by Wolf Blazer and Marlena Blitz
November 05, 2015
from RenegadeTribune Website

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A Greek myth associates the name of Europe with an incident in the amorous adventures of the patriarchal deity, Zeus.


The myth says that the love god Eros enflamed Zeus with desire for a noble woman named Europa. To possess her, the immortal Zeus transformed himself into a huge white bull and emerged from the sea at Tyre in Phoenicia, now known as Lebanon.


Charmed by this sight, Europa climbed upon the bull's back for a joy ride. Zeus swam with her to Crete where he revealed his human form.


Thereafter, acting with Europa as his queen, he founded a new dynasty of Cretan civilization.



The name Europa means 'broad-faced' with the inference of 'far-seeing, far-reaching'.


Oddly, this myth is often entitled 'The Rape of Europa', although no act of sexual violation occurs. Europa mounted voluntarily on the bull, she was not forced into intercourse. By consenting to a theogamous union (intercourse of a god and a mortal), she founded the new civilization.


The Cretan (Minoan) civilization survived through an enduring period, going back to 3600 BCE.


The Europa myth may reflect historical events around 1300 BC when Phoenicia recolonized Crete after the devastation of the volcanic explosion at Santorini, around 1640 BCE, three and a half centuries earlier.

Although the ancient myth does not actually recount a case of rape, The Rape of Europe can be seen as a myth in progress today, a real-time narrative clearly mirrored in current events.


Our intention in this essay is to bring that narrative into modern expression, as enacted in historical realities, and draw from it an imperative call to action.

The invasion of Europe by hordes of 'refugees' from Africa, the Near East, and other parts unknown, proceeds at a ferocious pace as we write these words. Sob stories in the Jewish-run liberal-leftist media attempt to wring compassion out of troubled Europeans who witness wave upon wave of human detritus washing up in their countries.


Countless incidents of conflict ignite every hour of every day, while the media shows Europeans greeting the invaders with song, bonbons, and balloons, tearfully grateful to be overrun and eliminated by the aliens.


As the assault escalates, it is impossible to keep track of what's happening from one moment to the next. Some events cannot be hidden, however.


For example, a German crowd stands in the rain booing Angela Merkel and shouting her down as she pleads to make it a criminal offense to offend the dignity of the so-called refugees, and demands they be taken into care, regardless of the cost to the German people.



You don't have to be Nostradamus to see that two results are certain to come out of this catastrophe in the near future:

  • Europeans will rise in violence against the invaders

  • at the same time, they will turn on the political overlords who betrayed them

Merkel appears to be failing emotionally and physically, perhaps due to being blackmailed into the hard-line pro-immigration position she now advocates, after declaring a couple of years ago that multiculturalism in Europe has failed.


Merkel is an over-cooked Bratwurst. Stick a fork in her and turn her over.


But other politicians across Europe now face the risk of being hauled into the streets and beaten, hung, or shot. In short, both the invaders and those who support the agenda of invasion are now targeted for violent reprisals from the common people.


Such vindictive action is inevitable. You can only push decent human beings so far.

Among the countless day-by-day confrontations between Europeans and the invading hordes, one type of incident stands out in flagrant emphasis:


The incoming "refugees" are weaponized animals deployed for a war plan they cannot comprehend, but they are sure to execute that plan by the exploitation of their sexual drives.


By some reports, as many as seventy to eighty percent of the incoming hordes are young men of fighting age, therefore prime raping age.


From the definitive guide to Islam, The Reliance of the Traveller section 0.94:

"Those called upon are every able bodied man who has reached puberty," states who is qualified for Jihad.

Turbo-charged with testosterone, Africans and Arabs flood to Europe from diverse lands where Islamic brainwashing ramps up violent sexual lust by repressing natural urges and forbidding the kind of association between the sexes that is typical and taken for granted in the West.


Islamic denigration of non-Muslim females as whores gives the invaders total license to harass, molest, and rape white European women, including female children.


Preachers, pamphlets, and broadcasts in the Muslim world assure them of having blonde sex slaves, their choice of blue or green-eyed women.

"When a child or a woman is taken captive, they become slaves by the fact of capture and the woman's previous marriage becomes annulled."

(Reliance of the Traveller 0.913 'Objectives of Jihad')

And be clear here, the literal translation of Islam is submission. The definition of peace in Islam is total submission.




At this moment, fall of 2015, Europe braces before the body-slam of the rape wave, comparable to what hit Scandinavia in the last decade.


Under mass forced immigration, rape in Sweden has escalated to an astronomical level, making it second in world-wide statistics after Lesotho in Southern Africa.


Recently, an incident in neighboring Finland highlighted the horror:

five Somali boys aged 15-18 raped a 15-year-old Finnish girl at a metro station outside Helsinki. The incident erupted into a public outcry when initial media coverage and police reportage attempted to conceal the ethnic identity of the rapists.

Let us call that Finnish girl Liv, a common Scandinavian name.


The rape of Liv is the rape of Europa today. The white women of Aryan-Caucasian ethnicities of 'broad-faced' Europa are all flesh-and-blood examples of Liv. Northern European women of all varieties will be targeted.


If the rape of any single one of these women cannot be prevented, what can prevent the destruction of Europe before our eyes, here and now?

Multiculturalism is a pernicious lie on several counts, but two in particular.

  • First, it does not call for coexistence of different cultures defined by skin-color and ethnic variations. Absolutely not. That is a false claim. In reality, it calls for swamping and eliminating white culture by forced imposition of other, non-white, non-European ethnicities.


    Picture an artist's palette where all non-white colors blend into the 'titanium white' pigment to the point of its elimination: a multicolored palette with no pure white, that is multiculturalism.


  • On the second count, the argument for diversity is a decoy lie that diverts attention from the huge range of diversity among white peoples.


    The diversity within Aryan-Nordic-Caucasian racial stock equals and may even exceed the full-color spectrum of the non-white colors on the palette.

Liv is not just a blond-haired, blue-eyed white girl.


She stands for all variants of white European women of Aryan-Nordic-Caucasian stock, including countless variants of eye color, hair color, facial attributes and body types.


(This rich array excludes Jewish women embedded in European life, for Ashkenazi-Kharazian Jews are not white, they have merely blended into the white pigment of the racial palette where they disguise and hide themselves, passing for white when it serves pro-Jewish advantages to do so).


Liv can be found on all continents; wherever a Liv is raped, Europe is being raped too. Her rape insures the dilution and eventual elimination of white race genetic stock. It is the instrument of genocide.

How can anyone prevent such a hideous course of events? Imagine that you are walking in some city and you pass a ruined building where a group of Somalis are seen raping a white woman - right before your eyes.


How could you intervene? What would or could you do in that situation?



There are two ways, and only two ways, guaranteed to prevent rape or any kind of predatory violence in the human species:

  • deterrence of the act

  • elimination of those who perpetrate the act

To prevent the rape of Europa from continuing and permanently end the violence erupting from non-white invaders upon all Europeans, both measures have to be implemented.


Elimination requires either removing the perpetrators of rape by expulsion from European lands, or by killing them on European soil. Deterrence requires showing them a threat that can be carried out.


For instance, greeting invaders with placards that say:

'Rape Our Women and You Will Be Killed!'.

Prevention of the rape of European women by Africans and Arabs can be regarded as a primary and imperative anti-war tactic.


War always brings rape. To end rape is to resist and end war, period. Mass forced immigration is a race war being inflicted on European peoples, rape being a well practiced tool of genocide.


Consider the sanctioned rape of German women after WWII ended, part of the deliberate plan to decimate Germany and the German people. Events today closely follow the precedent set at the end of WW II.

Ilya Ehrenburg (1891-1967) was a prolific Jewish propagandist for the Soviet Communists.


Hitler called him 'Stalin's House Jew'. His anti-German leaflets were distributed in their millions at the end of the war when the Bolsheviks poured into Europe.


Ehrenburg specifically incited violence against German women:

"Kill! Kill! In the German race there is nothing but evil; not one among the living, not one among the yet unborn but is evil! Follow the precepts of Comrade Stalin.


Stamp out the fascist beast once and for all in its lair! Use force and break the racial pride of these German women. Take them as your lawful booty."



Females aged 8-80 were targeted and in many cases repeatedly raped, sometimes raped to death.


The mass-raped women of Germany recounted many cases of their men not coping with their victimhood, feeling pity but repulsion for their broken women. Ehrenburg's call to break the spirit of the German women shares dark parallels to Islamic indoctrination.

At that same historical moment, 1944, Jewish communists in the USA formulated the Morgenthau Plan with the sole aim of total economic destruction of Germany and enslavement of its people.


Some historians regard this plan to have been inspired by Germany Must Perish!, an influential book self-published in 1941 by Theodore Neumann Kaufman.


Few people know that Kaufman's book contains the first printed appearance of the term "final solution," applied by a Jew to the German people. Kaufman called for total extinction of the German race by forced sterilization.

It is no accident that today the tsunami of 'refugees' or the tsunamigration, is directed mainly toward Germany where 800,000 are expected to arrive in 2015. In welcoming them, Merkel calls openly for the continuation of the Morgenthau Plan and Kaufman's "final solution" for the Germanic race stock.


The pattern is clear:

playing the guilt trip on Germans, conducting economic warfare and raping women all work together for the master plan.

The destruction of Europe cannot be accomplished without total annihilation of the ancient and geographically central stronghold of indigenous heroism that is Germany.

Today, Europe faces a war that Europeans did not choose.


Political overlords and ideologues chose it, proponents of the alien agenda of Jewish supremacy choose it, not the common people, not those who must undergo the consequences of that choice and that agenda.


Those who claim that the 'refugee crisis' is blowback from what Europeans have done in other countries are wrong.


European governments, not the people in mass, have waged war in the Middle East and Africa, causing a flood of refugees. Underscore the word governments. The USA leads the assault, fighting a proxy war to achieve the Zionist nightmare of a 'Greater Israel'.


Not American countrymen and countrywomen, but the illegal and treasonous government.



On another count, a great part of the 'refugees' are opportunists, not people fleeing from the war zones created by American-European aggression in service of Jewish supremacy.


Europeans are not to blame for what the USA, UK, and French 'overlords' do to advance Zionist imperialism. It is not their fault, but it is their responsibility to face the situation at hand and save Europe.

Defense of Europa and the freedom-based European way of life is primarily an anti-war effort. It has to be promoted and implemented as such; an anti-war movement compelled to apply one kind of violence to defeat another kind.


This is not a movement of non-violence, but rather of contra-violence, as it has been defined.


That is to say, the use of violence as a homeopathic remedy, comparable to using snake venom to make an antidote for bite of the snake. Contra-violence is not an unethical option among others; it is outstanding and imperative. Non-violent resistance and revolutionary change within the political system can play a role in racial self-preservation, but obligatory and decisive action uses selective violence in the cause of survival.


All species do the same for self-preservation. Humanity is no exception.


That we are animals living among other non-human species is a fact without dispute. That we are sane and responsible animals, capable of protecting our own packs and bands, remains to be proven.



Strategic action against the war on Europe now comes into definition existentially, one situation at a time.


Expulsion and the use of lethal force, or the threat of it for deterrence, are necessary and morally inescapable actions to be demonstrated frontally against the catastrophic situation that Europeans did not call upon themselves.


Morality in the Christian sense has nothing to do with it - but then, let's recall that Europe was purely Pagan, millennia before it became Christian.


Consistent with Pagan morality, a code of honor and courage, it would be immoral not to defend the indigenous lands and peoples of Europe, not to avenge the rape of even just one European girl.

To cut to the chase - or better said, to the choice, the catastrophe facing Europe is not merely a crisis of consciousness - the individual struggle to become aware of what is happening, then awaken and warn others. More crucially, it is a crisis of conscience.


'Getting it' and consciousness-raising are not enough. Not nearly enough. Once you 'get it', you have to get to the choice that comes from what you see and know to be true.

Who reaches that choice today, and how? Who is going to undertake measures of anti-war resistance and social self-defense in order to counteract the violence breaking over European lands?


The authorities cannot do it and in many instances are complicit in the assault.


They are the hirelings of those who have orchestrated the entire mess in the first place. Only volunteer groups, self-designated vigilantes organized in bands operating outside the law, can meet and master this crisis.


For the sake of a term, call them the freelance brigades.*



* The term 'freedom brigades' has been compromised, adopted by the 'Free Syrian Army.'



Freelance' is a term derived from the era of Chivalry in the European Middle Ages.


A knight who stood free and independent with his warrior skills in the use of the spear, sword, and hand-fighting held a 'free lance'. Morally, he was obligated to serve no other authority other than conscience itself. He was not bound in service, fealty or loyalty to any overlord. If he was not a self-seeking mercenary, such a knight was answerable to no human master, but bound to an heroic code of honor and courage.


Freelance knights were mainly known for defending women against rape.


Many tales of the medieval European warrior, including Parzival, recount such incidents. The heroic man proves his honor, first and foremost, by the defense of women against sexual violation by male perpetrators.

The revival of this code may be what saves Europe in the near future. But where is the heroic man in Europe?


Adolf Hitler was accused of masterminding a program of genocide against Jews promoting a German equivalent of the term 'master race'. Rather, Hitler invoked the herrenvolk.


You will find many intentionally misleading definitions of this word, such as,

"a race that considers itself superior to all others and fitted to rule the others."

By strict definition, that is the self-assumed status of Jews who stand at the origin of 'master race' ideology - the concept of the Chosen People destined to dominate all other nations (Goyim).


The declarations of Jews to be the master race mandated by god to dominate and enslave all non-Jewish races is proven by the plethora of Jewish scriptures and many statements of those who enforce that ideology.



But herrenvolk as Hitler intended the term refers to 'the heroic people' who may be an example of excellence to others, and who lead by excellence and superior attainment.


In other words, they set a high example or moral and creative achievement for all of humanity. Such heroic people do not dominate by force, or by self-legitimation on the grounds of a divine mandate, but they can use force when it is required.

Herren is the Germanic variant of the Greek word hero, cognate with the Indo-European, vira, 'hero, brave one'.


The quality of the hero is virya, 'energy, enthusiasm'. This is the quality shared by men and women alike, when they accept and enact the responsibility to use violence in the cause of life, freedom, and sanity. The root vir- occurs in virility, virginity, and virago, hence encompassing both male and female genders in the scope of heroic morality.


However, when women are raped, men face a special case of enacting their heroic potential.

The rape of Liv and Europe is a call to manhood amongst the European peoples.

  • How long before white women of European lineage will have to ask 'who will defend us?'


  • Where are the men who can answer that call and act on it?