco)

  • Robert Morgenthau

Press, investigative journalists, media executives:

  • Jim Lehrer

  • Dan Rather

  • Lewis Lapham

  • Seymour Hersh

  • Bill Press

  • Ariana Huffington

  • Charlie Rose

  • Alexander Cockburn

  • Thomas Friedman

  • John Fund

  • Paul Gigot

  • Rich Lowry

  • Howard Fineman

  • Michael Isikoff

  • Robert Woodward (and his acolyte, Janet Cooke)

  • Andrea Mitchell

  • Catherine Herridge

  • Barbara Starr

  • Candy Crowley

  • Rupert Murdoch

  • Roger Ailes

  • Walter Isaacson

  • Howell Raines

  • Bill O'Reilly

  • Gerald Posner

  • Hendrik Hertzberg

  • Judy Woodruff

  • Bill Schneider

  • Fletcher Prouty

  • Mel Karmarzin

  • Les Moonves

  • Bill Hemmer

  • Jonathan Karl

  • Jim Miklasjewski

  • Shephard Smith

  • Larry King

  • Victor Navasky

  • David Corn

  • Christopher Hitchens

  • Steve Roberts

  • Bridgett Quinn

  • Andrea Mitchell

  • Ashleigh Banfield

  • Lester Holt

  • Chris Jansing

  • Phil Donohue

  • Craig Crawford

  • Linda Vestal [Linda Vester, Fox?]

  • Greg Palast

  • Kyra Phillips

  • Lesley Stahl

  • Howard Kurtz

  • Jeffrey Toobin

  • Jeff Greenfield

  • Brian Wilson

  • Charles Krauthamer

  • Sally Quinn

  • Aaron Brown

  • Juan Williams

  • David Horowitz

  • Ben Bradlee

  • Frank Sesno

  • Rick Sanchez

  • Dan Goure

  • Susan Candiotti

  • David Ensor

  • Joe Conason

  • Nicholas Kristof

  • Ann Coulter


  • Ralph Nader

  • Ken Lay

  • Jack Valenti

  • Francis Collins

  • Craig Venter

  • Gloria Steinem

  • Frank Carlucci

  • Jesse "the Baby" Ventura [Jesse Ventura]

  • Vincent Buggerliosi [Vincent Bugliosi]

  • Robert Maheu

  • Jack "Reptilicus" Straw [Jack Straw]

  • Ariel Sharon (I include Straw and Sharon here because I consider the CIA, MI6 and MOTZAD [MOSSAD] to be one path entity)

  • John Howard (Aus.)

  • C Boyden Gray

  • Michael Ledeen

  • Robert Blakely [G. Robert Blakey?]

  • Pamela Harriman

  • Naomi Wolf

  • Steve Ballmer

  • Warren Buffet

  • Clint van Zandt

  • Robert Hanssen

  • Cyril Wecht

  • John Zogby

I am claiming that not only do we share the world with genetic pod people, psychopaths, but they are now our overlords and have placed the above "pod people" in high profile public positions.


Paths lack all humanity, viewing us as expendable as chess pawns to be wasted at strategic whim.

When a man knows he is to be hanged in a fortnight it concentrates his mind wonderfully.

Samuel Johnson

He who learns must suffer
And even in our sleep pain that cannot forget
Falls drop by drop upon the heart,
And in our own despair, against our will,
Comes wisdom to us by the awful grace of God.
Agamemnon; Aeschylus


With such control of media voices and leadership positions across the ideological spectrum, it's no wonder that they thought they could get away with the 2000 theft of the election. With their elementary-school-minds they're used to living like pouting kids, pouting kids who sooner or later have to get back on the bus.


They thought we too would have no choice but to fall in line.

In their heart of hearts they think we are just like them, that we only pretend to care about others, to have religious convictions and deep beliefs, to have inner personal strength.

I'm claiming that the above individuals all work for one interest, the ZIA path empire. Their positioning across the ideological spectrum is designed to make us feel we are represented politically and have a voice in the media. The truth comes out only at crunch time or the end game.

Thus Mario Cuomo, with his sad beagle eyes, goes down to Florida in 2000 to tell Gore that the time has come to put the country first, to preserve the fabric of civil society and faith in the law by conceding.


I consider Mario Cuomo to be a 'voice of reason' type path, others include Hendrik Hertzberg and Francis Collins. They come across so reasonably, even shedding alligator tears, so simpatico, however, pay attention only to their suggestions and the results of these suggestions, that is their true self and true message. Similarly, Jesse Jackson, who I do not believe is a path but is definitely ZIA (he was picked as the new "Black Leader" before they assassinated MLK) raced down to Florida, ran to the front of the Gore demonstrations, turned them around and shut them down in defeat.

Similarly the Washington Post and the NY Times put a lie to their liberalism by calling on Gore to concede.

Our Constitution wasn't written by idiots, there are provisions for resolving deadlocks (forgetting for now, the fact that accurate post-election recounts showed that Gore had actually had the most votes in FL). Nobody had "do the right thing" by conceding, just let the process work. Gore, little boy in short pants, didn't have the stomach for a fight.

Those on the right may have felt much of the same betrayal at the Bush TIA database plan. The next time you have a turkey shoot to raise money for the local volunteer fire department, you had better have everybody bring their own shells. If not, the purchase may be flagged by ZIA computers as matching a terrorist pattern. You could even be thrown in Gitmo, as an enemy combatant, deprived of an attorney.


Just wait until the Republipsychos outlaw cash, you can be sure they want to.

Many of the names listed above might seem to be anti-government investigative journalists. But analyze their writings closely.

Seymour Hersh wrote an investigation of My Lai called Coverup, which is what it was (clever, clever!).

Alexander Cockburn writes anti-government diatribes that describe conspiracies and horrible atrocities. However, they are unprovable. Show him a provable conspiracy, such as the Warren Commission, and he takes the government line faithfully (this is part of the public record, please look it up.

The ZIA strategy is to establish their journalist sleeper agents' anti-government bona fides as a means for derailing true investigations by true journalists.

Michael Moore, ZIA non-path sidekick to the ZIA path, Nader, wrote an otherwise excellent anti-Bush book called "Stupid White Men." What's the real message being conveyed here? No matter what is inside the book, the majority of white males who did in fact vote for Bush are not going to read it. This is its true purpose, solidifying the white male support for Bush (clever, clever!).

Are they capable of using the "song of truth" in the cause of a lie? Hell, this is one of their specialties.

Can they get too clever? Certainly, it happens all the time.

It's hard to say, but Moore's book may very well have done more good than harm. (Incidentally, I consider Michael Moore to be one of the "too-ugly-to-be-paths" corrupt normies who serve the mutant path ZIA. Paths, themselves, can always turn on the charm and attractiveness.

Other such servants of the mutants include Alan "Torture Warrants" Dershowitz, Jerry Falwell, and Al Sharpton. These are all hideously corrupt and evil individuals who have chosen to serve the enemy. In their own lives and careers they are also very closely associated with paths (for example, Claus Von Bulow, Pat Robertson, Alton Maddox and Vernon Mason of the Tawana Brawley hoax, respectively).

One example where they definitely did more good than harm was Vincent "Never-met-a-government- crime-I-didn't-like" Bugliosi's pamphlet in The Nation on the 2000 stolen election. Impassioned and accusatory it gave voice to and raised the morale of those devastated by the ZIA Bush rape of the electoral process.


However, when the results of the media recount came out (the NORC study), he claimed,

"Oh well, it's all moot, Bush would have won anyway."

This was an absolutely dishonest intentional misreading of study results.


The ZIA intention was that those upset over Florida would follow Bugliosi into acquiescence at the results. Actually, the aggrieved just ignored his second opinion as just being some kind of inexplicable accident. In fact, neither of his opinions were any kind of accident, they were both part of a thoroughly planned propaganda stratagem, that just didn't work.

Coming back to Ratfuck Ralph, did the ZIA plant Nader as an anti-corporate, pro-consumer sleeper agent thirty, forty years ago? Absolutely. By casting corporations, particularly mega-corporations, as the enemy, Nader is shielding the ZIA. Corporations are not the enemy of America, the ZIA is. The ZIA, the enemy within. However, whole generations of progressives have grown up revering Nader which did in fact allow him to throw the 2000 election his master's way.

I view the truth of post-WWII history as a trail up a broad mountain with innumerable side trails. Starting at the foot of the mountain then posted at various heights are ZIA disinformationists.


At the foot they say,

"Oswald acted alone. Anyone who climbs this mountain is a conspiracy nut. Here, stay on level ground with all the people with common sense."

As you travel up the mountain, the ZIA spooks speak the truth for that height on the mountain but then lead you astray on a side trail.


Thus they might say,

"Sure there was a JFK assassination conspiracy, it was the Mafia or Castro," further on they say "it was rogue elements in the ZIA," further, "here's the JFK truth, plus everything you want to know about UFOs" and on and on.

Finally, you come to the 95%+ true disinformationists, such as Fletcher Prouty and Greg Palast. Obviously, you can learn a lot from the 95%+ truth spooks. If you can discover their lies, what it is that they are protecting, essentially you have the entire picture.

The genius paths behind the ZIA (and paths, on average, do have higher IQ's than us, in nature predators are always smarter than their prey) realize that the truth is out there to be found. By having their own reveal it they are able to spin the truth and continue to mislead at every level of investigation.


I believe that the ZIA has used all intelligence agency stratagems that they ever used against the KGB, against America, its political parties and media and other institutions, including disinformation, moles, sleeper agents, double agents, "honey traps," blackmail, agent provocateurs, criminal free agents freed to follow their own interests and much more.



OK, let's say I'm right.


Let's say that the ZIA did have a brilliantly successful fifty year plan (perhaps McCloy's and Gehlen's brainchild) to create a Stealthtalitarian political system enforced by and rewarding to paths, a genius level Punch-and-Judy puppet show that still has the vast majority of the population fooled, a society-wide Game of Charades.


Why then throw over such shadow control through the daylight robbery that took place in Florida (Jeb Bush's state)? What would make it worth it?


The threat of extreme violence (i.e., assassination) is a very broad and clumsy tool. While useful at keeping the government and law enforcement from interfering in ZIA crimes (such as at Mena, Arkansas) and in controlling the military, it can't be used for everything.


Sometimes a finer level of control is needed, one also that doesn't betray the ZIA's interest. While I'm sure that there were many things making the coup attractive, they probably missed the freewheeling criminality of the Reagan-Bush I years (complete with the planting of path moles throughout the judiciary (Urrin Hatch's specialty) and the justice department (Arlen Speckter's).


There was also the example of gangster-capitalism in Russia (what do you think Enron was? Electricity prices soared over 1000% in California, the Bush Republipsychos even wanted to sell CA water rights to the Enron criminals), but I believe the determining factor was something else entirely.



Quite simply they need to control the human genome and the public reaction to the open genome. DRD4 R7 (Friendships Moderate an Association Between a Dopamine Gene Variant and Political Ideology). That's it folks. The genetic basis of psykopathology.


They have presented this gene as the genetic basis of danger-ignoring, novelty-seeking behavior and of a type of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. I consider every extreme novelty-seeker I have ever met to have been a path, and I've seen ADHD, in many instances, be a misdiagnosis for psykopathology.


They are trying to hide genetic psykopathology behind of screen of misdiagnoses.


This is actually their third attempt at control of the human genome. The first two were attempts at outright thievery: the patenting of genes, and the legal ownership of the genome by private companies, most notably Celera, ran by the path genius, Craig Venter.

  • Is DRD4 R7 the entire picture? Probably not. Many questions remain.

  • Is a complex of genes involved?

  • Did psykopathy evolve more than once?

  • Are female paths genetically different?

  • Do genius level paths who can be patient and plan for the future have a different DNA makeup from lower level paths with little self control?

Luckily, we are in a position to answer the last question. With typical path astronomical chutzpah and arrogance, Craig Venter had Celera decode his own genome.

I believe that there is no need to worry that he may have discarded the genes in question (though he may have disguised them in some fashion, that is if he knew which they were). However, paths would never discard anything that essential to the individual's identity. When was the last time you looked into a just filled toilet bowl and worried that some essential part of yourself might be down there?


Probably when you were ten or eleven.


However for John Ashpoopy, Assy Flasher, John Negropotty, Karl Rovespoopin and Craig Venter I'm sure the answer is within the last 24 hours (well, as long as they've been eating their bran).


Paths are the original anal retentives. It's part of their child-minds, part of their frozen development. Look at descriptions of secret society (such as Bohemian Grove and Skull and Bones) get togethers. To me, it seems as though these are permanent children suddenly free to drop the adult act, the behavior is so juvenile, even puerile. Which is what you would expect from groups of paths by themselves.

My friends, we are all caught in a Twilight Zone episode in which the mutant children have seized power through their lethal toys. In this case, the lethal toy is the U.S. military. It is time for us adults to take it away from them. Do we have enough knowledge to start DNA testing of path suspects?


Well, we certainly have enough to start serious research. In my opinion, a good place to start would be the officer corps of the service branches. The military with its essentially captive subjects and extensive personnel records is an excellent platform for psychological research. Of course individuals will probably soon be able to pay for DRD4 R7 detection tests themselves.


Path officers, you might soon want to keep your toothbrush under lock and key, and carry around your own utensils and glass straws. Of course, that would be flagging yourselves, wouldn't it?


I think you're in trouble.

Normy officers, how do you recognize path officers, in the absence of a DNA test? They're the ones who treat their fighting men as soulless automatons. When the killing is over, warriors have to go back home and sleep peacefully next to their spouses and infants. Path officers have no understanding of this, no understanding that the warrior's own soul is never more than microns away from the cross hairs.

South and Central Am officers, you have it easier. You simply need to know who attended S.O.A.P., almost as good as a DNA test in identifying paths. Once we have a reliable and proven DNA test then I believe we may need to test all politicians, all military officers, all judges, all law enforcement personnel, all employees of the Justice Department. Note that I don't include the ZIA/NSA here. Their tests will no doubt be part of their crimes against humanity trials.

Federal path judges, if you want to head off this future, I suggest you rule consistently for the Constitution. Let me make this simple for you.


Whatever lets you live out your life unmolested is good, whatever puts you on trial for your life is bad. When Patriot Act, Homeland Defense, electoral issues come before you, rule for the Constitution. If you shut down the Bush/ZIA now we may never get to the point of widespread testing, let alone a shooting war.


Testing could still be restricted to those convicted of felonies.



On shifting sands. Bizarro World, House of Mirrors, Puzzle Palace, Endless Maze, the Grand Charade, use whichever image you wish.


My friends we are all lost in a tall grass swamp, not knowing which paths lead to solid ground, we can hear other lost parties but not see them through the tall grass. My friends we need to put aside past differences, ideological, political, religious. We are all patriots now. We must pool our efforts, our knowledge to defeat the psykopaths.

George Washington:

"We have, therefore, to resolve to conquer or die."



For the time being, we must all be on our own. Any organization or leadership will be snuffed out immediately.


We must educate ourselves, spread the word. The police state is not fully developed yet, there are still political pressures that can be brought to bear. Insist your representatives give us the right to be vaccinated if we so choose. We can organize around issues and concerns without spelling out that the true struggle is the one against the paths. Bear in mind that all organizations will be thoroughly infiltrated.


Study psykopathology, study the ZIA crimes of the past. Tape the news channels, saving the tapes of acts of terrorism and suspicious accidents. Study famous psykopaths of the past. Rasputin was a historical psykopath who had the Tsar and Tsarina of Russia under his spell.


He was one of the reasons, one of the many reasons, that the Tsar's government was not able to respond effectively to the rise of the Bolsheviks. The result was that the Soviet Union spent 70 plus years as a communist totalitarian prison camp the size of a continent.


Read Orwell's 1984 and Huxley's Brave New World. You can be sure that Rovespoopin has.


The ZIA has studied all the propaganda of the past. Read Mein Kampf. Study propaganda techniques. Become a poll watcher.


Believe me the ZIA has.