by Scaliger
September 14, 2014

from Essential-Intelligence-Network Website



Due to British socioeconomic shambles,

Scotland must run for safety



This article (David Haines executed: ISIS release video claiming to show beheading of Scottish hostage) describes why Scotland is being brutally forced out of the UK of terrorism and how it can easily cope with this change.


The UK is defined by now by means of a dual reign of terror,

  • the one being financial terrorism lead by the City of London

  • the other being Islamic terrorism, recently under the guise of ISIS, which openly aims at overtaking Eurabia too

By now it doesn't make any sense any more for Petroleum producers to trade it for the flimsy GBP, especially when they can get RMB or even gold instead.


Thus certain geopolitical changes take place under the Anglo-American sphere of influence, like those presented already a month ago in our article about the new scheme of Direct-Petrodollar, and continued with the articles:




Why now Scottish Independence?


For two main reasons:

  1. Scotland's main revenue comes from Petroleum production, which is likely to remain expensive due to the turmoil in the long-term Middle-East, coupled with a western boycott on Russian Petroleum.


    This suggests at long-term prospects of economic independence, which can then support a political independence too.


  2. England's financial sector, lying in shambles under a thin-charade, is about to take yet another hit, when the world turns from ZIRP to NIRP (from 'Zero' to 'No' Interest Rate Policy).


    Shortly after, the global financial sector is about to take the terminal margin call when the CHF is pegged to Gold, thus becomes of limited issuance, thus bears substantial interest rates, thus the rest of the world must follow suit with substantial interest rates, in order to avoid local bank runs.




What could Scottish Independence mean?


Demography, NATO and the EU:

The reference threat is maritime invasion on a demographic basis.


Being allowed to fight-off any demographic invasion requires to be set apart from NATO, because it is Anglo-America which prompts and implement that invasion.


Thus the EU needs be avoided too, not only because of the British participation of which, but also because Anglo-America controls Germany categorically and some other EU countries de-facto too.


EU policies continue the coal-and-iron policies of the EC (European Community) of the 1950s, with an emphasis on maximizing low paying jobs, thus is very sensitive to fee structures.


Thus the EU is hostile to high-tech (which is a high paying sector), which though is critical to Scottish independence and prosperity. Namely, Scotland for its own best of interest should stay out of the EU, much like Norway and Israel do




The best solution to that reference threat is ones own developed and operated killer UAVs, complemented by means of a terrestrial obstacle supervised by means of VMD (Video Motion Detection).


Helicopters are required for Medical Evacuation, Maritime Rescue and for chasing terrestrial invaders in remote areas, in hardly accessible areas likewise motorised invaders. The High winds of the north sea require a powerful UAV, while the long coastal line and deep-see installation require long endurance. 


Altogether it implies at a strong Turboprop UAV like the General-Atomics Reaper UAV.


This level of challenge is fair enough for Scotland's very small population, still lacking its own military industry, yet featuring some nice Universities and relevant high-tech sector. This is a much better investment then buying supersonic interceptors, especially because Scotland cannot really fight-off NATO or Russian Naval or Airborne deployments, for their superb quality of large, expensive and diverse platforms.


An interesting comparison could be drawn from Norway, which could be considered to be Scotland's northern 'twin' to northern sea maritime Petroleum and to population size and type.


The Norwegian Royal Airforce, which originated in the cold war bordering the USSR is very small and since long quite outdated. Norway's great length forces it to own and to share (within NATO) large transporter aircraft, unlike Scotland which is compact enough to get by without them.

Thus Scotland wouldn't be stretched over its head due to Defence expenses in case it declares itself free from the UK in particular and perhaps from NATO in general, too.


Remotely Piloted 'Managed Conflict', say RPMC in short (below video), has served the Anglo-American empire magnificently overseas and is now being quickly adopted inside the USA by many 'law-enforcement' agencies:

 at 13:28



Scottish independence may turn RPMC against the stated imperial policy.





Scotland should not be afraid of having its own currency, for several reasons:

  1. Its currency can be protected from speculative manipulations by means of backing it by means of gold and silver, which can still be purchased for affordable prices this late summer.

  2. Scotland can join the BRICS financial bloc, in order to keep itself safe and secure from the aforementioned U.S.-UK instigated demographic surge & purge strategy.

  3. The GBP is not a reliable alternative, because London's Financial Virtual Arenas (FVA) which have replaced the good auld markets described by the Scotsman Adam Smith.




Is Scottish independence the next leverage for QE?


Instead of the Scottish Petroleum profits directly covering UK debt, they could be re-budged Scottish profits, namely accounted for at a newly-minted Scottish central bank, and then on being lent over to the UK to be leveraged at least 10 folds.


That would produce a gigantic QE by means of cascading. This QE could also be fed to France and to other ailing socioeconomic EU member states.


Upon imminent foreclosures at those sick-states, private houses and public corporations going bankrupt alike, cronies of the newly introduced middleman banks would make a killing collecting the goods for a penny on the dollar.





The Globalist Agenda for Scotland - about its central Bank


Engineering of consent, rigging of results. 


Like recently demonstrated in the Ukraine time and over again, no internal bars hold the Globalist Agenda. Impoverished UK will be bound to go to wars on the Globalist service, like when it was funded by the USA in generations past.


All the above spells a massive short on the GBP, which could be excellent for industrial exports from the UK. The UK has been openly very keen and apparently sincere too, on boosting its high-tech industries, although the UK is in general terms unattractive, being a poor, heavily indebted 3rd world country with collapsed services and 3rd world population.


Yet, I suppose it is impossible to have both industry and finance in the same country, because the Casino/City cast drinks away most of the talent,deranges the regime to prostitution and inhibits a viable middle-class, which in turn would have curbed any Casino Masters.


Better to let the UK out of the EU, before its U.S. debt-master concentrates there 100 Million more imported 3rd world permanent MisÚrables, with whom to implode Europe altogether.


Criminals don't build countries, thus the wasteland they leave in their wake we shouldn't bear ourselves.


From the perspective of the Globalists, aka TPTB, it would make sense to have the Petroleum producers (vendors) in Scotland sending the Petroleum users (buyers) of the remaining UK going to war abroad for sake of inflating the Petroleum prices.


England is becoming ever more of an Atlantic Pakistan, involved in 'managed', i.e. perpetual on purpose, conflicts at home and abroad, on behalf of the globalists. England is becoming evermore an American colony in the image of Obama. Interesting how many Brits would immigrate to Scotland 

- presumably all the smart & healthy young ones should do that in principle.


The GBP currency union exposes the insincere character of the present Scottish independence.


Stages of devolution and perhaps some restoration too:

  1. The 'G' drops from the Pound, together with Scotland.

  2. When Wales follows suit in turning its Parliamentary autonomy to an independent sovereignty, it would become the English Pound.

  3. Being left with a native currency, the campaign to restore the Bradbury Pound, titles 'bring back the Bradbury' may succeed at long last.

  4. Reverting the 'B' from 'British' to Bradbury, may not in itself suffice in order to revoke accrued debt on prior issuance of fiat money by private hands. That is in case e.g. those private banks were to be found and thus to remain in breakaway non-EU republics like the Isle of Man, which then could not be nationalized by England, unless having invaded and annexed those Islands. The US FED may then protect those isles by means of the USMC and even bring them in to the American union like Hawaii has been.





The choice Scotland faces today is rather simple, in terms of real-politic detailed above and of Roman history, when Northern Scotland sustained its independence.


It is not only about independence from the UK (including its failing GBP), but also fro EU & NATO which resurrect the Roman empire, in a manner which reminds most people the last days of Rome.


The British Prime-minister Cameron himself warns of ISIS extending in to the mainland UK, while ISIS itself is a NATO perpetration. In the case of western Europe including the UK, ISIS and any of its ilk culminates with the importation, aka "immigration", of Muslims perpetrated by the Anglo-American establishment.


It was the Oxford Professor Richard Dawkins who described the impossibility of altruism (thus empathy and/or collaboration) between differing physiological groups, in his landmark 1976 book 'The Selfish Gene'; thus it is clear that the Anglo-American establishment is persecuting the White and the Caucasian and the Christian aspects of society down to final extinction on a global basis.


This is done in a wider context Agenda 21, which practice seems to aim at the global extermination of all but-Muslim populations, and which is perpetrated by the Anglo-Dutch Monarchy, which in turn controls a substantial portion of the world's production technology and operations of extraction and processing of Petroleum and Natural-Gas.


The remaining British people may benefit from Scottish independence too, because it shall boost the UKIP in coming Parliamentary elections, by ways of example and inspiration, giving it a better chance to lead the opposition instead of the Labor political party.


That's a momentous drift towards British independence form the EU...