by Paul Anthony Taylor

15 September 2016

from Dr-Rath-Foundation Website





This week, Jean-Claude Juncker, the unelected president of the European Commission - the executive arm of the Brussels EU - stood up in the European Parliament to make his so-called State of the Union Address.


Essentially portraying himself as Europe's equivalent to US president Barack Obama, in whose country an official annual address or message has been given by every elected president for over 200 years, Juncker began by stating that the Brussels EU is facing an 'existential crisis.'



Bizarrely, however, admitting that the next 12 months would be crucial for the construct, he then went on to brazenly deny that the UK's recent Brexit vote signals the disintegration of the Brussels EU.


But with this assertion being so wildly out-of-tune with reality, the ineffectual manner of his speech was reminiscent of the Roman emperor Nero, who is famously said to have,

"fiddled while Rome burned..."




Health for All in Europe cannot be achieved under the Brussels EU


For our Foundation, when considering why we urgently need a different model for Europe, we have to begin from the understanding that, based on Dr. Rath's Cellular Medicine breakthroughs using natural health approaches, it is already possible for, be largely eradicated from our planet.


So one of our key goals for Europe has to be for it to become a continent in which optimum health is freely available to all of its citizens.


And herein lies a major problem, as this clearly cannot be achieved under the Brussels EU.



The Brussels EU Nutrition and Health Claims Regulation

deliberately prevents people in Europe

from learning the facts about natural health therapies



The fact is that the Brussels EU opposes natural health therapies and is designed squarely in the interests of big business.


The passing of the Brussels EU Food Supplements Directive in 2002 was a classic example of this and a direct attempt to protect the interests of the Pharma Cartel.


The Directive places restrictions on the types of vitamins and minerals that can be contained in supplements and prepares the way for the setting of Europe-wide maximum permitted levels of these nutrients.


Worse still, the Brussels EU also deliberately prevents people in Europe from learning the facts about natural health therapies.


Take the example of the Brussels EU Nutrition and Health Claims Regulation, which was passed in 2006. Today, an entire decade after this law was passed, from over 44,000 claims originally submitted there are still only 259 that have been authorized for use.


After over 100 years of research into vitamins and other micronutrients, this is a scientific outrage.


Are we really supposed to believe that after a century of nutritional research there are only 259 basic things that science has discovered about the health-promoting properties of foods, nutrients, and water?


Consider the fact that, under the Brussels EU Nutrition and Health Claims Regulation, even the claim that water can reduce the risk of development of dehydration has been banned.


This isn't science, it's dictatorship and a gross restriction on freedom of speech.





The people of Europe deserve better than the Brussels EU


One of the things that was particularly interesting about the UK Brexit campaign was that, in the weeks prior to the referendum, even the Remain side felt it had to criticize the Brussels EU.


Remarkably, given that the leaders of all the UK's largest parliamentary parties were campaigning for the country to remain a member of the construct, not one of them dared to stand up and say they completely supported the Brussels EU and its dictatorial model.


This undoubtedly contributed to the Remain side losing the vote.


Despite Juncker's claims to the contrary, in the wake of Brexit we have to realize that the demise of the Brussels EU is now inevitable. The people of Europe should not fear this however.


To the contrary, it will be a positive development and an opportunity to make Health for All a reality in Europe.


But to achieve this, we have to start preparing for it.







Health for All in Europe can only be achieved via a Europe for the People, by the People


With the Brussels EU so visibly in the process of collapse, the time has come for a Europe for the People, by the People.


Towards this goal, at a meeting with our Foundation in 2007, survivors of Auschwitz and other concentration camps proposed a groundbreaking Constitution supporting this democratic concept. In doing so they knew, as we do, too, that this concept of Europe is not what the Brussels EU is about, or ever will be.


Through the survivors' experiences of a global war - World War Two - planned by IG Farben, they saw what can happen when multinational corporations support the rise of a dictatorial government with the goal of achieving control of global markets.


This is why the Constitution proposed by the survivors places the rights to health, life, and natural food above the interests of multinational corporations. In other words, it places people before profits, not profit over life.


Ultimately therefore it is we, the People, who will have to build a new Europe; a Europe of Health for All. On current evidence, we clearly can't rely on our politicians to do it for us.


You can sign the petition to indicate your support for the Constitution on this website. But don't just sign it, share it widely among your friends and family and explain why it is important.


If enough of us say YES to Health for All, and NO to Profit Over Life, together we can not only build a better Europe, we can also lay the foundations for a better World.