by Clif High

May 2011

extracted from "The Shape of Things to Come Volume 0, Issue 10 Data Set Analysis"

from Galaksija Website


The data sets interpreted for this report have been largely filled with immediacy values,

probably due to the changing nature of time itself, and its impact on humans.

This has necessitated a change in our plans to release larger reports less frequently.

The new approach will be to produce smaller, more focused reports, more frequently.

The next targeted publication will be in early June. (We think now.)



Due in part to the [increasing (continuing) radiation disaster(s)] in the Northern hemisphere, and the [financial (paper abstractions/banking) disasters], as well as the soon-to-be-in-your-face apparent [food growing disasters], the data accretion patterns are describing a [(south flowing) river of humanity].


The [illegal immigration] and [nuclear (and financial) (and food) refugee] problem is indicated to emerge over the remainder of 2011 with such force as to [stimulate/cause (reactions)] in the [legal systems] of [southern hemisphere nations].

While some of the [brave] and [foolhardy] will still attempt [air travel] the [unfortunate incidents (of May/June/Summer 2011)] will put a very large [dent] into the [demand] for [air travel].


This is in spite of the actual demand for [transportation] southward.


True, real horror will be known later (in 2011/early 2012) as the actual levels of [airborne radiations] are [disseminated globally (by the new human's radiation watch organization)] and the many [sheeple] begin to question whether that trip to Disney world was really worth [30/thirty thousand chest x-ray equivalents].


The data also points to the [rumors] of [Summer 2011] that [commercial pilots] are [wearing lead diapers] as a pre-saying of the [radiation soup (in upper atmosphere)] meme that will later become so [ubiquitously known] as to spawn a number of slang terms in several dozen languages. The late night, high altitude, coast to coast air transport (here in the USofA) will no longer be known as 'red eye', but variously as the [mutation express], or the [bleeding ass flights].


The [rumors] of [dangerous levels (of upper atmosphere radiation)] over Summer 2011 are being described as [supported] by a [wave] of [unexpected] levels of [retirements] by [pilots] both [commercial] and [military]. The [military pilots retirement wave] will be most [significant] in the American/NATO/Anglo empire, and will lead to a [very brief] period of [the minion classes] pushing for [expanded training] for [drone pilots].

The [advertising] for [new drone pilots], and the release of [government backed/funded video games (simulation training platforms)] for [drone pilots] can be taken as a very significant temporal marker for events in both the Populace/USofA* entity as well as the Markets entity.


Both of these entities have extensive cross links from the [drone pilot shortage] areas over to the GlobalPop** entity and, most ominously, the Terra entity where the terminators are in a very large descriptor set for [catastrophic (northern hemisphere) earthquake]. This [catastrophic earthquake] area is NOT the most immediate of this particular descriptor set, and indeed, these terminations are seemingly 3/three [catastrophic earthquakes] out.



* Populace/USofA: Proxy for the populace of the USofA. Defined broadly and representative of issues which rise to national prominence.

** GlobalPopulace (GlobalPop): Proxy for all populace groups "not" part of Populace/USofA. Division forced by emotional splits arising from anti-Bush reactions post October 2001.



So at least 4/four such sets are gaining new values during this last run. The interpretation here is that the (at least) [4/four catastrophic earthquakes] of 2011 will include (at least) 2/two such in the northern hemisphere.

The GlobalPop entity has the fourth of these [catastrophic earthquake] data sets cross linked over to the language that will appear in the [global (international) free press] about the [arming of children (drone pilots)] with [weapons of mass destruction]. Further, the language forecast includes a lot of verbiage about how a [coalition of nations] should [form] for the [purpose] of [regime change], first in [Britain], and then the [USA].


As modelspace is progressed deeper into Fall, and almost immediately after the [regime change (off with their heads)] language, the [fourth catastrophic earthquake] set makes its appearance. This would seem to suggest that the earthquake itself is, as with the language that precedes it, following the Fall equinox.

The [economic] sub set of the GlobalPop entity is filling with some very grim, and disheartening aspects.


These are related directly to the [dependence/addiction] of the [central bank and global warfare system]. These sets would seem to suggest that the [global populace] {ed note: including and led by populace/usofa} is to encounter planetary [hyperinflation] shortly after the June solstice.

The [global hyperinflation] is coincident with, and frequently cited (by msm/propagandists) as being the cause of, the [global revolution] meme sweeping through the planetary populace. The former is correct, but not the latter. The [hyperinflation] *may be a trigger, that is the 'spark that ignites the gunpowder', but it must be noted that the powder has long been piling up, deeper and higher.


The [encounter (running head first into)] planetary [hyper inflation] is mostly a [US dollar issue]. Those nations and groups most closely bound to the [dying dollar] will suffer the most. The [hyper inflation] sub set continues to grow through the rest of 2011. The real [pricing damage] has yet to be [encountered]. The data is showing that 'sticker shock' is coming to a [store/market] near you.


The data shows that [hyperinflation (of dollar linked products/currencies)] will be a [demanding agenda item] at several of the [minion class conferences] over Summer, and then a [point of denial] and [avoidance] by Fall. The [hyperinflation] language is specifically focused on [foods], and [oils (cooking)], and [energy].


The [precious metals hyperinflation in dollars] is not a particular concern within these data sets within GlobalPop, though it does also appear with strength.

The [globalrev] language sub set has added a number of new sub sets which bring in different geographic areas. The data suggests that [south seas/south east asia] will soon be involved in the continuing [global revolution]. We note that the cross links from the [global revolution] in GlobalPop entity over to the Populace/USofA entity terminate in the expected [American revolution (part deaux)] sub set as well as the [American empire collapse] sub set.


It is quite clear that as the [American/anglo prominent, empire of the banksters] dies, that the [dictators] at the periphery will be the first to fall. As with all other [dying empires] the [provinces], and [formerly propped up dictators] go first, as has been seen with Egypt, and North Africa in general, and as is now [encircling] the [red shield proxy state (Israel)].

Many of the [global revolution] sub sets, in both the GlobalPop and the Populace/USofA entities are supported by [banking system bust] sub sets either directly or through cross links.


Further, the data sets specifically are focusing on [class warfare] globally as the [individuals (and small collectives)] will be [presented] with [shocking visual imagery] of the [vast separation] between themselves and the [power elite]. This [division] is described as being [sharply illuminated (pun intended)] by [food disparity] that will be stupidly allowed to [repeatedly (be) video captured].


This [food disparity] includes descriptions of [raiding (the trash bins) of the rich] for [items of food]. As an aside, the data sets contain some references to a huge [leak of information] that will come from a [bin diving episode] in Southern Europe. This episode of [information recovery (amidst food scraps)] is indicated to make a [young European man] very [famous] and to [alter] his [life].


While the details here are intriguing, there is so much more generally applicable data that we cannot divert the flow.

Shortly after the [information (of concern to all humanity) recovery] by the [bin diver], {ed note: very shortly thereafter, maybe mere days} the data suggests that [acts (on the ocean/sea)] which will be labeled as [piracy] by the [corporate shills] will occur in the Mediterranean, and South Atlantic.


At least one of these [incidents] will have [grave] consequences for the [elitists] both specifically on the [mega yacht], and then more generally throughout the [global elitists (including minions)]. As an aside, the [establishment stooges/high ranking 'elected' political minions] of the USA will [decry] these [acts of starving/desperate people] as [brutal attacks (on the) 'natural order'].


This last set is indicated to be something of a [rallying cry] during the [outbreak] of [global revolution] here in the USA. It reads very much as the modern equivalent of the famous 'let them eat cake' line from the last big French Revolution. This area of sub sets are extensively internally cross linked to the [collapse (of) global fisheries], and externally to the Terra entity where they terminate in [extreme (oceanic/Atlantic) disturbances/upheavals].

As the GlobalPop entity is progressed through the trying [summer (northern hemisphere)] of 2011, the [corporate shill media], especially in [Europe], and [South East Asia] will find itself [bereft (of) support] when [video lies] are [uncovered].


The data suggests that in several areas separated by [thousands of miles] and [extreme cultural differences] (think Swiss and Philippines as an example) a [spontaneous reaction] to [corporate propaganda (masquerading as news)] will include [assaults (by mobs)] on [local (fronts for) corporate media]. The data indicates [beatings (of staff and presenters)] by [mobs], as well as at least one incident in which the [media outlet facility] is [burned to the ground].


The combination of the [disparate places, same response] occurrences are among the last of the temporal markers for the [food riots] in [southern Europe] which are described as [spilling over] into [battles (with the) vatican mercenaries (Swiss guard?)]. These [battles] are the last precursor to the [liberation (of the vatican secret repository) of knowledge].


It is interesting to note that the data shows that a [heated/violent argument] inside [vatican central control (their version of politbureau)] about just the [potential (for starving Italians and refugees)] to [riot in Rome] will have taken place shortly before the actual manifestation of this [base/primal fear (of exposure of secrets)] occurs.


Hmmm... flabby old debauched men in fancy dresses slugging it out... sounds like something from a particularly funny Monty Python sketch.





The [economic design] that was [forced upon], and under which the [populace/usofa] has been [laboring] for these last 2/two centuries, is shown by modelspace as [going through upheaval], or alternatively, being [over thrown (ass over head)] in Summer such that it must be [redesigned] in [whole/totally/completely] from Fall 2011 onward.


The long term data sets (such as they are) indicate that the [recrafting/rebuilding] of the [populace/usofa economic system] will continue to [progress] in spite of the [emerging collapse (of) the political system] over Fall and Winter (2011).


This [recrafting (of human to human economic interaction)] will not be as may be imagined from this point in time.


Specifically there is no 'grand plan' that will emerge, but rather, according to how the Populace/USofA entity forms as modelspace is progressed forward, a more [organic (self created/self designed/adaptive/distributed) system] will slowly manifest as it creates itself. This is a good sign for humans, but a very bad sign for the [planetary rulers (self proclaimed elites who worship blood line above merit, and who are addicted to ritual at a level that staggers imagination)].

The ['america problem'] is indicated to begin late in Summer of 2011 and continue through the rest of the year. It will start with [resistance to] and [avoidance of] the [local political process] and [state/regional political gatherings].


It will be the level of [expressed distaste/disdain] that is indicated to [shock] the [low level power wardens].


The [political minion class] of the [usofa] sub set has its supporting sets filling with references to [shocked], and [stunned], and [weakened (at the legs/support)] over [Fall 'elections' 2011]. While not a [political election year] in itself, the [response] to [local political process] over September, and into Fall is described by the data as [making (minions) shit themselves (in fear)] of [unknown future (aka 'what is coming')].

The Populace/USofA entity has a new supporting sub set for a soon-to-emerge [movement (meme)] that will manifest within the [populace] as [vegetarianism] is to 'sweep' North America as [meat die off] begins.


The cause will be labeled/described as [bad blood]. It is not clear whether this is disease, or radiation exposure, or some other cause, but the [social movement/change] is so large as to [force] the [corporate (death as food) business] to respond with [international advertising]. While bringing an increase in business to the advertising companies, the net effect is described by the detail layers as being [to expose] those [corporations (addicted to blood)].


This [exposure] sub set has a large and continuing growth in supporting aspect/attribute sets and is indicated by cross links to [vex] TPTB/W (the powers that be/were). The data shows that several [national debates] will arise that will [address (the) national food body] in ways not considered since the early 1800's. This [food body discourse] is part of, and a supporting layer within, the [global revolution] sub set within the Populace/USofA.

A curious segue arises from the [bad meat promoting vegetarianism] sub set within the Populace/USofA entity as the [new vegetarianism] social movement will be [negatively] compared with both the [ufo 'abduction' craze] and the [conspiracy 'industry'] by both [corporate shill media] and those [sheeple] so [fearful (by now)] of [mega change (at the social order level)] that they will [react violently (initially)] to the [proponents (of free range vegetarianism)].


These [negative comparisons] will reach their peak when the [msm (propaganda/corporate shills)] repetitiously refer back to the [silver panic (buying)] which by that time will be a past event. The [new vegetarianism movement] sub set builds cross links over to the [silver (panic to own) frenzy] sub set within Populace/USofA.


Noting that the [shills / faces] of [corporate 'news'] are demonstrably and collectively as aware as a rotten stump, it should come as no surprise when the [corporate shill media outlets] compare the rise of [vegetarianism] to the [extreme conspiracy paranoia] that will have propelled so many [usofa residents] to (successfully) [abandon] the [federal reserve cabal dollar].


As an aside, the details within these related sub sets suggest that even at the [peak/apex] of the [panic (to buy) silver frenzy], those who [acquire] some [silver] even then will have benefits over time.


Hmmm... so this time really is different, and the TPTB/W really are going to [shit bricks] as the [masses turn (on them and their institutions)].

This is the [long] and the [short] of it. Sorry, could not resist.


We have a [female personality] described in the Populace/USofA entity who will be slowly, and by that we mean [slowly] gaining [visibility] over this Summer, in North America. This [female personality] is internally known as the [conjunction (of) opposites], as her describing aspect/attribute sets are filled with supporting sets seeming in [opposition] to each other.


As an example, this [woman] is described as [short] so repetitiously, that (so far) every supporting aspect has had [short] (or its opposite) as an attribute. She is thus described by the data as [short (of) stature ] {ed note: this context includes stature as in 'public authority or status}, and [short haired], and [short tempered], and [short swing (of arms)], and possessing [short (blunt) fingers], and [short (powerful) legs].


Further the supporting sets include [short (of patience) with bullshit], and [short of time (as in 'time pressed and knows it')], and [short of love/tolerance (and likely is very bigoted, but not as you may assume by the commonly consensus of that word)], and [short (of) tongue (sparing of words)]. We also need to note that as in this last, the [short of tongue], many of her supporting aspect/attributes also include [brutal] as further descriptor.


So we could write this as her being [short of tongue (sparing of words to the point of brutal honesty)]. But also the [brutal] as a supporting attribute is found in such contexts as [short (and) brutal (of) demeanor)] and [(prone/predisposed towards) brutal (and cutting) wit], and [blunt (to the point of brutality)], and too many more to cite.


These supporting aspects/attribute sets paint a rather unflattering, but perhaps required understanding of the nature of the [short aspect woman] who will be making her [presence] felt over this Summer (of Confusion) within North American social order. The descriptions that either support this [short/brutal female] directly, or are in direct supporting cross links point to the 'other side of the coin', in that, as previously noted, this [short/brutal (soon to be nationally affecting) female] is also described by opposites.


These opposite aspect/attribute sets are fewer in number than the [short/brutal] sets, but are nearly equal in total emotional sums.


Hmmmm... which makes us think that the aware observer may be able to locate her emergence just based on the use of the word [contradiction] and its many variants as the [msm/shills for corporate control (of planet)] attempt to wrap descriptors around what they are witnessing.


This [short woman] who *will* be [labeled] by the [msm/corporate shills] as [short on looks/beauty] and with a labeled [unfeminine/unwomanly] [sharp, brutal, cutting, eviscerating tongue] is also described as [long (on) intelligence], and [long on gravitas], and so [long (on) physical presence] that the details state that she will be described as [leaving a long lingering feeling], or [felt (she was here) long after she left].


Further her [short/gutting wit] itself is also described as [long wounding] and [cutting (deep and) long wounds].

The importance of the [short woman] is itself, at the meta data level, quite unique in both the depth of the linguistic affects from her personality, as well as the spread throughout the Populace/USofA entity.


While there are many cross links over to other entities including ThePowersThatWere, and GlobalPop, Markets and even SpaceGoatFarts***, the clustering of the data sets as they accrue points to this [short woman] as being [content] to keep her focus on [north america].



*** SpaceGoatFarts (SGF)
This entity is newly formed. While references to Space Goat Farts have appeared within Terra, sub set Space in the past, the data set now demonstrates a need for an entity to allow for the growth of 'unknown forces of all kinds from space which are terra/populace affecting'. Includes non-earth based, non-human/non-mammal intelligent beings usually considered as 'space aliens' or 'extraterrestrials'. Created during 1207 clean up.



And, in the theme of the opposites at the meta data level, while [she] is [feeling time pressed (perhaps older?)], the data nonetheless shows a multiple generation impact from her [long felt presence].


As an aside, there are detail sets within the SpaceGoatFarts entity that suggest something of a woo-woo tradition will grow up around her [long after presence feeling] in that some language will come out for [evidence (video? images?)] of an actual [extended persistence of physical presence] not normally associated with humans.


Note though that there are no data sets in SpaceGoatFarts to suggest that she is anything other than a regular [short] human with a [short temper] and a [brutal attitude] as a result of living too [long] with the [short sighted assholes (who currently are manipulating the collective consensus reality)]. Again, nothing in the data to suggest that she is a space alien or anything other than regular human. But the question will arise.


There are plenty of sub sets for the [questioning]. These appear in both Populace/USofA and the SpaceGoatFarts entity, but neither will be showing up until late in 2011, [long] after she has made her first [short appearance] on the national consciousness. Also as an aside, the paparazzi trying to take her [image] (somewhere in middle west? Middletown?) with the [infrared camera] had better watch out.


While her arms are [short], her [reach (with thrown objects)] is both [long] and [deadly accurate]. This section also brings up an interesting personality component that will accompany her fame, her ability with [eye hand coordination] will become much [admired]... even to the point of forming its own area of [personality cult focus].

Our [short woman, long on opposites] will be expressing the [opposite] theme in universe by being first [noticed (nationally)] for her [opposition] to??? something??? in a rather [dramatic] manner.


The data suggests a [big (though short) splash] into [national consciousness] followed by a [short absence (of appearance)] and then a [long period (mostly of rumors of short visits)] that is described as [percolating] through the [fluid social situation] during the [revolution (against the federal reserve note and central banksterism)].

So not only will the [long wit] expressing itself as a [short female] be a very important temporal marker for [fiscal/financial decay], but she will also be important both as a temporal marker for, and more pointedly, a participant of, the [revolution (against bankster colonialism (here in north america)].


Further sets within the detail layers point to her being both a [distraction (used by the media)] as well as a [key player] in the [upcoming (bankster implosions)] and the [reformation (of the American political system)].


The [distraction] sub set reads like a Holly-Wood (majic stick, preferred wand material for sorcerers) movie plot. There are areas that suggest that [local concerned citizens (aka 'gang members')] will be [charged with] her [kidnapping], when the reality will be exposed [by short woman] on [video] as a case of [intervention] (by the local citizenry) to [prevent] the [bankster stooges (aka 'private' law enforcement)] from [seizing her] at a [public talk].


Seemingly something out of a novel, the supporting sub sets suggest that she will become the [most interesting fugitive] on the planet. It is from the [labeling] by the [msm/corporate media] that her [international presence] will emerge, not directly from her actions, but rather from the [short sighted response] by TPTB/W and their [rather stupid minions].

The [short woman] in the middle of the [long revolution (against banksters)] is also important as a SpaceGoatFarts temporal marker. Her appearance on the North American media stage will also mark a very brief count down to the next increase in the [alien wars] emotional sums level. This temporal marker is most affective of the north American populace given the number of cross links.


The Populace/USofA entity has a very large number of termination points in data sets going to the idea of [warfare] and [exposure (of inter planetary, intra and inter species) skirmish] which are described as also being in the media during the same time as the [short woman's presence].

The largest area of growth within all of the sub sets of the [chaos (in north america)] aspect/attribute set are within the [breaking out/exposure of] the [hidden (shadow) civilization] within what is called the [national security state] of the USA.


This sub set is of critical importance, but as universe would have it, it will be manifesting within a level of [chaos] so totally [absorbing], that [public media faces (personalities)] will actually be [quoted] as [questioning] the [capacity] of the [nation] to [continue (as a national geo political identity)]. Against a background of such levels of [chaos] that [systemic contacts (mail, electricity, food deliveries)] are failing, the data sets suggest that nonetheless, a [robust] level of [media (of all types)] coverage of the [continuing chaos] which will include the [exposure] of the [off planet shadow civilization].


Not that everyone will be paying attention. We must also note that the Summer in North America is to be (from May onward through into 2012) filled with [Terra intrusions] as [change states] manifest across the planet.


So it will be difficult, under these emerging circumstances, to keep a specific focus on off-planet strangeness when the planet is changing itself under our feet.





The Tao of Humanity Very few humans consider their place in, and interaction with, the 'grander scheme of manifesting reality'.


Oh, priests and other organized predator mind controllers will blather on about “god's plan”, like they really had a clue, but they don't. And they actually can't... but that is another conclusion for another future...

Some humans do ponder themselves not as individuals, but as vital (life) interacting with universe (energy). Gandhi (of liberation of hindoo peoples from illuminati oppression fame), also known as Mahatma (great one), spent time considering this duality of human, and universe. And he came to a life lifting conclusion that while each of our acts are totally insignificant to universe, they are also totally necessary to it.


Even though insignificant to a degree that mind cannot comprehend, it is absolutely necessary to universe as a whole that the act be done. And so it is to us. If not done by you, the act will nonetheless be completed to the satisfaction of universe. And you will have missed an opportunity to be positively changed by that act. Now note, one cannot, in this universe, avoid their responsibility to act, and even choosing to not actively act, is nonetheless, an act, so we each participate, even by avoidance.


What we miss though is the opportunity for positively changing ourselves through harmonizing with opportunities presented by universe.

How often are we presented with opportunities clear enough to make meaningful choices within the broader waves of change that sweep through our local segment of universe? Said another way, how often, as adults, are we presented with opportunities to act heroically? Well, up until recently, not so often.


However, as all the readers of this report may come to feel personally (if they have not already), the times, they are a'changing. These days are different, and according to our data, universe is about to slap you upside the head with that realization.

For many, the emergence of the Tao into humanity's collective perception will be lost in the tumult and upheaval of worlds that is now occurring. That the multitudes will NOT awake to the touch of the Tao is apparently necessary to universe, as it is.


Since it is, it must be a necessary component of universe that some not be awakened, both for their own karmic needs, and to allow those who are awake to thus distinguish themselves. And just as the rivers of time constantly shift the grains of sand (us humans in case you missed that poetic nod) laying on the river's bed, it is necessary for universe that shifts happen. These shifts are appearing now, not only to our data weary eyes, but also manifesting in the great changes flowing through our collective experience that we label humanity.

It is necessary to universe that many (perhaps most) humans experience these changing times blindly oblivious to the larger waves creating a new world/solar system around them.


They, the unaware, the sheeple, will look up at the great changes that will be soon sending their people-herds into panic and mindless stampedes without understanding their place, part, or role in anything larger than the flow of the immediate now. This, the tao, as it manifests around and through them, will consume all their time, generate all their thoughts, and create their reality as they experience it, totally oblivious to it.

It must be so that universe may exist and express change. Change must occur, in spite of all human efforts to oppose change, deflect change, or control change, it must occur. And will so occur. As universe directs. Not us. Including the 'aware' amongst the sheeple.


Those humans whose karmic burden is such that they need suffer awareness now, in these days, will not 'awaken the masses'. They will not, 'spark the revolution', nor 'incite the herd to turn'. They may not so understand now the 'why' of it all, especially those awakening minds in the early stages where it is ever-so-important to meet the emotionally driven need to go out and slap all your soon-to-be-ex friends among the sheeple herd to wake them up.


They, we, do not understand, until later, that it won't work and will just annoy the crap out of the sheeple who are being slapped in the face.


But, somehow, and for some 'why', it is necessary that a great many sheeple be slapped. It is necessary for universe to force massive social changes at planet wide scale through humanity at this time, and is also necessary, for you, at a personal level, to experience these changes in some greater state of awareness than the general sheeple herd.


That is your challenge. That awareness alone, marks you as being offered the opportunity of service by universe. This is rare, as you well know. Not that many humans out there who are really thinking beings, most are operating under deep mind control, and are blinded by false perception of reality.

Not you, nor anyone, ever need accept the karmic burden of service to universe.


Nor is this some kind of submission to the will of some other being. It does not work that way. Many humans will (necessarily) confuse the opportunity provided by awakening to reality with 'service' as it is dictated by the religious control freaks (who really are freaks... disturbing, twisted, freakish minds capable of killing and even consuming the flesh of humans for their twisted understanding of reality).


The archetype for this 'captured service' is the personality sold as Mother Teresa. Even she, on her death bed, acknowledged that her 'awakening' was captured, and the whole 'faith' religion thing was a waste of a life. Took her long enough to realize it... but such is the nature of karmic burdens and the filters that they place on our perception.

For its own reasons which are not particularly pertinent to humanity which must live through it, universe is in the process of transitioning, in a more dramatic than in the past fashion, to a new operating state. That humans have been favored by universe in the past offers some potential that we will also be well received in this emerging future state.


But no guarantees exist in universe, other than the guarantee of opportunity to experience change. And if lucky, or personally karmically well situated, to not only experience change, but to be changed by so experiencing it.

It helps to be an artist. That is to say, those who can self identify as artists are able to more readily integrate the internal changes that the art itself forces on its creator. Probably why universe is an artist, and we are (some) of its works. As out, so in.

It helps in integrating change as a part of life to be an artist. As those who have made and sailed their own boats, baked and eaten their own pies, sewn and worn their own clothes, hewn and built with their own lumber, washed and served their fellow human, cared for and assisted the dying, trained for personal change (meditation) will tell you, the art changes the artist as much if not more that the artist will change the materials of their art.


This is the point of art. Any and all arts. Even those arts not yet discovered by humanity. And even those arts ignored as art (only from the outside is the householder thought consumed by his chores).

Art can and does change us even before we encounter it. And the point of the exhibitions of others arts? Well, duh, to inspire some other human to self-select as a change candidate in universe, and to begin the process that is the art of living, which is to say, the art of the discovery of one's self as artist.

All artists are in service to universe, though many are as oblivious of this as the sheeple are to their mind control. It is through art that service in the form of change is rendered to universe. And, universe apparently appreciates this as it gives the mass of humans some small percentage of artists, enough it would seem, the karmic joy of expressing their art as pie bakers. And thus we, the rest of us, are 'repaid' for our service here on earth.

We will all need to pie-up as universe moves a very large art project forward. Our service to universe as artists is about to challenged greatly as we assist universe in this transition to a new expression of its art (life).


Our data has clear statements that [service] to universe will be offering new opportunities to those artists capable of perceiving and acting upon them. As with all offers, they can be refused. But acknowledge now that refusal is also a choice, and even it does not prevent failure. Remembering, however, that failure is the process of art working itself out through the internal obstacles of the artist, and that change is art, pie up now, as your art is about to be challenged.


Your service to universe is even now in a period where [opportunities to change/expand] will be presented in the form of very large [holes in common consensus reality] that will draw you in, artist tools at the ready, too excited *not* to change your relationship to your service to universe as it draws the Tao right out of you, exposing you to yourself, and the opportunities for new service to humanity, as universe expresses the Tao of it all... in our pies, and in front of our eyes.

This is what is coming.

This is what you are feeling.

The Tao of humanity is discovering itself... through you.

Excitingly scary... yes?


We have added a copy of the solar intensity numbers as are calculated by Patrick Geryl below. These have so far shown themselves to be meaningful predictors of violent earth changes or violent weather. Take the dates as being in the middle of an enlarging window of time.


As the numbers indicate, the wave flowing through solar activity will still allow, by reducing the intensity slightly, the sheeple to maintain some level of 'normalcy bias', but expect that to be less persistent after October of 2011.

Thus these numbers can be used to anticipate the next period of large scale changes here on earth. And to prepare for them.

No, there will not be a crustal shift, nor a Planet X induced 'roll around' of earth.

Yes, there will be huge levels of persistent changes as the planet grows. More winds, greater gravitational and magnetic effects among shaking ground, sloshing seas, and terrible weather.