by Mike Adams

the Health Ranger

May 10, 2011
from NaturalNews Website




If you're tired of all the half-truths, the propaganda and the complete disinformation that has been spewing from the White House for at least the last twelve years, you can always turn off your television.


Switch off the radio. Or just like everybody else, stop reading printed newspapers. But the U.S. government has decided it must reach you with its official propaganda one way or another, so now it is mandating that all mobile phones sold in the United States automatically receive and display "terror messages" from the White House.

Verizon and AT&T have already signed on to the scheme, and starting in 2012, all mobile phones will be required to have this capability. This "feature" will continue for as long as the U.S. federal government continues to exist.


Can you imagine what Bush would have done with this technology?

The very idea that the White House is the best source of emergency information is unbelievably arrogant to begin with. If anything, over the last several presidents we've seen that the White House is probably the worst source of information you can possibly find. It is the least likely to dish out information based on facts because it always has a one-sided political agenda.


To think that the White House is a credible source of information about anything is to exist in an elaborate fairytale land where facts don't matter at all.


Alerts are mandated

Interestingly, you can't turn off the White House alerts, meaning you'll be forced to read whatever current disinfo is being passed off as some kind of alert. Watch out! Bin Laden is in your refrigerator! No wait, he's stealing your light bulbs!


Or as former president George Bush was fond of saying,

"Today's terror color is ORANGE!"

Get ready for a barrage of utterly fabricated, socially-engineered propaganda to be "pushed" to the population via their mobile phones.


This is George Orwell's Ministry of Truth in full operation mode, clued right in to people's fingertips. If you're going to control the sheeple, after all, you have to have a way to push your disinfo into their heads, and this mobile phone push technology is about as good as it gets. The FCC also says the system can push Amber alerts and any other information the government wants to put in front of your face.


So on the day the dollar is crashing, you'll all be sent a message,

"Everything is fine. The banks are merely on a short holiday. Do not be concerned..."

Or I suppose the next time a nuclear power plant goes Chernobyl in the USA, and there's radioactive fallout threatening America, the White House can send out an alert that says,

"Do NOT prepare. There is nothing to be concerned about. We have it all under control."

Someone needs to write a White House alert translator that takes the official alerts and translates them into reality:

"Do not be concerned" would translate to, "The nation is on the verge of panic," for example.


"Your money is safe" means "your money is about to disappear."


And "We have it under control" means "it's completely out of control."

So the alert that reads,

"Do not be concerned. Your money is safe. We have it under control," actually means your money is about to become worthless and the nation will break down into a panic that will get completely out of control.

What we really need is an alternative news push

What America really needs is for mobile phones to carry an alert system from the alternative media.

We'd push messages like, "Did you know mammograms cause breast cancer?" Or, "There is cancer-causing poison in hot dogs and bacon."

One tip each day, you see, based on solid facts that people really need to know.

"Have you read the warning label on that vaccine?"

But of course the FCC would never allow truthful messages to be broadcast through this alert system. It only exists for propaganda, not factual information that might be useful to people.

Speaking of pushing information, NaturalNews is working on an iPhone app that will push alerts to users, but of course you have to want the alerts (and install the app) in order to receive them.


The White House, on the other hand, will be pushing alerts to everyone, even if they never signed up for them. And you can't turn them off, either.


It's a forced system in the same way that the federal government uses force for everything else:

  • FDA raids on vitamin companies

  • DEA arrests of licensed medical marijuana growers

  • FTC threats on herbal product companies,

...and so on.

They'd better make sure to get their timing right on these alerts. If they send out an alert that says,

"There has been a dirty bomb terrorist attack in New York" but they accidentally send it before the attack happens, some people will do the math and figure out what's up.

You can bet the White House won't send any alerts that you really need to know.

"The U.S. national debt has hit $16 trillion and your economic future is now in doubt."

Don't hold your breath waiting for that alert to appear on your mobile phone anytime soon.

"The U.S. dollar has been devalued yet again today by the quantitative easing of the Federal Reserve, which keeps printing trillions of dollars in new currency that dilute the value of YOUR currency."

Again, don't sit around waiting for that message to show up, either.

"The chemical and pharmaceutical companies have polluted our farms, streams, rivers and oceans, rendering the future of life in North America questionable."

Hmmm... probably not going to see that message, either.


What you're likely to get instead is a steady drone of "sheeple alerts" that keep people living in fear and not knowing what to do:

Red alert! Terrorists are now saying they will attack TRAINS and STADIUMS using BUTT CRACK BOMBS. So to protect you, we will install TSA checkpoints at all the train stations and sports stadiums.


Please open your butt crack for inspection.


Thank you for your cooperation.


What's coming next

White House takes over internet DNS to force people to view messages online

To take this one step further, the White House could force ISPs to remap DNS requests so that all web browsers automatically point to the White House website, no matter what web address you type in.

  • Searching for sports scores? You'll be rerouted to the White House alert page.

  • Checking your sinking stock portfolio online? You'll get the White House page.

  • Researching how to grow your own medical marijuana using hydroponics? You'll get the White House page yet again.

This type of technology can be implemented right now, by the way.


It's more than an internet "kill switch," it's an internet "reroute switch." And it may already be in place without us even knowing about it. The only way to circumvent this tactic and get directly to the web server you want is to know the IP address of the server.


For example, can be reached at:

If you keep this address handy (bookmark it or whatever), then the White House cannot reroute your website requests via DNS. This is why it's a good idea to know the IP addresses of all the key websites you'll need to access to get good information during a "total information blackout" attempt by the U.S. government.



The Internet is the last place on Earth where you can get truthful information about what's really happening. That is exactly why it will be targeted for a shutdown during the next big crisis to strike America.

Because the very last thing any government wants its people to have is access to truthful information. Hence the assaults on Wikileaks and anyone who dares to question the status quo.