Scarlet and The Beast

History of the War Between English & French Freemasonry

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In A New Encyclopaedia of Freemasonry, Arthur Edward Waite (P.M., P.Z., 1857-1942, Royal Arch Mason) best describes from a Masonic point of view the modern rift between Scarlet and the Beast.

“Grand Orient — It remains that in 1877 the Grand Orient, without denying God, proclaimed its atheism, which word is negative like the later denomination agnostic. A theist is one who affirms God and an atheist is one who does not so affirm. Now, in England the charge of Freemasonry to every one of its members is: “Fear God and honour the king.”

But French [Grand Orient] Freemasonry has neither a king to honour nor a God to fear. There is no ground of union between two institutions so diverse as these are, and any proposition for healing the breach between them by a process of restoring communion - presumably without stipulations - is on the face of it foredoomed to failure, while in the heart of it there is sown already the poisonous seed of insincerity.”

In Scarlet and the Beast, John Daniel gives overwhelming evidence of this war between English and French Freemasonry.


Not everything in this book could be true and you may disagree with much of it, and just like with any other book,

you have to eat the meat and throw away the bone,

but the positive far outweighs the negative.

"Listen to everybody, Read everything,

Believe nothing unless you can prove it for yourself"


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