by Amitakh Stanford
9 September 2010

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As the world plunges deeper into chaos and darkness, everything is being affected in one way or another.


The destructive energy is gaining strength as more and more people are focusing on war and destruction. This is happening at all levels. Individuals are stealing, destroying, assaulting and murdering more frequently and much more senselessly. Even pre-teens are commonly involved in serious assaults and homicides. Cruelty towards humans and animals has reached a frightening level.


Gangs are more daring and violent. Misfits from government, police and military forces are more frequently assaulting and abusing private citizens. Nations are inclined towards shooting wars and bullying of others. It is a very sad state of affairs.

Extremists and zealots in any culture are troublesome. Whether they be religious, political, environmental or otherwise extreme, they can pose real danger, especially when they are affected by tunnel vision. Many of these zealots claim to act for God. This was especially carried out in the Crusades and the Inquisitions.

There are now many violent acts that have been attributed to what the 'Qualas' have called “terrorism”.


The Qualas have spread propaganda that all terrorism is Muslim based. This is certainly not true. Terrorism has been around throughout history. The West has used terrorism in many conventional and irregular wars. It has been used against third-world countries by the West. Certainly, Muslims do not have a monopoly on terrorism.

In Malaysia, there have been many incidents in the past where extremists amongst the Muslim communities went on rampages and massacred Chinese citizens. In America, extremists, under the guise of Christianity, have terrorized Black citizens by burning crosses in their victims' own front yards. Ku Klux Klan gangs have lynched people just for being Black. Such repulsive terrorism infects every religion, race and nation. It is senseless and cowardly bullying.

Today, we have another cowardly zealot trying to incite hatred in the name of God.


Pastor Terry Jones of the State of Florida in America has boasted that he will burn the Koran. He claims that he will be performing this insensitive act in protest of terrorism in the wake of September 11th. He says that he will not call off his “protest” unless God tells him to cease. This implies that he has a direct line to God.

Muslims around the world have already been persecuted over September 11th.


This hatred and retaliation has got to stop, or chaos and darkness will totally engulf the planet. As could be expected, Jones' arrogance and ignorance have stirred Muslim zealots to call for the killing of Americans everywhere. This dangerous eye-for-an-eye mentality has terrorized the world for too long.

The Koran is the backbone for Islam, not to mention what it means to Muslim culture.


A pastor, of all people, should know better than to incite hatred and attack the very essence of the ethics behind all Islamic people. It offends even moderate Muslims and compassionate non-Muslims. Burning the Koran, or any other religious Bible, is senseless, hurtful and uncivilized. Regardless of race, belief or politics, people should not excuse Jones' despicable behavior. Christianity speaks of love; Jones promotes hatred.

One has to wonder whether Jones would be so brazen and bold in any Muslim country. Would he dare to burn the Koran in Malaysia - in Indonesia - in Syria? Even if God told him to do so?

Extremists are generally hate based. They exist all around the world. They make a bad name for their respective nations, cultures and religions. It is regrettable that zealots are given attention by the media and others.

As love is swamped by darkness on this planet, hatred will express more violently and frequently. Hope was poured into Australia, but it was squandered. Soon, that nation will feel intense swamping from darkness. Hope will soon be given to America. It remains to be seen whether the United States will open its heart.

The time for Jihads and Crusades has passed.

No Time For Jihads or Crusades...



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