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In all ages, in all lands, there have been those who seek truth. This seeking is an individual's search for something more than self, and much more than the confines of this worldly system.


It is the seeker, who understands there is more than what meets the eye, who is not afraid and makes the choice to go into the unknown.


The process of awaking has begun, the discovery is underway.

Alan Watt

A Course in Deprogramming






Reality Check - Alan Watt

by havoctrend

May 05, 2012

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Alan Watt, (the thinking man's David Icke) in this video talks about how the Illuminati uses mind control on the Profane to set up the New World Order.


Here is a small extract.

"Charles Galton Darwin the grandson of Charles Darwin, said that "every civilization has really been a form of slavery for the people," and he was all for it.


That was a NATURAL ORDER according to him and of course those who are trained in power and control of the people are trained in this technique since birth. They're brought up listening to a different version of reality than someone brought up in a local housing area.


They're told that the realities of life the predators should be at the top the natural order. They're predators of course because they're such hypocrites.


As good predators they can't tell the children how they're really feeding off them or manipulating them for different ends because children don't understand these things and those with the low IQ's you know the little people at the bottom of the hill you've got to keep them in the dark".





Video Transcript

Transcribed by Linda
April, 2006
from CuttingThroughTheMatrix Website


"The Future"
You don't know me from the wind
You never will, you never did.
I'm the little Jew who wrote the Bible.
I've seen the nations rise and fall.
I've heard their stories, heard them all,
But love's the only engine of survival.
Your servant here, he has been told
To say it clear, to say it cold,
It's over, it isn't going any further.
And now the wheels of heaven stop,
You feel the devil's riding crop,
Get ready for the future, it is murder.
Things are going to slide in all directions.
Won't be nothing, nothing you can't measure anymore.
The blizzard of the world has crossed the threshold
And it has overturned the order of the soul.
When they said “repent” - I wonder what they meant.

Leonard Cohen

Singer, Songwriter



Alan Watt:

Hi. I'm Alan Watt and some of you have heard me on radio broadcasts going back to '98 on the "Sweet Liberty" broadcast and short-wave radio.


Jackie Patru was the host and we still do an occasional Wednesday night on Internet only this time, and we have been for the last year or so.

On these programs, we've discussed the histories of mind control basically. We've gone through the histories of ancient religions, how they started up with civilizations, and the meaning of civilization. The money system which is part and parcel with religion in the system called civilization. The techniques to control the peoples, which haven't really changed that much.


The same techniques are used, only on a much larger scale, plus they have children in school to start the indoctrination process early into giving them a type of version of reality, of which, generally, they will never question their whole life long.





Many, many thousands of years ago, civilizations rose and fell; and really, by “civilization,” we're talking about the creation of "artificial systems." Money, of course, is an unnatural thing to use for barter. It's of no use in itself. It's supposedly a tool. That's how it's pushed over through economics; it's a tool which helps barter. It's helps barter, you see, by using a third party; and of course, those who introduce the money ultimately control those who barter and those who buy.

From money, of course, they build cities. Cities are an artificial hive - a "beehive" as Plato called them; and through cities, these civilizations really are one civilization under many faces. Through the cities, they could - because they must use money in a city and they can't draw anything in a city.


They can't feed themselves. They're totally artificial.


A culture which is fluid and flexible is not a natural thing. At least we don't know what natural culture ever was, but it's definitely flexible and pliable, and is a science in culture creation, is still ongoing. Those who know how to manipulate it and to start in the cities, where, once they have money on the go and they've trained the people outside to accept money for their food products and so on, they then build standing army from within the city.


With the standing army they go outside the city and conquer other peoples - force them into the system.

Force them to use money. Give them a religion and really THEY'RE REALLY SLAVES.


Charles Galton Darwin (the grandson of Charles Darwin) said, "every civilization has really been a form of slavery for the people," and he was all for it. That was a NATURAL ORDER according to him; and of course, those who are trained in power and control of the people are trained in this technique since birth.

They're brought up listening to a different version of reality than someone brought up in a local housing area. They're told that the realities of life, the predators should be at the top the natural order.


They're predators of course, because they're such hypocrites. As good predators, they can't tell the children how they're really feeding off them or manipulating them for different ends, because children don't understand these things. Those with the low IQ's, you know the little people at the bottom of the hill, you've got to keep them in the dark, the profane.

PROFANE in Masonry means "those in the darkness," base people, which is a real hypocrisy in itself, because it's like breaking the legs of cow and then kicking the cow because they can't get up.


That's the hypocrisy of this system and that's how they view the public. They've broken our legs and they hate us because we can't get up. We're pathetic; and of course, they claim that we need them. It's like saying that the mice in the fields need the hawk.





From the days of Babylon and then before Babylon, they called them the Harappans. This is the name that's been stuck on these people by historians, just to give them a name, but the Harappan culture extended all the way from Egypt right through the Middle East to China. Now they're unearthing pre-Sumerian Harappan cities on trade routes; and of course they must use the money system to live that very high standard of living, these merchants, and they even had in-door plumbing. Something that some people today don't have even in Canada and some places.

If you go into the Minoan cultures, you'll find the Minoan's in the Aegean Sea controlled all the trade routes. They controlled all the merchandising on the sea, land and everything. They also had in-door plumbing and central heating, even, and hot water for bathing in and showers and they lived, I assume, a beautiful lifestyle. They had painted frescos in every room, hand painted and it was just a wonderful existence for this high ancient elite, who obviously didn't create the culture themselves or the system.

They had got it from a previous civilization in turn; and so it comes to this empire, so we're looking at people down through the ages who are intergenerational and who pass their system on to the next. Now of course that does seem to be what this is all about, because DYNASTIES AND POWER NEVER GIVE UP POWER.


When they do move, because it was their turn to lose in warfare, because they have turns, you see. War is to create change and to make profit, not for what the public thinks it's for.

Sometimes the ones who decide “we'll lose this time,” they will actually move to, generally, their enemy’s camp, which is their friends, and share the loot and bring up their children and slap the name of the country on them; and they don't care what they call the country.


THE ELITE NEVER, EVER GET MASSACRED OR WIPED OUT with their wealth. They just move.


They move, all down through the ages. They bring on catastrophes to an empire when they've used that empire up and they've already created another one to move into and then they flatten the old one and move on. This has been the system for thousands and thousands of years at least.

The trick of Darwin was to make you think we just evolved in 200,000 BC and before that, he even said 10,000 BC, which is rubbish. This whole evolution thing is actually a Masonic doctrine. It's nothing to do with what we think it's meant to be. It's a Masonic doctrine. Darwin just was pulled out of the hat by the Royal Society, which was a Masonic scientific establishment chartered by the British Crown to exist.


He basically gave the "On The Origin of Species" et cetera to justify the right of certain types to rule; and he wasn't talking about other animals or animals. He was talking about themselves over us. Evolution is a caste system. It's to verify a caste system, to reinforce it and of course, it's worked very well up until now.

Going back to the Minoan's, we know they also shared and they were probably very much so a part of the ancient Egyptian elite, because the frescos on their walls have the same imageries, styles, techniques used as you'll see in the frescos inside some of the tombs inside-in Egypt.


They even had the little curls down at the front locks of the youth that they used to depict youth in Egypt.

Yes, they make perfect sense. A real elite wouldn't live in a place where they could be easily attacked. They would have a front - an empire or a city and come in and out of it certainly, but they would also have somewhere safe, such as in the middle of the Aegean Sea. We know, for instance, that in a circle in the Aegean Sea of little islands, which are left after a volcano goes down, they had that huge island there at one time.


Islands like Thera are the remains from when the tropic volcano sinks into the ocean, so these little fringe ones remain and become separate little islands; and that's where we get much of the Minoan history from.

Interesting, the Minoan's used a double-headed axe in their religious ceremonies, the symbol of the fascia, which is from down through the ages. We're looking at something the Catholic Church used afterwards, thousands of years later.


Minoan's were around 5,000 to 6,000 BC and here is the same symbology used by their own Catholic church, who simply inherited their culture from the Greeks who moved into Rome. The elite, that is, of course, and brought all this symbology with them.

The Greeks got it from the Minoan's. This is an endless stream of symbology, down through the ages, of language, you might say, which they understand very well; and which some very high Masons understand; and which some people, who are natural adepts, can figure out themselves, but there’s not [many] of them.


The Catholic Church used this Minoan fascia of the axe with the bundle of rods around it, meaning, "strength was in numbers."


When you get one twig you can break it easily, but you get a whole bunch of them in a bundle and try to break it in one go, it's harder; and so the nobility-the ruling elite must stick together at all costs, you see. In the middle of the bundle is the main shaft of the fascia - the actual axe itself.

This is also in the Senate in the Congressional Hall in the U.S., where Mr. Bush now gives his speeches and every other one before him has.

On either side, you'll see the fascia symbols or system, often elite, encircling the center shaft and they're all tied together. They're bound together by oaths, you see, in blood and money and so on - and their own secret religion. Yes, we're creating a system going back way, way back into the mists of time.


Civilization to the elite is that which is ABNORMAL.

They create the ABNORMAL. They are the deviants so they create the ABNORMAL. Nothing normal can come out of deviancy. That makes sense.

You've got an artificial system which "CONNED". The word CON, COHEN, CAIN, KAHN, KING all comes from the same root of PRIEST. They conned people to use money and then of course they could create their cities. Hire people for a standing army. You can't get a bunch of guys together to go and conquer anybody if you don't have some means of keeping them there - some kind of a reward. They'll just go home eventually, get bored and fed up.

Money is always the key to this civilization, this building process: building of cities, empires, society itself.


Freemasons like Albert Pike and Mackey and a whole bunch of other ones are always extolling their own virtues of being able to build society, build culture. In the Middle Ages, where they built their cathedrals and their big huge churches and so on, they'd often build them either next to or on top of existing ones; and so, as they're building new one, they're demolishing the old. The old age, the system is buried and demolished as they're building up the new one.

We have an elite who've used war, money, cities, culture creation, religion and all the things that come into the culture festivals, generally based on lunar and solar and stellar mythologies, to keep the people in check. Keep them happy, dumbed-down, stupid and obedient more than anything else, because obedience is so important.


Of course, the sun god (below video) was one of the greatest ones they've used down through the ages up until the present; and it's a reincarnated sun god.









You see, it's the same old thing rehashed over and over where the invisible god, the "Grand Architect of the Universe," as the Masons call him, always chooses a son - his own son to push life into the world, because they claim that without it, we the profane are dead, you see.

In a sense, they're right because if you don't know reality, you are dead; because living as a human means you're a sentient, aware, fully conscious being. You'll find in all religions they have the same terminology. You find it in Christianity, too, where Jesus says to the guy, "let the dead bury their dead," and ministers don't dwell on that because they can't really fathom it out.


How can those that are walking around bury the dead? It's because life doesn't mean you're animated, which is the big con today. Everybody's rushing around in their cars as fast as they can go and they think they're living because they keep moving and they don't do shopping lists anymore.


They've got to just keep moving and have noise blaring all the time, and music playing or something, you see, because they're scared to think.


Those who do not think for themselves are classified as the DEAD, in all ages.


George Orwell used that even in his "1984" book, where Winston and his girlfriend are caught by the thought police before being taken to the Ministry of Love - for torture. That's what he says when they're first caught, "we are the dead." That's a little Masonic giveaway, meaning that if they had been really alive, they would have never been caught like this.

Of course, there are many, many degrees of waking up from the dead. In Freemasonry they have a substitute a bunch of rungs on a ladder, called degrees, for the idiots who join it at the bottom to get up, thinking that one day they're going to get hit the big magic number and they're going to be a full-fledged high Chutzpah, you see, and they get virtue.


Virtue, right? They're taught virtue.

All these drunkards and guys who've done everything everybody else has done suddenly have virtue.


They think,

“oh my goodness, I'm a 32nd Degree Mason of the Scottish Rite and I am illumined and I've got virtue. I've got virtue,” they cross their palms with silver in their handshakes and pay each other off, you see, and take all the freebees from the society to live on.


You know, cheaper taxation assessments with a nudge, a wink, a nod and a handshake to the assessor; and the same thing with the policeman that catches them speeding.

“Is there no one to help a poor widow's son?”

Why is that? Why?

You get all this rubbish you see. These guys are just bottom feeders. They're low-end predators, because who else would join a “society with secrets,” as they call themselves, without knowing what it's all about?


All they know is what the Masons make sure that everyone's always known.

“If you join us, you get up the ladder in life. You get little special favors.”

This is the rubbish you see that goes into Freemasonry. They're low-level bottom feeders, because they want all the little freebees and it doesn't matter to them if their neighbor, who's a profane one - now this guy who's exactly the same as them is now profane. If he gets a bigger tax assessment and he has to pay his speeding charges and so on, it doesn't matter to him, this guy's suffering while he's not.


That's the Masonic Creed. It's a ‘scratch my back and I'll scratch yours’ dogma.

Of course it doesn't stop there because a circle is 360 degrees. These are the prunes that don't go up terribly high, especially first generation Masons, because there's also a breeding program involved. They can trace us back down, again, way back to Sumer and so on of intergenerational breeding and selective breeding.


Don't let Darwin think that he came up with this idea himself.

In fact, you'll find it today in history, his grandfather had already written a book about it long before he did; and there's a Masonic dogma he's preaching: the right to rule by an elite. A superior intellectual elite who are not afraid to use aggression and kill if need be.


Always for your own sake, you understand. That's a good predatory excuse, but somehow they can rationalize that; but then, we are the children and what do we know? You can't scare the children by telling them the truth; and in a sense, at the stage we're at today, that is true. In a sense, it's very true.


The children don't want to hear it.


You've got an endless seam of merchandising, money lending, interest gathering priesthoods going down through the thousands and thousands of years, and intergenerational families who are taught a different reality than the ones at the bottom.


They go to the little red schoolhouses. In Britain, it's little red-brick schoolhouses, as the elite refer to them. Of course, their universities are also granite stone, whereas the ordinary muck can go to the red-bricked universities.

Margaret Thatcher, back in the early '80s, came under fire, in a sense (if that's possible) for subsidizing private schooling for the wealthy, using tax money to subsidize the wealthy. She rationalized it by telling the truth, as they very often do.


She said,

“This is where your future leaders are coming from."

Your future industrial leaders, political leaders, economists and so on, they come from these schools and this is where they meet each other. They'll grow up in life knowing each other and they'll all be in the right positions. She was telling the truth, so there's nothing strange about that.


They do tell the truth very often.

It's the public, when they hear it, they say,

“I know I heard that, but they can't really mean what they say.”

The public were trained this way, you see. You train the abused to love the abuser. The public can't quite fathom this and so they make excuses for them:

“I guess she had a bad day to say what she said,” or, “The problems that she's got on her plate, I don't blame her.”

You see this is the rationale.

An intergenerational elite with many priesthoods in Sumer had so many priesthoods dealing with the legal system and real estate and subdivisions of real estate and wills, death duties and taxes and so on - everything that bureaucracies do today. Some of them change their clothing. They wear suits and ties today or white coats like scientists.

This system has gone down through the ages always taking themselves to another place and destroying that which was left behind them, yet leaving it in such a way - leaving some low level controllers there to make sure it's standardized. That way when you get a bigger empire over here, they can then lump this back into it again, the old one; so they create bigger and bigger empires.


This is part of the “great work,” as they call it. They claimed again, 4,500 BC, "The Big Idea," as Mr. George Bush, Sr. called it: "The Big Idea."


The BB - TO BE OR NOT TO BE, says Shakespeare, for those who know.

On we go, down through the ages, until we see their target in sight; and they've told us, the age you see of Aquarius. There's many reasons for Aquarius being Aquarius. First off, even in the New Testament, because Jesus was the sign of Pisces, a fish - Fisherman of men. The first guys he recruits were fisherman, the philosopher king, Pythagoras type of thing...


The Electi used the fish symbol wherever they went as a sign of Christianity, before they used the cross; and in fact, the cross was used for the inner sect because there's always an exoteric for the public and a real meaning for the initiates.

The cross was always used as a symbol of the sun, but the fish, of course, was for the public - for the profane. Aquarius has ruled for over 2,000-odd years and now we're going to Aquarius.

In the New Testament they have Jesus saying, going into town and you see a guy carrying a picture of water (which is Aquarius of course) and you borrow his coat. Then you see right in there they give you the clue that this would be the time for the next coming of man, the new type.

The age in Aquarius of peace and understanding.

  • Peace is not peace as you know it.

  • Peace comes when there's absence of consciousness and opposition to this agenda.

  • That's what they mean by peace.

  • Peace comes when there's not enough of you to cause trouble and those that are left don't have a functioning brain to use.

  • That's peace, hence the rush towards chips and chipping the brain and implants and stuff like that, and a totally controlled society.

They want peace.


They don't want to give us all this media nonsense - this constant propaganda to keep us running in circles and chewing the grass like good little sheep. It takes away from their profits, because they want pure profit, you see. They want 100% profit from us; and they've got to allow us to entertain ourselves, to keep us obedient and grazing and sports and circuses and all that kind of thing you see, and buying toys, junk from China.


The rewards - little Pavlovian rewards at the end of the month. That's all taken from their ultimate profit and that upsets them because it's not efficient enough.





Otherwise, you can sell your body parts as an inducement and get some profit from investment.


We've gone down through a horror show, down through the ages of watching people being oppressed. Doing what they do naturally, which is to resist, so you have force; and for every force, there's an equal and opposite reaction. Then, of course, then they control the conflict to bring it the conclusion, the synthesis of it all; and before you know it, we've just moved into where they want us to go.




Good shepherds pat the sheep. They know them by name. The sheep come up to them and like them because sheep don't know what they're there for. They think that they're there to be happy.


They don't know - they don't even ask,

“Why does the Shepherd spend so much taking care of us and talking to us?”

That's because the sheep don't know what they're there for. They don't know their function is to feed the Shepherd. Make a profit as they take the wool and fleece them, you see - that's a good shepherd.

A bad shepherd sharpens the knives in front of the sheep and slaughters one - the rest of them are terrified. They run off when they see them.


The good shepherd wears a suit and tie and says,

“I promise to help you.”

Whatever category you put yourself into, which are pigeon-holes - ready made pigeon-holes you put yourself. I'm left wing. I'm right wing. I'm up. I'm down. Whatever it was. It's their system and they lead you to where they want you to go, which is the Abattoir; but you're not supposed to know that until it happens. Poor things. You don't frighten the children.

Therefore, you tell them what they call in Masonry the NOBLE LIE.


They give us noble lies all the time,

“We can't tell the people the truth, poor things, they wouldn't understand.”

They've had debates down through the thousands of years and many of them need it for work, of course, when they needed lots of labor they bred them up until they procreate, multiply and so on, and they did.


They slaved away quite willingly for their masters. When there's too many of them, the elite would get together and say lets have a war and cull some off, and they do that too. Since really the 1500’s, when the Rosicrucian movement broke into the surface openly, in England, that's when the real push was on for now a more expert run society.

In the 1700’s, it really took off with all the different writers amongst the interbred elite, like Charles Darwin.


Charles Darwin's family only interbred with one other family for generations and that was the Wedgwood family, the famous pottery Wedgwood’s of England, and his grandfather married one. This father married one.


Charles married one and then when his wife died, he married his mother's sister, another Wedgwood. They're all Wedgwood’s and Darwin's all mixed together, you see, until they bring some other outside blood - to Galton's, another sweet bunch who believed in population reduction. They end up with, or Charles did, anyway, had ten children from his first wife and even died in childbirth or two died in insane asylums very young. Too interbred, you see.

That's part of the program initiated by the elite through Rosicrucianism, when they had to build up a middle class to manage what was coming, the industrial era, needing a middle class of obedient middle class people, who would in turn look down their noses at the people they just left at the bottom of the heap.


The middle classes would become very snobbish. They had their own version of Masonry. Not a noble order like the elite had. They had a version which they didn't know there was anything else except the one they joined.


They thought this was,

“I've made it. I'm finally up the mountain.”

This con-game's gone on and on and on. Of course in the 1700’s, with the French Revolution we see it coming to a new open dimension, what you see is it opening up where they actually killed off (during the revolution) thousands and thousands of ordinary French peasants. It wasn't just the elite they were going after, they wanted to cull off what they thought was excess population in the provinces of France.


They towed them out in barges and blew them up, and stuff like that. Very sweet, and this was their idea of a scientifically run society by an intellectual elite, and this has gone right on until today.

We are now run by so many bureaucracies and expert NGO groups that speak for us, even though we don't know who they are. This is who's running the world today.


A world run by the "Natural Order," they call it, just the intellectual elite, those who have proven, as H.G. Wells said, they have proven to history and to the wealthier families have accumulated for centuries that they are the natural elite. They have the right to control the lesser, you see, those in profane, those guys at the bottom of the hill there.


You know, the guys that Moses left behind... That's the story about Moses, of course.






It was a myth that was born from Egypt and before that from India. It's nothing to do with a person as such or a wandering captive people. It's the "Natural Order," according to the mystery religion, because the so-called Israelites, who had been slaves, were still slaves, were still base people.


In the story, which is exoteric and esoteric, they're down at the bottom of the mountain and it's lightning and thunder going around there, so they can't get up. They can't follow Moses up the mountain, because only the illuminant man, you see - the illuminant man, the one who's illumined and has spirit.


You see, THE PROFANE DON'T HAVE SPIRIT. THERE'S the BIG SECRET. You're base. You're creatures of instinct, as Paul said in the New Testament.

The mob, who are slaves, stay slaves basically and they stay there; and of course, being slaves and dumb and stupid, they make a golden calf because the slaves, the base ones, want a two-legged or at least a four-legged something solid anyway to worship. They don't want a god or something that they can't see, feel and touch.


They want to worship something physical; and so Moses the illumined one goes up the mountain, up the degrees, up the scale to talk to God. He went where the rest could not follow. That's what it means. That's the simple esoteric story of it. Moses in Egyptian means "CHILD". Unless you become as a child you cannot see the kingdom of heaven. Ramses is as child of Ra. Thothmoses is as child of Thoth; and on and on we go.

We've been under tremendous mind control for such a long time - the law under intense control. The Masons again in their own publications will tell you there's a Masonic push to have universal education, the same education worldwide, to standardize a bunch of schmucks who never question reality. Who accept reality as it's presented to them from birth - and that's what good management means. The schmucks don't know they're schmucks.

When you see the people coming out of colleges and universities, they wear the cloak - the cloak used to be always black for Saturn. Now they use red ones. I've noticed they're very popular. I saw a pinkish-red actually, which is even more telling for both sexes.

If you're an architect or an engineer, you understand technical drawings. You see things in a way differently from other people, because most people see the solid front of an object. They don't see the different aspects: the front view, the top view, the side view. They can't put a picture in their minds, but the architect does; and of course, when you're wearing a little “hod,” as the brick masons call it, they used a hod where they carried the bricks up the ladder.


That's what they put them on; and that square represents that, you see, the squaring of the head. The round head is not natural, the rolling stone, and has the perfect squared head you see. The "ashlar," as they call it in Masonry, is now perfected; so, nature wasn't good enough. By themselves, they will perfect nature and that's what they say in Masonry. They're here to perfect that which was left imperfect.


Guess what that means?  Everything, including you...

You look from the top view on these little square heads, and people with the gowns on and dresses, and you'll see that. You'll see the square. If you were to see the head and then you think you see square and the circle within the middle of the squaring of the circle.


You see that's what it means: The squaring of the circle; The squaring of your brain; A brick in the wall.


It really means that you've got a quality approval stamp on you by those who run the system, that they've dumbed you down and you're now stupid enough to work in their system and fork over 40 to 50% of your our earnings to them.

In the old days they needed slave drivers. Slave drivers take away from your profit; and who watches the slave drivers? We are self-maintained slaves through money that we think is natural like gravity, simply because it exists in our time when we live; and that's how easy it is to control us.




Whether you're producing or consuming, with all the sales taxes, you're still paying lots of tax money. That goes back to the elite, of course, who use the money for big projects, which we all supposedly call public projects, big huge projects like building railroads across continents and gas works in Britain and water works and roadways. Then when they have it all working and all the problems ironed out, they sell it to each other for peanuts, you see.


That's called progress; and all these schmucks keep doing it.

People watch this down through the centuries in Europe as these huge projects were built up by the taxpayer. We're all working for the common good, the common good and then, gee whiz, one day they tell you we can't go on like this you know. It's too expensive. We need to have more professional people with a motive, a profit motive to take care of us.


An incentive to make things work, so they could pick it up for a raffle; and of course, one of the handful of the elite Masonic buddies gets to win it for peanuts. It's a beautiful world, this road to progress, this destiny of progress.

It's never been defined to the public exactly where you're going; and that's not by chance. Although, it is told you legally through movies and novels and even songs. That's called "predictive programming", because legally they must tell you what they're doing, and they do all the time in the movies and novels and music.

Plato described the whole technique. Today, we call it a form of indoctrination of "predictive programming."


Which means that through fiction or through anything - you're enjoying yourself, you're being entertained under cover. ENTERTAIN. “TAIN” comes from tin, the cover. When you're “under the cover”, your censor part of your mind is not working. If it's not working, you're unaware that you're being downloaded like a computer.


All the little emotional techniques they use, and you're identifying with a hero or the female as the heroine (and those people in-between, these days) and all that kind of stuff, once you start identifying the characters, they've got you - because they can take you anywhere, no matter what that character does.


As long as you identify this much with them, they then can take you that much into where they want you to go emotionally.


Therefore, when the real things started happening in your own life, you say,

“This is kind of familiar to me” and you don't object to it, because you're thinking, “I guess it's the only way we could go in society in this particular area. I guess it's a natural evolution,” but then your mind was prepared, because these guys are the shepherds you know.

They've another bunch of slaves and scientists that work for them, who do this mind control business; and they farm us, to an extent.

First of all, they know where they want to grow in this field with the crop they want to grow, and how high, and how many. They first prepare the land. They cut the brush. They plow it. They harrow it. They do all the necessary groundwork. Then they sow the seed and watch it grow and cultivate it.

Watch what they do with your mind, in preparation for every event that will happen in your life, in every major event in your life. You'll see it all through movies, especially in this day and age. In the last century (in the 20th century) it was primarily novels and stage plays and music halls et cetera, but today it's in everybody's TV.


The one-eyed set, the eye of Lucifer or Ra, you know, the Te-Levi-Zion.


Then they program it right into you for entertainment, and then you see it happening in your life and you think,

“I guess that's okay. It's sort of natural, isn't it,” and you don't think anymore beyond that.

Where did the idea come from in the first place? It's marketed to you through entertainment and that's the prime for reason for entertainment.

It's not for you to sit and have music while you chew the grass like good little sheep. It's to program you. That's why you have to have BIG BUCKS to get into the entertainment industry. You have to pay BIG BUCKS and you must be qualified in being a very high degree Mason who knows the scores, as they say, because they can't let any Joe Blow come in.

Plato said that thousands of years ago.


You're taught it comes from the grass roots, you see, and withers or blossoms, or weeds that grow. It doesn't - because they can't allow anything to come from the grass roots because it's not in their plan.


They never tell the unforetold consequences that the simplest, seemingly innocent thing could possibly do, the rippling effects and what it would affect and so on. Everything comes from the top down in this culture creation business; and it's always been that way in civilization. What normality was, we haven't a clue.

Prior to the incoming of these characters with their system - the ancient system of money, conology, you know priesthoods and merchandising and rulerships. Ruler, of course, comes from the ruler. The ruler they use in school, the ruler. Everything is Masonic terminology.


Cane (Cain) is the same thing too. He's a priest; he's also a builder. Cain was the first artificer, the first scientist, who made things with metals and so on, weaponry. You have a ruler. A cane is also a ruler. They used to use the canes - the bulrushes to make rulers in ancient Middle East.

They rule us and they measure us, you see. A good ruler “weighs you in the balance,” as they say, and if you're found wanting, he won't have you around because he wants efficiency. That's where we're going today with pure efficiency, school to work. School to work.

Now when you listen to the elite talking, if you ever mix amongst them, you'll hear them discuss this kind of stuff quite freely.

“Oh the people need us. The masses, the peasants, the profane, they need us.”

It's like saying the mice in the field need that hawk; and so they rationalize this nonsense.

They can never look at themselves honestly, because good psychopaths cannot. They run on ego, super ego. That's why they're PSYCHOPATHS and they get their way regardless of the consequences to anyone around them, because they have no empathy for others.


They can work together, as long as they're working towards a common goal and they're always sharing the loot, but the time obviously comes when good psychopaths have to turn on each other. It will eventually come one day as the throne of the world comes into sight and each one wants his name chiseled in stone, as they always do, these guys.


A statue and his name chiseled in stone. He's the first king of the whole entire planet. They're all chomping at the bit to get it. The co-operation won't last forever. That doesn't help the masses, of course, because in the meantime they are being called off.

Population control counsels were held by Britain under Thomas Malthus in the 1700’s. They discussed methods of culling off the excess people through disease or creating housing schemes, basically on swamp-lands and unhealthy areas. Stuff that we did to the American Indians, in other words.


Put them in areas where they can't eat very well and the climate isn't the best and the swamp eating mosquitoes or whatever and plagues breakout. They even had it worked out, under Malthus, that the poor houses that they created, where they threw you in when you were broke or you owed money for your rent, as most folks did. They rented in Britain, for instance, in Europe; and if you didn't have money, they’d throw you in a debtors prison, which costs you money, by they way.


That was added to what you owed.


Then they kicked you out into the poor house where you were forced to work until you died, and you didn't last long. In the poor house, most women and children lasted six months at the most, and this was called a more efficient way of disposing of the “POOR UNFORTUNATES,” as they called them.

This is the REAL HISTORY, which isn't hidden if you want to find it.


It's not a nice drama like a docudrama like TV or Anne of Green Gables, all the rubbish that they feed you. People get most of their history today through romantic novels and stuff like that. There was nothing romantic about the 1700’s, the 1800’s or the 1900’s. For most people it was a horror show. That horror show has been slightly alleviated at the moment, because the biggest change of all is coming into view, the completion of the "Great Work."


You know, the one that started 4,500 BC, where they see themselves running the world in a scientific manner. The natural order or the stupid ones, they won't exist if they're too stupid; and there'll be no free thought or free opinion. We see it all today with all the political correctness and all this kind of stuff being forced down our throats. It's actually being implemented; and unfortunately, the people themselves are their own worst enemy.

It's like the "Matrix One" movie, because they show you in the Matrix movie, since the elite, themselves, they ultimately give you those movies. You're cheering on the guy you think is the good guy, but you've got it all mixed up, you see. This is themselves they're talking about. The new and Neo Anderson, Andra from the Greek Andros - man, Neo ANDERSON - The new SON OF MAN, The new messiah. The new messiah. The Superman with all these superpowers.


You see that's where Superman comes from. It's the superpowers. That's what gets us into the next age. Those who can't do that will not be allowed into the next age. It's no coincidence it’s identical, this Freemasonry of the European elite. There's no coincidence. It's identical within dualistic theology, a caste system.

There's a Hinduism, too, at the end of the ages. Those who are unworthy to come into the next must perish. They must not be allowed into the next age; and so we see the massive spraying in the skies.


We see all the inoculations being dished out, people getting sicker - adolescent arthritis now. Inoculations, more and more of them, and all the propaganda on television that we're force-fed through - it's always law - always law series or hospital series and drama and detectives and DNA swab-testing and all this stuff. It's all training you, you see.

It's all propaganda to make you OBEY these AUTHORITIES, these specialists.


Law, medicine and the courts and science DNA and scientific techniques of finding things out, you see. It's training you to accept this as a natural order, because it's nothing like the reality. Nothing like the reality, but it is good entertainment and it's good programming for the people, and towards an end that they don't even think about, because they're not taught to think.



The first thing you learn in school is to "repeat after me." If you repeat after me, you get a little gold star and if you're not repeating and you're very good at repeating, then people call you clever. That's nothing to do with being clever. That's being a good parrot. Repeating after me is a good parrot. That's what they want because then you get the quality approval stamp. Square your head, you're now unnatural. You're dumb enough to get into their system.


That's the real system we live within.

It's quite funny really, tragically funny, because they can't tell the people we have been killing you. They can't tell them. Don't tell the children what you're doing – “the poor things wouldn't understand, poor dears.” We find the same thing with Afrikaners in Africa.


That's how they talked about the blacks.

“Well, you see, you can't help them because they're children really. They have children's mentality so you can't really be straightforward with them.”

That's how the elite treat all of us.

To the elite, the peasantry of China is no lower than the peasantry in Europe or the Americas; because they believe in elite breeding and the elite breeders of every country rule every country; therefore, it's one big club. You've proven your worth to join. You're “worthy,” as they say in Masonry.

Second generation Masons or first generation Masons can't get terribly high unless they marry an Eastern Star and bring up a son, an offspring. A special - it's a breeding program. You'll see it in the Rosicrucian books, where they keep tongue-in-cheek hinting for the very stupid, because it's meant to pickup every stupid into these societies; and through almost stumbling over each other, they tell you that selection is very important.

SELECTIVE BREEDING is what they're getting at; and “don't let the lower head rule the upper head” is what they say to them, and nobody understands that. That's why it's always in their language. It's a breeding program.


A first generation Mason can't get up terribly high, even in the second degree of the Scottish Rite; but if he marries an Eastern Star, who, again, is up two generations, then the offspring can go higher - the son of the Mason and then the third generation can go much higher still. Therefore, you're breeding upwards through selective breeding and they've wisely chosen for you at that level, just like the nobility’s wives have always been chosen for the men.

What you do in your free time when you're not breeding is up to yourselves, as long as you're both kept in a good financial style. She can do what she wants and you can do what you want. There's no love there. LOVE is something which is FAIRLY NEW that's been MARKETED TO THE PUBLIC; because people, even in the past, in the lower orders of things, married out of necessity, male and female; and they really didn't have a good life, either one.

When the Normans came into Britain and introduced this wonderful system of lordship over the public, and also subservience to the king, the head chutzpah; and then you have the lords and the feudal lords below them; and the sub-lords they're servicing and their own patch to guard over and use - the peasantry were bought and sold with the land.


In English, they elected to change it to SERFS.

They didn't like the word slavery because “we're a Christian country and we can't have that in our history books, so we call them serfs.” 90% of the public were serfs, you see, and they were bought and sold with the land. It started from the time of the Norman invasion, which brought civilization to Europe.


This is the same civilization through slaughtering people, massively financially backed as well. Just many years in the making this, and tremendous logistics in keeping them all supplied at sea and land, was much bigger than WWII, and costs and the whole thing and time.

This is an ancient system coming through here backing it heavily; and it was a “must be.” THEY HAD TO CONQUER EVERYTHING AND ELIMINATE ALL OPPOSITION, WHICH THEY DID, and they were terrible rulers. They were inhumane, terribly inhumane.

The Normans came in and they had the "Doomsday Book" created. The "Doomsday Book" was an inventory of all that they owned. All that the king owned - and that was people, livestock, houses, children, chickens, everything. It was a complete inventory of whole land that he owned.


That was nothing new because the ancient pharaohs had the same system in Egypt; and it was nothing new because the Normans also - a lord would put out his son to a relative, to an uncle or whatever, another lord and he would become taught the ways of knighthood through this relative. That was traditional with Normans.

When you jump back to the pharaohs, they did the same thing, because their sons would get sent off to a different "satrapy," they called them, little princes-satrapy. They get brought up and taught the ways of being noble and a warrior, a knight, you see. The same bunch all down through history.


The same techniques: money, priesthoods, power, slaughter, armies and the people have to produce.

The Normans allowed the peasantry to keep maybe 40% or so, or 60% of their crops, and there was no intensive farming then. They didn't have all the high-tech stuff they do today, so crops weren't often terribly huge; but the lord would take 40% or even 60% of yours and keep enough for his staff and his armies, and sell all the rest for profit. Then profit had to be split all the way up to the king at the top.



We have these Normans taking that off. Today, when you work out we are allowed to keep, if you work through all the taxes, hidden taxes and so on, purchases taxes and income taxes and property taxes, you're paying more than that yourself, today, so it's pretty well the same.


The only difference is they don't have to send the army around through the forest to slaughter you and beat you into submission, to make you pay up, because we do it willingly, because we're trained to do it willingly. We're trained better.




There are many sides to this whole system here. On today's talk, all I'm really talking about is the physical side of things, some of it. It's incredibly clever. It's by using sciences which are not taught to the general public - the mind control manipulation.

They have perfect understand of their prey. They're the perfect predator. That's why, on their coat of arms, they have all these predatory animals. Albert Pike, the Grand Master, the big Pope of Scottish Freemasonry, in the 1800’s, said,

"we make no apologies for nature."

Then he goes on to tell the different animals they hunt. In other words, they make no apologies for being called predators, and that's their natural order.

At the bottom of course, the schmucks at the bottom, they go to the Blue Lodge and 1, 2, 3 degrees, and think, “I've made it.” These guys are little prunes who walk around collecting charity money. That's the cover for the guys at the top - sudden virtue. They have sudden virtue.

They want to help people now, as they call it, “freebees” that they're getting through the system. Yes, there's one side, which is all sides, perfect understanding of human nature - all kinds, types of human nature. Perfect understanding.

Nothing is new under the sun, as they say. There's also a religion behind this; and their religion on one level is very Darwinistic. Darwin only espoused what they had already believed themselves for many thousands of years.

In the movie, "2001," Arthur C. Clarke, very high Freemason gives you the agenda of High Freemasonry. Not the “schmuckdom” freemasonry but the high stuff. He gives you their agenda and their philosophy and their religion in the movie. At the beginning of the movie "2001," made in the 1960’s, they show you the ape-man, you know the hairy guys supposedly, and the new guys are terrified of the darkness.


They'd go to their caves at night, and in the morning, they go across the watering bowl and meet this other tribe of ape-men. They shake their fists and go through a little dance, a song and dance, and then they muffle off on their own separate ways; and that's how things have gone on forever. The little sequences around - they're showing you there's a big part, you see, it’s part of their religion.

You'll understand all this later; and this way, you've got a tree brush shaped like a big snake you see, and some of the emblems - these are actually Masonic emblems, high occultic emblems you see all through it. Even though the story eventually goes into space, it starts with these cave-men and an obelisk comes down. There's this black obelisk.

In the book, it's more detailed. The obelisk throws its cave-men out, one by one, and makes them jump around and stuff. It’s testing them out to see who's got the best smarts. He picks one of them, and one day, the watering hole, and instead of going over and shaking their fist and screaming and having to drink more and go home, this one picks up a bone; because the love of the skull and the cross bones of Masonry, the pirates, right.


He picks up the thighbone and then he smashes his enemy over the waterhole there and he kills him; and that's telling you that's their right of might. The right of might: He will kill a superior and then they give you religions for being meek and mild. They teach another one for themselves.

Progress. You see they have a thing called "progress." They hate something called stagnant civilization, “arrested” civilizations; and to them it's a progress. Progress to them is done through those who are willing to kill and become the top chutzpah of the king - king of the ape-men. Then it jumps from there into the future to the year 2001, and then a space journey encounters, supposedly, on the trail of this obelisk that they unearthed. It ends up on Jupiter; but it's all occultic.


It's nothing to do with space travel. There's a Masonic initiation in it. You will see the computer HAL on board the spaceship traveling to Jupiter. It kills off two of the guys that are with him and then tries to kill off the third guy. He outsmarts it and disables it, meaning he overcame all the natural laws.

HAL is the son, like HALOGEN, you know, HAL-CYON. HAL and H-A-L, one letter after each one in the alphabet is IBM, you see. IBM, you speak it and it's I-beam, the beam from the eye, the eye of Ra. The beaming from the eye is between the pyramid, the capstone and the rest of the pyramid.

Everything is shown to you. It's not necessary you understand. It's only necessary that you think you understand, whatever comes out of these movies, chomping away,

“ah it's a good movie. What's next? Have no idea what it means.”

Then "2010" is a follow-up to the movie, and it shows you what's supposed to happen in 2010. There's a big thing at the end, where this guy who escapes the computer remembers in the next movie he's timeless, he's ageless, as he's become a god, because he overcame HALCYON, you see, the sun, the natural order.


He overcame all the laws and he's a god; and a new sun appears in the sky, but "as above so below," so a new sun will appear on the earth: A messiah, a being, an entity, whatever it is. They bring force to you with much hullabaloo and fanfare I'm sure.

They're telling you their system. They show you their religion from evolution, which is their belief system both physical and spiritual, because they do believe in reincarnation; but they don't believe that everybody reincarnates. There's a whole theology behind that, even though encouraged to believe in it amongst the lesser, as they call it.


They have a different belief system for themselves, a specialized one; well, naturally, that's a special one.


You can't foresee what is everyone else. So there's the physical and inbreeding which is terribly, terribly important to them because it's part of the “spiritual recycling,” you might say, of the same dynasties within dynasties; and that's what they claim gives them their power and intellect and the right to dominate and so on; and they give us religions.

Religion is to tie, to rebind, to re-tie. They tie our minds down.


When you're tied, you're not free to think. We're told we're free, so that's how it compensates. We're told we're free, even though we're crippled at birth by a system, which is indoctrination.

Now they're getting to the stage where they're going to declare their world government. The scientific established elite bureaucracy to run us all, you see massive bureaucracy. Lenin talked about it because he was in on it. He was created by the same guys. They create all oppositions. You can't get progress unless you have opposition to fight, because that's how you stir up matter. You stir up the world. You can't have one law coming this way and going unimpeded, apart from having no fun in that and the fact is it will never succeed.

You've got to get the public to go along with it, so you need oppositions. They give you all the oppositions and none of that comes the way you want it to go, which are sheep dogs. Bark, bark and the sheep go this way. One sheep dog and you try to do it, you see them run in all directions. Beautiful really, isn't it?

They give us good shepherds, down through the ages, with this little shepherd crook to pull you; and they are crooks. That's where the word comes from.





We have sun gods, all down through the ages; and we have Mary's, all down through the ages. There are all these virgins, and of course, there's so many sun gods all down through the ages, who come back and tell the same stuff; and iron crosses, because the sun crosses, you see, at the meridian points and so on, and the sun sets highest in its crossing and we have the cross of the sun.




WE'VE BEEN CONNED MIGHTILY. We've fought each other over all this rubbish. We've been very predictable sheep indeed.

Always learning but never knowing. NEVER KNOWING.


Data. This data doesn't mean it's truth or anything else. We're stuffed full of incredible data today. That doesn't mean it's true, or any of it, or even that it's necessary to know.

The only person who could be natural today would be a few survivors in the Amazon, today, who haven't been caught yet and handed a credit card and cell phone, because these are called "primitive societies," and there's some left in Borneo and different places.


They HAVE NO NEED of psychiatry or medicine or pharmaceutical agencies.


They don't know what high blood pressure was or diabetes or therapy or psychoanalysis. Didn't know who Freud was. Didn't care and didn't need him or Einstein or any rest of the other rubbish, because that's what they are. Actually, they're rubbish. They're front-men chosen at a particular time to push a specific dogma. They even create the dogmas.

These "primitive men," as they call them, really are probably more in-tune with their reality, more than we could ever imagine. You'll see them staring in the jungle at a tree away somewhere. They'll stare for two or three hours. That's got meaning for the person.


To us, we'd say,

“What's the profit in it? What the purpose? Profit, purpose.”

However, you see he's getting some mental healing out of it, whatever it is happening; and as long as he's doing it, live and let live. Leave him alone.


He doesn't need pills and tranquilizers and all that star TV or soaps or anything else. This guy can survive in his own way and all of his offspring will survive for thousands and thousands of years if you leave them alone. We can't. We are interdependent on the system.


The system that makes us go crazy makes you interdependent on the system.

“Wow, we've got the pills to cure you. Well, we can't cure you, but we can treat you for life. There's no profit in curing you, but just live for a few more years and keep paying us and we'll make you feel happy or sad or whatever you want, we'll give it to you.”

That's what we're told is the meaning of life, being happy all the time. That's a new phenomena, this ego-syntonic behavior. It didn't used to be taught your purpose in life was to be happy all the time, like some sort of manic ecstasy.

That's all you see now, it’s marketed on every ad to you. If you're buying a toothbrush, to an exercise machine, you have smiling people and grinning like balloons, and you know what they are doing, they're grinning and happy they just bought this whatever it is.


That's what we're told,

“Life is supposed to be happy.”

Be happy, you know the song. That was the message. That's all the message it was in that dumb song.

“Don't worry, be happy. Don't worry, be happy.”

Life is supposed to be an experience of ALL emotions, and its in-between emotions, neither happy nor sad; but they can't have that, you see. When you're neither excessively happy or sad, you might think; and if you think, that could be a danger to those that RULE YOU.

That's why you're crammed with all these choices of,

“who’s going to do my thinking today. How many channels on TV can I get, or how many radio stations?”

They've got satellite stations for radio now, there's not many of them.



“How many video games can I play with today, but give me someone else's thoughts because I don't want to use my own. It's too much of a burden.”




In fact, when it comes to the brain chip time and of course, they carved the active chipped ID card, which is coming, that's only a part way gesture towards this, is to condition you for the inevitable. Most people will think, and of course, it will be marketed - the lies will be marketed to them, the purpose of it.


The public will think,

“Gee, this is great. I want mine.”

They might even give you bronze, silver, gold and platinum to give it snob appeal.

Once everyone has one, the real function will kick in once that's happened, and THERE WILL BE NO MORE YOU. This is from science meetings; world science meetings have said this. They have all this ready to go, so they can market this idea to the public.

It's being done through movies at the moment, in novels, characters, even so, they think there're going to be Supermen, but they're not. They might be physically as a good rook cyborg, but they won't be themselves. THERE WILL BE NO ABILITY TO EVEN PERCEIVE OF YOURSELF AS A DISTINCT INDIVIDUAL and that was said at the Loyola University meeting, where they held one of these world science meetings on this very subject.

We're guided like sheep to the slaughterhouse.


Most will go willingly because they've swallowed reality hook, line and sinker, as it's been presented to them. Those who understand what's going on are caught in different degrees of sides. Join a patriot side. Join a militia side. Join this that and the other. All these sides are given for you by the same elite who run things at the present.




Albert Pike said that:

“We always give the people their heroes.”

That's why they never lose. So you don't follow people. These are the masters of manipulation. You really think you can beat them by learning the law and using their law against them?

The only way you can beat this is starting with yourself, because you have to know yourself and start to dominant yourself and think for yourself, because we are up against incredible, incredible evil. I hate even using the word because the whole English language is all Masonic, and EVIL IS JUST LIVE BACKWARDS.

Everything is coded this way in the English language. Even the words we're given are a computer language for the elite so we can speak it into existence for them.

There are other languages, too, more than just that. Other senses we can use. They're just mental imagery, great symbols as well. They use symbols all the time to indoctrinate us. Words, letters are just symbols although they have occultic meaning in Masonry and higher; but, ultimately, what kind of mind is running this whole thing that's not human obviously.


That's what gets you yet in a loss, there are human psychopaths working for them. Clever psychopaths and dumb ones too. The dumb ones are generally used for executions in wartime and stuff - torture and that kind of thing.

The more intelligent ones are up wearing suits and ties and lying to you.


That's the gift that psychopath has is the ability to lie without emotion and speak no matter what they've done - without pills. What's above all this is they can plan all this such a long time ago, never lose control down through the eons, is worshiped by the high elite themselves and their strange rituals. It runs all religions, even the ones that think they're opposing each other and the subsections of the religions that think they're opposing each other.


They gave all these ones to the people.


What are we really up against here?


Those who are willing to open Pandora's Box will eventually come to this big question. Is there any white knight out there? Is there a cavalry coming at the last minute? It's all in the books and in the novels and the movies and religions. You have to participate in life to offset this; and participating in life, which means KNOW YOURSELF, COME ALIVE and use your life for it; because if you don't, it's game over for everyone.

Most people don't care about anyone else today and that's true. I've heard it so many times.

“Well, thank God. By the time they bring the last part of this in, I'll be dead. I'll probably be retired and I'll spend my pension, I'll be dead, thank God,”

...because they don't give a damn about those that come, which also means that they don't give a damn about all of their own ancestors that came before them and suffered and slaved and so on, so that they could relax with a pension.



Ego-syntonic behavior has been encouraged and it's very possible brain damage has occurred as well, since Arthur Koestler who worked at the United Nations and wrote a book called "The Ghost in the Machine" and who worked on ways to lobotomize that part of the brain that gives you yourself awareness and your critical survival capabilities.


He was working on ways to destroy that chemically, bacteriologically, through viruses, whatever.


There's different segments working for the U.N. on this and he wrote about it all in his book. He was all for it right to the end. It's a square line to you. He said that the elite won't need - I mean that the peasants basically - the masses won't need those instincts anymore because the scientific elite will be making all their decisions for them.


We'll be managed, well managed you see.

Whereas those who manage us must keep theirs, because they must retain survival capabilities so they could steal your planet earth into the future. That's what the rulers at the top talk about it, of course, as they talk about us. We must not know this kind of stuff. We're just children. It'll give us nightmares. Don't tell the children what we're doing.

The IQ levels are dropping. It doesn't happen by - you're born with an IQ. When it starts dropping, something has happened to make that happen. What can do it? Bacterial warfare? Bio-warfare techniques? Injections? They were discussing this back in the 1700’s and 1800’s, using inoculations to do it, at big meetings in Europe.

You'll find Jack Cousteau talking about that. David Suzuki in Canada. Have to bring down the populations.


They don't just talk about it. They have a Department of Population Control at the United Nations. What do you think it means? A wish list that they sit and dream about? No. It means that they will implement it and they can't tell the children.


They can't tell the children,

“Hey, you're going to have a shorter life. You're going to come down with crippling diseases and you'll die out there.”

They can't tell you the truth. You don't tell the children the truth. It's scary.

There’s so much to encompass, so much, so many directions; so much of the esoteric to explain to you. There’s so much of the exoteric to explain to you for things to start happening. Therefore, I went through doing all of this talk. This is just a little intro. Just gives you a petty quick synopsis of the past and the present and where we're going in the future - very shortly, actually.

We're getting sprayed like bugs from the sky with those who have eyes to see. Like bugs. Just like bugs. Like you take a can of Raid and spray it over an anthill. That's what they think of us and not one person in major media will talk about it.





It's not all gloom and doom. It's not all gloom and doom at all, but before you can save others, you've got to save yourself; and to do that you have a lot of work to do, a lot of decisions to make. Most can't make those decisions.


Most will say,

"Hey, leave Pandora's Box closed. It's scary in there. It could be dark. I might fall in,”

...but there's always brave souls who will and that's the ones who come alive. The dead will never make choices. The choices are made for them.

Excuse this little homemade video here, but when you're relying on a shoestring, you can still get the word out if you want to; and I'll talk to you again.

Thanks for listening.


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