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The Move Your Money project is a campaign that aims to empower individuals and institutions to divest from the nation's largest Wall Street banks and move to local financial institutions.

It has been almost three years since the Wall Street banks, through gross corruption and greed, caused the greatest economic crisis since the Great Depression that caused millions to lose their homes, jobs and livelihoods. And while the Wall Street banks have quickly returned to making record-breaking profits and bonuses, helped in large part by the $700 billion bailout by the American taxpayer, little has changed to prevent the types of abuses that created this mess.

That is where the Move Your Money project comes into play.


We give individuals and institutions the tools and resources they need to divest from 'Too Big To Fail' banks and invest in community banks and credit unions. No longer will we stand idle as banks take extraordinary risk with our financial system for their short term profits; rather we will vote with our dollars and no longer contribute financially to the abusive practices of Wall Street.


If Congress is unable to enact meaningful financial reform that will prevent another financial disaster, then we must take action into our own hands and hit the banks where it hurts them the most: their bottom line.

So join us in our campaign for grassroots financial change. Use our checklist and bank finding tools to find a local financial institution near you.


But don't stop there:

  • educate yourself on the intricate details surrounding the issue

  • join our community by contributing to the discussion on our forums

  • attend and help plan local events

  • most important of all, encourage your friends and family to join the fight as well




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Why You Should Move Your Money

Moving your money out of the big Wall Street banks to small community banks and credit unions is a great idea for a number of reasons:

  • you will get better rates and fewer fees

  • your community banker will learn your name and provide you with more personal service

  • you will be keeping money in your local community which increases economic development and eventually, creates more jobs

Yet the most important reason to move your money is to make your voice heard, to stand strong and no longer help a banking system that has run amok


When you keep your money in a local financial institution, that money in turn is reinvested in local businesses, which is important for building a stable economy and encouraging local growth.


Put your money in the big Wall Street banks however, and they will use your deposits to make risky investments, gambling at the expense of the economy as a whole.

The big banks on Wall Street gambled with our money, then demanded a bailout of $700 billion. The size of these Wall Street “Banksters” threatens our economic system, yet their size has only increased since we bailed them out.


According to FDIC data, the largest 5 banks held 13% of US deposits in 1994, today they hold 38%. If the government wont step in and break them up, then we must move our money ourselves and end ”Too Big To Fail” once and for all.

Worried about ATM fees? You shouldn’t be. More and more community banks and credit unions offer ATM surcharge-free networks, providing you with even more access to ATMs nationwide.


Community banks and credit unions also charge on average less in fees, and often pay you higher interest on your accounts than big banks. The numbers are clear: the bigger the bank, the higher the fees.

According to JD Power and Associates, small banks have consistently rated higher in overall customer satisfaction than their Wall Street counterparts and the gap has only widened in the last few years.


Customers of community banks and credit unions talk to actual people when they call, instead of robotic phone-trees. Tellers often know them by name and treat their customers like family.

Smaller banks do disproportionately more small business lending than the big banks. Small businesses, in turn, are the main engine of job growth, accounting for 65% of new jobs.


Banking locally is a great way to support independent businesses and create more jobs in your home town.

Success Stories

Since the Move Your Money project began, we have been blown away with the response.


A year and a half into our campaign and over 4 million accounts have moved away from the nation's largest Wall Street banks, with an additional 7 to 9 million accounts predicted to move by the end of 2011, according to Michael Moebs, CEO of Moebs Services (UPDATE: new numbers suggest nearly 10 million have moved since 2010).


In 2010, Bank of America lost 400,000 accounts alone, as customers grew weary of ever-increasing fees, a lack of personalized service and an overall distaste with the largest bank's abusive practices.

Our message has not only lead to millions moving their accounts from the 'Too Big To Fail' banks, but has also inspired local and state governments to take a stand against Wall Street in defense of main street.


Below, we list just a few success stories from across the nation:

Our project has also been endorsed by a number of politicians and celebrities including,

  • Bill Maher

  • Michael Moore

  • Alan Cumming

  • Sen. Ted Kaufman (D-Del.)

  • Rep. Bob Inglis (R-S.C.)

  • Dan Boren (D-Okla.)

  • Leonard Boswell (D-Iowa)

  • Representative Jan Schakowski (D-Ill.),

...went so far as to move her money to a local community bank in her district. View a few of our endorsements below:

Bill Maher encourages you to end the abusive relationship with your bank and break up

Representative Jan Schakowski (D-Ill.) talked to MSNBC's Dylan Ratigan about why she moved her money from Bank of America to her local Devon Bank:

"Individuals can do something about it. We don't have to live with these abusers."

Michael Moore lends his support to the campaign as well:


Why should I move my money?
Not only will you probably get a better deal and more personal service at a community bank or credit union, but you’re also helping take the power away from the “Too Big To Fail” Wall Street banks that engaged in risky financial practices and helped cause the greatest financial crisis since the Great Depression.


Plus, you’re helping out your community, since local financial institutions do more lending to small businesses and help revitalize communities by spurring job growth. The money that you deposit in community banks and credit unions stays local and helps build a more vibrant economy.


Lastly, by supporting the safe and sound practices of local financial institutions, you are helping to nurture a more stable and responsible financial system for the future.

Will moving my money really make a difference?
Each individual account is significant to the big banks who make big profits from checking, savings and transaction accounts. When thousands of people move their money, it creates a wide-spread social phenomenon beyond the amount of money involved.


People everywhere are moving their money to small, community-minded institutions and spreading the word around the web. Major news organizations have taken notice, and the effort only gets stronger as more people get involved.


Dennis Santiago explains more about how your actions matter here.

Which banks should I be avoiding?
Most people are trying to avoid the six largest banks that engaged in casino-style financial practices (credit default swaps, derivatives trading, etc…) and that are largely to blame for the financial crisis:

  • Citi

  • Bank of America

  • JPMorgan Chase

  • Wells Fargo

  • Goldman Sachs

  • Morgan Stanley

The banks and credit unions we encourage people to look at largely avoided these kind of financial tricks, and then did not reward their executives with massive bonuses.










Move Your Money Campaign Grows

...to Divest From Big Banks & Support Local Banks, Credit Unions

November 2, 2011

from OWSNews Website


As participants in the Occupy Wall Street movement continue protesting the record profits made by banks bailed out by taxpayer money, a group of grassroots activists are hitting America’s largest banks - including,

  • JP Morgan Chase

  • Bank of America

  • Wells Fargo,

...where it hurts most: The wallet.


Dubbing this Saturday, Nov. 5 as “Bank Transfer Day,” activists are urging people to move their money out of the banks deemed “too big to fail” in to local community banks and credit unions.


Democracy Now! speaks with filmmaker Eugene Jarecki: