by Paul Joseph Watson
May 29, 2017

from YouTube Website

Italy finally began intercepting NGO boats after evidence emerged they were working directly with criminal people smugglers to act as a taxi service for asylum seekers.

According to official reports, during the year 2016, only 2.65 percent of those immigrating into Italy were awarded asylum as refugees, with the vast majority staying on in the country as illegal, undocumented immigrants.


Migrants who arrived in Italy in the first five months of this year (2017) from 'countries at war,' were,

  • just 1.4% of migrants who arrived were Syrian refugees

  • a mere 0.36% were Libyan

The rest of immigrants claiming asylum were,

  • over 20% are Nigerians

  • Bangladeshis accounted for over 9% of asylum claims

  • Pakistanis accounted for 7.5%

  • Gambians accounting for 7.9% of asylum requests


These countries, are countries that are NOT at war...