by Joseph Borkin and Charles A. Welsh

extracted from 'Germany's Master Plan - The Story Of Industrial Offensive'





On December 9, 1925, the Badische Anilm und Soda-fabrik, Ludwigshafen a. Rhein, the largest of the member firms of the Interessengemeinschaft (Combine of Interests) of the German Dyestuffs industry, changed its own name to I. G. Farbenindustrie Aktiengesellschaft.


Five other firms were merged with Badische. These were:

  • Farbenfabriken vorm. Friedr. Bayer & Co., Leverkusen

  • Farbwerke vorm. Meister Lucius & Bruening, Hoechst

  • Aktiengesellschaft fur Anilinfabrikaten, Berlin

  • Chemischc Fabriken vorm. Weiler-ter Meer, Uerdingen

  • Chemische Fabrik Griesheim-Elektron, Frankfurt a.M.

Two further firms which had also belonged to the former Combine of Interests (Trust), namely,

  • Leopold Cassela & Co. G.m.b.H., Frankfurt a.M.

  • Kalle & Co., Aktiengesellschaft, Biebrich,

...were not included in the merger inasmuch as their shares were already held to their greater part by the other I.G. firms.


They were, however, included in the organization and further development of the I.G. Farbenindustrie. The names of the merged firms were retained by registering them as branches. All the said enterprises were organized at brief intervals at the beginning of the '60's of the last Century as a consequence of the revolutionizing inventions in the field of coal tar dyes.

In 1904 the first Trust, or I.G., as it was called, was formed by:

  • the Bayer Company of Elberfeld

  • the Badische Company of Ludwigshafen

  • the Aktienge-sellschaft fur Anilinfabrikaten, Berlin

In addition to this I.G., the firms of Hoechst, Cassela, and Kalle entered into a combine which was brought under the financial control of I.G.

The I.G. group has undergone since its formation in 1904 a series of reorganizations.

  • The first of these, in 1916, added to the scope of I.G.'s interests, and integrated its wartime functions.

  • The reorganization in 1919 further augmented the sphere of I.G.'s operations.

  • Early in 1926, after the formal incorporation of I.G., a number of important concerns were added to the eight firms which formed the nucleus for the Trust.


    These were:

  • Dynamit-Actien-Gesellschaft vorm. Alfred Nobel & Co., Hamburg

  • Rheinisch-Westfaelische Sprengstoff-A. G. Koeln

  • Aktiengesellschaft Siegener Dynamitfabrik, Koeln

  • Deutsche Celluloidfabrik, Eilenburg

  • A. Riebeck'sche Montanwerke A.-G., Halle

A list of I.G.'s subsidiaries is not easy to decipher.


Some subsidiaries are wholly owned and controlled. Some are partially owned or divided between one or more of the nuclear corporations in I.G. In the case of some subsidiaries, their corporate identities have been maintained, while their assets and facilities have been entirely merged with others.


The following list is not complete. It is based upon the Handbook of German Industries, upon Moody's, upon the lists given by Dr. Liefmann in "Cartels, Concerns, and Trusts," on the Enquete-Ausschuss III on the German chemical industry, upon a booklet entitled "I. G. Farbenindustrie, A. G." published in German by I.G., and upon annual reports of I. G. Farbenindustrie.

The components of I.G. Farbenindustrie A.G. and its principal subsidiaries are:

  • Badische Anilin und Sodafabrik

  • Ammoniakwerke Merseburg-Oppau G.m.b.H.

  • Farbefabriken vorm. Friedr. Bayer und Co.

  • Farbwerke vorm. Meister Lucius und Bruening

  • Leopold Cassela und Co.

  • Chemische Fabrik Griesheim-Elektron

  • Akt.-Ges. fuer Anilin-fabrikaten

  • Chemische Fabriken vorm.

  • Weiler-ter-Meer Kalle und Co.Koeln-Rottweil A.-G.

  • Dynamit A.-G. vorm. NobelRheinisch-Westfaelische Sprengstoff A.-G.

  • Wuelfing, Dahl und Co. A.-G.

  • Karl Jaeger G.m.b.H.

  • OehlerChemikalien-Werke Griesheim G.m.b.H.A.-G. fuer Stickstoffduenger KnapsackStickstoff-Kredit G.m.b.H.A.-G. fuer LandeskulturKoliner Kunstduenger und Chemische FabrikZuckerfabrik KoerbisdorfChemische Werke Schuster und Wilhelmy A.-G.

  • Wolff-Werke Chemische FabrikenChemische Werke LothringenDelvendahl und Kuentzel G.m.b.H.

  • Chemische Werke Durand und Huguenin A.-G.

  • Alexander Wacker A.-G.

  • Elektrochemische Werke A.-G.

  • Elektrochemische Werke G.m.b.H.

  • Aluminium-Werke G.m.b.H.

  • Elekto-Nitrum A.-G.

  • Soc. Electroquimica de FlixAmpere G.m.b.H.

  • Deutsche Edelsteingesellschaft vorm. Herm. Wild A.-G.

  • Duisburger Kupferhuette A.-G.

  • Deutsche Molybdaenwerke Auguste Viktoria mine Rheinische Stahlwerke Riebecksche Montanwerke A.-G.

  • Erdoel- und Kohleverwertungs A.-G.

  • Bergin Kohle A.-G.

  • Chemische Fabriken und Asphaltwerke A.-G.

  • Doerstewitz-Rattmannsdorfer Braunkohlenindustrie A.-G.

  • Gewerkschaft Elise II Frechen Lignite Mine Jacob's Mine at Preussisch-Boernecke Theodor I and II mines at Bitterfeld Hermlne Mine Deutsche Grube A.-G. (lignite works)

  • Marie and Antonie mines Deutsche Braunkohlengesellschaft A.-G.

  • Deutsche Gasolin A.-G.

  • Olea Mineraloelwerke A.-G.

  • Sueddeutsche Oel und Melanolwerke G.m.b.H.

  • Ford Motor Co. A.-G. (part) Metallgesellschaft (part) Gricsheimer Autogen-Verkaufsgesellschaft m.b.H.

  • Deutsche Oxyhydric A.-G.

  • Gesellschaft fuer Lindes Eismaschinen A.-G.

  • Karl Neuhaus G.m.b.H.

  • Verwollungs A.-G.

  • Hoelkenseide G.m.b.H.

  • Textilosewerke und Kunstweberei Claviez A.-G.

  • Philana A.-G.

  • China-Export-, Import- und Bank-Compagnie Chirmca, Industrial Bayer and Westkott & Cia. Teer-farben-Industrie A.-G.

  • Oestliche Handelsgesellschaft and Bayer Products, Ltd. Productos Quimicos Meister Lucius Bruening, S.-A.

  • Kalk- und Emmailierwerke Gebr. Wandesieben, m.g.H.

  • Heggener Kalkwerke G.m.b.H.

  • A. H. Rietschel G.m.b.H.Kremer-Klaergesellschaft m.b.H.

  • Deutsche Laenderbank A.-G.

  • Riebecksche Montan werkeGustav Genschow & Co. A.-G.

  • Wachtberg Group of brown coal mines in West Germany Koerbisdorf sugar factory's brown coal mine Dr. Albert Wacker G.m.b.H.

  • Chemische Werke Lothringen G.m.b.H.

  • Aceta artificial silk factory Sachtleben A.-G.

  • Behring-Werke A.-G.

  • Norsk Hydro Elektrisk Kvaelstof A.-G.

  • Leuna-Werke Ammoniak-Werk Merseburg Internationale Gesellschaft fur Chemische UnternehmungenGeneral Aniline & Film Company

  • Agfa-Ansco Corporation General Aniline Works A. G. fur Chemische Industrie, Gelsenkirchen-SchalkeBuna-Werke G.m.b.H.

  • Braunkohle-Benzin, A.-G.

  • Chemische-Werke Aussig-Falkenau G.m.b.H,

  • Ch. W. Huls, G.m.b.H

  • Deutsche Celluloid-Fabrik, A.G.

  • Hydrierwerke Politz A.G.

  • Pulverfabrik Skodawerke-Wetzler A.G.

  • Titangesellschaft m.b.H.

  • Aziende Colori Nazionali Affini (ACNA), S. A.

  • Societa Chimica Lombarda A. E. Bianchi

With the same reservation as to completeness, the following list of fields of production of I.G. is given:

  • Coal tar dyestuffs, including crudes, intermediates, and finished dyes

  • Auxiliary products which are used in connection with dyestuffs to obtain desired effects or to improve the dyeing process

  • Innumerable organic and inorganic chemicals

  • Solvents such as those for paints, lacquers, and varnishes

  • Accelerators and anti-oxidants

  • Preservatives

  • Tanning agents

  • Mineral colors

  • Synthetic building materials

  • Compressed and rare gases

  • Light and heavy metals, including aluminum, magnesium, and the rare and precious metals

  • Machinery and equipment used in the chemical industry and in other branches of scientific production and research

  • Pharmaceutical operations comprised of veritable legions of compounds derived from coal tar, sulphur, and other bases

  • Synthetic gems

  • Synthetic perfumes

  • Insecticides and fungicides

  • Photographic products and equipment

  • Cell wool

  • Rayon

  • Celluloid

  • Plastics

  • Synthetic gasoline

  • Synthetic rubber

  • Explosives

  • Nitrates and fertilizers

  • Vistra (synthetic textiles)

I.G.'s own operating units are situated In the following areas within Germany:

  • Ludwigshafen am Rhein

  • Oppau

  • Zwcckel

  • Leuna

  • Gipswerk Niedersachswerfen

  • Schkopau

  • Frankfurt am Main-Hochst

  • Gersthofen

  • Frankfurt a-M-Mainkur

  • Fr. a-M-Griesheim

  • Offen-bach a.M.

  • Bremen

  • Dortmund

  • Duisberg

  • Essen-Steele

  • Gleuvitz

  • Heilbrom A-N.

  • Herrenwyk

  • Karlsruhe

  • Kas- sel

  • Kraftborn b. Breslau

  • Krefeld

  • Leipzig

  • Saarbrucken

  • Stuttgart

  • Weidenau

  • Wuppertal-Elberfeld

  • Knapsack

  • Marburg a.d. Lahn

  • Marbach

  • Eystrup

  • Neuhausen (Ost Preuss)

  • Leverkusen

  • Dormagen

  • Uerdingen

  • Wolf en, Bitterfeld

  • Aken, Stassfurt

  • Teutschenthal

  • Dobertiz

  • Rheinfelden i.B.

  • Berlin-Lichtenburg

  • Munchen

  • Bobin-gen

  • Premnitz

  • Rottweil

  • Weisbaden-Biebrich