by David icke

extracted from Chapter 19 of

Children of The Matrix - How an Interdimensional Race Has Controlled The World For Thousand of Years


The media is the force that holds the whole Matrix together. That's why the Illuminati own it. Without the minute by minute flow of Matrix propaganda through the global media, the power of the illusion would be nothing like as fundamental as it is. You don't have to control every journalist to dictate what the public will or will not hear.


If journalists were open-minded, thinking, intelligent, people who care about freedom, there would not be a problem.


But most of them aren't and those who are aware and try to tell some real truths soon realize what a prison of expression they work in. I was a journalist for years and I know how uninformed they are about the world outside the morning papers or the TV news.


I have seen them at work from the other side since I began to communicate this information and it is a stunning experience to view at close hand the intellect that stands between what is happening in the world and what the people are told is happening. And I am talking about top television correspondents as well as the propaganda fodder on the large and small newspapers.


There are basically two types of personality who reach the top in journalism, and politics come to that:

  1. The few who know what is really going on and support that agenda

  2. The rest, the majority, who do not understand what is happening in the world

The British Prime Minister Tony Blair and his deputy, John Prescott, are perfect examples of both kinds and journalists are precisely the same. And yet these are the people who tell us every day what to think about people and events.


As the old saying goes:

"You cannot bribe or twist the great British journalist, but seeing what they will do unbribed, there's no reason to."

Journalists in general are, like most politicians, some of the most uninformed people on the planet.


They are slaves to the Illuminati "norms", the mental and emotional sheep-pen. Once the norms are set of what is right and wrong, good and bad, possible or impossible, the media report the world from that perspective. They are clones of the Matrix. A few centuries ago today's media would have ridiculed and condemned as dangerous anyone who said that the Earth was not flat.


Why? For no other reason than the "norm", the accepted "truth" of the official establishment system, was that the Earth was indeed flat.


Because the "journalists" report everything from the perspective of the "norms" in every generation, it means that anything that is different is always dubbed either dangerous or dotty. Or, in my case, both. They don't do any research into whether that which is different is actually true.


They assume it must be wrong simply because it is so different. And, of course, they have the ultimate self-delusion of believing that because they are "journalists" they would know about it if it were true.


Ask a journalist about the Bilderberg Group and see his or her eyes glaze over. "Bilder-what?"


I have tried it over and over across the world and I have yet to find one, one, who has heard of it. But at the same time they dismiss conspiracy information as a dotty and paranoid "theory".


Now if you were the Illuminati wishing to keep people in ignorance, is not this the very mentality you would want to have working for your media? Of course it is, and that's why we have it.

I could give you many specific examples of this, but one experience I had while writing this book can serve as an example of them all. I was called by a guy named Jason Cowley, who writes for the Independent On Sunday. "Independent", by the way, is newspeak for anything but. You call a paper "Independent" in the same way that violent dictators who rule with their army call their countries "democratic fronts". It attempts to obscure the reality.


The "Independent" newspaper group is owned by an Illuminati frontman called Tony O'Reilly, who also owns a list of media operations around the world, including the main newspaper group in South Africa. O'Reilly, who loves to show off his connections to people like Henry Kissinger, is a close friend of Robert Mugabe, the corrupt and vicious dictator in Zimbabwe. Yep, what a perfect man to own the "Independent" newspaper.


Anyway, this chap Cowley calls me and says he's coming to my talk in the Isle of Wight I mentioned earlier. My first impressions were not good. He had no interest in what I was saying and changed the subject whenever I got into any substance. He said he wanted to write a "philosophical piece".


Now this, in journalistic-speak, means:

"I have got in my head the theme of what I will write, my preconceived idea, and I am not going to let anything get in the way of that."

Like the facts. I have had so much shit written about and thrown at me over the years by those of Jason Cowley's mentality, and I knew that he was preparing to throw some more. These days I can see them a mile off because they're such transparent people.


I said to a friend:

"I think this Independent guy is a monumental prat and I know what he is coming to do."

Cowley also told me that he was "coming with an open mind", and that's always a red flag to me. I wish I had a dollar for every journalist I have met with a concrete mind who assured me that he or she was coming with an open one. So along he came. He was actually planning to arrive at the talk some three hours after the start and then write his article about what I was saying!


It was only when I pointed out how ludicrous and unacceptable this was, that he agreed to try to get there earlier. This is simply confirmed clearly that my first impression had been correct. He didn't give a damn what I was saying, he had the article and its theme in his head already. Most of them do. Even then he spent long periods of the day outside the theatre and so could not hear the evidence I was presenting.


What an insult to his readers and what contempt he must have for them to behave in that way.

Throughout the day, members of the audience were telling my family that Cowley had been asking them silly and leading questions and it was obvious to them that he had come to do a demolition job. Meanwhile he thought he was hiding his intentions really well! You have got to laugh. In fact, in the end people were laughing at him, as he flitted around in and out of the theatre making his intentions so obvious while thinking no one would notice.


He spoke to me for around 40 minutes about my own mental state (I'm different, so I must be mad) and an amazing experience that happened to me in Peru in 1991 (none of which he quoted). I was not asked a single question about the conspiracy.


From all this "research" by Jason Cowley, one of the least intelligent "journalists" I have met in my own experience, the following was published as fact:

"Icke's vision has darkened as it has become more delusional and paranoid, and there is much that is sinister, as well as dotty, in his vast conspiracy theory."

This was written by a man who doesn't know what I am saying because he couldn't be bothered to find out. He ended by concluding that perhaps the biggest secret is that there is no secret and that there was no unified field encompassing everything. Some brilliant and open-minded real scientists would be very surprised to hear that, but who can doubt the all-knowing, non-researching, Mr Cowley or the journalistic herd in which he operates?


The problem with my ideas, he said, was that they were based on no sacred texts or a belief in a single deity. He had just attended a talk (or rather not) in which I said all that exists is one infinite consciousness.


He quoted G.K. Chesterton in support of his view of my "problem":

"When a man stops believing in God, he doesn't then believe in nothing, he believes in everything, in anything."

So if you don't believe in an official version of God, you are not to be taken seriously.

So how much research had Cowley done to see if what I am saying is true? None. Just like all the rest. And he would have written all that he did had he turned up, as he intended, three hours into my talk. Had he read my books? No.


This, ladies and gentlemen of the Matrix, is the mentality that keeps the people enslaved in the illusion because he is not the exception, he is the rule all over the world.


The blind leading the blind and the bland leading the bland. I spoke in the talk about famous people sacrificing and abusing children, people like Ted Heath.

  • What did Cowley write about even the theme of massive ritual murder and abuse? Nothing.

  • What research did he do into it afterwards to see if it was true? None.

  • What did he say about all the detailed connections I made in the talk that showed, for instance, that members of the same organizations, like the Bilderberg Group, were named as all the major peace negotiators in the Bosnian conflict? Nothing.

  • What did he report about any specific detailed information I gave that day? Nothing.

All this specific information and detail was dismissed as me having a conspiracy theory for everything. That was it.


Mr Cowley, like 95% of his fellow "journalists", is not intelligent enough to realize that he is a gatekeeper of other people's minds, as well as his own. But, like I say, he's the norm, not the exception. I don't think that Mr Cowley and his like would know how to be an exception. They live in the world dictated by norms and then confirm and perpetuate them for other people.

I met a "journalist" on the British Observer newspaper in 1997 while in the United States, by the name of Taylor, I think it was. I told him about the mind control projects and the widespread child murder and abuse involving people like George Bush and others. He called it the "story of the century".


I offered to put him in touch with victims and those involved directly who could tell him more. I gave him my number to call me for their names and contact addresses. He never called. He just went away and the following Sunday wrote an article that took the piss.

And all the time the children go on being sacrificed, tortured, and abused in Satanic ritual and mind control projects. If you saw life in a typical newspaper or radio and television newsroom, it would blow your mind. They take reports that come up constantly on the teleprinter from the global (Illuminati) news agencies and just publish them or broadcast them as if they were true.


These news agencies have correspondents in every country and when a major event happens there, the report of that one journalist is sent all around the world to every major news organization. If that one journalist gets it wrong, or has an agenda, every newspaper, radio, and television news bulletin, gets it wrong or communicates the desired spin.


Every hour on radio stations across this planet, newsreaders are ripping pre-written news bulletins from the teleprinter and reading them as truth. In the BBC in the UK, this process is actually known as "rip n' read". The person reading that "news" has no idea who wrote it or from what source it came, never mind if it is accurate.


The listeners hear this "news" and it affects their view of life, people, and the world. That's why we have to question everything we are told through such sources. Just listen to any television news report and invariably the journalist will have taken the official version of the event and put this in his or her own words.


We now have the policy of the newsreader interviewing a reporter about people and events instead of the people directly involved.

"We go over to our correspondent John Reynolds at the scene. John, what's going on ?"

"Well Michael, terrorists, believed to be from the Middle East, appear to have planted the bomb." (Official sources have told him that terrorists believed to be from the Middle East planted the bomb.)

"I understand that police and the security agencies are focusing their investigation on a terrorist group connected to Libya, Iraq, Iran, etc., etc." (Official sources have told him they are focusing their investigation on such a group. It doesn't matter if they are or not, he reports what they say.)

"It appears that the bomb was planted as a protest over UN policy in the Middle East and the Prime Minister says that the policy must continue because they cannot give in to terrorism. New security laws are to be rushed through parliament to protect the public from further attacks."


(All this has come from official sources and the reporter has no idea if it is true or not. The way it is worded:

(a) supports the continuance of a UN policy

(b) equates new laws that will remove freedoms with the need to protect the public)

The reporter is not trying to dupe people or give false information. But he gets his information from official sources and so he becomes a mouthpiece for the official version of events.


This happens every day. He is not an independent observer and reporter, he is little more than a public relations man for the official version that they want the public to believe.


When a BBC reporter called Peter Snow tried to report the Falklands War impartially, and used phrases like the British Government claims or says, rather than accepting its accuracy without question, he was castigated by the government and the rest of the media for being anti-British!


The men and women of the global media, with a few very honorable exceptions, are some of the key gatekeepers for the Matrix and some of the most deluded of the Matrix mentality.

One journalist wrote an appalling article indicating that I was anti-Semitic and talking paranoid nonsense about a conspiracy. He apparently even made a call to a television program that led to my appearance being cancelled. Years later he contacted me to say he no longer believed that I was anti-Semitic and had seen enough in his own experience since to see that there was definitely an investigation to be done into a global conspiracy.


At least he had the guts to change his mind and he will not be the last as the evidence becomes more and more obvious. When it does, the Cowleys, Taylors, Warmans, and Farbers will have all those abused children to answer to. I trust they will have a good excuse prepared for looking the other way and ridiculing the evidence of this abuse while doing no research to see if it is true. Or, in the case of Warman and Farber, vociferously seeking to suppress exposure of the children's plight.


In so many ways, the global media is the Matrix and the global journalistic herd are its, largely unknowing, propaganda machine.