by Julian Rose
April 06, 2017
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Julian Rose

His experience as a leader in reviving rural economies throughout the 1990s led him to be invited to join the advisory board of the South East of England Development Agency, and the Country Land Owners Association.

He also served on the Oxfordshire Economic Partnership and was founder-chairman of The Association of Rural Businesses in Oxfordshire.

In 2000, he led an innovative project to revive regionally important market towns as centers of vibrant local activity and hubs for rejuvenated local food initiatives.

Julian is a prolific writer and broadcaster.

His articles appear in a wide diversity of journals and on-line sites. Visit to find out about Julian's highly diverse life and acclaimed books Changing Course for Life and In Defence of Life.







Deciding the Future We Want

This subject should be of interest to everyone, regardless of where you live.


We are all affected by the unraveling of this behemoth called the European Union, just as we are by its continued presence. It is, after all, a work of mammon; yet masterfully disguised as a pan-European socio-economic entente cordiale.

It has its roots in the historical imperative of empire building and came into being as a direct extension of Hitler's Nazi-inspired goal of establishing a 'Third Reich'.

The leading voice of the EU's first version, the European Union Treaty of 1957, was a German named Walter Hallstein.


He became the first president of the Commission of the European Economic Community and one of the founding fathers of the European Union. His suitability for filling this role was based upon his earlier work as a senior attorney of the Nazi/IG Farben partnership.


The line of continuity is direct...

However, the blueprint that led to the formation of the European Union was first tabled at a meeting of the highly secretive Bilderberg group in Rome some four years earlier.


The Bilderberg group, which meets annually to this day, is composed of,

It is hardly surprising that the notion of a European Super State should find favor with this assembly.

We are looking at the key individuals behind what became a self-selecting, autocratic top-down hierarchy. A hierarchy whose decision making process would be entirely self-contained.


It was never, by any remotest stretch of the imagination, a 'people's movement'. Nor did it aspire to any form of 'democracy'; but developed rapidly into a centrally-based technocracy.


A pyramid, whose top-end bureaucracy consists of an unelected cabal serving the interest of big business, multinational corporations and political power mongers interested in the wider control of humanity as a whole.

It is a major plank in the long desired elite vision of a 'New World Order'.



Overt Monopoly

Hallstein himself stated in his book 'Europe in the Making':

"The Commission is entrusted with what virtually amounts to a monopoly in taking the initiative in all matters affecting the Community.


There are few exceptions to this general rule, but these ought to be removed at the earliest opportunity."

He adds,

"As I see it, the Commission should eventually be empowered to take all measures necessary for the implementation of the Treaty on its own authority, without having to rely on special and specific approval by the Council of Ministers."

Thus it has been and continues to be...


But due to a fundamental belief and expertise in the powers of deception, it has carried some four hundred million European citizens along with it under the aegis of uniting independent nations behind what it has claimed to be,

'an economically beneficial harmonization of rules and regulations'.

It is a process that has led the European Union to become the largest trading block in the world.


With the Commission as leader of a 'Supranational' authority, overseeing the 'acquis communautaire' (the great acquired rule book) under which all member nation states are bound.

'Supranational': please remember that this means 'above national,' the 'highest authority' - that which supersedes national law.



What an incredible feat...!


Millions and millions across the continent of Europe have come to passively accept the covert - and often overt - imposition of a dictatorship under the illusion that it is a benign force for good.

But such deception cannot prevail forever. Signs of dissent have been growing for decades. In 2001 the Irish voted 'no' to being party to the Nice Treaty.


The news rocked Europe, causing the Commission to put the Irish government under enormous pressure to do a re-run and to embark on a massive propaganda exercise warning that the Irish economy would collapse unless it voted in favor of the Treaty.


It duly conformed...

Further tremblings have grown in intensity since that time, and then, in June 2016, the infamous 'Brexit' was launched into reality. It shook the nation and it shook the federation - and the shock waves have not ceased to reverberate.


With similar rebellions simmering on a number of fronts throughout the Union, cracks are opening up that can no longer be papered over.

There are good reasons to be suspicious of the sincerity of the British government in genuinely freeing Britain from the chains that have bound it to the Union for the past forty-four years (...1973).


However, that is the subject for another article...



Do We Have a Vision of the Future We Want?

Whatever the political reality actually is, one thing in particular is alarming the powers that be - people are becoming aware. Slowly at first, but week by week the process is gathering pace.

As a result, a large question now presents itself to all citizens of Europe and beyond:

  • What shape do we want our collective futures to take?

  • Do we actually have a vision of the future we want?


  • And if not, why not?

This is not a Utopian question.


Those who think it is, are unwilling to recognize the power that exists among 'we the people' to bring about the change we want to see.


Not to countenance this is to remain a slave to the same control system that is suffocating the creative power at the heart of humanity.

When I speak of change, I mean real change, the clearing away of not just the EU, but all known versions of 'government' and their replacement with a new model that will rise-up from the grass roots.

So to get things underway, I'm going to make my contribution by briefly outlining a vision of the general direction I believe we could and should be moving in.

Firstly, in order for EU countries and regions to (re)establish their socio-economic and cultural identity and organic sense of direction, they must actually break-free from the fascistic super state that is today's reality.


Also, as I have stated above, they must break free from all recognized forms of top-down government, since virtually all of them are deeply corrupt and in the pockets of corporate interests.


This 'ditching of the dead' is the prerogative for moving forward.

Once freed from the neoliberal/neocon military industrial project covertly imposed by an alliance of US government interests, the European Commission and the governments of most Western nation states, each country will be able to once again explore its priorities and to freely redefine its relationship with its neighbors.

Right from the start, the old 'globalization model' must be abandoned in favor of the reintegration of production and marketing according to an inter-regional and local pattern.



The Proximity Principle

Supply and demand will be based upon what I have termed elsewhere as 'The Proximity Principle'.


Food and farming will be geared to firstly supplying the needs of the nation, the nation's regions and the local communities of these regions.


The same applies to reestablishment of national fisheries. This is supply and demand based upon actual geographic proximity rather than distorted global market priorities.

It equally applies to the demand for fuel and fiber. In my view, the production and supply of localized, renewable, ecologically sustainable sources of food, fuel and fiber, is the practical model towards which we should all be working.

It is of fundamental importance for all countries to responsibly manage their indigenous resource base before turning to distant market places for their supposed needs.


That is a rule that has been broken with impunity for decades, leading to a profligate mining of global resources according to a 'market demand' that pays absolutely no attention to the environmental consequences, jobs or quality of life of those stuck on the production chain.

A second, and connected, criterion will be to enable many more people to have affordable access to productive land, so that they can support themselves by growing and processing their own food.

The old capitalist 'market economy' has bled the natural resource base almost dry right across the planet.


It is a blinkered and divisive paradigm that must go. The EU's contribution has been to exploit this market economy so as to build a virtually impregnable power base for itself while simultaneously creating the largest trading block in the world.

It has tried to impose a blanket 'one system fits all' policy over a group of widely diverse nations with highly contrasting climates, topographies and cultures.


It simply doesn't work...



A Humanitarian Model

That is the model we must replace in the coming years.


Replace with one that fulfills the needs and aspirations of sentient human beings, not robots. Such a society will no longer pander to big business, the war machine and technocratic control system based in Brussels.

The new model will be essentially egalitarian and humanitarian. It will be founded on the principle of drastically closing the obscene earnings gap between 'rich' and 'poor'.


It will recognize an essential equality between all occupants of this planet, and put into effect a resource management policy founded upon 'minimum harm' to human, animal and natural living environments, and maximum support for the health and welfare of all sentient life forms.

It will not, I say again, be a 'market economy' as we know it at present, but an economy,

'as though people and the fabric of the planet mattered'.

Money will lose its position as the totem around which everything else takes second place.

With reliance on globalization and Big Pharma set aside, Europe, once again composed of many 'independent and interconnected countries', will develop a non-toxic health program that draws upon the deep wisdom of natural healing methods available to all cultures of Europe and the world.


People will start coming alive, rather than dying.

The education programs of individual nations will centre on bringing out the innate creativity that exists in all young people. This resource will, in turn, help shape the new direction of society itself.


Whereas at present, much of what is called 'education' is simply an exam machine, a factory conveyor-belt supplying slaves for the corporate dominated and controlled 'job market'.

This is not education, it is indoctrination...



Human Emancipation

The emancipation of 'the spirit of man' will be central to the post-EU era I envision.


It will be recognized that this supreme human attribute, our spiritual power, has been deeply repressed. Repressed by an aggressive and regressive insistence upon money, prestige and power being the supreme goals of society.

Religions, dependent upon dogma and the accumulation of wealth, will have to take a back seat as values associated with developing the true spirit potential of the individual will gain ever greater importance in a renaissance of post-EU independent nations.

Violence, crime and narcissistic self interest, which have greatly increased under the jurisdiction of an out of touch centralized super state and its associated warmongering governments, will become a thing of the past as our true human qualities reemerge.


Qualities directed towards the realization of as yet barely awakened expressions of creativity, compassion and sense of oneness with fellow humans - and indeed with the great breadth of nature herself - of which mankind is a part.

Lastly, crude nationalism and xenophobic tendencies will lose their appeal as diverse countries link up to combine their socio-cultural strengths and common aspirations for liberation, emancipation and genuine evolution of the consciousness of the individual.

The political class, so deeply corrupted under the self-interested goals of phony leadership, will fade away altogether as 'people led' initiatives gain ever greater influence at the local and regional level.


Eventually arts, cultural and administrative hubs will form that are firmly in touch with the needs and aspirations of a waking humanity.

Parliaments will transform to become places where the wise, thoughtful and visionary meet to deliberate on inspirational ways to further evolve and guide the new society on its way.


Those serving in them will no longer hold a sword over the people who elected them, and the people will cease playing out their roles as pawns in the obscene and antiquated power game which remains prevalent today.

The words 'European' and 'Union' will eventually mean something very much more real than the cruel facade that has been used to deceive the people of Europe for the past five decades.

We are the power of change...


Our vision will become our reality. Not overnight, but imperceptibly, as conscious awareness steadily builds across the planet.

The depth and intensity of our desire for positive change determines the outcome. Have no doubt about that. Whereas to retreat from the challenge ensures remaining forever chained to the wheel of slavery.

It's up to us...